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Correspondence / Kinsley Greylocke
« on: January 13, 2022, 03:58:53 PM »
Miss Greylocke,

Murder is artless. It is a failure, not a victory. It is a terrible thing that we can never take back. It leaves nothing behind but empty streets, desolate neighborhoods, and hearts full of regret.

If you think me responsible for all the deaths that might result from refusing to end a life, so too must I be responsible for everyone who would die if I did act. And people always do when we get blood on our hands. There will always be someone who wants revenge. A relative. An authority. A vigilante. An angry god. Some way, some how, there is always a reckoning. I've seen it happen hundreds of times to thousands of misguided souls.

I am not a pacifist. I am not a dreamer. Sometimes there are no good options, and sometimes emotion conquers sense.

But I do my best for as many people as I can.

And so should you.


Correspondence / Celestina Wagglecraft, c/o Insane Pot Dweller
« on: January 09, 2022, 12:40:30 AM »

I am Ser Adrian Velstra. Male. Twenty-seven candles,   Apple close to the tree. High income. Heir to House Velstra.

With the fateful death, undeath, and/or redeath of all prior romantic entanglements, I am once more looking for a match. This arrangement is a question of significant danger as, ever, one of my hundreds of enemies will try to bring about their swift demise before they can ascend as a Velstra. Although I have my eye on a woman of fierce character already, I believe she would be miserable in the Vale, and thus would like to consider a breadth of options.

  • Serious applicants only.
  • Must not be an assassin.
  • Nobility by blood, merit, or title strongly preferred.
  • Must last at least two weeks of courtship without being kidnapped or murdered.
  • Special consideration given to candidates who assassinate Xiv the Assassin before he assassinates them first.
  • Must not be an assassin.
  • Style highly encouraged.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Correspondence / Minstrel Marion
« on: January 04, 2022, 03:31:05 PM »
Marion the Minstrel.

The birds themselves have been singing your songs beside my Lord's window.

We are much amused.

You are formally invited to throw the party of a lifetime at the Blacke Velvet Casino. You are to organize, promote, and host the event. You are encouraged to rally your companions, hire employees,  call on friends new or old, and whatever else serves this end. You are instructed to perform no fewer than three songs composed by your hand, and that the last song of the night should be a new piece dedicated to House Velstra or a figure of your choice within it (noting wisely that few of my brothers share our Lord Velstra's generous sense of humor).

Once this is done, you shall be owed a favor commensurate to the extravagance of the party and the turnout of the guests. The more you bring to our casino, the merrier we shall be, and the more you shall have the right to ask for.

An unimaginative man might ask for money or treasure. An ambitious man might seek privileges or honors. But you? An artist? I should hope to be as enchanted by your choice of payment as I am by your music.

The choice would be yours, all the same.

Ser Adrian Velstra

Correspondence / Manfred Japes
« on: December 17, 2021, 01:36:47 AM »
I am going to level with you, not as a knight, but as a brother in cause.

Don't do this. Don't even go. Forget about this mission. Stay home in the Peerage with us.

You have bitten off more than you can chew with your dream for an Age of Orza, and I don't even mean the Pallid Prince.

This can't end well.


Correspondence / To the Great Houses of the Peerage
« on: December 16, 2021, 06:51:29 PM »
Noble Peers and Their Retainers,

As you know, Ser Manfred Japes has declared that he shall conquer the City of Bones, cast down the Pallid Prince, and reclaim Lady Oriana née Sunspyre. You are surely also aware that Ser Manfred intends to hold Oriana as leverage, not merely to compel Lord Phelan Sunpurse to fulfill the prophecy, but to subjugate him outright as a vassal of House Orza.

House Velstra shall not join him.

It is the opinion of Ser Nicholas that it is beneath the Cinquefoil Rose to do the dirty work of the Count, that a changeling child shall not dictate where or how the men of House Velstra spill their blood. He scorns the tactical folly of eliminating the Count's most powerful enemy at great cost to ourselves. He reminds Lord Phelan that he promised his support to our cause as part and parcel of his return to the Peerage Ward. Further, the truth remains that if Phelan fails to help us defeat the Count, he shall be doomed to the fate of his father.

