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Bug Reports / Everlasating Cigar
« on: December 08, 2020, 06:27:01 PM »
It is obviously not a terribly important bug, and of course I wasn't going to post it in the exploitable bugs section. Actually, it's probably not even worth your time.  ::)

... But the Fancy Cigars' time limit doesn't work, it's always at 120 rounds.

Notices and Bulletins / The Most Worshipful Guild of Frontiermen
« on: December 07, 2020, 09:56:22 AM »
Ticker Square has been obliterated, and it's now homeless people is crowding the Peerage, which doesn't fare much better, truth be told.

But it's not a time for mulling over it over and over again. It's time for enterprising people with guts to join, do something about that, and earn coin while they are at it.

That's simple. There are countless people who lack homes, food, and work. We will help them get all that - and be paid for the job.

Of course, you are going to tell me "these poor folk won't be able to pay anything". No, they can't pay anything now. But the Houses will. Peers aren't happy at the prospect of having homeless, starving, and desperate refugees at their doors who would love to squat their mansions and eat their food. And when winter fully comes, they will be even less happy to see these homeless, starving, desperate, and freezing refugees, makeshift weapons in hand, storming the Ward to squat their mansions and eat their food.

To solve the problem and make everyone happy, the solution is simple: we will help them get a shelter and food.

Getting them a shelter should be the easiest: to build a house you mostly need wood, and there should be plenty of it in the Weald. So here's the deal: the refugees will cut wood and build houses while capable fighters - us - protect them, just as we will protect them when they hunt, fish, pick fruits, whatever. There might not be enough food in the Weald for everyone, but we will deal with one issue at a time.

That way, everyone will be happy: the refugees, who will be in our debt, debt which I'm sure they will be happy to pay at the appropiate time; the nobles, who in turn can pay now; and us.

Therefore, I hereby found the Most Worshipful Guild of Frontiermen! (name open to change)

if we do our job well enough, there will be more opportunities for us once the people is properly settled; that's why you can expect long term employment if you join. Be warned, though: you will be paid what you desserve, but it's going to be dangerous: as the Weald is settled, we will have to contend not only with wolves, orcs, goblins, giant spiders and other common verminous species, but possibly also with changelings, all kinds of tree-lovers, and perhaps even fae.

If you got guts, skills, and a cool head, leave a word for me at the Groat, or make a whisper. Once a proper crew is gathered, we can start negotiations with the Peers.


Correspondence / To Enos
« on: December 04, 2020, 09:08:50 PM »
What's the price on the Commander's Cuirass?


Notices and Bulletins / [left in the Ponds and Ticker Square]
« on: December 04, 2020, 11:20:42 AM »
These are rough times for all those who call themselves "good doers" and love to meddle in others' lives. In Ticker Square we now have FREEDOM. True, unrestrained freedom. Oh, it is true the peers intend to make a comeback, but the dragon will throw a special party for them. I think there will even be a barbecue!

So like I said, it is time for you people with... skills and occupations you might normally not openly talk about to unleash your potential! While Ticker and most of the ring has always been a more or less good place for enterprising folk with special talents, there won't be any better time than now. The place is now a true heaven. Some days ago, I made a sending where I stopped short of saying I was a killer for hire and NOBODY EVEN BOTHERED ME. If I had done something like that in Waterdeep, I would be thrown in jail or running not to be thrown in jail moments later. Long live Lord Tchamorrar!

That's it. Nobody around telling you which works not to do, which gods not to worship, which magic not to practice.... Etc, etc, etc.

Yet, this place is still full of dangers; you won't survive, let alone thrive, on your own. That's why we like-minded people (people who value blessed freedom above everything else) got to stick together. Because that way our life will be easier, and safer. There are still people who would hamper your efforts to improve your lot in this unfair life through hard work.

Find me. Questions ma be asked but no judgement delivered.


Introductions and Group Management / The Ticker Mob
« on: November 30, 2020, 09:31:13 PM »
Since the Fishmonger group, which my character was going to join, was dropped, I'd like to push forward my own, which is similar. I want to create a gang. Mind you, an evil gang. Not a group of tough-boys-which-life-has-hardened-but-mostly-neutral-or-even-good. As of now, it would only be logical to have one or more gangs present in Ticker Square.

There would definitively be evilness involved: broken knees, protection rackets, drug trafficking, contract killings, etc. Not only standard gang characters will have their place, of course, but it will also be an ideal group for people such as necromancers, infernalists, and the like, who need to hang out with characters who won't give a crap if they raise corpses, summon fiends, or any other kind of unsavory things. Any evil character who needs the assistance of a group to reach their goals will have their place.

