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Announcements / Prelude: The Bulwark
« on: April 09, 2021, 06:05:09 PM »
For all that is happening within the Rings, our duty, our purpose remains unchanged.

Though the outsiders scream over their "Whispers" and leave lengthy screeds at our door, our purpose remains unchanged.

Yet, ancient agreements have been made that must be upheld. For no matter the age, our honour, empty and perhaps hollow as it is, remains unchanged.

Unflinchingly, we must do what we have pledged, no matter the price or the consequences. To uphold the memory of our Ancestors.

That, too, remains unchanged.


Hello all, we are looking for 3-5 players to play a dedicated group of PCs for the Bulwark. You will likely have a major part to play in the unfolding story that will occur in Ring 94 and perhaps beyond if you play your cards right. Therefore we are looking primarily for people that would like to dedicate themselves to a concept for a while, rather than perhaps joining the prelude just for the story / entertainment, but we will see how things go.

- Start at level 6
- Uniforms will be provided
- Moderate amount of supplies

I currently intend to run this tomorrow at some point. Timing will be determined based on player interest as I am fairly flexible. A discord channel for it will be set up shortly called "Bulwark" - I think it would be best if those interested were all roughly in the same timezone, but it's not mandatory.

Correspondence / [A letter to Stonebuilders]
« on: May 17, 2020, 08:14:18 PM »
My friends,

You're doing the right stuff, finding the truth, spreading facts!

But you've overlooking the ACTUAL truth... it's all the bullywugs. THE bullywugs, not those bullywugs but THE bullywugs.

Think about it - they're lizards, but they don't have scales. They're clearly the offspring of the sibilant and humans! Everything is their fault!

I can't tell you anything else. They're already on to me. Keep up the fight for TRUTH!

- Admirer

Notices and Bulletins / The Grand Tourney of Ring 99
« on: August 18, 2019, 04:10:14 AM »
[These notices to begin to appear throughout Ring 99.]

Attention Miscreants of this Backwater,

I have, unfortunately, been told to administer a Grand Tourney for your enjoyment and my suffering. This shall occur once I have sobered up.

At this stage you may well participate in as many of the events outlined in the Tourney Grounds as you wish, but I give myself the right to limit participants as and when I feel like it.

The rules will be subject to change at any point between now and when the Tourney begins, depending upon my whims, so ensure you double check them before competing!

The victors of the contests must nominate a group of individuals loyal to our King who shall hold his Banner until the next tourney occurs. This can be essentially anyone, as the Peers of Ring 99 made quite a mess with their wizards. You can nominate a collective of goblins for all I care, so long as they have bent knee.

Hopefully you all get ill and I will be able to have this over and done with swiftly.

- The Least Fool

// This event is aimed to occur at some point on the 24th of August for those in US timezones. 25th for me.

Notices and Bulletins / The Certamen Tourney
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:34:42 AM »
[These notices begin to appear through Ring 99 and other nearby Rings.]

Attention Wizards,

Under the Royal Heralds' direction you may know me as The Least Fool(ish) and I shall be the host for your tourney of self-destruction through greed!

There shall be a total of three events held in his Royal Majesty's name, the winner of the most shall be bequeathed WARRENWATCH and the right to temporarily ignore challenges for their title and property. Ties shall be resolved through games of chance, as is fitting for those of the wizardly arts where luck is much of their power.

Said right to ignore challenges will fade after a few dawns - just long enough for you to grow overly attached to a staff that everyone else desperately wants as well!

The events shall all be about reaching the ideal that his Royal Majesty believes that wizards are capable of. Therefore, they are as follows:

You shall pen for his Royal Majesty a new tome for the libraries of his lands! Submission is due before the other events commence.

You shall engage in a contest of wits, taking in turns to argue sides of an argument you have been assigned. Potential topics include: Wizards, Innates, Seams, Changelings and whether I am Handsome or just plain Beautiful!

Exactly what it sounds like.

All contestants will receive some sort of prize for participating making minor fools of themselves, in recognition that they might one day amount to a lesser fool.

If there are not enough wizards to contest WARRENWATCH, then sadly the Architects will be asked to widen the field and change the tower to allow Sorcerers to contest it as well.

Prepare well, and set to writing wagglers! Scribe your name below if you intend to partake.