It is the opinion of Ser Adrian that the conquest of House Sunpurse would upset the balance of power within the Peerage Ward. The efforts of House Orza to rise as the paramount family can only sow further disunity and conflict within the Cinquefoil Rose. To join them in their quest to bring Lord Phelan to his knees would be tantamount to submission beneath an orange banner. The Knights of Wine and Song cannot be party to such an upset, such a miscarriage of justice; he shall not ride beside Ser Manfred unless he renounces his ambition for dominion. Further, the truth remains that that the Pallid Prince is almost certain to launch an attack on Peerage holdings if its defenders depart in force, as he did before.

Thus, instead, House Velstra shall hold position within the Peerage Ward. We shall defend our realm, our home, from any incursion. And perhaps host a riveting party to pass the time.

The other Houses are called to name their own intentions during the fateful battle with the Pallid Prince, after discussing it carefully within their ranks. They are advised to declare their intended position swiftly. The days before battle run quick, run thin. Better that they speak loudly their intentions than navel-gaze.

As humble suggestions, the retainers of Glitt, Moonspear, Sunpurse, and Nephezar might...
  • Join House Orza in their charge against the Pallid Prince.
  • Join House Velstra in the defense of the Peerage Ward.
  • Garrison some auxiliary holding, such as Swaddle Point Harbor.
  • Plead an incompetence of manpower and withdraw entirely from the conflict.
  • Or whatever else you might imagine doing, of course!

May the King guide you toward the wisest choice for your families. The future is ours to write, after all; we should make it the story we want to live.

Correspondence / Lucan and Aaron
« on: December 16, 2021, 04:02:11 PM »
Whichever of you two is married first shall be promoted to the rank of Captain, receive a splendid pair of boots, and gain the authority to command the other.

I am sure this power wouldn't be misused in any way.


Correspondence / Secretary Aaron Goodwill & Retainer Moira MacTavish
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:38:16 PM »

Although the courtship between our own Egbert Velstra and Mairead Glitt continues with all the expected, smoldering chemistry, I am of the belief that the ties between our Houses need must be further cemented. Only together can we stand tall against the strange and troubled times we find ourselves in. To this end, I bid an arranged marriage between Aaron Goodwill, a prestigious veteran of House Velstra, and Moira MacTavish, a blooded highlander.

I trust you both to come together, discussing the necessary arrangements and details of this political matrimony. Because if the honorable Aaron Goodwill fails to do so, he shall be escorted posthaste by the gentle hands of Squire Ephraim. And if the virtuous Moira MacTavish fails to do so, then I shall be granting a formal endorsement of our new mayor in purple.

Ser Adrian  Winespill

Notices and Bulletins / A Changing of the Guard
« on: November 27, 2021, 02:29:03 AM »
The time has come to pass on one of my long-held titles on to a young, ambitious retainer. However, it would be all too easy, perhaps even unworthy, for me to merely appoint a successor. And so I declare that there shall be a public contest instead, open to all Velstra retainers who seek to rise within our ranks.  Whomsoever achieves the most points before this year's Sunpurse Candle flickers out shall  be granted the title, "Captain of the Guard," charged with protecting the holdings of House Velstra, given formal command over their fellow retainers, and granted specially tailored equipment deserving of their new station (and deserving of the deeds they have undertaken to earn it). May the worthiest, most cunning, and most capable successor win.

