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Suggestions / Re: Increase spawn rate for gladiators
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:12:44 AM »
i support that idea. just throw a dragon at it.

Suggestions / Re: Increase spawn rate for gladiators
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:07:46 AM »
i would give everything for those store items and you know it.

must. consoom. prestige.

Suggestions / Re: Increase spawn rate for gladiators
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:04:46 AM »
do not worry, son.

embrace the judgement nut and cut those gladiators down for the prestige you will gain.

or groats if you sell the cards.

maybe we can have more gladiator spawn events? Halfbrood was deadass hilarious at the last one.

Suggestions / Increase spawn rate for gladiators
« on: January 26, 2021, 11:42:40 PM »
current gladiator spawn rates are so slow that it hurts.

and maybe i am wrong about it but it absolutely feels like certain gladiators show up way too often.

like the black knight, the silent wanderer or thorgrund.

there's like a whole lot of dozens of them.

Suggestions / Re: Ironguts for Ranger
« on: January 26, 2021, 05:26:57 PM »
While I don't want to give FE:Human rangers more goodies I do agree though that Ironguts makes sense for the ranger class as a whole ... maybe add it to one of the less utilized FEs as a spell? Or maybe as a permanent effect?


read about you getting married.
To Baron Greymoor of all people!

Just a bit curious to see the Blackmantle banner there.
But whatever, congratulations! Big day and all.

Gustav Winespill

Suggestions / Factions and armor in EfU : City of Rings
« on: January 24, 2021, 03:43:19 AM »
Allow me to share this from EfU's Discord to kick things off with. A fine quote, a real dirty meme from the depths of #trashshots.

This was a very DrD-esque comment I made on my character while standing in the middle of Oakrest Trade Square, surrounded by several Retainers who shall remain unnamed because I don't mean to fling poop at folks, I mean to get something across. Something that is not poop, really. And yes, this was very fourth-wall-breaking, but done so for a purpose.

First, what are uniforms?
"A uniform is a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity."
"Military uniforms in the form of standardised and distinctive dress, intended for identification and display, are typically a sign of organised military forces equipped by a central authority."
"Members of the police in every country have a uniform for identification as law-enforcement personnel or agents. They are distinguished from the public by the uniform the police wear during overt policing activity."
-a few smartass quotes I pulled from Wikipedia

I hope those few choice quotes I ripped from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, make clear what purpose uniforms usually have.
In CoR we have several factions with uniforms, most of them being noble houses of the Peerage Ward.
These houses are the de facto governing factions of Ring 99, if they do so in service to Count or King is irrelevant here. What is relevant is that their factions have been designed with the purpose of making each house look distinct from another, to give them a feel and a STYLE.
Something that has been really bothering me lately though is that the players of many of the Houses' dedicated and sworn Retainers have been seriously disregarding their chosen faction's STYLE in favor of STATS.

What are Retainers?
"A retinue is a body of persons retained in the service of a noble, royal personage, or dignitary, a suite (literal French meaning: what follows) of retainers."
"Such retainers were not necessarily in the domestic service or otherwise normally close to the presence of their lord, but also include others who wore his livery (a kind of uniform, in distinctive colours) and claimed his protection, such as musicians and private teachers."
-more smartass quotes I pulled from Wikipedia

And I am not hiding it, this thread is a bit selfish to begin with. I am usually real careful about wearing the proper uniform of my chosen faction and try to stick with it.
The obvious exceptions to this is DM loot. That is something we do not even need to get into, I think. Though even with DM loot I have witnessed some situations, which were absolutely justified by the way, where someone took issue with a Retainer wearing some outlandish looking armor that didn't fit in with his faction's STYLE at all.

On the few characters where I did stray from my faction's uniform I had DMs tell me very clearly that I am supposed to wear my faction's armor and not something with NICE STATS on it.
For multiple reasons. Retainers get privileges IC that other characters don't. All kinds of RP goodies. And part of these privileges is also to be easily recognized because of your faction's STYLE. To break away from that is not just going cross with your faction's direction, it is just in bad taste ICly. Plus being a Retainer comes with a ridiculous amount of actual GAME GOODIES in exchange for a very low buy-in price. Full sets of armor, the protection of being in a faction, goals for stuff to do, free resting ... there is so much.
Then there is also the fact that rewards and better stats are part of advancements within the ranks of a House. STYLE and STATS are rewards for being a good and hard working Retainerman who brings his Lord all the chicken tendies without behaving like a bleached anus.

All this was a big buildup to the actual suggestion and I invite anyone, DMs and players, to give their own opinions on all I have said before this.

So what is the damn suggestion, RichÝrd?
I suggest everyone, DMs and players alike, to remember why we chose those uniformed factions to begin with and stick with what's just expected of us in the game. For the sake of immersion and for the sake of fairness. There have to be some downsides to being a Retainer, so let us be fair and let it be that we have to stick with our uniforms.
Let's remind eachother of why we shouldn't run around wearing morghoul skin leather helmets when serving Lord Importantman the Third.

If you disagree with this please don't beat and hate on me too much, guys. Thanks. :(

Suggestions / Re: Dual wield and other suggestions...
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:28:11 AM »

I think it discredits how good pure rangers can be when we only consider the multiclass-meta-builds.
level 9 is nice for a pure ranger, but it only focuses on a very specific dual wield build for the most part, getting ITWF and an additional +1 ab vs FEs.
It also gives +3 damage in total against all FEs instead of +2 but this statement highlights perfectly how everyone also forgets all the other bonuses of FE. But alright, let's not get too much into sneaking and spotting.
I should also say that 10 levels of pure ranger is like the holy grail of power unlocks for any pure build (aside arguably from barbarians, level 8 is crazy good for them).

