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I have spent years now searching and crying out for my dear Matron Soppira Hinkley, to no avail, no answer nor clue. The passage of so much time without any luck leaves me no choice but take matters into my own hands. The Matron was my chronicler, my chosen confidante unto whom I entrusted my legacy; and so she must remain. Should she at last show up now that she has begun to write again, so miraculously, then all the better really. I have nothing to lose, and only much to gain. Truly, it's about time.

"It's about time," I like it. I shall have to incorporate it somehow. Such a great line.

Anywho, it occurs to me that I have a letter that requires answering, and that Green owes me a many great explanations. The Royal Court Wizard, a Pink Alchemist? One who would be so treacherous as to denounce my grand ritual, the great conjury of Ring 100?! Answers I must demand, answers I must have, for all of this! Charity is to blame for this. So much has come to occupy my time that I worry I am being a bit too charitable in my endeavours. By which I mean, actually charitable. I'm being actually charitable now... something about that just doesn't seem right.

My prophecy was realised as expected, though it has not yet come into its full. Few will realise this of course, thinking that the 'clash most crimson of hue' has all but come to pass. Oh no, oh no. Not quite yet, I fear. Not quite yet. Civil War shall yet abide its promise too, and I suppose it is at last time I leave these outer Rings to attend to that forum of mine.

No further an hour is left to prognostication. I will sort of all this out soon. I trust Green did what he had to do, the Strategist always has his reasons--often the best of reasons--in that I have faith.

Decades have passed since the debut of the magnificent and marvelous Mattermead Gold in the City of Rings. So grand a time has it been cataloguing his many accomplishments, big and small that I have decided it is time for a sequel to the prodigous memoirs of my delightful and ever-inspiring colleague. Lo and behold, dear reader, part two of my best-selling work, 'The Misadventures of Mattermead Gold'. I beg you open these gilded pages and see for yourself what new wonders lie in store.

So let us return, briefly, to where we left off. Mattermead had just exited the Cube of the Arbiters--and as I had written he left a different man. To this day, none of us, not even his closest colleagues know exactly what happened therein but what we do know is that when he finally reached the Wizard Warrens he was struck by epiphany! What a place indeed he had stumbled upon, rumoured to be a great nexus of power central to the City of Rings. It is there that our hero came upon the Royal Court Wizards of ages past and learnt from them countless secrets beyond the ken of any single mortal man and then, he vanished!

In my own studies and conversations with my dear colleague, I was able to learn that he had in fact been summoned to the future--a conspiracy of two parts involving ancient laws and powers both of the Cube and timeless Architects who designed our City. And so it is that Mattermead returns to us all, in glorious style, back from the future and none other than I, Matron Soppira Hinkley, shall herald his most auspicious return...

The Misadventures of Mattermead Gold
Part II: The Future is Now

By Matron Soppira Hinkley

The Prismatic Council Gives Rise to a New Royal Court Wizard by Assessment of Triumvir Tel Talic the Green.

Quote from: Tel Talic the Green
On behalf of The Prismatic Council, I, Triumvir Tel Talic the Green Wizard, have a most auspicious announcement for the city to hear.

Some of you may have heard the rumors, that our very own Meredy, the Pink Wizard, has ascended to the rank of Royal Court Wizard. I was very vocal in my own disbelieve upon hearing this myself, however, as it turns out the news is completely true.

After much deliberation, I have decided, as Triumvir of The Prismatic Council, that Royal Court Wizard Meredy the Pink shall be granted status of Triumvir in the Prismatic Council, alongside myself and Mattermead Gold.

She shall be first among equals on the council, and together the office of Royal Court Wizard and The Prismatic Council shall elevate the art of wizardry to new heights of excellency in our city.

Quote from: Meredy the Pink
Hello! Thank you for saying all that stuff about me, Strategist. I had to return to the Grey Keep to conclude my business here, but um... you know, I am especially grateful that you are making this choice, you and the Master Conductor. We will do good things for wizards... I think!

Quote from: Tel Talic the Green
I shall also add an addendum to my previous announcement. Any challenge to The Royal Court Wizard shall also be a challenge to The Prismatic Council, and vice versa.

This includes any invocation of the rite of certamen.

The Null

Irrelevant, unimportant, probable-failures. Those who fall within the category of the Null are to wizardry what a commoner is to nobility. Yea, the arcane-commoners have their place, but it is not at the table of the refined practitoner, the worthy magus, the true intellect. It is here they belong, a decidedly unremarkable place of their very own where they will go to remind us all of their place; that of drab everyday mundaneity.

