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The Scrolls of Andrades

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  • The Scrolls of Andrades

    "A holy relic, rare throughout the lands.
    It was so old it crumbled in my hands.
    And thus the dust formed mountains at my feet.
    And yea, the day was choked by black defeat."

    - Unknown

    I am still in the throes of disbelief. I hope that the reader will forgive me this, for I cannot begin to describe (and leave it still unsaid in part, or say it in too great excess) what it is like to be transported from what one has known his whole life so abruptly to an isle of calamity.

    Suffice it that I know now how the protagonist of the poem felt when the Tome fell to pieces in his grasp... I wrote as it occurred. The warm glow of candlelight was so suddenly replaced by a cold night of mist and unfamiliar stars, a tattooed man, a ruined city, and a curse of undeath. There was no word, no warning - everything I had ever known simply changed in that moment. And this change, by all accounts, is permanent...

    The island is called Ymph, and is said to be situated in an Archipelago known as the Shrouded Isles. A place I have never heard of, and that I have never seen in even the most obscure of books on geography. The isle's nature is one of mystery, inscrutability, untold horror, nuance, of chaos, savagery, and great evil.

    For now, I find comfort in my favourite poem. It, and my vows, are among the few things that come readily to me at this moment. In Candlekeep, the faithful of Oghma were fond of it as well, if for different reasons. For them, it served as a warning to those that would chase the shadows of the mind... they spoke it when we strayed, and told us of mad scholars, wicked wizards and childish dreams. Though I otherwise listened to them quietly and respectfully for the knowledge they would impart, these lessons were so often lessons in fierce debate.

    Legend states that men had gone mad and died in their attempts to comprehend the Tome in that poem. Though most reliable records tell a less sensational story: simply, no mortal we know of has ever succeeded in fully comprehending the Divine Alphabet. The poem plays upon this quite suitably, given the book's disintegration... our language, it says, is but the indecipherable dust (clutched in the hands of the despairing, helpless, powerless man) of a whole we can never put together.

    And as I gazed out over the isle, in my first moments atop that ancient Netherese city, I could not escape some similar feeling of despair. The works of my young life had disintegrated before me, and this dark isle too had the look of something whole crumbling to pieces.

    I wondered, in that moment of dread epiphany, what - and who - would be left.
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    "[...] in this Holiest of tasks, as scriveners of greatest deed, it is the world, and not our books, that we must read."
    - In Search of the Metatext (1358, p 2)

    I shall not linger much longer on my antecedents, for my task is greater now than it has ever been. But there are things that must be said... impure motivations that I must confess. For my part, I was left as an infant to the Avowed of Candlekeep, and raised among them. It was a cheerful existence, and free, but enormous choices loomed before me.

    The paths I could take in life were as many and as labyrinthine as the Library Vaults, and as mysterious as they - my parents - who left me at the gates of the keep one eve. The freedom and cheerfulness of the quotidian can be frightening, paralysing, to an ambitious boy. If not for what I am to recount, I may have fallen into any of Candlekeep's callings by the fickle dice of Tyche, or I may have remained a lifelong dilettante...

    I have written already of the debate I undertook with the Oghman majority. It was in one of these disagreeable lectures that I found myself gazing out of a nearby window, soon to know one of those rare moments that would change my life forever. It was my call to destiny. An epiphany. A vision. Upon the thin glass of the window, and in the winterscape beyond, I saw runes and glyphs of ice. Words that I knew not, but instinctively understood, as they were the writ of existence.

    I perceived Oneness. All relationships, all things and all people, acting according to rules that I could sense with indescribable clarity. But it was as though a cloud came over this dawn, for as my teacher called for my attention, all I could recall was a single symbol... and all I could see when I gazed back to the window was the desolate, white common. That single symbol I have carried with me always, since that day. And when I learned what it was, I knew with certainty what path I was to take.

    When I came of age, I journeyed throughout the world. I offered teachings. My students were diverse: the talented, the foolish, the diligent, the distracted, the silent, the loquacious. Of them all, I concede I loved most the impatient and curious youths - whose education needed nothing, and to whom my service was the merest of stepping stones to greatness... my gift was legitimacy... and it was knowledge - not of the conventional kind - but... rather, the knowledge of how to be taken seriously.

    And of these students there were yet those that I could love more... It was a grave disappointment and embarrassment to me when I learned that one of my most prized students had cheated. But far from dispelling my ill humour, banishing him from my tutelage became the greatest regret of my life.

    Gradually... he became an all-consuming obsession.

    I returned to Candlekeep, hoping to find there some escape from the guilty and grievous thoughts that plagued me. But the learned caste, my old teachers, hot blooded dilettantes, wise men - they had no cure for my malaise. Candlekeep was colourless now. Alaundo's Prophecies did not impress me as they once did... The books seemed hollow, the rhetoric shrill, the duties repetitive, and the whole edifice one built on the rigid conventions of an irrelevant and alien society.

    Though I worked, I worked in a stupor, even among my own. My vows were the only things that prevented me from casting away that life, then and there. Night after night, I would stare from my low window onto an empty street, as the fire, unattended, died. I am sure they sensed my preoccupation, as I was told to take rest from my duties. And in those peaceful days, I walked the sunlit walls and sparred with those others that knew the blade. And I looked to the only works that I retained passion for.

    I had kept all of the works of my student, and I read them all - one day - upon my pallet, hoping to find in his juvenilia some moment of brilliance, some insight, some comfort... to pierce the terrible gloom that had come over me. My discovery is that which has spurred me, now for the second time, to the creation of these scrolls.

    Among them were the fragments of a list. Accompanying it, on the first page, was the concise explanation:

    "Our language, by the virtue of its unquestionable derivation from the Words of Power, means that this search will not be in vain..."

    It seemed, suddenly, so obvious. By exhausting every possible permutation of the alphabets with which we have been provisioned by our Gods and ancestors, we could ascertain the Words of Power, the Divine Alphabet...

