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Announcements / PRELUDES
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:35:17 PM »
Hello EFU,

There are two opportunities for upcoming preludes that players can take part in.

As usual, if you are playing an active PC, you should not quit them to join a prelude. If your PC is below level 7, younger than 2 months, and not involved in any active conflict, then you may submit an application for the preludes.

You may submit an application for both preludes if you wish. If you do so, you should include both applications in the same ticket, separated by a line _______ or dash --------- sequence.

Successful applicants will be contacted as a group to arrange a suitable prelude date.

EU timezone players may be preferred due to my own availability, but Americans or Asian players should feel free to apply also.

These preludes are high-conflict, and you should not anticipate a particularly long lifespan. On the other hand, you will start with a higher power level than normal for new PCs and may have access to other perks to help level the playing field.

Prelude One: Cloven Vengeance

The hated softskins have robbed us of our savage power. They have shattered our stones, and broken our spirit, and cast us out to the furthest rings. It falls upon you now to restore our ancient power - gather the lost fragments of the Great Herdstone, and bring them to our sacred place. Our vengeance shall be absolute, and through the power of the herdstone we shall lay waste to the dominion of men.

CLASS: Monk banned
ROLE: Monster, hostile to most/all PCs

Base race: Human
Stat changes: +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 CHA
Saving throws: +1 Fortitude
Racial type: Monstrous Humanoid
Misc bonus: +10% movement speed, Quick to Master (from Human base), +1 feat (from Human base)
Alignment: Evil
ECL: +1

Prelude Two: Sanguine Dawn

He speaks to us in our dreams. We hear him. He has returned from beyond the veil of death. He is more than a God - he is the master of all things between heaven and earth. We are his devoted, we are his chosen. We shall give of ourselves unto him, and unto him shall be given those he desires.

CLASS: Wizard banned, Druid banned
ROLE: Cultist, hostile to many PCs

Announcements / SUNDAY: Peerage Event
« on: October 09, 2020, 05:23:20 PM »
Hi all,

There will be a large event occurring on Sunday evening, British time, relevant to all Peerage characters. You should try to attend if possible.

You should expect the event to be happening roughly around the same time as this post on that day, give or take half an hour.

Fair warning will be given in advance through discord in efu-main and in all peerage House faction channels.


Correspondence / Moist Letter from a 'Friend': Wester McGinty
« on: September 17, 2020, 03:29:21 PM »
This smelly missive is found in your coat pocket one morning.


Little bird told us you've not been having the warmest reception for your new position in the "Barnhouse". We're told one of your fellow farmyard animals took to an unkindly estimation of your relationship with your kneecaps.

Lucky for you, you've got friends in low places. Why don't you let us know what you want to see happen, and we'll make sure it does? Drop your little letter for us down the Drips hatch outside the Ratcatcher's Guild.

Love and Kisses,

A Squatter

Announcements / Lore Writing Contest
« on: August 12, 2020, 08:50:03 AM »
Hello all!

It's time to get those creative juices flowing, because I want to add some more literature to the module. I invite all of you to write up manuscripts or treatises about aspects of COR's lore that intrigue you - either from your own character's perspective, or even that of a made up minor NPC if your current PC isn't much of an author. The best of the crop will be added into the module as books that can be found in-game, and those that succeed in getting their work added to the module will also receive some DM loot from me. Good luck!

For some contextual inspiration, think about the type of books you can find in games like the Elder Scrolls series.

Please send me a discord PM with a link to your submission, which should be in the 'Books and Publications of the City' subforum. Your deadline is 1st September.

NOTE: Please remember that artwork, while lovely and encouraged, can't be displayed on in-game books. Please include a caption for any artwork you use in your books describing what it is for the in-game version.

Announcements / [PRELUDE] Cursed Blood
« on: August 03, 2020, 09:33:59 AM »
In the shade of the profane grove, far from the eyes of Man, the wicked ones dwell. A savage and primitive people, the Ghylherd are defined by their envy of the civilised folk of Ring 99. Warped and twisted by a bestial curse, the Ghylherd are the most sinister of all the Mongrelfolk; driven only by an overwhelming hatred for all things orderly and beautiful, the Ghylherd long for the desolation and ruin of civilisation. These beasts bear a particular grudge against the humans of the Peerage Ward, and have long been a savage menace for the pioneers of House Glitt in distant Ring 94 - though the Ghylherd does not discriminate in the conveyance of its bestial rage...

Hello you lucky pups, it's time for yet another prelude!

This group, if you couldn't tell from the little blurb, is very much going to be a villainous faction. You will need to be prepared for a high amount of PvP, a rather short character shelf-life, and a generally very challenging experience (though with a great opportunity to prove your skills as a classy roleplayer!)