1. Don't think making chain shirts light armor would cause any major balance problems aside from the wizards and sorcerers you mentioned.

2. No, please. Let's not give barbarians a buff in the armor department. Please!
Secondly, 3.5E also includes banded mail into medium armor, allowing most classes to wear 6/3, though in EFU it'd be 6/1. I think this would be a healthy addition to four classes; the ranger, the barbarian, the bard, and the druid. It makes them have less of an investment on dexterity, and it allows them to utilize an armor that is heavily avoided and ignored.
I say this as a barbarian player! You don't want to see barbs with Duelist's Splint Mail. It's like a god damn +1 full plate against most player races.
Please. Think of the children! :(

3. No, please let's not give Rangers their full dual wield bonuses while wearing medium armor ... especially with the changes you mentioned before this one it would create HUGE balance problems. And we are not even done yet!

4. This is way too vague to give an opinion on. So I won't.

Also on a last note, I do think they portray their hatred to humans. Because usually FE:Human folks are PvP centric characters and therefore, since most characters are humans, very anti-human in their actions.

Suggestions / Re: More Finessable Weapons
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:10:58 AM »
More finessable weapons would be nice and I honestly do not see a reason why scythes should not be made finesse weapons. It fits the style, the theme and I don't know any scythe dex builds that would be abuseable.
Quarterstaff is an absolute no-go on EfU unless every single quarterstaff in existence gets the free ambidexterity feats and stuff like that entirely removed. Rogues would go crazy with that.
Spear? Yes. But not shortspears.
Shortspears are simple weapons and would break balance too much as an easily accessible x3 crit weapon if combined with finesse.

The reason for why Weapon Finesse should remain the way it currently is (by that I mean it being a feat that you have to take manually) is because DEX builds get more bonuses than STR builds from their core stat.

STR is not a stat for any saves (aside from that AOE-knockdown spell, Balagarn's Iron Horn or whatever it's called I think?)
STR gives you AB and damage which is inferior to DEX's AB and AC. To hit more often and be hit less is more valuable than to hit just as often but harder.
The attack that doesn't land always deals zero damage.
Exactly why DEX and caster builds usually rule every single server that isn't EfU because of their higher level caps. STR builds are just horrible compared to them. The scaling of DEX compared to STR on higher levels is whack. But luckily we at least don't have to deal with that mess on EfU.

Suggestions / Re: Duelist Perk Reimagined
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:03:13 AM »
Seems very nice. While I still cry after my own suggested fighter perk which never got implemented (R.I.P. Tower) I think that the proposed changes here for an already existing perk are pretty spot-on. Though I think the level 1 bonuses are a little itsy bitsy bit too high and Decimate_The_Weak's addendum definitely makes sense. Mobility is such a good perk, let them pick it at level 9 instead. (Which will of course be a feisty decision to make for a pure fighter because they would have to decide between Resist Energy X or Mobility).

Suggestions / Re: Wages for established Peerage PCs
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:00:34 AM »
This has my absolute support and I would upvote this and give it a golden star if I could.

In all seriousness, alleviate some of the PvE game elements for known Peerage PCs by giving them a fair wage.
I mean how many PCs are there in total anyways who would be elligible for that? Five, maybe six?

And players who earn such IC prestige are obviously also DM approved and they should be knowing what they do, so I would never expect some weird semi-AFK botting for wage gains to happen.

Plus it makes IC sense. Knights usually have holdings and titles that come with certain benefits and partial land or business ownerships, Bishops have the finances of the Velstry on their side, which in turn had the backing of House Nephezar and Sunpurse.

Maybe we can even see an expansion of this system in the future if the Knights and Bishops end up not abusing it? Maybe some day we'll even get to see ... [gasp] ... Veteran Badges coming with wages?

Suggestions / Guild of Lessors - Restriction
« on: January 22, 2021, 04:04:45 PM »
Make it so the Guild of Lessors only accepts your prestigious stuff if you are a citizen of the Peerage Ward.

Why would a Ponds PC want to get prestige there or why would Rowan let them?

Seems like an oversight to me.

Suggestions / Re: Remove the Lock on the 96 to 95 Ring Door
« on: January 22, 2021, 04:03:44 PM »
This is a good suggestion and it has my absolute support. Stranger 2024!

Correspondence / [Another letter follows, sent to the same Retainers.]
« on: January 21, 2021, 08:31:22 PM »
Hey it is Gustav writing this again.

I call this off. You do what you folks want, I am going to keep chasing approval from my family.

Enough to maybe do something about this another day.

For now it looks like my brother Nicholas has no interest in doing something about Gawen's death.

And I don't want to continue without his approval.

Gustav Winespill

Correspondence / [... and letters to Retainers.]
« on: January 21, 2021, 12:57:59 PM »
[Letters are sent out to the Retainers of Velstra : Alejandro Bahena, Thoras Twelvefold, Rodrick Harvinspor and Raina Proudmore]

Hey it is me, Gustav.

I hope you all heard my words on the whispers.
Time we take action. We can't just murder Egbert but we also can not allow him to sip wine in the Vale any longer after he orchestrated Gawen's death.
It is not just, not fair.

So let us do this. We take his Velstra clothes and his key.
No matter what the future holds, we can not say that we have honor while he drinks my Lord father's finest wines and enjoys good meals, all in the Vale.

Hope you are all with me.
Including you, Rodrick. As I said on the whispers. You are here and now welcome to stay.
Do not be a victim to Eggy's lies.

Gustav Winespill

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