    The world no longer seemed an illimitable expanse, but was chastened again by those rules I had once seen for an instant. Though the poem and the Oghmans spoke of futility and childish dreams... I had seen what was there, I knew that untold possibilities and immense power lay somewhere upon infinity, I began that work, and despite the great setback my transportation to Ymph has caused, I will not give up this quest.
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      I shall not let it be said that I accepted this quest without due assessments of risk and strategy. But though I have detailed my inspiration, I have not yet told of my aim.

      The Metatext, as it exists, contains significant loopholes. It is an imperfect and unfinished text, as well as a primarily undiscovered one.

      I have faith that in all possible permutations of language, there must exist some expression to change, or append new rules to the underlying logic of creation. Though - it is true - within these permutations there are certain to exist many dangerous, and many more unremarkable lexical artefacts.

      But let me simply say this, in defense of my activity:

      Should catastrophe come to be as a result of my work, there can be no doubt that on the universal scale there was some outcome of equal and opposite measure in goodness. Simply because there are dangers has never, and should never, halt the pens of progress.

      The potential benefits of my endeavour are enormous. Indeed, if I succeed as I intend to, acts of wickedness shall no longer be possible. Thoughts of death and destruction shall vanish from the minds of men, war shall be a horror of unknown dark ages, undeath shall no longer be possible, and Utopia - that abstract that I have heard so many sages speak of - shall be an encoded reality.

      This is not fiction.

      There is not such a dangerous or childlike ignorance of the Metatext, as it would first appear. If nothing else, there are songs, and spells aplenty that attest to this. It is no coincidence that the bards and magic users of legend have been selected for particular discoveries.

      By the very nature of their work, these two ways have an instinctive feeling for the truths of the Metatext. Though their works are not perfect, they prove something important:

      The exploration and manipulation of these powers are not something novel, and though the effectiveness of my approach shall be greater than these paradigms in the end, it is with them - and other means - that the search shall surely begin.
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        It is sometimes said that words have no value in the darkest times. This cannot be further from the truth. Words are the most important units of our communication, of our spells, of our prayers, of our songs, and even - indeed - of our warcries. And indeed, it should be noted, that they have deeper importance still as the units of law.

        I have faith that this effort, and others like it, shall deliver the people from ruin and darkness, shall deliver the people from misery and bloodshed, shall deliver the people from witches and tyrants...

        Lord : The work here begun shall be built from the holy glyphs you have bequeathed to us, and from their power and patterns I vow to extract Truth, Love and the Universal Brotherhood of all races.

        Lord : Help me to show the people of Mistlocke the marvellous structure of existence, and guide them to attempt to understand and aid me to change even a tiny portion of the Logic that manifests itself in nature.

        Lord : Bless my letters, that they may persuade this village to forgo violence, greed and cynicism. Bless my words, that I may speak unto them the Truth. Place in my hand thy blazing candle of Hope, that I may inspire them to follow thy way. Open their eyes to the pattern of the world, that they may perceive the Metatext, and know the virtue and efficacy of our works.


        a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


        aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az ba bb bc bd be bf bg bh bi bj bk bl bm bn bo bp bq br bs bt bu bv bw bx by bz ca cb cc cd ce cf cg ch ci cj ck cl cm cn co cp cq cr cs ct cu cv cw cx cy cz da db dc dd de df dg dh di dj dk dl dm dn do dp dq dr ds dt du dv dw dx dy dz ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en eo ep eq er es et eu ev ew ex ey ez fa fb fc fd fe ff fg fh fi fj fk fl fm fn fo fp fq fr fs ft fu fv fw fx fy fz ga gb gc gd ge gf gg gh gi gj gk gl gm gn go gp gq gr gs gt gu gv gw gx gy gz ha hb hc hd he hf hg hh hi hj hk hl hm hn ho hp hq hr hs ht hu hv hw hx hy hz ia ib ic id ie if ig ih ii ij ik il im in io ip iq ir is it iu iv iw ix iy iz ja jb jc jd je jf jg jh ji jj jk jl jm jn jo jp jq jr js jt ju jv jw jx jy jz ka kb kc kd ke kf kg kh ki kj kk kl km kn ko kp kq kr ks kt ku kv kw kx ky kz la lb lc ld le lf lg lh li lj lk ll lm ln lo lp lq lr ls lt lu lv lw lx ly lz ma mb mc md me mf mg mh mi mj mk ml mm mn mo mp mq mr ms mt mu mv mw mx my mz na nb nc nd ne nf ng nh ni nj nk nl nm nn no np nq nr ns nt nu nv nw nx ny nz oa ob oc od oe of og oh oi oj ok ol om on oo op oq or os ot ou ov ow ox oy oz pa pb pc pd pe pf pg ph pi pj pk pl pm pn po pp pq pr ps pt pu pv pw px py pz qa qb qc qd qe qf qg qh qi qj qk ql qm qn qo qp qq qr qs qt qu qv qw qx qy qz ra rb rc rd re rf rg rh ri rj rk rl rm rn ro rp rq rr rs rt ru rv rw rx ry rz sa sb sc sd se sf sg sh si sj sk sl sm sn so sp sq sr ss st su sv sw sx sy sz ta tb tc td te tf tg th ti tj tk tl tm tn to tp tq tr ts tt tu tv tw tx ty tz ua ub uc ud ue uf ug uh ui uj uk ul um un uo up uq ur us ut uu uv uw ux uy uz va vb vc vd ve vf vg vh vi vj vk vl vm vn vo vp vq vr vs vt vu vv vw vx vy vz wa wb wc wd we wf wg wh wi wj wk wl wm wn wo wp wq wr ws wt wu wv ww wx wy wz xa xb xc xd xe xf xg xh xi xj xk xl xm xn xo xp xq xr xs xt xu xv xw xx xy xz ya yb yc yd ye yf yg yh yi yj yk yl ym yn yo yp yq yr ys yt yu yv yw yx yy yz za zb zc zd ze zf zg zh zi zj zk zl zm zn zo zp zq zr zs zt zu zv zw zx zy zz
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          [What follows from the relatively brief notes of before are a series of extremely long scrolls, written with haste, and zeal, in combinations sensical, pronounceable, and not. The hand clearly tires and resumes at times, indicative of sharp bursts of progress through the enormous and maddening project.]