Players will be portraying a unique new subrace with the following characteristics:

Base race: Human
Stat changes: +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 CHA
Saving throws: +1 Fortitude
Racial type: Monstrous Humanoid
Misc bonus: +10% movement speed, Quick to Master (from Human base), +1 feat (from Human base)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil only
ECL: +1

Please bear in mind that membership in this prelude is quite limited, and there is unlikely to be a large number of players in it. Also bear in mind that even if your application is declined, it may not necessarily be by any fault of your own - its important that this group have similar timezones and an ability to play together reasonably often, due to their one-against-all dynamic.

This prelude is currently scheduled to start on the following weekend, though this may be subject to change and you will be appraised as such if a successful applicant. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on discord - though certain aspects of the prelude are intentionally vague.

Happy bleating!

Announcements / Hello
« on: June 06, 2020, 02:30:32 AM »
Hello friends, I am here to do the DM thing for you now. Fun times are ahead. I look forward to it!

General Discussion / [CASTING CALL] New Voicesets
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:19:40 PM »
Hello all,

I've had some success producing my own custom voicesets - I've made 3 full player voicesets (which you can find here if interested: )

Following on from this, I decided it would probably be a good idea to expand on this and see if I can make it a bit more comprehensive. As such, I'm opening up auditions for other people to contribute to a larger custom voicepack (brand name pending).

Here are the requirements:

- DYNAMIC OR CONDENSER MICROPHONE. No headset mics please. You're looking at a Blue Yeti or better. I personally used a Shure SM7B for my recordings

- GOOD BACKGROUND NOISE FLOOR. You should have minimum interference from sound in the background of your recording.

- LOW TO MINIMAL ECHO/REVERB. You can put blankets or cloth padding on your walls/table to help with this issue.

- ACTING SKILLS. Obviously I'm not expecting anyone to be trained, but I ask that people please deliver their lines with some vim and vigour.

If you're interested in taking part, I've included a few sample script lines below for you to have a crack at. Send me your samples on discord. Please save them in a .wav format.


Battlecry: "An error in your judgment!"

Attack: "Bring a storm upon them!"

Hello: "Well-met, fellow."

Cheer: "We are victorious!"

Curse: "How insufferable!"


Battlecry: "Heads are gonna roll!"

Attack: "Time to get paid, come on!"

Hello: "How's it goin'?"

Cheer: "Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"

Curse: "Damnit!"


Battlecry: "Nyyyeeeaaaaghhh!"

Attack: "STICK 'EM, STAB 'EM!"

Hello: "Yeh-yeh-wot?"

Cheer: "WE'Z THE BEST!"

Curse: "OH NO-NO-NO-NO!"

SCRIPT 4: Stealthy Ranger (Either)

Battlecry: "No-one will mourn you."

Attack: "Let's take them out. Quickly."

Hello: "Hail."

Cheer: "A fine display, well done."

Curse: "This cannot stand!"


Battlecry: "THE BEAST HOWLS!"

Attack: "TIME TO FEAST!"

Hello: "*Snarl* What?"

Cheer: "YES, YEEES!"

Curse: "*Howl of rage*"


Correspondence / [A FORMAL DOCUMENT] - C/O Ordyn Ravenshylde
« on: June 01, 2020, 11:10:53 AM »

This document shall describe the terms under which the feudal suzerainty of the Peerage Lords shall be respected by the vassals of Tickerís Square (the Fiefdom), and shall thereby dissolve The Rebellion.

Under the final authority of His Majesty the King, the Great Houses of The Peerage shall resume stewardship of their entitled estates within the Fiefdom and renew oaths of fealty with the vassals whom have annulled the old contracts of fealty from before The Rebellion.

Through this restoration of order shall the united peoples of the 99th Ring stand together in defiance of foreign invader and hostile interloper.


- Tickerís Square shall from now be bound to the legal order of the Peerage as the Fiefdom.
- Each citizen of the Fiefdom shall pledge their fealty to a Lordly House.
- Each citizen of the Fiefdom shall provide a tribute of wealth, known as scutage, to their liege. Citizens may be relieved of scutage by taking up arms in military service to their liege.
- Each citizen shall be entitled to fair trial before their equals, with a Peer serving as judge.
- The Guilds shall become an advisory body to the Council of Peers and no longer possesses final legal authorities.
- The Guilds shall accept the burden of debt for outstanding taxes due to the Peerage Ward for the years of The Rebellion in which taxes have gone unpaid.
- The Stonebuilders shall renew masonry tenure to the Peerage and restore the damaged structures of the Peerage Ward.


- The Lordly Houses shall now be responsible for organising and maintaining the defence of the 99th Ring.
- The Lordly Houses shall ensure that each and every citizen of the Fiefdom is employed productively - be it in agriculture, trade, crafting, or the militia.
- The Lordly Houses shall have the right to collect taxes from the Fiefdom.
- The Peerage shall rule fairly and equitably over the Fiefdom.
- The Peerage shall arbitrate legal disputes and adjudicate law in the Fiefdom.
- The Peerage shall have the right to bear arms and enforce law in the Fiefdom.