The Least Fool(ish) (compared with wizards like you)

// Sorry all, this should've happened sooner but I've been fighting with a nasty cold. Events 2 & 3 will occur next weekend at a time TBD closer to then. Please post below if you're participating. Edit your post with a link to a book if you submit one. //

This is just a reminder that, as the team has stated previously, the benefits/drawbacks of Association memberships are intended for those who wish to represent the faction.

If you have joined an Association under false pretenses, please let us know and we will judge on a case by case basis. It is fine to become disillusioned with a faction over time, but again, this is something you should probably let us know about.

Fundamentally however, secret traitors is not the sort of RP we wish to be policing or encouraging at this point in time.

Thank you!

After some bustling work by labourers hired by the Guild, a number of properties are opened up for use in Ticker Square. Followed shortly by clarification about them from the Merchant Guild...
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : Attention please. To all our newly joined Guild Members, I welcome you. As so many have decided to claim the empty Guild property about Ticker Square, we would like to take a moment to emphasise a few matters.
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : Firstly, as previously stated, you are presently in /rent-free/ Guild property. A marvelous perk that the Guild provides to its membership! However, favours must be returned in kind.
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : At times the Guildmistresses or Guildmasters may request that you do something for them. You have the right to refuse of course, but... well... you and your affiliates will no longer be welcome in Ticker Square from then on.
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : Additionally, while the Guild owns the land and the buildings themselves, we do not own the contents - you do dear Guild Members. Therefore the responsibility for defending your property is your responsibility.
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : The Guild`s contract with the Stonebuilders does not cover these locations. You will have to hire your own guards to ensure your groats remain rightfully yours.
City Sending by Merchant Guild Messenger : Enjoy your property ladies and gentlemen, may you prosper well!

Notices and Bulletins / -- Bounties of the City of Rings --
« on: February 23, 2019, 08:03:46 AM »
// This is a thread for various bounties of the City of Rings to be posted / stored. Please do not post in this thread without DM permission.

Announcements / Hello!
« on: January 26, 2019, 08:45:53 PM »
It's a pleasure to have been given this opportunity, as EFU really has been a very welcoming on and off home for me for the last seven years. I look forward to helping many people where I can!

Hopefully I don't accidentally kill too many of you during my early days.

These two quests are both in fairly remote regions of the server, with low level caps, meaning that they are very rarely done. One is behind a zone known for having deadly spawns, the other is behind two horizontal climbs that will send you to the beginning of the area, and probably lose you your rope at the same time.

Having done them both today I can say that the extra effort / danger to visit them is presently unrewarded, as neither gives much of use in either supplies or experience. Ogre's Den seems to primarily give rewards limited to one alignment, but which are not particularly strong. Lava Flow seems to give a lot of items without obvious properties, and therefore likely of little value to the low levels that visit them.

Both could do with a buff to the rewards they give, as they are neat and interesting little quests, just presently under loved and under visited.


Screen Shots & Obituaries / Greebix - Treasure Goblin Commando
« on: May 20, 2016, 08:56:43 PM »
An amusing distraction. He probably didn't deserve a thread, but what the hell, his final moments were hilarious.

At level 5 I managed to have a running brawl with 3 PCs through the In-Between, before meeting my match in a much larger group that arrived after the other three had left. To the victor went the spoils:

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Timothy Andersal - Flame Roach
« on: May 15, 2016, 01:03:01 AM »
The aim with Tim was to make a Roachman Unpredictable Sorceror Bloodbandit who would maybe eventually become a Bloodmage.

In short: roll all the dice.

It... it didn't go so good, right from the very beginning...

And so was Tim born with a statline of 6/6/6/12/9/18.

"Early Life"


Until it came once again for pain at level 8, with double doom dice!

"The final burning days..."


His final stats:

"Pity Loot and BOM Loot"


Screen Shots & Obituaries / Acaros Talmar
« on: April 16, 2016, 11:03:31 AM »
Quote from:
This character was created on Friday, February 26th, 2016 at 03:19:31 PM.
Since creation, this character has logged on and off 123 times.
The character has spent 5 days, 21 hours, 6 minutes, and 7 seconds online.

Well that was faster than Algarn at least.

Acaros was designed to just be an annoying dickbag, extolling the virtues of Sanctuary and Final Sanctuary and obeying whatever ridiculous and facist orders he might be given. On his very first day he helped Watchers murder rioters, which was pretty much a sign of things to come. He lost an arm to Munt (but no Munt loot, only skeleton arm =( ) and competed with Claude Cavanac to see who could be shat on by life the most, but in the end it seems his fate was sealed once his Warder buddy was no longer alive to bring him back to his life of suffering.