Miss Eris Hale - is a sublime servant of the Old House Sunpurse/Sensupur (it is not quite clear why Sunpurse has been known by Sensupur for so long or vice versa but it involves some kind of conspiracy, or careful manipulation somewhere) who aspires to nothing more than serving her function and station to the highest codes of decorum and performance. An enchantress who has "tea and colloquy" with just about anyone, she is known to know something about everyone and everything about something; what that something is is a deep, deep secret that nobody knows besides her. Besides her enchantments, Miss Eris is known for her fascination with phantasms, specifically the illusory death spell of Phantasmal Killer. This power she flaunts whenever she has the opportunity, from public spectacles to open threats and even in duels when she is called to answer Duello, wherein she is known to cast no spell besides the Phantasmal Killer as much as she requires to defeat an enemy, regardless of whether or not they have imbibed a potion of Clarity.

All in all, Miss Eris fits firmly under the hat of the Null, for this is a choice of her own, in recognition of her place and interest in service to those whom she has chosen to serve beneath. Rightly, this entry amounts to the sum total of her contributions to the Art most arcane in the City of Rings.

With my Prophecy delivered it is only a matter of time before the future reveals itself to those who cannot see it as I do. This is after all the greatest aspect of the Promise, to grant, to envision, to offer and reveal that which is apportioned to the future. A future the Prismatic Council shall realise!

Voria Turncoat has grown quiet, too quiet. If she thinks we have forgotten to deliver our verdict just because she's lying low then she is wrong. The Arcane Authority is future minded, we are there, waiting, no time in the present nor past shall hide anything from us. For the meantime the Triumvirate is content to wait until she shows her face again, or until such a time whence the future demands our intervention.

Green seems to be struggling with his recruitment efforts. Yet he is no less the strategist for realising this fact. If I must attend more public events to bolster our ranks, then that is what I must do. I have mused long enough upon Civil War, all that's left to do now is to hold the forum itself. It shall require the right time though the right place has already been allocated. There is an elephant in the room, as it were. And I mean to draw attention to it.

I think I must be more insistent upon the others regarding their record-keeping. So far I have no new names for the Codex Arcanum/Maelificarum. Perhaps that simply means there are no magic users worth noticing around town. Oh wait... Mad Rick. Of course. Mad Rick... the Shade. A somewhat difficult individual to classify as he literally seeks to be a Nobody, yet in-so-doing has proven himself arcane adept. Perhaps it is time to arrange a personal interview, yes.

Mattermead the Gold Speaks His Second Great Prophecy, Provides Tome for Newly Initiated Apprentice, Announces Ol' Harlon the Khaki, & Reasserts the Arcane Authority's Recruitment!

Quote from: Mattermead Gold
Citizens of the Infinite Rings, gird yourselves for it is a golden hour. The hour of prophecy whence none other than I, Mattermead the Gold, Triumvir of the Prismatic Council shall speak words of power that shall echo into eternity. Behold, behold!

"When the walls are broken, and the Hound is bound... the Keepers long in their slumber Awaken... and the sanctity of the Doors are forged anew in a clash most crimson of hue!"

With that out of the way, I have made ready a new tome for the hands of an apprentice. If there is one who seeks to learn the Art most Arcane then they should seek me out to receive such a tome to be Initiated as apprentice. I shall abide with my fellow Triumvir, the Strategist, within the Ward.

I announce also the arrival of Ol' Harlon the Khaki, Arcane Visionary of the Prismatic Council. He shall sell his produce and watch over the realm as witness of all things arcane and supernatural that fall within the purview of our Arcane Authority. All who wish to join us, should reach out, post haste.

Ol' Harlon the Khaki, Observer of Arcane Anomalies & Seller of Produce adds his tone to the brilliance of the Prismatic Council.

Mrs. Kattan dares to suggest that her need of arcane scrolls exceeds my own. What a silly old hag. Nobody's need exceeds my own, for of course all that I do is for my apprentices... all she cares about is her nameless legacy. In fact, I think she will soon be named a Nobody. Maybe better yet, her name can just be forgotten. I shall henceforth know her as old woman. It is only proper for such unremarkable sorts to go where they belong: nowhere.