          aaa aab aac aad aae aaf aag aah aai aaj aak aal aam aan aao aap aaq aar aas aat aau aav aaw aax aay aaz aba abb abc abd abe abf abg abh abi abj abk abl abm abn abo abp abq abr abs abt abu abv abw abx aby abz aca acb acc acd ace acf acg ach aci acj ack acl acm acn aco acp acq acr acs act acu acv acw acx acy acz ada adb adc add ade adf adg adh adi adj adk adl adm adn ado adp adq adr ads adt adu adv adw adx ady adz aea aeb aec aed aee aef aeg aeh aei aej aek ael aem aen aeo aep aeq aer aes aet aeu aev aew aex aey aez afa afb afc afd afe aff afg afh afi afj afk afl afm afn afo afp afq afr afs aft afu afv afw afx afy afz aga agb agc agd age agf agg agh agi agj agk agl agm agn ago agp agq agr ags agt agu agv agw agx agy agz aha ahb ahc ahd ahe ahf ahg ahh ahi ahj ahk ahl ahm ahn aho ahp ahq ahr ahs aht ahu ahv ahw ahx ahy ahz aia aib aic aid aie aif aig aih aii aij aik ail aim ain aio aip aiq air ais ait aiu aiv aiw aix aiy aiz aja ajb ajc ajd aje ajf ajg ajh aji ajj ajk ajl ajm ajn ajo ajp ajq ajr ajs ajt aju ajv ajw ajx ajy ajz aka akb akc akd ake akf akg akh aki akj akk akl akm akn ako akp akq akr aks akt aku akv akw akx aky akz ala alb alc ald ale alf alg alh ali alj alk all alm aln alo alp alq alr als alt alu alv alw alx aly alz ama amb amc amd ame amf amg amh ami amj amk aml amm amn amo amp amq amr ams amt amu amv amw amx amy amz ana anb anc and ane anf ang anh ani anj ank anl anm ann ano anp anq anr ans ant anu anv anw anx any anz aoa aob aoc aod aoe aof aog aoh aoi aoj aok aol aom aon aoo aop aoq aor aos aot aou aov aow aox aoy aoz apa apb apc apd ape apf apg aph api apj apk apl apm apn apo app apq apr aps apt apu apv apw apx apy apz aqa aqb aqc aqd aqe aqf aqg aqh aqi aqj aqk aql aqm aqn aqo aqp aqq aqr aqs aqt aqu aqv aqw aqx aqy aqz ara arb arc ard are arf arg arh ari arj ark arl arm arn aro arp arq arr ars art aru arv arw arx ary arz asa asb asc asd ase asf asg ash asi asj ask asl asm asn aso asp asq asr ass ast asu asv asw asx asy asz ata atb atc atd ate atf atg ath ati atj atk atl atm atn ato atp atq atr ats att atu atv atw atx aty atz aua aub auc aud aue auf aug auh aui auj auk aul aum aun auo aup auq aur aus aut auu auv auw aux auy auz ava avb avc avd ave avf avg avh avi avj avk avl avm avn avo avp avq avr avs avt avu avv avw avx avy avz awa awb awc awd awe awf awg awh awi awj awk awl awm awn awo awp awq awr aws awt awu awv aww awx awy awz axa axb axc axd axe axf axg axh axi axj axk axl axm axn axo axp axq axr axs axt axu axv axw axx axy axz aya ayb ayc ayd aye ayf ayg ayh ayi ayj ayk ayl aym ayn ayo ayp ayq ayr ays ayt ayu ayv ayw ayx ayy ayz aza azb azc azd aze azf azg azh azi azj azk azl azm azn azo azp azq azr azs azt azu azv azw azx azy azz

