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Journals and Musings / Re: A Messy Collection
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:48:37 AM »
Another note, this one covered in the dusty stains of some alchemical component:

"As above, so below.

The stars sing, the planes sing, the City sings with them as its street shift softly. They are all turning and twirling, circling one another. They are dancing to a song I cannot hear. There is a rhythm pushing through the air, a music that tilts everything towards the same point. Every day I wake up with its insinuation, like a dream half-remembered. If I had the tallest tower, and the sharpest telescope, and the keenest ear, I would read it without issue, for it would be written in the secret orbits of the heavens.

As below, so above :

Part of me wants to beleive that this song would be a lock and it would be a key.  If harmony can melt a heart, why not meld mortar? If harmony can move a man to tears, why shouldn't it open a door? Perhaps, if I remembered this song, it would be enough to walk to each door in each ring play one note after another, till a door opened and, before it, finally, my beloved. Or perhaps, if I remembered this song, it would unlock what I've forgotten. And I'd know his face. My beloved's.

As within, so without:

But, how to play such a music? I've experimented. With ash and blood and dust and matter and spirit. Each fragment of this nameless song hides within the recesses of my self. Were that I could turn myself inside out and bloom like a flower, so that the truth of the matter would be like perfume in the air! Then, there would be no need to ask others for words that might lend, to this song, their poetry, and fit themselves comfortably between one note and the next.

As without, so within:

So I've walked and asked and sang. I've reached deeper rings and heard it ring in the walls. I've whispered into the bronze ears of those that carry it. Does she carry one, my beloved? Did she hear when I sang, wishing for walls to crack before the sorrow of our separation? I've asked. I keep asking. I'm composing a song with my steps. When I bleed on these rings,  the notes are written down in the stave of the cobblestones."

The note ends abruptly, and is substituted by a small list of words: meander, find, mortar.

Correspondence / A letter for Cadmael, Master of Oldspyre
« on: October 08, 2021, 12:41:43 PM »
A simple letter arrives at the Oldspyre tower, directed to its master:

"Admired ser,

I do not know if you remember me.  I am Ganimedes, the bard you so kindly introduced to the City.  In those first few hours after my Awakening, you showed not only a boundless intellect, but a kindness I have yet to see repeated. You gifted me a flower, which I still keep. But a gift even dearer to my heart was your invitation: that I could play for you, and your House, once I felt recovered.

I hope it is not presumptuous of me to write to you, spurred by that memory. I have begun composing a song in your honor, one which I hope will play tribute to your power, your wealth and (if you may forgive me the indiscretion) the romantic allure that, like perfume, unavoidably surrounds a man of your stature.

I have, however, found myself struggling... For while the Muse is eager, I know so little about the subject of my ode! I find myself crossing every draft, fearing that it will be untruthful, and hence, unworthy. Hence, my lord, I was hoping you'd perhaps do me the honor of inviting me into your Tower, so that I may glimpse how the great master of Oldspyre lives. If it pleased you, I'd be happy to perform the music, or even tag along for your daily routine... All so that my art may faithfully mirror you, my lord.

While I await for your response, allow me to conclude with the first draft of the chorus.

What mysteries  have shapen
That most noble brow?
To so grand a wizard
One can only bow!

It is my hope that, someday, children will sing and find themselves inspired to follow onto your steps.

Eagerly yours,

Ganimedes. "

Journals and Musings / Re: A Messy Collection
« on: October 07, 2021, 09:41:59 AM »

The following, found nested between what appears to be a recipe for rat-tail-based deodorant and lyrics for silence, is a surprisingly clear (for these standards) letter:


Jacinta says I ought to write what I remember since I woke. Apparently, the City erases memories like water erodes the stone and, with time, all dissapear. I do not believe her, of course, or at least I don't believe I can forget what I remember. It feels so important that I think if someone peeled me like an orange, they would find it written in the underside of my skin.

Still, this City and its powers scare me.  So here it is. Here is what I remember:

1- You, beloved.
2- The ring in my hand is the ring you gave me.
3- A few notes for a song without a name.