Owing to most of Ring 99th and near rings' current lawlessness (pending the result of the upcoming Peerage attack on the Vault), we will not even need to be secret about it. This is one of the (rare?) times in server history where you can be openly evil, which means a different experience than you would have if you belang to a secretive group.

I will not outline the exact objectives, nature, and even name of the group as I prefer them to be defined from character interactions and events. But example of names could be:

- Ticker Boys
- Most Worshipful Guild of Dock Workers / (Insert various other occupation names) - if we ever need some semblance of legal cover. Of course we would likely do anything but what the guild's name indicates.
- Ticker Nostra (okay, no)

Example of objectives, most of which are obvious:

- Set up a protection racket, extorting both pcs and npc merchants and business owners
- Engage in drug trafficking
- Engage in contract killings
- Get faction HQ (obviously not by buying it)
- Either compete with the Knaves, establishing our group as the preeminent evil faction of the server, work with them, or pay them tribute.
- Engage in slavery
- Work for Tchamorrar: being his goons in exchange for scraps.
- Open a casino in Ticker Square (with rigged games of course)
- Ringrunning, to find new areas of operations and a safe place to hide if times get difficult.

I will make an ig annoucenemt soon, but if anyone is interested, has suggestions, etc, feel free to leave a word here, hit me in game, or in discord!

Suggestions / Bring back diplomacy checks for quest givers
« on: November 28, 2020, 09:38:49 AM »
In previous EFU chapters, I remember seeing a lot of quest giver npcs give more or less rewards according to diplomacy checks. In the current one, as far as I remember, there's only one. Let's give options to use persuade, intitimidate, and perhaps even bluff to get better rewards (or perhaps even less on auto-fails)!

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Tristan Caerfal, Moonshae Longbowman
« on: November 25, 2020, 11:17:31 AM »
Tristan was my frst EFU:COR character, and when I made him, I had no objective or ambition whatsoever besides trying the Sharpshooter perk. So I gave him a basic backstory and kicked him into the world, taking decisions according to how the server changed.

Tristan was a simple farmer of the Moonshae. Like many others, he was infeoded to a noble, who often drafted his vassals into his petty wars, which was somewhat a good thing since it allowed him to get some fighting experience. That said, although he was a talented archer, he still wasn't a professional soldier, which was reflected in his somewhat subpar melee ability.

He often spoke his mind, even if he was fully aware of the consequences, as to him remaining silent in the face of evil would have been unbearable.

Because of this he retained a distrust for nobility in general, and he would have remained a Tickerman forever weren't it for being the victim of a mugging by corrupt blackjacks. He realized that to protect himself, the best bet would be to join a noble house, and he joined the only one who was worthy in his eyes: House Glitt which, after its collective alcohol dishabituation, stood out as the only one in the decadent Peerage that would stand for the weak and defenceless, even having their retainers take a oath to do so.

A screenie about the ongoing Holt II plot. This is common and open knowledge, but for those who did not see the ic forums threads, House Glitt was blackmailed by the patriots into supporting them, else they would reveal the existence of Lord Bernard's mongrel son...

After that, Tristan went to the Mongrelwoods to try to find Holt.... Almost succeeding in actually seeing him, maybe if only he would have passed this persuade check!

Tristan always hoped that Lord Bernard and his son would be reunited, somehow. Although he was disappointed when it looked like Bernard would never accept his lost son, he hoped that he would change his mind when seeing him. Regardless, Tristan understood the suffering Bernard and Mairead had been through, and this sympathy meant that his desire to serve House Glitt only grew because of that. This is how a man without master choose to become a vassal again - but a vassal to a worthy lord he was able to chose.

I want to thank and give kudos to all the characters he interacted with him and made him worth playing. I cannot name you all, although special thanks must go to DM Dillusionist, and Glittfellows CaptLars, Grix, and Glyph!

These letters were delivered to the Delvers' Guild, the Muckboys Squat, the Black Wagons in ring 100, Kur Uld, Silas and Dayson Sparrowbroth, the Planar Prospectors' Guild, and even the Ratcatchers' Guild.

The carrier of this letter has been authorized to offer a sum of

40,000 Golden Groats

on behalf of

the Grand Vestry of the Lord & Lady
in Ring 99 of His Majesty's City of Rings

to whatsoever producer, holder or purveyor of comestibles shall be the first to see delivered to Scarbeak's Steadings in Ring 99 such a supply of edibles that its peasantry shall be fed in time for and throughout the winter season.