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          raa rab rac rad rae raf rag rah rai raj rak ral ram ran rao rap raq rar ras rat rau rav raw rax ray raz rba rbb rbc rbd rbe rbf rbg rbh rbi rbj rbk rbl rbm rbn rbo rbp rbq rbr rbs rbt rbu rbv rbw rbx rby rbz rca rcb rcc rcd rce rcf rcg rch rci rcj rck rcl rcm rcn rco rcp rcq rcr rcs rct rcu rcv rcw rcx rcy rcz rda rdb rdc rdd rde rdf rdg rdh rdi rdj rdk rdl rdm rdn rdo rdp rdq rdr rds rdt rdu rdv rdw rdx rdy rdz rea reb rec red ree ref reg reh rei rej rek rel rem ren reo rep req rer res ret reu rev rew rex rey rez rfa rfb rfc rfd rfe rff rfg rfh rfi rfj rfk rfl rfm rfn rfo rfp rfq rfr rfs rft rfu rfv rfw rfx rfy rfz rga rgb rgc rgd rge rgf rgg rgh rgi rgj rgk rgl rgm rgn rgo rgp rgq rgr rgs rgt rgu rgv rgw rgx rgy rgz rha rhb rhc rhd rhe rhf rhg rhh rhi rhj rhk rhl rhm rhn rho rhp rhq rhr rhs rht rhu rhv rhw rhx rhy rhz ria rib ric rid rie rif rig rih rii rij rik ril rim rin rio rip riq rir ris rit riu riv riw rix riy riz rja rjb rjc rjd rje rjf rjg rjh rji rjj rjk rjl rjm rjn rjo rjp rjq rjr rjs rjt rju rjv rjw rjx rjy rjz rka rkb rkc rkd rke rkf rkg rkh rki rkj rkk rkl rkm rkn rko rkp rkq rkr rks rkt rku rkv rkw rkx rky rkz rla rlb rlc rld rle rlf rlg rlh rli rlj rlk rll rlm rln rlo rlp rlq rlr rls rlt rlu rlv rlw rlx rly rlz rma rmb rmc rmd rme rmf rmg rmh rmi rmj rmk rml rmm rmn rmo rmp rmq rmr rms rmt rmu rmv rmw rmx rmy rmz rna rnb rnc rnd rne rnf rng rnh rni rnj rnk rnl rnm rnn rno rnp rnq rnr rns rnt rnu rnv rnw rnx rny rnz roa rob roc rod roe rof rog roh roi roj rok rol rom ron roo rop roq ror ros rot rou rov row rox roy roz rpa rpb rpc rpd rpe rpf rpg rph rpi rpj rpk rpl rpm rpn rpo rpp rpq rpr rps rpt rpu rpv rpw rpx rpy rpz rqa rqb rqc rqd rqe rqf rqg rqh rqi rqj rqk rql rqm rqn rqo rqp rqq rqr rqs rqt rqu rqv rqw rqx rqy rqz rra rrb rrc rrd rre rrf rrg rrh rri rrj rrk rrl rrm rrn rro rrp rrq rrr rrs rrt rru rrv rrw rrx rry rrz rsa rsb rsc rsd rse rsf rsg rsh rsi rsj rsk rsl rsm rsn rso rsp rsq rsr rss rst rsu rsv rsw rsx rsy rsz rta rtb rtc rtd rte rtf rtg rth rti rtj rtk rtl rtm rtn rto rtp rtq rtr rts rtt rtu rtv rtw rtx rty rtz rua rub ruc rud rue ruf rug ruh rui ruj ruk rul rum run ruo rup ruq rur rus rut ruu ruv ruw rux ruy ruz rva rvb rvc rvd rve rvf rvg rvh rvi rvj rvk rvl rvm rvn rvo rvp rvq rvr rvs rvt rvu rvv rvw rvx rvy rvz rwa rwb rwc rwd rwe rwf rwg rwh rwi rwj rwk rwl rwm rwn rwo rwp rwq rwr rws rwt rwu rwv rww rwx rwy rwz rxa rxb rxc rxd rxe rxf rxg rxh rxi rxj rxk rxl rxm rxn rxo rxp rxq rxr rxs rxt rxu rxv rxw rxx rxy rxz rya ryb ryc ryd rye ryf ryg ryh ryi ryj ryk ryl rym ryn ryo ryp ryq ryr rys ryt ryu ryv ryw ryx ryy ryz rza rzb rzc rzd rze rzf rzg rzh rzi rzj rzk rzl rzm rzn rzo rzp rzq rzr rzs rzt rzu rzv rzw rzx rzy rzz

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          • #6
            The Symbology of Ymph

            If there shall be any great impediment to my quest, I think it shall be the human tendency to become distracted by the petty interests of the day. But at the least, my quest has been interrupted by divine duty.

            The symbology of Ymph has risen before me, a sharp silhouette before the setting sun. It must be seen, known, understood, and its potentials propagated with clarity, whatever pain it may cause to the eye - before it is too late... and its comprehension is void of meaning and use.

            For though I do not place full stock in the certainty of prophecy, or the inevitability of Apocalypse, I believe that this isle (perhaps, this world) rapidly approaches pivotal moments in its history.

            It is my task, then, to ensure that calamity is culled from all possible futures... until we are left heading toward those futures that we desire.

            This I shall act to do, for though my quest - in completion - would end all need for opposing evil... If I were to act solely upon it, I may need longer than what time this isle has left, to succeed.

            I shall draw no conclusions yet from what I have gathered. But seeking patterns among the symbols, many of which are common between the different regions of Ymph, is a holy and important task that I shall not shy from.

            May the Lord bless my letters.

            Caddaric Andrades

            [A small note is attached to the front of a series of parchments of a similar nature. Among them is a carefully scribed copy of the document: "Page from Chiadra's Journal", as well as what follows:]

            SITE A: The Fox's Dell

            OVERVIEW: Three exhibits of interest. Magic does not work here.

            EXHIBIT A : Exterior Stone Carvings : Bear, Tiger, Crab, Spider, Rat, Trout, Scarab Beetle, Frog, Wolf, Eagle, Parrot, Jaguar.

            EXHIBIT B : Interior Stone Carvings : Giant tree with extensive roots, Fox, unknown glyphs, halfling with a long beard that wraps around several trees, halflings dancing in the mist, halflings digging in the earth, halflings marching off to hunt.

            EXHIBIT C : Distorting Mirror

            EXHIBIT D : Giant Carved Head : Likely monument of worship. Chamber has various narrow tunnels leading throughout the isle. Tunnels close over at the other end once left.
            SITE B: Mistlocke Gate Carvings

            OVERVIEW: Man-made stone formation.

            EXHIBIT A : Column 1, Faces South West :

            Bottom - A cog in a cave.

            Top - A giant speaking with a group of armoured figures, a half-built tower nearby.

            EXHIBIT B : Column 2, Faces North West :

            Bottom - A burning forest.

            Middle Bottom - Ships at sail.

            Middle Top - A woman in a tower.

            Top - A tentacled face.

            EXHIBIT C : Column 3, Faces East :

            Bottom - A winged serpent.

            Top - A group of men raising a tower in a wood.

            EXHIBIT D : Roof :

            - Stepped pyramid.

            - System of lines beneath a mountain.

            - Eye within a sphere.

            - A keep shrouded by a mist.

            - A skull with a key clasped in its jaw.

            - Two young boys sitting with chains wrapped around their limbs.
            SITE C: Last Keep Murals

            OVERVIEW: Statues displayed in the Last Keep, their meaning indecipherable. Local scholar offered a number of ideas:

            - The murals are allegorical.
            - The murals represent the End of Days as the Founder believed it would pass (in his madness).
            - Murals are nonlinear and cyclical, as though there is some subtle hint in them we cannot yet glean.
            - Vandals rearranged the Founder's original structure, and that is why the true meaning is unclear.
            - Menaster Caermyn owned a volume of engravings that depicted the Keep as it appeared two hundred years ago, perhaps more... during the War of Succession.

            EXHIBIT A : THE FIELD OF WOE :

            Tattered banners, dying kings, unknown foes, warriors choking on their own warcries, riders, butchery, bloodsoaked grass, final defeat.