Admittedly, the details are fuzzy on some matters. I don't quite remember our aniversary, for example. I do get the the feeling I did tend to forget, even before. I have a distant memory of you making jokes at my memory's expense. Or maybe it was I who joked. Regardless. I remember that you had beautiful eyes. And a smile. I remember your two hands, each with five fingers, all of it, presumably, with a specific skin color. I remember you liked it when I sang.

As you can see, I remember enough that everything else doesn't matter. What do I care about my past job when I know for a fact that you and I were always together? And, since we never separate, obviously, you are also in this City. I can only hope that my Whispers reach you. We'll be together soon.

I hope you're not afraid. "

Journals and Musings / A Messy Collection
« on: October 07, 2021, 09:19:06 AM »

This is a messy collection of notes, barely bound within a leather folder. Written in cheap paper, many times re-used, the calligraphy is tiny and tight. What writing there is (though perhaps ramblings is just as reasonable a description) is often interspersed with musical anotations, strange diagrams of what might be celestial spheres and what appears to be mathematical calculations made with an entirely invented numerical system.

Most of its content is indecipherable, perhaps even to its author. What follows are the excerpts that can be described, if we're being generous, as most intelligible.

Correspondence / Re: Ganimedes
« on: October 06, 2021, 12:24:28 AM »
*A reply eventually arrives. It comes on the back of some sheet music, thorouhgly scribbled over with strange notes that go well beyond human ears*

Miss Philemena,

Thank you. I shall hope we meet in the City. I am trying to move kingward, though it is slow. Do you know of my beloved and her whereabouts?  I am confused by your claim that she is not here... This is  an odd City, it seems to contain so many discordant notes as to make listening to it almost painful. But I know that my beloved must be here. We never separate. So if I have arrived at this place, he must have arrived with me.

Thank you for your message,


It was always fun to go with Huck... I had so many laughs! And then, also a lot of really tender and even sad moments... (I'm thinking specially of his chat regarding what happened in the Pale Prince's Feast).

Thank you for a great character!

I'll add to the chorus of congratulations. Madrick was really one of the most memorable characters of the server!

Correspondence / Re: Letters to Duncan, of the Red Trading Company
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:01:21 AM »
* The chicken with a scarf drops another letter, then runs away batting its wings and clucking. Is she drunk? *


I absolutely understand. The dangers of keeping my wares from Orza or Sunpurse is precisely why I'm unlikely to set shop in the Burgage for the foreseeable future. So just set my wares aside, I'll pick them up as soon as possible... Presuming, of course, that I get back.

Indeed, while I disagree with your opinion of Pondsfolk (if you'd healed the things I have in the Ward, you would be better equipped to know the /real/ degenerates! I swear, what bored nobles will do with pigs...), the Pondsmoot is something I'm bound to respect. Even if it was a Pondsmoot aimed at forbidding my activities.

The recent ban on alchemical substances feels, truth be told, a most unkind response. Being one of the best known alchemists of the City, I cannot really dare return to 99 too often... There's too much danger.

Thank you for your patience. If you wish, we might try to arrange a meeting in some of the Inner Rings.

I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies. I'll send some more.



Correspondence / Letters to Duncan, of the Red Trading Company
« on: January 27, 2021, 08:46:08 AM »
*A letter is delivered by some ringrunning chicken with a scarf arround her neck and eyes mad with endless wisdom*

Duncan, dear boy,

I had hoped that I could break these news in person, but I've been dragged into researching some really odd herbs. Plus after a little horrid experience in the Vestry, I feel like it's best I avoid the outer rings.  You never know when a blood cult is going to kidnap you and curse your blood, right? I swear, when I first arrived, blood curses were rare and always aimed at young and strong men who could handle vomiting shadow demons... But well, the Promise keeps, I suppose.

Anyways, to business:

There was a recent Pondsmoot raised by some people who do not like me. Some wanted to exile me for making business with the Peers. There was a vote and several duels on the matters of who to allow in the Ponds, who we could sell to, and what we should do. I did, in fact, win a duel for my right to keep making business with Houses not deemed a direct threat to Pondsfolk.

