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  • Optional Font Overrides

    OK, so I'm going to let you guys in on a little thing I've been messing with for awhile.

    I was intending on including it with my next GUI/skin override pack, which I've been working on here and there for too long (I promise you it will rock socks if it ever gets finished), but a lot of peeps have been asking about it so I will post here an example for your review.

    These are font overrides for the NWN interface. They will replace the ones you are used to.. these are provided as samples - I personally have been rocking this combo, but you might have your own preferences, and I can actually implement any (license-free) font you can provide.

    By placing both of the files titled "fnt_dialog16x16" in your override folder, you will have a large serif-styled font in the stead of your chat window font, and some other areas, such as the lower portion of your character sheet. Because of the way it works, you will probably have to disable "high resolution fonts" option in your settings. But this particular font will be bigger than the high res font regardless.

    By placing both of the files titled "fnt_galahad14" in your override folder, you will have a clear sans-serif font in the stead of most other areas of the GUI.

    You don't need to use both pairs of them to try it out, and you can remove those coupled files from your override folder to disable it.

    Once again, I can actually create replacement files for any font. Not all fonts work well for this, and most need work to allow for what we call 'strokes' or 'shadows' to make them viable in all lighting/background situations.

    Let me know your thoughts, and enjoy. Maybe we can find an awesome combo for the GUI I'm working on.
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    Can we see a preview please?

    Edit: Can we get comic sans also?

    Edit 2: In my input bar there's a square box. Can this be removed or replaced somehow?
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      I hope you're just messing with me about Comic Sans.

      I'm aware of the 'square box' - that's actually due to the fact that the 'cursor' character is not present in the font set - this is a beta test after all. Apologies that I forgot to mention it.
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