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Getting Started

Checking the Forums

We strongly recommend that you go to our forums, linked above, and review all relevant information regarding our server, including mechanical changes, and rules.

Getting Neverwinter Nights

To play in EfU you will require Neverwinter Nights and both of its expansions. If you do not own the game, you can purchase it as a single package fairly cheaply from by following this link: Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition.

Note that Neverwinter Nights 2 is a different game.

If you buy Neverwinter Nights from, you absolutely must read the Requesting Multiplayer CD-key section below.

Updating Neverwinter Nights

After installing the game it must be updated to the latest official version, 1.69. This is best done manually with the 1.69 critical rebuild patch.

Requesting Multiplayer CD-key

If you purchased Neverwinter Nights from, you must read this section. Otherwise, you may skip to the Connecting to EfU section.

The Neverwinter Nights game always comes with the same CD-key. For security reasons, this CD-key has been banned on most servers.

You can request a brand new CD-key, suitable for multiplayer, by following these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the contact page for Neverwinter Nights Diamond.
  3. Fill in the form illustrated below, politely requesting a multiplayer key. Neverwinter Nights Diamond support page

Connecting to EfU

Start the game and go to Multiplayer. Because GameSpy’s server list is no longer active, you will need to connect directly by following these steps:

  1. Click Direct Connect in the multiplayer server window.
  2. In the Server IP Address field, enter Leave the password field empty.
  3. Click OK.

HAKs and Overrides

EfU makes use of a selection of HAKs and overrides that give us access to a variety of custom content. It is possible to play without these, but we strongly encourage all our regular players to download these files for a better player experience.

To make this process simpler for our players, we have released a custom downloader that automatically downloads new or updated files.

Finally, to enable the HAKs, you must type /c haks on into the chat bar after connecting to EfU and then reconnect.

Character Development

All kinds of Forgotten Realms character backgrounds and all standard classes and races can work in EfU. However, bear in mind that much has been changed from canon. The best characters for EfU are ones which are richly characterized, complex in their strengths and weaknesses, and are not built simply for the purposes of optimized mechanical power.

Your Character’s Story So Far

The beginning of the end was when the Red Star rose into the night sky, and magic stopped working in the way it once had. Waves of wild magic crackled across all of Faerun, inflicting a terrible price of destruction and still birth. Doom-speakers spoke with greater certainty of the approaching end times. Magic had once been kept in check by the moderating influence of Mystra; but with Mystryl’s rebirth and a weave that refused to be controlled there was no predicting what might become possible.

Yet this catastrophe was nothing compared to the doom that came less than one year later.

Released by distant and obscure ritual, a sinuous shape of blackness rose from the south, arced across the sky in the direction of the sun. The Night Serpent Dendar, grown strong on its diet of nightmares, engulfed the sun in its terrible maw and so was this ultimate life-giving source of light and warmth extinguished.

With the Darkening, the civilisations of Faerun were plunged into chaos. The Night Serpent continued its celestial rampage, devouring many gods and destroying their realms. Violence, famine, murder, plague, and environmental collapse ruined populations. Deprived even of hope for divine rescue, the apocalyptic catastrophe resulted in near complete devastation of the surface world.

It was then that the Illithid Empire struck. Waiting with cold patience, they had first succeeded at enthralling many races of the Underdark and fashioning them, along with legions of enslaved surfacers and other monstrous creatures, into a cyclopean host of twisted thralls capable of conquering all the Planes.

Illithid servants roam uncontested upon the barren wastes of the surface. Cities are being raised to the majesty of their masters. Grotesque intellects gaze at the stars, where their counterparts plot to consume other worlds and stranger races.

Most of your kind has long since perished or been enslaved by the mind flayers, yet somehow you endured. Somehow you survived. Now you wander, alone in the wastes, searching.

Searching… searching for what?