It seems Seniq Shadowcloak the Red Wizard has followed suit as all of his colour seem to be wont. It seems he attacked a Ruby then fell prey to its thirst--what utter folly. Nobody can challenge the Old Grandfather and his Rubies, a god-avatar realised... as the Promise one day shall be. Being a being who is ten times my age, makes him ancient, a thousand and five hundred years or so. When one beholds such power it is best to simply let it swim in the oceans of reality like a great whale while you go about your own affairs--just don't be plankton either. Small gods are the new gods after all. Speaking of which, they say there are 'spider gods' around, which makes no real sense. It seems a very foreign thing. Though there may be many idiots worshipping all sorts of idols for their divine boons, the gods themselves are few. It begs the question, what is it actually that grants Power to the priest? Some have said it is the City itself. But that sort of power is for those who cannot grasp it for themselves. Either way, when it comes to spider gods, I don't believe it. They must be 'gods' in the perspective of the common man: some very powerful changeling types.

With Red dead, the progress of the Council's great work is slowed. There is little to be done except to find another until our Council is complete, then we shall commit our great work. We need practitioners who can stand the test of time. This is not some simpleton ritual that can be completed in a mere month or two. Where corporeal presence fails, a record a magi's existence may suffice, however... I am not talking about necromancy here, rather the power behind a name and the being who wore it. The more who join, the closer we will come to fulfilling our Promise.

So in the mean time I shall indulge myself in scholarly pursuits. When it comes to civil war, there at least four known to living memory:

1. The Revolution of the Enslaved Ones against the Sibilant is defined as a civil war since the enslaved ones were a part of the old (potentially original)  civilisation of this plane. The enslaved ones broke their chains and toppled the empire. Then the Rings were raised. This war was likely waged over years or even generations, slowly plotted and planned as they dreamed of their King. Until of course the Daring Swords took the helm and put the King in his place.

2. The Rebellion of Ticker Square saw to the independence of the merchant caste from the warrior nobility--it is said to have spanned many Rings however, extending out to the holdings of the nobility beyond merely what is now the Peerage Ward. It is unclear if this was also the downfall of the Clockmakers and rise of the Doorkeepers or if that event occurred at some other time. It is a curious shift that the King and his loyalists would destroy the Clockmakers, just for what, not paying a tax? Maybe there was more to the tax than merely monetary or commodity taxation.

3. There was the Torc War which culminated in Peerage control over Ticker Square after the latter was originally sacked by the Copper Torcs until their Lord Freward and his men starved and dared to threaten the Ward. Much is to be said about this war, including who the players truly were... for it involved betrayal from within.

4. Then most recently there was the Pact of Mutual Destruction Between Pink & Red or the Doomed Nephzarim Crusade Against Oscar Tchammorar the Red. This was technically a civil war again as the Peerage had asserted ownership over Ticker Square until Tchammorar revealed his true form and declared his own independence. That must have a remarkable time to live in Ticker Square. Just imagine how the peasants would have reacted, cowering in fear as a draconic overlord showed his true colours--dark times indeed. Perhaps this is not so dissimilar though to the current state of affairs, as a small god rules over the Peerage in his own hidden ways. The Dark Design has been fulfilled after all--a curious ritual, the Seven Sorrows, a curious ritual indeed.

If there is to be another Civil War, it will onstensibly be between those who support the Count Zarono Sensupur, and those who still favour the distant and silent King. By the day, it seems fewer and fewer favour the latter, instead new players are brought into the picture. The fey, the changelings, and this peculiar mist. This mist is a curious thing indeed, a power most arcane. One wonders how such power may be controlled... they say after all that the King is a wizard who holds dominion over it. Who better, I say, to follow suit than the Prismatic Council, possessed of the benefices of the Royal Court Wizard and due to wield arcane authority.

An immense new research subject, this mist. Wrought at first from the breaking of the Rings, it has brought with it these fey and other things. A theory, and so far the best we have being that the breaking of Rings has allowed old powers once contained to seep back into the Rings.

We must have more recruits. Though these idle studies entertain me and may yet lead to newfound power, our great work lies near-fallow. We must realise the Convocation of Ring 100!

Oh and I cannot go without recording that I have witnessed a shade--the shade of Sunpurse Mad Rick it is said--assail a Greenmask. It is a curious thing to witness such a shade, once a human man, said to have feigned his death--though quite possibly actually shedding its corporeal form, its mortal coil--to only return as this eldritch thing with staff in hand, imbued with a great blue crystal. And the mist, it seeps with fey influence. It has come over the Steadings as the Ghyll have seized control of it. I believe the picture of the civil war is starting to take shape. Yet the players, they are not all understood nor seen.