Here's the thing, though: it was decided that no more selling to House Sunpurse or Orza, and also no wares sold to the Velstry, the Rubies or those mean elves that really love licking Sunpurse's boots. What was their name again? Anyway, since you might get in trouble for re-selling my wares to them, I must ask that either you refuse service to those Houses or, if you cannot, simply take my goods off of your list. I can pick them up someday soon, I hope.

I'm sorry, I know it is a bit annoying. It is also terribly dumb, as far as policy goes.  But I /was/ outvoted, and I do respect a good Pondsmoot.



PD: I hope you enjoy the cookies! Share them with Boppi, if you see him?

* There are no cookies to be found. A keen eye may notice suspicious crumbs in the chicken's feathers*

Correspondence / Re: Missive to Gor'Tam
« on: January 27, 2021, 08:30:49 AM »
*A letter arrives via the usual defiant chicken. Takes a while to get it off of her, as she seems quite intent on eating some worms in the courtyard. Eventually, several guards are able to inmobilize it, though one is stunned by her beautiful, mad gaze*


You are most kind to offer your time.

I have camped nearby. I am investigating the plants of ring 75 and the lack of any vegetation in the next two rings. It is a strange and scary thought, that one ring can be so wild as to be mad, while other is purely barren. Sometimes one must push. Sometimes, however, one must wait and study in depth.

Still, I shall make it soon to your Keep.  At the very least I look forward to seeing the renovations.



PD: I've given up on getting that scarf. I think Aurelia has hidden it in a stash somewhere in Golemgrave, and she's refusing to reveal where. I do see her wearing it sometimes. Just... Never get a chicken familiar, dear.

//I'm actually logged off real near you! Just cannot connect so often this week, plus I think we got different timezones :( Hopefully this weekend!

Correspondence / Re: Missive to Gor'Tam
« on: January 24, 2021, 03:46:30 PM »
* The chicken returns, looking defiant, it's feathers unrufled and no scarf arround its neck *


I understand and am happy to be patient, I merely meant to let you now I secured already what I promised. It was not an accusation, so do not worry-

As for access to the Keep, it is a shame. I think we both would benefit greatly, and I could help, through my goods, to rebuild the Keep. But if a temple is going to be closed to all but the faithful, I am certainly one to be left out. Not to be unkind, sweetheart, but I'm not terrible into organized religion. Not that I wouldn't love to hear this and that about your Kahzar! Just... I would be lying if I pretended an interest in conversion.

Plus, it does sound like you kids like blood and seamstry, none of which are really my thing. But you kids keep at it!

I shall return then, at a later point, once I've tied up some ends in 98. I will show you what stones I've gathered, so we might agree on a prize.



PD: I saw Aurelia returned with the scarf, which makes me suspect she ran away with it. I've scolded her, and sent it again. Hope Arkavin likes it!

* The chicken is, this time, waiting with a defiant mad look. But she has no scarf! What has the chicken done? Where did it hide it!? The chicken turns arround and /dashes/ out.

Dastardly chicken! *

Correspondence / Missive to Gor'Tam
« on: January 24, 2021, 10:08:49 AM »
* The first letter arrives at the Grey Keep by the hand of a... Chicken? How the hell has a chicken managed to cross the Rings, you may wonder, with incredulity, as it drops the letter? The chicken eyes, however, are odd and mysterious, denoting a kind of stupid, mad wisdom. With a cluck, it turns proudly and leaves.

The letter in your hand is drafted on the back of some alchemical recipe. It is thoroughly stained, but clear enough: *


I can deliver to you my part of our deal. I trust yours will come, in time.

Let us talk, when you're able. I trust the Grey Keep might offer a suitable location. for I wish to help in its reconstruction. I can offer my expertise as a merchant and a master alchemist, as a herbswoman of deep knowledge. I can offer also some of the stones that, I believe, you seek.

I do have something to ask in exchange.



