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Journals and Musings / Re: Kanno's Almanac
« on: March 11, 2022, 10:49:46 PM »
I should seek an apprenticeship beneath a worthy warrior, bound for the Kingward path. There is nothing left in these lands that will not be squabbled over. If there is to be honour in the Peerage, it will be brought there from without. In contemplation, I came to understand how one could mistake likeness for kinship. This is why I cannot accept Ser's offer. But neither will I align against the Cinquefoil Houses. No; it is my responsibility to know them as neighbours. I cannot serve as a Retainer; but, I can serve them as living beings, worthy of the benevolence afforded them beneath the Divine Authority. Whether Commons or Peers. As a yamabushi, I am free to treat them as equals.

Kanno's work is done. His vengeance wrought. But what of his name? If there is anything I want for myself, however selfishly, I would want to return this blade to the foot of the King. To reaffirm my Father's oaths of loyalty, and perhaps to offer my own. Not to a Lord, but to the King himself.

Fairer winds on the horizon. By moonlit night, in Peerless sight, will Tsukuyomi guide me. Riches and honours depend upon Heaven.

Journals and Musings / Kanno's Almanac
« on: March 08, 2022, 09:02:26 AM »
I met a man who stepped between times. Anyone here would know him. I recovered his lost gold, and he repaid me with tea and conversation. It was pleasant.

I had forgotten the feeling of satisfaction in speaking  with others. Some men make their living from it. But actions are better than words.

Perhaps I would understand my Father better if I served, as he did. But I would embarrass such a Lord serving at a happy hearth. On the road was I raised, and in battle will I die.

But, lingering in this Weald will ensure that battle is pointless and small. I am not equal to the threats against this land, but others are. I have seen their valour.

There may be a way, after all. I will visit the good Ser tomorrow, with a gift.

Suggestions / Re: Perk Suggestion Thread
« on: February 02, 2022, 09:30:30 AM »
1/day Ooze Ioun Stone for Ooze Savant, instead of Crumble?

They use metal weapons; just specific metal weapons.

Suggestions / Re: Rogues getting Simple Weapon Proficiency
« on: January 13, 2022, 09:50:51 PM »
I absolutely agree. Monks too.

General Discussion / Re: Diabl0658's inane questions for the DMs
« on: January 13, 2022, 09:44:52 PM »
(say they cast a hold person and then a hasted ogre bandit runs over and kills the victim in a single round)?

I'd lol.

Suggestions / Re: /c command for revealing to PC without breaking stealth
« on: January 12, 2022, 01:07:40 AM »
No.  :)

Suggestions / Re: Allow Rod Crafting
« on: January 10, 2022, 01:56:50 AM »
I don't see Barbarians with dispel rods as a bad thing any more than Divine Power rods in the hands of mages.

I'd respectfully argue that the complete inability of non-caster classes to access certain spells like Dispel creates an artificial difficulty that favours caster PCs.

The means to subvert this, as they exist already IG, are not equally accessible to all players based on skill level, activity, and game knowledge.

I do believe that there's precedent in pen and paper D&D, as well as items dropped in EfU, to put arcane/divine spells in the hands of non-casters.

The balance of EfU is a bone, already broken, that has set in an uncomfortable way. It needs to be rebroken in order to achieve a healthier and more comfortable outcome for the whole body.

The simplest, most ethical way to do that is to put more power in the hands of players and then dial it back to a reasonable level. If that leads to barbarian dispellism then so be it.

Suggestions / Allow Rod Crafting
« on: January 08, 2022, 02:08:48 PM »
Crafting Rods, useable by any class, would allow non-casters access to the wide range of utility spells that make adventuring more exciting.

Anyone who crafts Wands could craft Rods as well by simply buying a blank one anywhere wands are sold.

The cost would drop by half relative to wands, but the charges would drop from 25 to 10.

Suggestions / Allow Brewing of 4th Circle Potions
« on: January 08, 2022, 02:04:05 PM »
Making these spells available to every class through potions solves several problems:

-Improved Invisibility in a bottle is a costly but viable alternative to having an ideal party composition.
-Divine Power can let a flimsy mage save themselves, or enhance the damage output of Dex builds against bosses.
-Sludge drinks already exist; this normalizes their presence.
-Death Ward allows crusaders to address a very common threat when facing Undead.