            Monsters of indecipherable and changing nature, marching under a setting sun.


            A figure emerging from a cave, beneath the sun and mist.


            Many men awakening from a long slumber, they struggle to defend Mistlocke, but then leave to venture to a round table upon the Prophet's Peaks. Here, a man in ancient ringmail seems to wear a crown, a hunchback - a robe of stars, and another man in old Netherese plate... who has no face, a mirrorlike face...


            Women shrieking and wailing. After a new star appears, they cannot bear children. No one can find a solution. The men of Mistlocke leave to fight an unstated foe, and the weeping women throw their still-living children from the walls of the Last Keep.
            SITE D: The Heart of the Forest

            EXHIBIT A : Images of men in worship. Kneeling before stone pillars and trees with faces etched into them.

            EXHIBIT B : A great fox standing on its hind legs. Mists swirl at its feet, and it dances with many halflings.

            EXHIBIT C : Figures in Netherese finery. They raise their hands above a crown sitting upon an altar. At their feet lies a great dragon, howling in pain.

            EXHIBIT D : A tired man wandering through the forest. He lies down to rest.

            EXHIBIT E : A group of men in filthy clothing slowly lower the body of a boy into the ground. A parchment?

            EXHIBIT F : A man sleeping beneath a tower... those eyes.

            EXHIBIT G : Lands on the outskirts of the forest, dying. Slowly they rot, and are reduced to sand.

            EXHIBIT H : Four large, stooped figures kneeling around the altar in supplication.
            Five-petaled Roses:

            EXHIBIT A : Last Keep Interior
            EXHIBIT B : Last Keep Exterior
            EXHIBIT C : Old Stones Interior
            EXHIBIT D : Old Stones Exterior
            EXHIBIT E : Estate of th [indecipherable] Most [indecipherable] Lady Anittaia
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              [A small, prim, leather-bound book can be found among the Scrolls of Andrades]

              A Diary of Deeds

              1381 DR

              Tarsakh 28th:

              - With the assistance of Megan and Agymah, a kidnapped child was returned to his mother.

              Mirtul 23rd:

              - The publication of the Fragments of the Silver Order, a text formerly held from public view by the Numinous Order, and at least one individual. Copies were received from Imal of the Wyrm Watchers. Gerion and William of the Numinous Order subsequently cooperated with me, and proffered a copy without the accuracies of a fast transcription for publication.

              - The shard of a magical mirror was recovered for the Numinous Order. This mirror is said to offer visions, and speaks in riddles of he who would bear the crown of a King. There are said to be other shards.

              Mirtul 24th:

              - With the assistance of Lucien Tezzerus of House Aberdenn, a dangerous werecreature that called itself Draugluith has been erased from this world.
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                [Another long scroll is added to the Scrolls of Andrades. However, though the work is begun, the author's hand wearies and trails off before his task is done.]