My prophecy awaits.

In Assessment of the Haremarch and Their Place in a Civil War

DISCLAIMER: The state of civil war is neither suggested nor not suggested at this point in time. This assessment is merely examination of hypothetical possibilities by the Prismatic Council. For further information upon the subject seek out the Triumvir Mattermead the Gold or else collect arcane scrolls for donation in preparation for his prestigious and semi-exclusive open forum event.

Quote from: Mattermead Gold
This is the one, and the only: Mattermead the Gold. Announcing several matters at hand. Firstly, you will all know of my upcoming forum upon the subject of 'Civil War'. In preparation for this grand occasion, I am seeking those with an opinion upon the so called 'Haremarch'.

These Haremarch seem to be now exiled from the Peerage Ward and its greater holdings in the Burgage. Understood to be a people of the Weald, perhaps the schism of this House from the propriety of the rest of nobility is a statement, a drawing of lines? I want to know if you're in the know.

Unrelated, it has come to my attention that there is a man calling himself 'Matterhorn Gold' known by many, such as the goodman Huckleberry as a rat bastard. Understand that this man bears no relation to me, and it is highly likely that they are some form of imposter.

I shall be in the Burgage for all enquiries. Come tell me of the Haremarch and if you think they are the stormcrow or what you think their exile means. You will be credited if your opinion or information is worthwile in the great publications of I, Mattermead the Gold. I shall be in the Peerage Ward. Tata.

Correspondence / Re: A Missive for the Prismatic Council
« on: January 27, 2021, 10:28:02 AM »
Dear Calliope Rivers,

Thank you for your letter to the Prismatic Council and by extension the one, and the only, Mattermead the Gold, Master of Rituals and Triumvir of said Council. We, his apprentices--and by extension apprentices of the Prismatic Council itself--have the honour of responding to your inquiry on behalf of our brilliant Master.

It is with tremendous joy that the answer to your question is a most simple and straightforward one: why yes, of course we have one whom would answer some questions of yours! We expect that being well-written yourself you will have already determined whom this particular individual might be. But if you have not, then rejoice, for it is none other than our Master whom you should seek for answers to any and all of your queries.

We have been taught well enough to be able to inform you that our organisation has a collective age spanning centuries; our magi having experience and knowledge from many varying facets of life, each represented by a colour that most keenly defines their focus or being. When it comes to the plight of magi in the City of Rings, it is not our place to share such answers for there is much sadness and failure in the past--but worry not, the Prismatic Council is a future-oriented organisation that has had nothing to do with the failures of the past and is the preeminent and foremost arcane institution and organisation in all of the City of Rings.

The best way to reach the Master is to arrange an appointment or encounter him during his various charity drives across the City--all for our benefit, isn't he just the most generous master an apprentice could have?--or perhaps utilise the Doorkeepers to make a Whisper seeking him out! Good luck and thanks again for writing.

Under the auspices of the one and only, Mattermead the Gold,
His Apprentices

The city golem which used to inhabit the Royal Archives serves now as fuel for the great Sensupur Drill. A living manifestation of the King's power used against his very designs. Not even the only such manifestation either, for the mystical Hound--or Grabbersnatcher--in all of its tentacled glory serves as the workhorse itself to undo its own master's designs. And the walls? Made of this 'Mist' substance and skeletons innumerable, ash as well, telltale marks of a binding agent as well as the fundaments of its construction. It reminds me of this... 'Wall of the Damned', or was it 'Wall of the Faithless' said to have surrounded the City of Judgement in the Fugue Plane; a realm of death. The parallels are curious, but the City is the City, as we know, and we are living breathing people who inhabit it.

The Sensupur Machine itself is spectacular, though not a thing I would wish to be near while it is in operation. It makes sense that the way to undo something that is warded and designed to be impenetrable is to utilise its own wards against it: thus the Hound. Notably, the only thing to have manifest in defence of the Ringwall so far has been these so called royal wyverns that are said to soar over the city from time to time with impunity. Does this mean the magic binding the Ring Laws is fading? Was it really just the Hound itself that was the only arcane thing preventing us traversing through Rings that were made to be barriers. This is uncertain, as it seems Green was able to pass through into the 91st Ring without keystone. Notably, the one whom he followed was the one who demanded he turn back and this was in the time before the Hound was subjugated. Evidence is thus lacking as to the state of Ring Law enforcement, for now.