300gp+ is a good starting point.

I would also suggest that, to balance this, 4th circle potions add a significant dose of Seam Sickness.

Ideally, all player-crafted potions should add a degree of seam sickness relative to their GP cost, whether they came from seams/wizards or not; BUT 4th circle potions specifically ought to have a prohibitive cost beyond GP.

Suggestions / Re: Improved Invisibility and Stoneskin Change
« on: January 07, 2022, 09:58:57 PM »
I politely disagree that this needs changing.

Firstly,  not all spells need to be as strong as other spells. Secondly, Blindfight.

Thirdly, if II is necessary in PvE, it sounds like PvE needs the rebalancing.

Correspondence / To Kharmnick Gurncrag
« on: November 14, 2021, 11:06:07 PM »
I must regrettably tender my resignation from the Sons of Iron, effective immediately.

Any future communications from an individual claiming to be Oliver Klitch should be construed as subterfuge or hostility.

I shall miss you and your company. Stay strong for your people.

[The signature is concealed by a black rectangle]

Correspondence / To Thelisa Sunspyre
« on: November 14, 2021, 11:03:08 PM »
Regent Sunspyre,

I must regrettably tender my resignation, effective by this time next day.

Any future communications from an individual claiming to be Oliver Klitch should be construed as subterfuge or hostility.

Dim no lights,

[The signature is concealed by a black rectangle.]

Off-topic Discussion / Re: EFU:CoR Leaving/Returning Posts
« on: November 14, 2021, 05:10:13 AM »
Wah wah wah

Over-reaction and blame

Leaving for a good long while to work on my mental health. Thought I could do both; clearly can't.




Everything is a reflection of Nothing.

The First Flame fed on its concentration. The Mists coalesced beyond its presence. The Four Winds rush forth from its passing. Toril herself is a vista from which the mindful philosopher may bear witness to the passing of Nothing into Everything; over the hills and far away; there and back again. With Dawn, another night falls; with Dusk, another knight rises.

That’s all well and good; but what does it MEAN?! “I am not a philosopher,” I hear you cry, “What use is any of this high-fallutin’ book-think to me?” Simple, my dear reader: Now that you have subjected yourself to the agony of ideas beyond mortal comprehension, every other concept should seem that much more approachable. Consider the problems you had in mind when you first discovered this text: wouldn’t you rather deal with those than attaining the Godhead?

No? You want to attain the Godhead? Ugh. You’re one of THOSE readers, huh?


The City Of Rings: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bootstrap Paradoxes
by Zaggins


This book is dedicated to my fellow authors within the City who, at great risk, committed pen to page in the midst of a fraught and tenuous situation.


To the Quick Folk, our reality and our home are one and the same. From humble origins within a highly-contextual society, the vast majority of our people pursue intimacy and comfort as their reason for living. In some cases, however, the young and adventurous will instead feel what is called ‘wanderlust’; this feeling is said to drive future heroes out into the world that needs them. The truth is that some people are dicks, and wanderlust is code for “that person left because everyone thought they were a dick.” One does not need any special calling to be an adventurer; nor does one need to be boring to stay at home. The major determining factor is, as it is in all intelligent societies, a fundamental incompatibility between an individual’s nature and that of their community.

This is the beginning of the ascending order of balance, outlined in any Tarot decks’ Major Arcana. The moment when an individual separates from their place of comfort is called 0, The Fool, The Awoken, or Trailblazer Throrsur.

What is being described is neither one specific, historical event; nor is it intrinsically archetypal. The Dwarven Tarot illuminated by the Ancestor Tolinar Mistborne describes a journey undertaken for the sake of one’s community. A Trailblazer does not mesh with the common Faerunian Tarot which labels the same process as The Fool’s self-liberation from loneliness. Yet both will serve their respective functions when a user invokes the Tarot, even in the same position relative to their fellows. Why? Because the paths described in the Major Arcana exist regardless of those that walk them. These are the paths of least resistance; the flow of water, wind, and sand reveals this essential truth.