                aaaa aaab aaac aaad aaae aaaf aaag aaah aaai aaaj aaak aaal aaam aaan aaao aaap aaaq aaar aaas aaat aaau aaav aaaw aaax aaay aaaz aaba aabb aabc aabd aabe aabf aabg aabh aabi aabj aabk aabl aabm aabn aabo aabp aabq aabr aabs aabt aabu aabv aabw aabx aaby aabz aaca aacb aacc aacd aace aacf aacg aach aaci aacj aack aacl aacm aacn aaco aacp aacq aacr aacs aact aacu aacv aacw aacx aacy aacz aada aadb aadc aadd aade aadf aadg aadh aadi aadj aadk aadl aadm aadn aado aadp aadq aadr aads aadt aadu aadv aadw aadx aady aadz aaea aaeb aaec aaed aaee aaef aaeg aaeh aaei aaej aaek aael aaem aaen aaeo aaep aaeq aaer aaes aaet aaeu aaev aaew aaex aaey aaez aafa aafb aafc aafd aafe aaff aafg aafh aafi aafj aafk aafl aafm aafn aafo aafp aafq aafr aafs aaft aafu aafv aafw aafx aafy aafz aaga aagb aagc aagd aage aagf aagg aagh aagi aagj aagk aagl aagm aagn aago aagp aagq aagr aags aagt aagu aagv aagw aagx aagy aagz aaha aahb aahc aahd aahe aahf aahg aahh aahi aahj aahk aahl aahm aahn aaho aahp aahq aahr aahs aaht aahu aahv aahw aahx aahy aahz aaia aaib aaic aaid aaie aaif aaig aaih aaii aaij aaik aail aaim aain aaio aaip aaiq aair aais aait aaiu aaiv aaiw aaix aaiy aaiz aaja aajb aajc aajd aaje aajf aajg aajh aaji aajj aajk aajl aajm aajn aajo aajp aajq aajr aajs aajt aaju aajv aajw aajx aajy aajz aaka aakb aakc aakd aake aakf aakg aakh aaki aakj aakk aakl aakm aakn aako aakp aakq aakr aaks aakt aaku aakv aakw aakx aaky aakz aala aalb aalc aald aale aalf aalg aalh aali aalj aalk aall aalm aaln aalo aalp aalq aalr aals aalt aalu aalv aalw aalx aaly aalz aama aamb aamc aamd aame aamf aamg aamh aami aamj aamk aaml aamm aamn aamo aamp aamq aamr aams aamt aamu aamv aamw aamx aamy aamz aana aanb aanc aand aane aanf aang aanh aani aanj aank aanl aanm aann aano aanp aanq aanr aans aant aanu aanv aanw aanx aany aanz aaoa aaob aaoc aaod aaoe aaof aaog aaoh aaoi aaoj aaok aaol aaom aaon aaoo aaop aaoq aaor aaos aaot aaou aaov aaow aaox aaoy aaoz aapa aapb aapc aapd aape aapf aapg aaph aapi aapj aapk aapl aapm aapn aapo aapp aapq aapr aaps aapt aapu aapv aapw aapx aapy aapz aaqa aaqb aaqc aaqd aaqe aaqf aaqg aaqh aaqi aaqj aaqk aaql aaqm aaqn aaqo aaqp aaqq aaqr aaqs aaqt aaqu aaqv aaqw aaqx aaqy aaqz aara aarb aarc aard aare aarf aarg aarh aari aarj aark aarl aarm aarn aaro aarp aarq aarr aars aart aaru aarv aarw aarx aary aarz aasa aasb aasc aasd aase aasf aasg aash aasi aasj aask aasl aasm aasn aaso aasp aasq aasr aass aast aasu aasv aasw aasx aasy aasz aata aatb aatc aatd aate aatf aatg aath aati aatj aatk aatl aatm aatn aato aatp aatq aatr aats aatt aatu aatv aatw aatx aaty aatz aaua aaub aauc aaud aaue aauf aaug aauh aaui aauj aauk aaul aaum aaun aauo aaup aauq aaur aaus aaut aauu aauv aauw aaux aauy aauz aava aavb aavc aavd aave aavf aavg aavh aavi aavj aavk aavl aavm aavn aavo aavp aavq aavr aavs aavt aavu aavv aavw aavx aavy aavz aawa aawb aawc aawd aawe aawf aawg aawh aawi aawj aawk aawl aawm aawn aawo aawp aawq aawr aaws aawt aawu aawv aaww aawx aawy aawz aaxa aaxb aaxc aaxd aaxe aaxf aaxg aaxh aaxi aaxj aaxk aaxl aaxm aaxn aaxo aaxp aaxq aaxr aaxs aaxt aaxu aaxv aaxw aaxx aaxy aaxz aaya aayb aayc aayd aaye aayf aayg aayh aayi aayj aayk aayl aaym aayn aayo aayp aayq aayr aays aayt aayu aayv aayw aayx aayy aayz aaza aazb aazc aazd aaze aazf aazg aazh aazi aazj aazk aazl aazm aazn aazo aazp aazq aazr aazs aazt aazu aazv aazw aazx aazy aazz abaa abab abac abad abae abaf abag abah abai abaj abak abal abam aban abao abap abaq abar abas abat abau abav abaw abax abay abaz abba abbb abbc abbd abbe abbf abbg abbh abbi abbj abbk abbl abbm abbn abbo abbp abbq abbr abbs abbt abbu abbv abbw abbx abby abbz abca abcb abcc abcd abce abcf abcg abch abci abcj abck abcl abcm abcn abco abcp abcq abcr abcs abct abcu abcv abcw abcx abcy abcz abda abdb abdc abdd abde abdf abdg abdh abdi abdj abdk abdl abdm abdn abdo abdp abdq abdr abds abdt abdu abdv abdw abdx abdy abdz abea abeb abec abed abee abef abeg abeh abei abej abek abel abem aben abeo abep abeq aber abes abet abeu abev abew abex abey abez abfa abfb abfc abfd abfe abff abfg abfh abfi abfj abfk abfl abfm abfn abfo abfp abfq abfr abfs abft abfu abfv abfw abfx abfy abfz abga abgb abgc abgd abge abgf abgg abgh abgi abgj abgk abgl abgm abgn abgo abgp abgq abgr abgs abgt abgu abgv abgw abgx abgy abgz abha abhb abhc abhd abhe abhf abhg abhh abhi abhj abhk abhl abhm abhn abho abhp abhq abhr abhs abht abhu abhv abhw abhx abhy abhz abia abib abic abid abie abif abig abih abii abij abik abil abim abin abio abip abiq abir abis abit abiu abiv abiw abix abiy abiz abja abjb abjc abjd abje abjf abjg abjh abji abjj abjk abjl abjm abjn abjo abjp abjq abjr abjs abjt abju abjv abjw abjx abjy abjz abka abkb abkc abkd abke abkf abkg abkh abki abkj abkk abkl abkm abkn abko abkp abkq abkr abks abkt abku abkv abkw abkx abky abkz abla ablb ablc abld able ablf ablg ablh abli ablj ablk abll ablm abln ablo ablp ablq ablr abls ablt ablu ablv ablw ablx ably ablz abma abmb abmc abmd abme abmf abmg abmh abmi abmj abmk abml abmm abmn abmo abmp abmq abmr abms abmt abmu abmv abmw abmx abmy abmz abna abnb abnc abnd abne abnf abng abnh abni abnj abnk abnl abnm abnn abno abnp abnq abnr abns abnt abnu abnv abnw abnx abny abnz aboa abob aboc abod aboe abof abog aboh aboi aboj abok abol abom abon aboo abop aboq abor abos abot abou abov abow abox aboy aboz abpa abpb abpc abpd abpe abpf abpg abph abpi abpj abpk abpl abpm abpn abpo abpp abpq abpr abps abpt abpu abpv abpw abpx abpy abpz abqa abqb abqc abqd abqe abqf abqg abqh abqi abqj abqk abql abqm abqn abqo abqp abqq abqr abqs abqt abqu abqv abqw abqx abqy abqz abra abrb abrc abrd abre abrf abrg abrh abri abrj abrk abrl abrm abrn abro abrp abrq abrr abrs abrt abru abrv abrw abrx abry abrz absa absb absc absd abse absf absg absh absi absj absk absl absm absn abso absp absq absr abss abst absu absv absw absx absy absz abta abtb abtc abtd abte abtf abtg abth abti abtj abtk abtl abtm abtn abto abtp abtq abtr abts abtt abtu abtv abtw abtx abty abtz abua abub abuc abud abue abuf abug abuh abui abuj abuk abul abum abun abuo abup abuq abur abus abut abuu abuv abuw abux abuy abuz abva abvb abvc abvd abve abvf abvg abvh abvi abvj abvk abvl abvm abvn abvo abvp abvq abvr abvs abvt abvu abvv abvw abvx abvy abvz abwa abwb abwc abwd abwe abwf abwg abwh abwi abwj abwk abwl abwm abwn abwo abwp abwq abwr abws abwt abwu abwv abww abwx abwy abwz abxa abxb abxc abxd abxe abxf abxg abxh abxi abxj abxk abxl abxm abxn abxo abxp abxq abxr abxs abxt abxu abxv abxw abxx abxy abxz abya abyb abyc abyd abye abyf abyg abyh abyi abyj abyk abyl abym abyn abyo abyp abyq abyr abys abyt abyu abyv abyw abyx abyy abyz abza abzb abzc abzd abze abzf abzg abzh abzi abzj abzk abzl abzm abzn abzo abzp abzq abzr abzs abzt