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Title: Seirian, daughter of Gwythyr
Post by: Auri on April 14, 2021, 07:14:44 PM

What a ride.

I launched into Seirian's concept almost on a whim, still reeling from the big oof that was Naamah, and tried to have no real expectations.

We were a group of PCs loosely inspired by Arthurian, Welsh, Celtic fables. They remembered their home as a misty realm of delight and kindness and eternal youth, and called it the Realm Ever Young. We were all a bit fey-touched as well, by design, though not necessarily fond of fey things at all. Seirian had some misty flavor in her blood that explained her innate arcane ability, and was taken by the fey in her youth.

Seirian was a "warden of the realm" complete with heraldry and a love for your typical knightly virtues. Think round table. She was the lone daughter of a knight, Gwythyr, and she would ride out across the lands and engage in all kinds of fantastical errantry.
She was idealistic to the point of pseudopaladinry, overprotective, prideful, and she became more and more grim as we neared the center, but she always looked to justice and self-sacrifice and kindness.
In the end it was a pretty simple concept, but all the trials and the  journal-keeping (https://www.efupw.com/forums/index.php?topic=701747.0) (which I do plan to finish, but surely not at one post per ring) made me develop her psyche, personality and memory in more detail than I usually would.

When she awoke in the City, she felt the touch of destiny and was compelled to ride to the heart of the realm with Rhiannon to do all she could to save it and see for herself the fate of the King. She was a bit more real than Rhiannon, and older, and didn't honestly believe all the things Rhiannon believed, but she felt the pull sure enough, and had no doubt that she would be able to make a difference. It came full circle in a haunting way.

We linked up very early on, in 98, with some very wonderful PCs and even more wonderful players, and we stuck together through thick and thin, all the way to ring one and a profoundly satisfying climax. That sounds wrong, but I'm going to leave it.

Thank you guys so much for these magical months, both fellow Wardens and all of Seirian's friends and foes. I am sad that we only finished with four and not seven, but I will treasure the journey always.

And big thank you to the DMs for this experience. I was enamored more than a few times.

YEAH I KNOW you're all here for loot and pictures.
Most of the screenshots I can't share. Only some.

Mechanically, Seirian was a very durable multiclass who was completely built for melee combat, which ended up being perfect, because by Baz'eel we only had two melees.
She was also granted the perfect DM armor. And... Seirian knew The Coming of the King, which was very wonderful and encouraging, and ...may or may not have turned her into a bit of a monster.

Poorly kept secret: It was absolutely Seirian.

Synced in battle, synced in facepalms

Bonus heartbreak

Title: Re: Seirian, daughter of Gwythyr
Post by: SN on April 14, 2021, 10:10:06 PM
The feels...
Great ride, Auri, thank you !
Title: Re: Seirian, daughter of Gwythyr
Post by: Loops on April 14, 2021, 10:13:13 PM
So proud of you all. Well done. It was an amazing adventure, that I got to share.


Luitgard is still rolling in her grave that you friendlied with Thorgred.
Title: Re: Seirian, daughter of Gwythyr
Post by: Dredi on April 14, 2021, 10:34:21 PM
I wish I had gotten more opportunity to play with you all - that was my only regret :)

Seriously well done.