PD: I've attached the latest of my "Practical Guide to Safe Alchemy" educational booklets for Meredy. The wollen scarf is for Arkavin: the days are getting cold and he should be cozy! Send them both my regards.

* It is then you remember the chicken /did/ have a scarf. Not as a package, but arround her neck. And she did seem to run away before anyone could take it. Thieving chickens... *

Suggestions / Re: Guild of Lessors - Restriction
« on: January 23, 2021, 12:25:38 PM »
From my point of view, a Pondsfolk can also try to gather the good will of the Peers by donating items. They can then use this goodwill to bribe other Peers. So I don't think it's a bad thing...


Now that you’ve got your running boots, alchemical diary and a good potion of blur, it is time to begin! Keep that still-regenerating slaadi tongue for a minute, though, because we’re taking the channeling of planar energies one step at a time!

Now, the best way to start experimenting is with “base” alchemy. A base is the combination of simple ingredients, which are then elevated through alchemical work. Advanced alchemists will use some odd components as a catalyst to create more powerful effects… But that’s not needed! Just put some things together and you’ll see how they bubble, boil, smoke, and transform into slightly non-euclidean shapes! No channeling of extraplanar forces necessary!

Now, “base” alchemy can be made with almost anything. Each alchemist is unique, so they prefer different ingredients, and that variety is, again, nothing to be embarrassed about, but something beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you that muck based alchemy is worse than gold-based one, dear! That said, I am a practical woman, and hence a big proponent of trashgull eggs. They are not only greatly reactive, but you can always use leftovers for lunch! Fishscales, stale bread, sinews, animal guts, the dust from under your bed… If you’re particularly strained for groats, you can even use moss and rat tails from the sewers. Really, anything can create a reaction. Just make sure to write down what you used and in what order.

And how much, you ask? Well, it depends on your intention. A minimum of three ingredients are necessary to create a working reaction. Less than that, and it’s like pretty much any marriage between nobles: no spark! That said, be careful to add too many. Much like an orgy, after you add more than eight individual components, the logistics alone are bound to be a mess. Things might even explode!

Speaking of explosions, did you knew that magical energies can also be part of a base? Indeed! Sometimes, a reaction can not only open itself to matter, but also to magical energies. In these cases, a fascinating effect occurs: things sparkle! Blue sparkles everywhere! Now, you can just ignore it. But if you throw some magic at the reaction, you can also get the experiment to absorb the magical energy. Do bear in mind that each different spell will count as a different component. Don’t make the mistake I did and get an entire basement blown up by adding more than eight things, because you thought a little ray of frost probably didn’t even count… You might still be dodging the owners of that house.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Now, I am assuming you, dear reader, are a youth, and hence prefer to spend your groats in vials and illustrated scrolls. So, I can hear you thinking: why would I bother to add more than the minimum required? I could be buying Cape-man versus Other-Cape-Man with those groats!

Well, here’s the thing: the more you give, the more you take. A reaction with a base of eight components, if successful, will be much easier than one with three, and hence easier to repeat at a later point. In certain cases, the use of particularly valuable components might even make certain recipes much easier, through what alchemist’s call the Inequal Exchange. Put little, cheap matter in the experiment and you’ll find yourself struggling. Put a lot and the extra energy from all that matter will ease your own efforts.

In some cases, Inequal Exchange can even be pushed even further. If you use particularly valuable components, it might be possible to create strange substances of great power with surprising ease. In some cases, magic trinkets boiled at the alembic might make it so that even an apprentice can craft strange and powerful items!

Thankfully those things are rare, because otherwise I’d be out of a job…

That said, the Inequal Exchange is less reliably pushed to these levels. More often than not, the easiest way to produce a recipe will be to use a eight-sided base of cheap ingredients. That’ll be enough to have plenty of fun, and to put yourself in a little less danger.

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Gawen Winespill: Dreams and failiures
« on: January 20, 2021, 05:40:22 PM »
It was fun meeting Gawen, one of the few sweet peers. May you enjoy your next character!

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