abzu abzv abzw abzx abzy abzz acaa acab acac acad acae acaf acag acah acai acaj acak acal acam acan acao acap acaq acar acas acat acau acav acaw acax acay acaz acba acbb acbc acbd acbe acbf acbg acbh acbi acbj acbk acbl acbm acbn acbo acbp acbq acbr acbs acbt acbu acbv acbw acbx acby acbz acca accb accc accd acce accf accg acch acci accj acck accl accm accn acco accp accq accr accs acct accu accv accw accx accy accz acda acdb acdc acdd acde acdf acdg acdh acdi acdj acdk acdl acdm acdn acdo acdp acdq acdr acds acdt acdu acdv acdw acdx acdy acdz acea aceb acec aced acee acef aceg aceh acei acej acek acel acem acen aceo acep aceq acer aces acet aceu acev acew acex acey acez acfa acfb acfc acfd acfe acff acfg acfh acfi acfj acfk acfl acfm acfn acfo acfp acfq acfr acfs acft acfu acfv acfw acfx acfy acfz acga acgb acgc acgd acge acgf acgg acgh acgi acgj acgk acgl acgm acgn acgo acgp acgq acgr acgs acgt acgu acgv acgw acgx acgy acgz acha achb achc achd ache achf achg achh achi achj achk achl achm achn acho achp achq achr achs acht achu achv achw achx achy achz acia acib acic acid acie acif acig acih acii acij acik acil acim acin acio acip aciq acir acis acit aciu aciv aciw acix aciy aciz acja acjb acjc acjd acje acjf acjg acjh acji acjj acjk acjl acjm acjn acjo acjp acjq acjr acjs acjt acju acjv acjw acjx acjy acjz acka ackb ackc ackd acke ackf ackg ackh acki ackj ackk ackl ackm ackn acko ackp ackq ackr acks ackt acku ackv ackw ackx acky ackz acla aclb aclc acld acle aclf aclg aclh acli aclj aclk acll aclm acln aclo aclp aclq aclr acls aclt aclu aclv aclw aclx acly aclz acma acmb acmc acmd acme acmf acmg acmh acmi acmj acmk acml acmm acmn acmo acmp acmq acmr acms acmt acmu acmv acmw acmx acmy acmz acna acnb acnc acnd acne acnf acng acnh acni acnj acnk acnl acnm acnn acno acnp acnq acnr acns acnt acnu acnv acnw acnx acny acnz acoa acob acoc acod acoe acof acog acoh acoi acoj acok acol acom acon acoo acop acoq acor acos acot acou acov acow acox acoy acoz acpa acpb acpc acpd acpe acpf acpg acph acpi acpj acpk acpl acpm acpn acpo acpp acpq acpr acps acpt acpu acpv acpw acpx acpy acpz acqa acqb acqc acqd acqe acqf acqg acqh acqi acqj acqk acql acqm acqn acqo acqp acqq acqr acqs acqt acqu acqv acqw acqx acqy acqz acra acrb acrc acrd acre acrf acrg acrh acri acrj acrk acrl acrm acrn acro acrp acrq acrr acrs acrt acru acrv acrw acrx acry acrz acsa acsb acsc acsd acse acsf acsg acsh acsi acsj acsk acsl acsm acsn acso acsp acsq acsr acss acst acsu acsv acsw acsx acsy acsz acta actb actc actd acte actf actg acth acti actj actk actl actm actn acto actp actq actr acts actt actu actv actw actx acty actz acua acub acuc acud acue acuf acug acuh acui acuj acuk acul acum acun acuo acup acuq acur acus acut acuu acuv acuw acux acuy acuz acva acvb acvc acvd acve acvf acvg acvh acvi acvj acvk acvl acvm acvn acvo acvp acvq acvr acvs acvt acvu acvv acvw acvx acvy acvz acwa acwb acwc acwd acwe acwf acwg acwh acwi acwj acwk acwl acwm acwn acwo acwp acwq acwr acws acwt acwu acwv acww acwx acwy acwz acxa acxb acxc acxd acxe acxf acxg acxh acxi acxj acxk acxl acxm acxn acxo acxp acxq acxr acxs acxt acxu acxv acxw acxx acxy acxz acya acyb acyc acyd acye acyf acyg acyh acyi acyj acyk acyl acym acyn acyo acyp acyq acyr acys acyt acyu acyv acyw acyx acyy acyz acza aczb aczc aczd acze aczf aczg aczh aczi aczj aczk aczl aczm aczn aczo aczp aczq aczr aczs aczt aczu aczv aczw aczx aczy aczz adaa adab adac adad adae adaf adag adah adai adaj adak adal adam adan adao adap adaq adar adas adat adau adav adaw adax aday adaz adba adbb adbc adbd adbe adbf adbg adbh adbi adbj adbk adbl adbm adbn adbo adbp adbq adbr adbs adbt adbu adbv adbw adbx adby adbz adca adcb adcc adcd adce adcf adcg adch adci adcj adck adcl adcm adcn adco adcp adcq adcr adcs adct adcu adcv adcw adcx adcy adcz adda addb addc addd adde addf addg addh addi addj addk addl addm addn addo addp addq addr adds addt addu addv addw addx addy addz adea adeb adec aded adee adef adeg adeh adei adej adek adel adem aden adeo adep adeq ader ades adet adeu adev adew adex adey adez adfa adfb adfc adfd adfe adff adfg adfh adfi adfj adfk adfl adfm adfn adfo adfp adfq adfr adfs adft adfu adfv adfw adfx adfy adfz adga adgb adgc adgd adge adgf adgg adgh adgi adgj adgk adgl adgm adgn adgo adgp adgq adgr adgs adgt adgu adgv adgw adgx adgy adgz adha adhb adhc adhd adhe adhf adhg adhh adhi adhj adhk adhl adhm adhn adho adhp adhq adhr adhs adht adhu adhv adhw adhx adhy adhz adia adib adic adid adie adif adig adih adii adij adik adil adim adin adio adip adiq adir adis adit adiu adiv adiw adix adiy adiz adja adjb adjc adjd adje adjf adjg adjh adji adjj adjk adjl adjm adjn adjo adjp adjq adjr adjs adjt adju adjv adjw adjx adjy adjz adka adkb adkc adkd adke adkf adkg adkh adki adkj adkk adkl adkm adkn adko adkp adkq adkr adks adkt adku adkv adkw adkx adky adkz adla adlb adlc adld adle adlf adlg adlh adli adlj adlk adll adlm adln adlo adlp adlq adlr adls adlt adlu adlv adlw adlx adly adlz adma admb admc admd adme admf admg admh admi admj admk adml admm admn admo admp admq admr adms admt admu admv admw admx admy admz adna adnb adnc adnd adne adnf adng adnh adni adnj adnk adnl adnm adnn adno adnp adnq adnr adns adnt adnu adnv adnw adnx adny adnz adoa adob adoc adod adoe adof adog adoh adoi adoj adok adol adom adon adoo adop adoq ador ados adot adou adov adow adox adoy adoz adpa adpb adpc adpd adpe adpf adpg adph adpi adpj adpk adpl adpm adpn adpo adpp adpq adpr adps adpt adpu adpv adpw adpx adpy adpz adqa adqb adqc adqd adqe adqf adqg adqh adqi adqj adqk adql adqm adqn adqo adqp adqq adqr adqs adqt adqu adqv adqw adqx adqy adqz adra adrb adrc adrd adre adrf adrg adrh adri adrj adrk adrl adrm adrn adro adrp adrq adrr adrs adrt adru adrv adrw adrx adry adrz adsa adsb adsc adsd adse adsf adsg adsh adsi adsj adsk adsl adsm adsn adso adsp adsq adsr adss adst adsu adsv adsw adsx adsy adsz adta adtb adtc adtd adte adtf adtg adth adti adtj adtk adtl adtm adtn adto adtp adtq adtr adts adtt adtu adtv adtw adtx adty adtz adua adub aduc adud adue aduf adug aduh adui aduj aduk adul adum adun aduo adup aduq adur adus adut aduu aduv aduw adux aduy aduz adva advb advc advd adve advf advg advh advi advj advk advl advm advn advo advp advq advr advs advt advu advv advw 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anaj anak anal anam anan anao anap anaq anar anas anat anau anav anaw anax anay anaz anba anbb anbc anbd anbe anbf anbg anbh anbi anbj anbk anbl anbm anbn anbo anbp anbq anbr anbs anbt anbu anbv anbw anbx anby anbz anca ancb ancc ancd ance ancf ancg anch anci ancj anck ancl ancm ancn anco ancp ancq ancr ancs anct ancu ancv ancw ancx ancy ancz anda andb andc andd ande andf andg andh andi andj andk andl andm andn ando andp andq andr...