Subsequent Major Arcana give names to powers attained through paths which, when aligned from the zero point to the twenty-first, follow logically from one to another. The Fool who departs from home becomes apprentice to The Magician, whose experiments inform the faith of the High Priestess, whose faith operates under the whim of The Emperor, whose whims are tempered by The Empress, and so on. Vacillating between masculine and feminine forms, these processes are necessarily divorced from any specific Being. Instead, they are fundamental to Becoming.

So far, so good. The Major Arcana reflect sequential paths to be followed by individuals. Where do these paths begin and end? Let’s consider the models of reality espoused in my previous two books: beneath the supernal triad of the Monad, its Observation called Wisdom, and its Understanding, we have the sum of sapient reason and emotions. These, in turn, find their firmament only in the material, represented by the earth beneath our feet. Therefore: the foundation of our model is in the layering of four worlds. Whether ascending from mortal reckoning or descending from a divine spark, your journey will pass not one border but several.

Emanations from Wisdom are aligned with the intent of need. Emanations from Understanding are aligned with the intent of want. Emanations directly from the Monad will be ever-more-obscured images of the Paragon of Self to which you aspire. So:

Consider the Monad as the flame upon a candle, or the sunrise over a horizon; a world (Telos) within itself, one of infinite possibility.

Consider the dawn’s revelation of what will be (Wisdom), and the shadow cast on the other side of the hill (Understanding) as Its necessary consequence; together, they form a passionate world (Pathos) of contrasts.

Consider the sum of mortal and divine imaginings (Yondalla’s Children; the Golden Hills Upon Green Fields), diverse in their array of mercies and cruelties; each and every one comprehended in the internal, rational world (Logos) of logic.

Beneath them all will you find the material plane (Ethos) upon which your feet are planted; Toril. In this world, nobody cares how many words you can say about Gods and stuff. Earn your keep, and don’t piss off powerful people. If you have time to read this fucking book, you have time to work. Dick.

The Fool is aligned between the Monad and its Wisdom; the realization of individuality. The Magician is the consequence of surviving this path, and descends from the Monad directly to Understanding. The High Priestess represents the wielding of power with intent, descending directly to the peaks of the first Golden Hill called Yondalla. Finally, The Emperor is aligned horizontally from Wisdom to Understanding, representing the consequence of influential power.

Between the supernal worlds and the rational world lies a vast gulf called Knowledge, which is where the False and Faithless inevitably wind up. It serves dual purpose as a metaphor for humility and an inelegant solution to the asymmetry of a model without it.

The Major Arcana continue their path of emanation from Wisdom to Yondalla, but you want the Godhead. I know you do. In that case, the path instead descends across the emanation of the Monad. It crosses from the want of Understanding to the mightiest of mortal needs: Love, symbolized by Sheela Peryroyl. Her wisdom guides you across the Balance again, to the severity of the Quick Folk embodied by Arvoreen the Protector. His is the Strength to protect that which you Love. A student of both paths is able to maintain all they survey from the Shining Hill called Yondalla, who is the divine wheat-golden emanation of the Monad to the Hin. As generations pass in contentment, age and illness will return the worldweary Halfling to his final rest under the watch of the Hound, Urogalan; like Peryroyl, an office of vital need. And in this way will the community thrive and become splendorous, living in awe of the fruits of its desires, and Baravar who acquired them. Families and friends will meet in their warm homes, embodying the hospitality of our ideal selves called Cyrrolalee. Finally, finally, there is your own mortal self, embodying all that I have described until now and everything that I have not: physical, alive, thinking, and capable of anything.

Look out from your dream of home, and see the peaks of these distant hills for yourself. That is the path to the Godhead. There are no shortcuts: your must drive like a demon from station to station. There is nothing inevitable but your own Will, be it weak or mighty. The manifold arrangements of these archetypes and processes is a Great Work that you must undertake yourself.

And once you are finished with that Great Work, come back and tell me what it does.

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