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Correspondence / Re: Letter to Bernard Glitt /DM
« on: September 15, 2021, 08:00:09 AM »
Dear Henry the Clown,

My Lord wishes to thank you for your most recent attempt at being funny, and has informed me he rates it three fingers out of five.

He would've given you a better score, however, had you not the habit of being resoundingly spanked by your one armed brothers whilst having two perfectly good ones. Not wanting to intimidate you into a blubbering mess, he stuck with counting only on one hand.

Try harder next time, for surely you will amount to something, at some point in the distant future. Like your brothers!

- Armsman Wull

Announcements / Re: Chapter 5 - EFU: City of Rings Rumors & Gossip Thread
« on: September 14, 2021, 07:45:36 AM »
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

From deep within Ring 94, a scream erupts. Inhuman, more akin to a howl - one of great pain, and fury. A wet, sickening howl... and then a rumble. The crunching of machinery. The clanking of steel, and groaning of wood. Where once it laid dormant, broken and burned in the chaos of that doomed Ring, it roars into action. Inch by inch, it struggles forward, breaking free of slag and rubble that bound it...

The Drill moves. The Drill lives.

A deafening thud of steel on masonry. It grinds, and crushes, it bends and breaks. It progresses... forcing its way through the next great Wall that stands defiant in its path. A pillar of dust and Mist bursts skyward, blotting the night sky, choking the stars.

The Mist whirls and whips about it, it seems to almost try in feeble might to bar passage. Yet a howl erupts, once more, and the Mist retreats...

The Drill churns, and bites at the stone, shrugging off the tumbling masonry that drops upon it as it makes its slow journey forwards. Crushing buildings, and toppling empty towers as it comes to a halt in the Ring of 93. A stillness reigns, as atop the great beast of war, an ambitious man emerges. There, for a time, he watches. He contemplates. On a journey that begun generations past, on a journey that ends so far from here. On ambition, and birthright. On fools, and madmen. On Kings, and the common man. He contemplates.

And the Mists swirl in anger, and fear...

And you dream, as you wake. You dream of a boy. A weak, and twisted boy. Sickness contorting his body with every cough. A boy that should not be...

You dream of something else, of someone else. Unknowable, unfathomable, unseen. A forked tongue whispers in the ear of a young man.

You dream of a sea. Vast, and dark. Of waves made of faces, of cracking thunder, with the screams of the lost. The sick boy turns his back. You awake.

Though a word lingers in every mind, sharp and keen. 'Doubt'.

((Shouts by Halfbrood ))

Suggestions / Re: Sewer access to ring 100 respawn location
« on: September 03, 2021, 10:45:05 PM »
Registered pondscum already have a way out.

Suggestions / Re: NPC purchasable Blind Fight
« on: August 22, 2021, 01:20:54 AM »

Bug Reports / Re: Dusk's Cradle - No Way Back from Catacombs
« on: August 18, 2021, 02:57:48 AM »
It does lock on both sides. Maybe the auto re-locking scripts didn't fire though and someone else passed through.

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Gethin Winespill
« on: August 18, 2021, 02:56:35 AM »

Notices and Bulletins / Re: The Hunter's Guild Calls For You!
« on: August 13, 2021, 09:33:40 AM »
Scrawled in the margins:


"last time these bandits hunted something that wasn't human the trashgulls still had a house HA HA HA"

"when the changelings showed their heads, glitt bravely turned and fled"

"94 blowing up was deserved if these pricks were doing the same thing there as they are in 98"


"i bet if you carved up mistande the FAT you could feed the vale for a year"

Notices and Bulletins / Re: -Bounties of House Glitt-
« on: August 02, 2021, 08:44:28 PM »
Scrawled in the margins of the notices is the following:

Where's the bounty on your changeling friends you shitty fake Glitt?

Suggestions / Re: Taunt should cause Stancebreach
« on: June 17, 2021, 07:30:34 PM »
Beat each other up in game instead, nobody needs to read this shitfest or moderate it for that matter.

[ :: Year 1 :: ]

It has been a few days now since passage has re-opened through the ruined remains of Ring 94, and news from elsewhere in the City begins to filter through.

Rumours rapidly spread in the wake of Whispers claiming responsibility for the destruction of Ring 94. That, in Ring 93, battles were seen between Orzans, Malagori, Wizards and Uld in the streets. That they all disappeared into one Tower.

And that all of them returned alive - some perhaps beaten bloody, but clearly nobody died in the course of events within or without.

Coupled with the Whispers made claiming responsibility, and a relatively clear picture begins to emerge from the heat haze of the pyroclastic flow. Somehow, some way, those four groups were responsible for destroying a verdant paradise of a Ring. To what end, few can understand.

After all:
- The Orzans are supposedly allied with the Count.
- The Uld have killed all that remained of their kind.
- Towertop and perhaps other locations in the Warrens had already yielded.

Only the Malagori's actions make sense, for the insane acting insanely is par for the course.

There are inevitable flow on repercussions.

Within the Peerage Ward, both Glitt and Sunpurse reach an uneasy truce, united in a burning hatred for Orza. Glitt especially - for they have lost their claimed ancestral homeland to Orzan insanity. Fighting on the streets is a regular occurance between the two Houses.

What is new, however, is how regularly Glitt comes out ahead in these scuffles. For what they lack in discipline and skill, the influx of highlanders has certainly significantly swayed the numerical advantage that Orza once had. Orzans now no longer travel in small groups in the Ward. For to do otherwise is to be discovered in the morning, naked, beaten bloody and tied to scarecrow crosses upon the impromptu highlander farms in the Ward.