                ... I have lost so much progress.

                In Candlekeep, my arguments fell on deaf ears. My quest to most of them was tedious, pointless, endless.

                But I was and remain undeterred. There was something distinctly therapeutic in my quest... my student's hand, rather than my own, seemed to pen the words with ardent curiosity and unfettered imagination... discovery waited upon the next word, and I was at peace.

                But beginning again, having lost my prior progress, has made me anger and doubt. There is much work to be done. Perhaps too much, before I can hope to find a fraction of what I seek.

                I pause my pen to the certainty that with a multitude beside me... my quest would proceed faster than by my efforts alone...


                • #9
                  "For all the worldly knowledge of that sage,
                  He left whole worlds crumpled in that page.
                  He took the greatest work I'd ever writ
                  And scrunched it up, and ripped it all apart.
                  And those pieces, subsequently lit,
                  Kindled the inferno in my heart.
                  For silence cannot triumph, though it tries,
                  And chaining words can only prosper lies."

                  -Cedric Silk, On the Masters, 3rd Stanza, (Year of the Lone Candle)

                  The rebellious way of Cedric Silk, the first man to take the Vow of Audacity, was a source of much debate within reading circles. In his time, many thought him to be a lunatic, though now he is considered a pioneer of one of the more free-spirited intellectual traditions of our faith, in Candlekeep.

                  His written works, for lack of any more suitable description, were absolute nonsense. They presented the reader with incomprehensible, offensive jumbles of words and letters with little to no semblance of coherent syntax or semantic intent. This "experimental" methodology had a reception at best, uneasy and at worst, utterly hostile. Most found the works difficult, opting to conserve and advocate ways more familiar, comprehensible, and meaningful to them.

                  Silk is remembered chiefly for the oral movement he created, when one of his written works was destroyed by a reviewer of a higher station (an act widely condemned, even at the time, but which certainly contributed to the success of Silk's movement). The momentum of this movement gradually became larger than mandated traditions. Many others took the Vow of Audacity, to vocalise for the rest of their existence in the name of Deneir, and these figures became famous among scribes for the wit, the wisdom, the absurdity, and the spectacle of their endless oration. Though they were not paid as much heed, in Candlekeep, as the monks that undertook the similarly unending "Chant of the Unfulfilled Prophecies", they were accepted as an important alternative within the faith, and have caused some of the most widely circulated quotations, as well as important discoveries in relation to the Metatext.

                  Acceptance remains secondary to my ends, but I have often wondered of the returns that may have come from the full pursuit of my own chosen methods. Meaningful and descriptive scripture dominates our way, for information cannot be lost... But there are things, beyond quotidian writings and records, that we must look to. There are arrangements in the Metatext that, once known, would enable us to deduce what a destroyed book contained, the truth of history, and more. To understand it, is to understand everything. And I remain confident that mine is among the best methods we possess of doing so.