Signed by the Lady's Bishop the Blessed Alethea the Maimed

Whosoever wishes to bid for this tender, sign your name below, and add a specification of what you have to offer; then see this letter returned to the Grand Vestry of Ring 99.

Advertising Litter / Glitt Charity Auction!
« on: November 12, 2020, 09:31:06 PM »
to help the steadings relief efort and put our storage room in order, house glitt will be organizing an AUCTION whose benefits will all go for our hungry people. it's simple. i will write down everything that's for sale, with a starting price, and interested people will bid for the stuff. higuest price gets the item after a few days without further ofers.

here's the list:

- sahuagin trident: a really powerful trident. the more you fight with it, the more you want to fight, so you gota be glad it's so powerful. only problem: it's a relic, that means only priests can use it. 300 coins.

//Sahuagin Duelist's Trident. Relic (War, Water). Min cleric level 5, max spell circle 2,  +2 Deflection AC, +1 AB, +2 Cold Dammage, Bonus Feat: Dodge, Improved Saving Throws: Fear +2, Massive Criticals: 1d8 dammage, +2 Discipline, +3 Intimidate, Barkskin 1/Day.

- scout longshaft glaive: it's good for scouting, but really it's just as good for hacking also. 200 coins.

//+1 Piercing dammage, +1 to Hide, Move Silently, Intimidate, +2 tumble, Massive Criticals 1d4

- badass breastplate: the word badass is actually written on the armor. what more needs to be said? 300 coins.

//+1 AC, +1 to Discipline, Taunt, Intimidate

- helm of the knight sanctis: this, along with the armor, can only be worn by the most uptight paladins. it only works with the coresponding armor. not sure if any more items are needed but incidentaly we hapen to have the armor too! you can try them on to be sure.

//+ 1 Deflection AC, +1 to saving throws vs Death, +1 to Will, Remove Fear, Searing Light 1/Day

- armor of the knight sanctis: it's a masterwork FULL PLATE. the two items are 800 coins.

// +1 to Will Saving Throws, +2 to Discipline, Cure Serious Wounds 1/Day

- helm of young ice: you can only wear it alongside an armor (which we also incidentaly hapen to have) and it will melt over time. i know, not great, but it allows you to breathe cold like a freaking dragon once a day. isn't it great??

//+2 to concentration, Dragon Breath: Cold 1/Day

- plate of young ice: also a full plate. 200 coins for the two items.

//Damage Reduction: +1 soak 5 Damage, 10/ Cold Resist, IMproved Saving Throws: Cold +3, On Hit: Freeze, +2 to Discipline, Balagarn's Iron Horn 1 /Day

age of night casque, damaged: a darm armor which is part of set again, but don't have the helm this time. there is some nonsense about some children of the night inscribed on it that i won't even bother to write down. 100 coins.

//-1 to Deflection AC, +1 to Fortitude, +2 to Discipline, Shadow Conjuration 1/Day

feral orc cleaver: nope, it doesn't cut a lot more than usual, but it makes you look like someone who isn't to be messed with, and it got some minor magic. 100 coins.

// Massive Criticals 1d4, +2 to Death Saving Throws, +2 to Fear, +2 to Intimidate

devilskin chains: chains made from the hides of dead devils. i repeat: DEAD devils. they are DEAD. that is, they can't be sumoned, can't make pacts with the owner, can't help you in any way. they protect from fire, and give you a no-nonsense look too. 200 coins.

// Fire Resistance 5/ , +1 to Intimidate

iron nails lieutenant's jerkin: made of rat-hide, but who cares? it protects just the same than another material, and it got some magics too. 200 coins.

//+1 to Fortitude, Will, +2 to Hide, Move Silently, Intimidate, Blood Frenzy 5 charges.

ranger's blade: a pretty good weapon for hunters of animals and hunters of everythign scaley. 300 coins.

//+1 AB vs Animal, Reptilian, Magic Weapon 4 charges, OUB: Ranger

worn cape of the purple unicorn: not only there is a fancy purple-pink unicorn emblazed upon it, but it's magical too! 200 coins.

//+1 to Deflection AC, -2 to Intimidate, Charm Person or Animal 1/Day, Color Spray 10 charges.

violet charm: a prety dress, but seems it's a relic that can only be worn by women. 200 coins.

