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Escape from Uncertainty: Revelations is the fourth major chapter of a Neverwinter Nights persistent world that has been running since the autumn of 2005.

We are a role-playing and story-based server with extremely lofty ambitions for new heights of cooperative story-telling and immersive role-play. Using the game engine of Neverwinter Nights as our medium, players are responsible for consistently role-playing characters that participate in a fully immersive world. The mature and experienced DM staff is constantly working to improve the EfU experience on both a game-play level and story-level.

As a community, we enthusiastically welcome new players who bring with them creativity, good sportsmanship, and maturity. Our world is technically sophisticated, professionally hosted, constantly updated, richly developed, and has a thriving and active community of players and DMs.

By the standards of NWN, EfU is a relatively low-level, low magic-power world. We challenge players and their characters both mechanically and creatively.

Setting Summary

Using the Forgotten Realms setting as our rough, general background, our non-canon setting has been otherwise richly developed over the course of several years. The fourth and most recent chapter primarily takes place in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which characters have fled a lightless and ruined surface in order to find sanctuary within a vast underworld. Characters begin as having survived somehow in a world in which the sun has been devoured by a primordial darkness and horrible aberrant armies pursue a campaign of conquest across the land.