Your efforts shall be measured as follows:

A Test of Diplomacy
  • For the written endorsement of a retainer belonging to House Velstra or House Glitt, appointed below this notice and for all to see, you shall be awarded 1 point.
  • For the written endorsement of Thelisa Sunspyre, appointed below this notice and for all to see, you shall be awarded 5 points.
  • For the written endorsement of a full member of the Velstra family, appointed below this notice and for all to see, you shall be awarded 10 points.
  • For the written endorsement of a Lord Norbert Velstra, appointed below this notice and for all to see, you shall be awarded 20 points.
A Test of Strength
  • Should you defeat a prize monster on behalf of the Royal Huntsman, you shall be awarded 1 point. You must appoint a writ of completion below this notice for all to see.
  • Should you defeat Tsurugi Chiba in combat, you shall be awarded 5 points. You must present his left hand, which brought death upon a Winespill, and appoint it below this notice for all to see.
  • Should you defeat a Knife of Orza,  in combatyou shall be  awarded 10 points. The Knife must declare their defeat via a Doorkeeper, or you must present their cloak as proof, to be returned in good condition and good humor to Castle Orza after your success.
  • Should you defeat a Ruby of Old Port in combat, you shall be awarded 20 points. You do not require proof. Those who claim such a victory falsely invite a reckoning upon themselves that they are unlikely to survive.
A Test of Stewardship
  • For each Ruby of Esteem dedicated to the task of appointing additional guards to Velstra holdings, you shall be awarded 1 point.
  • Whomsoever is credited with throwing the most popular, prestigious party in the Blacke Velvet Casino shall be awarded 5 points.
  • Whomsoever raises 100,000 groats to House Velstra's construction operations in Swaddle Point Harbor shall be awarded 10 points.
  • Whomsoever negotiates a lucrative trade agreement with the Sultanate of Baz'eel shall be awarded 20 points.
A Test of Errantry
  • For a the Staff of a Powerful Mage, to be expended in one of our many development projects, you shall be awarded 5 points.
  • For the Heart of a City Golem,  for use in the experiments of Ruul Velstra, you shall be awarded 10 points.
  • For a Cask of Mistlevale Gold, for use in the socialite salons of Natasha Velstra, you shall be awarded 15 points
  • For the Tears of a White Unicorn, for use in healing Ser Nicholas Velstra, you shall be awarded 20 point.
A Test of Character
  • Should you be caught scheming against your fellow retainers, you shall be penalized -1 point. The Captain must be a figure of respected authority.
  • Should you be caught engaging in unchivalrous behavior, you shall be penalized -2 points. The Captain must be a gentleman or lady of high standard.
  • Should you be caught violating the peace of the Peerage Ward, you shall be penalized -5 points. The Captain must be a stanch defender of this realm.
  • Should you break your word of honor, you shall be disqualified, for in the Peerage all men are only as good as their word.

Win or lose, may a long and prosperous career await all who serve the House of Velstra.

Ser Adrian  Winespill


Public Speeches / Five Hundred Spears
« on: September 02, 2021, 06:50:30 PM »

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Ser Cecil Somerset, the Crookjaw
« on: August 21, 2021, 04:48:29 AM »


Correspondence / || Green Letters for Akesh ||
« on: August 13, 2021, 03:59:37 PM »

Thank you for the hospitality that was shown to the captive son of Lord Velstra. I hope that you did not suffer undue harm, trampled as you were on my way to capture Moonspear retainers. As you might imagine, I regretfully did not have time to spare on courtesy.

It is unfortunate that your Count's newest pets sought to hold the Pondsfolk hostage. It is even more unfortunate that the Knaves of 99 got involved. I am sure you know what happened the last time one of my foolish, feeble apprentices was slain.

Perhaps a voice of reason should counsel them away from provoking collateral damage with such careless, imprecise attacks on know-nothing beggars.

No one wants what would come if the Mad Flame has her reckless way. Not you. Not I. And certainly not your Count.

The Crookjaw,
Great Druid of the Middle City

Correspondence / Ser Harlan Greymoor
« on: August 11, 2021, 10:06:35 PM »
Knight of Auld Glitt,

It is painful to see men of honor so outnumbered by agents of shadow, haunted by liars, thieves, and assassins that leer at them from every corner they turn.

Your noble confederacy of clans has been many things to my people. Unflinching friends. Uncompromising foes. Sworn brothers. Quiet neighbors. But you have long lived with respect for the land you reside upon, and with honor upon the battlefield.

