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The people laud the return of Radislav Ludovich. A veteran of the fourth legion - stalwart defender of the state against heretics, monsters - his return signals a season of security for Ephia's Well.

The Herald has discussed rumours of his candidacy in the upcoming elections under the august banner of the Gold League. Former Sergeant Ludovich has confirmed his intent to run on a platform of experience and the prosperity of Ephia's Well.

Radislav was quick to announce his past successes in defeating insidious cultists and commanding soldiers of the Fourth Legion. Could there be another more discerning or well-heeled candidate who will come forward to lead the Gold? Unlikely.

Further, the former sergeant boasts of his indefatigable faith and unflinching service to the Wroth. Could his place as reverend secure the approval of the divine for our fair city? Perhaps his candidacy is a blessing.

Finally, the promise of the man: to transform Ephia's Well into a city of gold and riches, a new caliphate independent of any outside political influence, out from the shadow of Baz'eel! A bold claim, perhaps even one to aspire to.

Will he succeed? Only time will tell, but this herald looks forward to seeing his performance in the primaries.

The Herald on the Hill,
Clementine Hill
Adar 18th, IY 7787



Tragedy in the Krak des Roses. Plati Plix - noted Nadiri, student of the Tower of Q'tolip - attacking innocent women in a fit of rage! What could possess a man to such heinous acts? This Herald investigates.

Moments before the assault, a crowd of Astronomers - including the infamous Cosine Mevura, Apothar - were seen chasing down Plati Plix, wandering as if in a daze.

"Well, he was wanted for loan sharking," one guard of the Krak des Roses commented. Could this have been an action taken in a fit of despair? This Herald suspects there is more afoot.

Within the hour, Plati Plix was seen escorted from the Priory with an escort of Astronomers.

"We forgive Plati Plax. What happened to him was very unfortunate," commented Acolyte Narwen Alendiel.

However, despite the benevolence of the Sisterhood, a confession by the Astronomers leaves a dark shadow in its wake.

"Even the Astronomers - the magical authority of the Well - are powerless against the smallest of spells of the djinn," comments Acolyte Imizael Volkov.

"The question is whether the influences were temporary or whether he was pact-bound," added Sister Amelie. "[The Astronomers] admitted to this. They intend to answer that by the use of their Incarnabulum."

Whilst the Sisters are most forgiving, not all factions within the Krak des Roses share their beneficence.

"I think they should go ahead and do it," commented one dashing guardian of the Banda Rossa when asked if the Sisterhood would kill an attacker on their premises. "I don't really care if he lives or not."

"He should have lost his damn head!" Commented Balladeer Roderick Fischer, renowned for his fascination with old city traditions. Despite his bloodthirst, however, this Herald is relieved to report no loss of life.

Will this incident prove to be a bump in the long road to building a better, more unified Ephia's Well? Or is it a sign that the city is reaching a boiling point of tensions, ready to spill over. Only time will tell.

Clementine Hill
Adar 20th, IY 7787



Jerrod Felch, Reporter

By now, many people in Ephia's Well understand that Marcellus was somehow spirited away into the depths beneath the deep gutters by a malevolent force, and that he was rescued from their clutches at great cost and loss of life. What is less known is that this tragedy was all quite preventable.

The caged creature held captive upon the Mount of the Astronomers-- a 'Devil of Thirst'-- beckoned to the Purple Legate in his dreams. Ignoring the counsel of his peers, Saenus forced his way into the captivity of this demon and communicated with it in a dead tongue: Low Formorian.

What did Saenus say to the devil?

What question was asked, what bargain struck, what contract formed?

We may never know what he communicated to the creature, but at that moment, both the demon and Saenus disappeared into the primordial darkness of Assuru-- a hellscape no man can claim to have seen and survived.

There is a very real possibility that the Legate Saenus who walks among us today is no more than a husk, a puppet maneuvered by infernal hands working to bring us all to ruin.

Our democratic experiment is a delicate thing, one that cannot survive the undue influence of foreign powers, be they mundane or supernatural.

The Astronomers of the Mount believed this Beast could be contained safely.

They were wrong.

The Astronomers of the Mount believe that Legate Marcellus Saenus looks and acts as Marcellus Saenus. Can we take them at their word that Legate Saenus has not been compromised? Can we truly take that risk?

I say no. And I urge you all to speak with me, to be heard. Let Saenus hear you. Let the Well hear you.

Legate Saenus must resign for the good of all.

The Herald on the Hill,
Clementine Hill
Adar 27th, IY 7787



Disappointment abounds in these tumultuous days. Plati Plix - noted former Nadiri of the tower of Q'tolip, resigned - barred from the Krak des Roses. A continued escalation from his assault on the Sisterhood of the Sibylline Vine? This Herald investigates.

An announcement from the Balladeer and Speaker Alain Chauderon broke the day: "Five thousand dinar to each of our petals; three voices, as it were, for him to earn his welcome back in the Krak des Roses. If he wishes to abscond from this debt, then he might find his drinks elsewhere!"

When asked for comment, Balladeer Alain clarified the situation. "Ah? Well; Plati Plix has attacked our Krak not once, but twice, you see. First assaulting our priory while under the influence of djinn, and then a second time after he was thrown out for crude remarks against our Balladeer Samira."

Reports have been witnessed by the Herald alleging that Plati Plix was seen attacking the Krak des Roses with an enspelled battalion of magical arms. This Herald is relieved to report no loss of life.

"The way I see it, he seeks to circumvent our ban in any way he might, so it is only right that for his attack upon our gate, he should pay to each of our three petals." Balladeer Alain added. "Plati Plix is about as significant as a desert asp, and I shall lose no sleep over his absence from our Krak."

When Plati Plix's former instructor - Cosine Mevura, infamous Apothar - was approached for comment, he had the following statement. "Plati Plix renounced our teachings and forsook the Astronomers. For some reason, he did not take his box of personal effects with him. I decided to dispose of it."

When pressed for further comment on the potential fate of Plati Plix, Apothar Cosine added, "It's possible he was eaten by worms."

When approached for comment, Sister Selsi of the Sibylline Vine confirmed the Sisterhood's support for Balladeer Alain's barring of the former Nadiri.

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"I worry he learns from each attempt- and that when he tries again he might successfully hurt someone," comments Sister Selsi of the Sibylline Vine.

"I think the beloved Legate Marcellus mentioned something about a pending arrest for him at the Wintermoss forum? I hope they see him trialed for his numerous threats and assaults."

Whilst empathetic of the plight that a potential madman may be inflicting on the Krak des Roses, this Herald remains concerned. Is this a return to the worst of the old city traditions, where extortion and coin outweigh the value of lives?

Is the well-being of the Sisterhood - or any visitor to the Krak des Roses - only worth the sum of 15,000 dinari?

Are these the knightly principles that the Grandmaster espouses amongst her cadre?

Only time will tell.

The Herald on the Hill,
Clementine Hill
Adar 28th, IY 7787