Orzan affiliated farms, businesses and organisations soon face significant issues - some because of Glitt highlanders rampaging through them and taking all their goods. Some, because of underhanded Velstran or Sunpurse activities against the latest villains of the Ward. Some simply just... disappear.

Castle Moonspear and House Orza finds itself under a strange siege of sorts. The Orzans had always found themselves outsiders in the Ward in many ways and they are still a power to be reckoned with. However, now they are being treated as pariahs. As monsters. More so than even Sunpurse under the Count.

For tales and claims about the Count and his Rubies are one thing amongst the populace and factions of the Ward.

The reality of destroying an entire Ring for no gain is another.

For who knows? Perhaps they would do the same again to Ring 99 given a chance, all for a laugh...


On religious matters as well, there are flow on effects. Those of the Triune, already rocked by the destruction of the Grand Vestry, find themselves struggling to deal with local backlash and the weakening of their structural power.

With some of Orza publically claiming that it was The Promise's will that Ring 94 be destroyed, those that even mention the third aspect of their religion find themselves facing the fists of the angry. Some begin instead to adopt a heretical form of the "Triune" that more resembles old Nephezar claims about the Lord Departed and Lady-in-Waiting.

Actual Promise worshippers find themselves even more out of luck. The luckiest end up beaten and left in the mud, begging for mercy. The unluckiest are burnt alive, with their attackers screaming it was what was "Promised" to them by their God.

Weaker Malagori converts in the Ponds also find themselves in strife when night falls - often found in the morning locked in rigid, dying, agony, clearly chewed upon by beasts and strange plants bursting forth from their chests and skulls. Those few that survive are quivering, broken, husks.

Change is afoot throughout all of the Rings...

[ :: Year 1 :: ]

In the Rings, various changes begin to take place, as factions and individuals react to current events.  Within the Burgage, Sunpurse Retainers dig through the ruins of the destroyed Grand Vestry, watched over silently by individuals wearing Ruby red. They seem to be seeking something...

Within Ring 93, Towertop patrons soon find themselves with additional guards. After the death of his apprentice and the airing of dirty laundry through Whispers, it seems clear that sides have begun to be taken in the Warrens.

The roads from Ring 94 through to Ring 99 soon find themselves bustling with an angry convoy of Glitt from the highlands, making their way to the Peerage Ward. There they set up camp wherever they can find space. Many are seen clashing with those from the Guild of Lessors, and more than a few of the Guildsmen find themselves taking a swim while the upset highlanders find themselves a new home.

Finally, within the camp of the Count's Drill, mercenaries, retainers and more begin to gear up and prepare for conflict. Eyes turn both north towards Ring 93, but then also north-west to focus in upon the Silverspike.

For the Uld have been active of late, yet their final choice remains to be seen...


In the Peerage Ward, the dynamics have once again drastically changed. Velstra, long reliant on the prestige afforded to them by multiple Bishops of the Grand Vestry, find themselves adrift, seeking purpose and new power.

Glitt, once a third rate force of rabble, is now a first rate force of rabble. Their highland kindred swell their numbers greatly, as does their martial prowess. Sadly, they have somewhat reverted to their more chaotic habits of their drunken era...

Sunpurse seems internally split, with many of the older retainers seeking a return of focus to control and rule of the Ward. Others, however, find themselves drawn more to the glitz and power of the Rubies and Count's Drill.

As for Orza, few feel they can understand them anymore. Yet perhaps there is merit in the musing of drunks, for a popular story in the Weeping Flagon of late is a short tale of three brothers. One focused upon playing with fire. One focused upon a distant horizon. And one torn between family loyalty and a long standing dream...

[ :: Year 1 :: ]

As the final stone is laid in place for the Eryngium Fortress, it slowly comes to life. Strange misty soldiers begin to patrol the walls, guard the gates and man the battlements. In matters of violence, for those few incidents that occur, they are relentless and focused... yet when at peace interactions with them are difficult. As if something is broken about them...

However, what their presences makes clear is simple: that a proper defence by the Royal Court against the threat posed by the Count has finally been mounted.

Over in the Drill Camp, soldiers, mercenaries and hired hands all make ready. For much time now has the Count been mustering forces and supplies for the push ahead. At long last, it seems that all is prepared for another offensive against the "Jailer" of the Rings, and to claim what the Count believes is rightfully his.

Standing in between these two forces however is the combined populaces of Rings 94 and 93. For the duration of the construction of the Fortress and the Count's mustering, there have been diplomats and representatives of all involved sent forth into the neighbouring Rings.

Time alone will tell how much, exactly, they have achieved in their goals - and what, exactly, is to be the fate of their peoples and their Rings when the fight between titans recommences...

NPC isn't going to reward you, he just points you where trouble might be. Coin piles sounds odd, but also sounds like maybe your party had someone with sticky fingers.

Small sacks of coin would likely indicate they don't have unique variables and therefore could share them with another quest, meaning you'd get nothing if you did the other quest beforehand. I can probably fix that one.

Announcements / Re: Prelude: The Bulwark
« on: April 11, 2021, 05:23:40 AM »
There are now 8 people signed up for this prelude, which hopefully means there should still be 3 to 5 remaining after the first week. If you're interested in a prelude at the moment, please look at the currently recruiting Wizard Warrens one!

Announcements / Re: Prelude: The Bulwark
« on: April 10, 2021, 07:01:29 PM »
Due to a lack of interest, this prelude will be delayed a week and held at this time in the hopes that more people will sign up by that point.

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