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Title: Discord Moderators
Post by: Howlando on May 08, 2022, 11:52:03 PM
Dear players -

With the hopes of contributing towards a more positive and relaxed atmosphere in #efu-main, I'd like to invite players to reach out to me to volunteer for a new Discord moderation role. Discord Moderators will be asked to:

- Be a good example for the EFU community
- Be helpful to new players
- Ensure that #efu-main exists as a positive and welcoming place. Unpleasant subjects or disagreements between players should be worked out through private messages or with the assistance of a DM
- Communicate to myself or another DM when there are problems in the community or issues that need to be resolved

Discord Moderators will have the ability to "quiet corner" Discord accounts, however this  should generally be used sparingly and the role is instead more appropriate for someone with a knack for re-directing toxic conversations and defusing problems.

Please contact me on Discord if this is something that you think you would be a good fit for.