I am aware that some among you view it as your duty to scourge us from the land in the name of our distant and slumbering King.

I offer you another perspective, if only you would care to learn it.

Tomorrow night, step into Creeper's Bend. You may bring Tristram, and other men you trust to hold principle above life, but the wizard tainted with the Sleeper's maddening touch can know nothing. You must take care not to be followed.

We shall speak of forgotten truths. Should you listen well, then by Book and by Branch, by Crown and by Kingdom, the course of history shall turn again toward the righteous light of day.

The Crookjaw,
Great Druid of the Middle City

Correspondence / Tolinar Mistborne
« on: August 11, 2021, 04:28:16 PM »
Son of the Ancestors,

I have observed you and your comrades for some time, wondering if you can be trusted with the legacy of your people. I have seen so many betray their forebears, their principles, their word, themselves. My heart rattles with doubt that anyone, anything, can remain true in these bleak times.

But endowing worthy hearts with the truth is, I think, deserving of the risk.

I write to you on behalf of Thorna Uld, last of the Shaperate, last of her line, last of the retainers of Prince Torvan Uld of Khoral'Duum. She is a close friend of mine. She has served long as a worthy guardian of the earth. And her final moments draw near.

Two nights from now, you may come to Ring 98 and meet with me to discuss what must be done to gain an audience with this figure while an audience can still be had.

You may bring those dwarves you trust most, provided they swear an oath of secrecy to your satisfaction. You should be alert to spies and treachery, as the servants of darkness ever surround us.

The Crookjaw,
Great Druid of the Middle City

Correspondence / Sverri the Small
« on: August 09, 2021, 02:25:44 PM »
Son of Gnipir,

Three for three, Elisa, Marek, and Reginald were executed in the name of Lord Phelan Sunpurse, whom they betrayed for love of the abomination they call Count Senuspur.

All of them died for the failed, genocidal tactic of trying to kill as many changelings as they could, in the hopes that the massacre would somehow open the Mist for their quest of filicide.

Edryn alone spoke with respect and contrition, and forsook the Count to seek redemption for his crimes in comital service. You are privy to the other details. As he has not emerged from the shadows since his defeat, you may publish what you know at your discretion.

The Crookjaw,
Great Druid of the Middle City

Correspondence / || Green Letters for the Knaves of 99 ||
« on: August 03, 2021, 09:39:14 PM »
    Sons of Old Grandfather,

    I have offered terms of engagement in the past. You ignored me then, at terrible cost to yourselves. You know that I can do exactly what I threaten to. The land and sky ride with me against the shadow.

    Yet with the death of Reginald Hysear, undone by his own hubris, every name has been crossed off my list. I seek no further retribution. The blood of my fledglings is avenged. Thus, you have a rare opportunity to reconsider your poor decisions, and ensure that your regime does not fall apart amid the consequences of your own actions. If you will only heed me, I shall withdraw and leave you to your reign.

    Think well on this. You will achieve nothing by torturing young apprentices for answers they don't have. They know nothing. You already killed the only one I've ever confided my memories in, and I've already taken her bones away to rest within the Mist. And even if there was a chance you might get something, do you people really believe that the threat of execution could mean anything when you wantonly slaughter "changelings" regardless of what they do?

    We bleed each other while the King laughs and plots to destroy us both.

    It serves no one but our mutual foe.

    To wit, I propose...

    • A contract of sanctity for the Great Willow and the Ruby Drill. These icons are obvious, so they attract many fools, but damage to them only serves to enrage us. They would not easily fall, after all, and they could always be restored even if they were sundered. As before. As again. Attacks on our monoliths could only serve to provoke us toward total war and mutual destruction.
    And I remind you...

    • You and your servants shall be treated in kind. Kill my apprentices, and there shall be death in return. Act with chivalry, and I will demand the same from my own. Do not repeat mistakes already made.
    We will never be friends. But we may yet be neighbors, if you will only see reason.

    The Great Druid of the Middle City

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