As for the city golems, I find them to be rather dull so far as golems go. They are about as intelligent as a newborn maggot, or maybe a dog, so perhaps they are more or less conduits for a greater will that only bothers to seize control of them when necessary or desired. Yet clearly these things are vulnerable and their hearts--the source of their power and life--may be utilised to tremendous effect. Perhaps we shall need to acquire a sample of such a thing for our works to come or better yet, have a golem willingly submit to our authority. I do know of one such possibility... a secret plan I informed Green of as a contingency quite some time ago.

I've met a potential new recruit, she goes by the name of Ivy, and she's already very blue. A potential blue wizard to be sure, but the problem is she seems to be focused on the past. Far too focused on the past to be suited towards the future-thinking approach of the Prismatic Council. Even her own dedication references the past, as she declares she is 'of Ticker lost'. Oh boo hoo, we all lose things, as I told Huck, we all lose things and we all miss things. Get over it! The past is irrelevant, only the future matters. I suppose rebuilding Glumdrum Hall is at least somewhat future-oriented. It seems a waste of resources that we could work towards the establishment of Ring 100, but... I guess there is hope yet that this might be the future Blue Wizard. At the very least, there's no point ruling it out just yet. Maybe we could do something with Glumdrum Hall somehow, but why would we want to cater to vagrants and beggars... oh yes, charity. We are a charitable people and most of them have no need for arcane scrolls.

I also find it quite peculiar. There's people living side by side, in estates next to one another, yet who hold each other in ever growing contention. It seems absurd that in a few years or less, they'll be at each others' throats, literally, and more than just their quiet plotting and planning and secret assassinations as they do now. House Nephezar is gone, and it is said another predicted that something worse would come if they marched upon Tchammorar; a prediction by that garish jester gnome. As we all know though, this was actually a very clever plan by the Lord Departed's minions, who instigated the war in the first place. So it's quite clear to me that the war will not be something people expect. I can't just go and tell them that though can I. Oh no, oh no, I must muse upon the notion and let them examine the routes that await. Maybe they will realise the whole effort is pointless, but of what I've seen, I find that doubtful. I envision someone will catch on that House Sensupur will create new Ringdoors through the Rings only to enforce its own control over them. They are not after all destroying the entire wall, what would be the point of that? No point for one who seeks to usurp (what a name, Sensupur, like a play upon the word usurper, sort of makes himself too obvious, I think) the throne.

Of course, there is also my next great prophecy. When the walls are broken, and the Hound is bound...

Notices and Bulletins / MATTERMEAD MUSES upon... CIVIL WAR!
« on: January 27, 2021, 01:02:18 AM »
Mattermead Muses upon... Civil War!

The first installment of Mattermead Muses... shall be upon the ever so contentious subject of Civil War. To be hosted upstairs in the burgage, in an open forum format, announced formally by his apprentice; one of many whose studies will be enabled by the gracious donations of arcane scrolls made by his most prestigious attendees.

Quote from: Calliope Rivers
Know this, there is an open forum-style lecture being given by Mattermead Gold. The subject of the lecture shall be Civil War. All are invited, and it is to be hosted in the Burgage on the Roof one reaches by ascending the ladder.

Attendance is ostensibly free, however donations of arcane scrolls are appreciated from those who have them to spare. It is best that those who are willing and able to donate, do so, as they will subsidize those who cannot. Thank you.

This is one of those events of a lifetime, wholesome enough to be open to any and all citizens of the City of Rings, which anybody who is somebody will be attending! To wet the appetite for an open forum the likes this City hasn't seen in living memory, a resident expert on the subject weighs in:

Life itself is War, from birth to grave we struggle. The contest that brews between Sensupur and those loyal to the King is but an extension of that.

My thoughts are that it will come, whether welcome or agreed upon... or not.

So sayeth Fenrik Gerisson, Blooded of Stormharbor

Gather your arcane scrolls in preparation, because this is one opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

Notices and Bulletins / The Apprentices Present: MATTERMEAD MUSES...
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:38:46 AM »
The Apprentices of the Prismatic Council present:


A series of uplifting, thought-provoking discourses upon matters far and wide, and always looking ahead from the one and only, renown and Promised Triumvir of the Prismatic Council known as Mattermead Gold; he who famously prophesied the return of the Lord Departed to his Lady in Waiting.

Correspondence / Re: ~A Letter by the Peerage Bridge for Mattermead Gold~
« on: January 17, 2021, 01:53:56 AM »
Collected and scheduled for actioning.

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