SC making me the happiest man alive...
"Derpy the Dragon rides again..."


Original WAW crew fun times...
"Things that lie beneath the Lake..."


Top secret BOM missions...
"Life leads to suffering..."


Weird shit and (BOM) loot...
"The grotto is creepy sometimes."


The end.
"Fruiting is bad okay..."


Screen Shots & Obituaries / Algarn Granitesoul
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:41:58 PM »

  It has been a long time coming but he is finally dead.
  Algarn was born on the furthest edges of the Great Rift, in a small clan holding in the underdark. Due to its severe shortage in numbers most of the dwarvern children there grew up from a young age fighting, killing and dying, and Algarn was no different – which is why his suggested solutions to most problems was to get angry about it followed shortly by “kill it”. He had only just become old enough to be considered an adult when the Darkening came and the Dread rose up from the depths around the world to invade. Needless to say that, as a small fortress, Clan Granitesoul was quickly overrun and a handful of survivors were forced to flee towards the surface. In the end, only Algarn reached the surface alive, before finding one of Sanctuary's portals.
  His relationship with the Crystal was complicated from the beginning. The primary driving force behind almost all of Algarn's actions was a combination of “get revenge” and “save all other dwarves who are still fighting on the surface”, and at first the Crystal and its advocates promised much. It quickly became apparent though that for all their promises the Crystal itself was not living up to them – the tools it made were useful, but nowhere near enough to bring about an end to the Dread. This caused Algarn to try different means of fighting, from attempting to unite the dwarves of Sanctuary into a coherent group and failing miserably multiple times, through to being a part of raids against targets of opportunity and Traesnyr itself – and generally just trying to make the Society seem like a worthy cause to be supporting... needless to say he also tended to fail at these things as well.
  In the end it was yet another failed raid against Traesnyr, this time an attempt to reach the surface, that broke his hopes for finding another way. So in desperation he turned back to supporting the Crystal and attempting to see it become a weapon capable of fighting the Dread. This eventually culminated in the events that led up to the War and his demise, but also led to him becoming a Ritualist of the Ordered Mind.
  Exposure to the Ordered Mind changed Algarn greatly. It soothed his anger and near perpetual rage by giving him a taste of the vengeance that he hoped was to come, as well as greatly empowering him. Alas it was not nearly enough to live to see his vengeance attained and so, after a lengthy final battle, he died alone surrounded by enemies.
  Accepting his inevitable fate his final words were “So be it.”
  - - - - - - - - - -
  Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of his final stats, so instead have one of Algarn from 12 or so months ago going almost all out. He ended up LG when he became a Ritualist. I got to level 10 twice and was 5K away from a third time, with a 20% xp penalty, and let me tell you I am never doing that again. Favoured classes all the way!
  The Imaskari plotline was the one that cemented with certainty that the Society and Spellguard would eventually go to war in my mind. Also the PCs and players and storyline involved were amazing and filled with great locales.
  Algarn spent most of his time randomly wandering the underdark, sometimes with friends, mostly alone.
  Sometimes that resulted in finding strange and interesting places and things...
  The war between the Society and the Spellguard was a bloody affair and filled with searching for hidden secrets and knowledge for an edge in battle.
  Throughout Algarn's time in the Society he interacted with a great number of Ordinants and other PCs...
  From his start as an Oathsworn right through to becoming a Ritualist...
  And he experienced a great many strange things along the way.
  Some of them not so very serious.
  Lucky last, the loot. He kept the fan art he got from Fenrick right through to the very final moment.
  The end!

Bug Reports / Elemental Shield Potion Casts Mage Armour
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:38:53 AM »
GSID: digapig
PC: Algarn Granitesoul

So unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of this, given it happened somewhat in the middle of a hectic situation overseen by D_I today, but some months ago I found a elemental shield vial under circumstances that I unfortunately can't remember. It might've been from a hero NPC.

However when I drank the vial the combat log gave a message saying that it failed to apply mage armour because the armour I was wearing was too strong. No visual effects of elemental shield occured, nor did anything striking at me take any fire damage.

Bug Reports / New Haks and Old NPC Faces
« on: April 24, 2014, 06:45:50 AM »
Otherwise known as what's wrong with your faaaaaaaaace?

I guess maybe it overwrote the face option that had that helm with an open face? Suppose it could be an error on my end, but the only new files I've gotten recently have been from the downloader.

Paha: Edit.

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