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Title: An Eve of Galantry and Whimsy: Casino Royale II
Post by: Random_White_Guy on May 23, 2020, 01:58:21 AM

Ladies and Gentleman some spectacular news I am thrilled to bring forth! While the Open Sore opens its spider-infested cobweb strewn mockery of a theater take a pause from tending your spiderbites to listen well! In two rises of the Sun shall the Second Casino Royale of Arek Vlasi take place, shortly after midday!

Not one! Oh heavens no that would be boring, not Two! Oh my word how bland and repetitve that would be. Three or more tables of gaming and the entire main floor of the Spinning Groat Casino transformed into a wonderland of dice-tossing extravaganza!

A showcase of the finest game Ring Ninety Nine has to offer! Take a reprieve from the woes of the impending immolation and the rote practice of assembling on a shit-caked street with a shanty over your head to assemble your mercenary contracts. Spend an eve of gallantry and whimsy amongst The Spinning Groat Casino!

For the Gentleman a feast of the eyes as the day`s theme shall be the Court of the Fae, take what time had to fetch your stitching and secure your finest attire ladies! Enchant the mind and sway the heart with your gowns and creativity for to the best-dressed madam a grand prize offered!

For the Winner of the Contest shall be secured an all-expenses paid evening at the Spinning Groat Casino with the famed Blurred Knight himself - Wayne! The Ironman of the Spinning Groat Arena who endured not one, not two, not three, but -four- fights in a row before being bested. My word the Stamina!

Two days to prepare, ladies! Two days to amass your groats, gentlemen, and an afternoon you shall never forget promised!

The Spinning Groat Casino
Start spinning and make a winning while Phanax grinning.
Title: Re: An Eve of Galantry and Whimsy: Casino Royale II
Post by: Random_White_Guy on May 24, 2020, 01:48:38 PM
City Sending by Arek Vlasi : Out of respect for Mr. Blackram`s unfortunate passing, the second edition of Casino Royale hosted in partnership with the Spinning Groat Casino will be postponed to next week`s end.

City Sending by Arek Vlasi : My condolences to House Sunpurse for their loss.

//New time to be determined