//Type: Charm, Max Spell Circle: 4, Min Cleric Level: 5, Damage Reduction +1 Soak 5 Damage, +1Charisma, +2 to Bluff, Persuade, Charm Person, Eagle's Splendor 1/Day

ruined mystic's blade: well, it may be ruined, but it got some magic. and it's cheap like everything else. you sure you don't want it? 100 coins.

// Bonus Feat: Spell Penetration, +1 Magical Damage, Damage Penalty -3, Additional Property: Unknown, OUB: Fighter, Monk

mercenary's heavy shaska: a weird blade, but a nasty one. 100 coins.

// +1 Slashing Damage, +1 Fear Saving Throw, +1 to Discipline.

peerage family heirloom: a sword great for fighting the sibilants, but only humans can use it. 300 coins.

//+1 AB vs Reptilians, Additional Property: Unknown

old greywhood helm: it has some magic that allows you to see better, and see in magical darkness as if it wasn't there. 100 coins.

//+1 to Concentration, Spot, Ultravision 1/Day

morgul short spear. it alows you to hide a bit better, which may be great, but it's also permanently coated in acid, which is really great. 200 coins.

//+1 to Hide, +1 Acid Damage.

if you want to see or buy an item, ring the glit bell.


A large space is left under the list for the possible offers that may be forthcoming...

Notices and Bulletins / Notices left in the Ponds, Casino, and Open Door
« on: November 11, 2020, 09:22:20 AM »
anyone who has information about who killed keny the former blackjack, known as the blue faerie, please leave a word for tristan at the glitt hall, casino, or open door. thank you.

Correspondence / Letter left for Hard-Heel, Open Door
« on: November 10, 2020, 09:18:15 PM »

i have a short spear you might be interested in. it's goblin make, in case it maters to you. but what makes it worth it in my mind is that it's magically coated in acid. very useful to hurt trolls. well, to hurt anyhing really. also it has got some small magic that helps you hide better, but i doubt you're the sneaking type

if you're interested, 300 coins i think is a fair deal


// +1 to hide, +1 acid dammage


you seem to be the one in charge around. i wanted to talk to you but you were busy at the time so i'm just leaving you this letter. i am tristan, retainer of the house back in 99.

as you know, the people of the steadings are hungry. there isn't enough food for them now, and likely there won't be much food for them in the future either. that's why we need you to tell us if your people can produce enough food that they can meet their needs and also send some to the steadings. and i also need you to tell me how much people could be setled in findlay's glen, in case the best solution is to send these poor folk there.

take care, and good luck in that dangerous land.

tristan caerfal

Correspondence / Letter left for Arveg Khan [DM Hound]
« on: November 05, 2020, 09:32:44 AM »
These letters are left in the casino, the Door, and a few places that those who travel through the rings walk through, as the author does not know where to reach the recipient

kan arveg

we are sory for taking so much time to answer, specialy knowing how dire the situation of your people is.

if house glitt can help as we helped you during the raid, we will. but i won't lie to you: things aren't braight for us either. we have to deal with foes from within the ward and from without. sadly, infighting is a comon thing among humanity as you know too well.

but that doesn't mean nothing can be done. your people could still be helped. not by house glitt alone, even at the height of our power, i doubt we could take on what's left of the torc. but we could maybe have the rest of the houses help out. kan arveg, you said your people had farmlands. so the question is: if you can setle there, would you grow enough food for your people and for ours, or at least spare as much food as possible? or would it be possible for some of our farmers to setle there alongside yours?

if the answer is yes, then i'm sure we could have the other houses help you destroy the torc remnants, if that would help them have  their farmers fed and avoid troublesome rebelions.

please answer as soon as you can, as there will be a council of peers soon.

tristan of house glitt

Correspondence / Letters sent to House Orza and Yashan of House Velstra
« on: November 04, 2020, 06:47:12 PM »
before these things come up in the next council, we would like to know what your house thinks we should do with the patriots.

obviously the present situation can't go on for long, something will have to be done. they are a nuisance for you, for us, and for all the ring.

we intend to deal with the problem with as litle blood spiled as posible, let's hear your opinion. we also want to know what you and your lords think about the mater of lord bernard's son.

you can call us for a chat at any time that's good for you.

tristan caerfal of house glitt

Correspondence / Letter to the Great Houses
« on: November 03, 2020, 09:50:22 AM »
house glitt call for a meeting of the council of peers.

the folowing maters will be discused: the patriots; the situation in the steadings and the torc remnants; and lord bernard' son.

as well, we ask for the patriot and mayoral candidate maeve briarwood to be sumoned before this council.

tristan caerfal

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