SIGNATORIES OF THE PEERAGE: Eustace FitzRolf, EdWiNa GaLlooWie, Minara Hawthorne, _______, _______

SIGNATORIES OF THE FIEFDOM: ______________________________________________________________________

Suggestions / Prestige Player Tool
« on: May 29, 2020, 08:53:32 PM »
A player tool to assess the approximate prestige value of a given prestigious artefact. Perhaps tied to the Appraise skill for its accuracy?

Bug Reports / Electric weapon element bounce effect
« on: May 18, 2020, 10:37:17 PM »
The bouncing effect for electric flame weapon spells is temperamental and only works about 30% of the time.

Bug Reports / Heroes' Home Orphanage
« on: May 14, 2020, 09:37:55 PM »
The child effect is not dispelled on some subraces, including Air Genasi.

Notices and Bulletins / [POETRY COMPETITION]
« on: May 07, 2020, 10:46:19 AM »

Suggestions / Feanor's Medieval Armoury
« on: May 02, 2020, 12:57:52 PM »

I think this hakpak could add a lot to EFU's aesthetic - in particular, the Peerage Ward and its inclination towards semi-realistic/historical gear themes. We have in here options for seax/langseax, kilts (appropriate for Glitt?), poleaxes and billhooks, DANE-AXES for some less silly looking greataxe variants, Celtic greatswords in the style of gallowglass, new buckler variants, 12th-14th century arming sword variants and even some cruel looking warhammers (proper, two-handed ones).

I think this could add a lot to Fighter portrayals in particular, as greater variance in (historically-accurate) weaponry can allow players to more faithfully represent cultural analogues and add flavour to their fighting styles.

Correspondence / [OPEN LETTER] Retainer Gritzelda
« on: April 28, 2020, 08:21:49 AM »
This missive, written on a vellum manuscript and pinned to the wall of the retainers' common room in House Nephezar, is penned in painstakingly careful calligraphy and decorated at the margins with small, medievalesque cartoons of knights doing battle against snails and lizards.

This message can be read by any member of House Nephezar.

Thaumaturge Gritzelda,

My cordial greetings to you - I hope that this message finds you well and in good spirit. Regretfully, it is my unfortunate obligation to inform you of the criminal undertakings of the Censor bound under your authority - one Earl Griggs. As is the custom of our House, you as his Thaumaturge are the legal entity responsible for his actions, and therefore are to be addressed as though his behaviour was your own.

During the events of the previous day, your Censor accompanied myself and retainer Harry through various undertakings and minor excursions throughout the greater city. We were accompanied by the persons of the now-deceased Marcille Riley and a mercenary by the name of Domina.

Towards the end of our cadre's expedition, we came upon the surprising sight of Sibilant Empire sympathants fraternising with a subhuman. Marcille Riley went to pains to inform us that they were enemies of the King, necromancers, and allies of the Lizard. As this is wholly intolerable and an affront to the Ward, retainers Harry and Marcille joined me in launching a valiant onslaught against these sympathants. Our assault was almost successful - indeed, almost all of their warriors had been put to rout or defeated, spare one elite soldier of an indefatigable martial poise. Even so, we were on the cusp of victory against this warrior - the aid of your Censor would have lended us the victory.

Instead, your servant elected to stand gormless in the middle of the Common, muttering 'I serve the Priestess' repeatedly whilst enemies of the Crown did battle with His Majesty's loyal vassals, even failing to act when I myself as a fellow household companion was attacked by conjured monstrousities.

In the end, because of his inaction, we were overcome and driven from the field by the sheer ferocity of the sympathants' desperate defence. Though retainer Harry and I escaped the field without great injury, Marcille Riley was regrettably overcome and indeed butchered by the sly machinations of an opportunistic subhuman who elected to claim her life in her state of vulnerability.

Later, Earl Griggs decided to present us with the unconscious form of Marcille's killer. He then made to collect up the body, and haul it away to the Nephezar Refuge without answering to the many retainers - including members of House Orza - who had been delivering rebuke and allegation for his trespass against King-Law. I promptly subdued Censor Griggs with the aid of other retainers, and took him to the senior Thaumaturge for questioning and discipline.

The Thaumaturge informed me that, given the bureaucratic code of our House, you alone are the only legal entity capable of punishing your servant - and that you are, legally, responsible in the entirety for the Censor's actions. This, therefore, is the essence of the reason why I have penned this missive to you.

I require that you strip your Censor of his colours and dismiss him from the service of this house post-haste. Cowardice, treachery and sloth are intolerable descriptors for a retainer, especially of our esteemed house. The man may continue to serve you as a personal vassal, if need be - but he cannot wear such colours as he presently possesses if he cannot be relied upon as a servant of God and the King in times of peril for his fellow retainers.

If you are unwilling to levy the necessary discipline upon your servant, it is my regret to also inform you that I shall be invoking Certamen and be demanding of you a formal duel as a trial by ordeal for the innocence of your Censor. In the event of your defeat, I shall take legal possession of your Censor and deliver the consequences of his actions unto him by my own hand.

Please feel free to inform me if you have any questions about the matters discussed in this manuscript. I hope to hear from you soon.

King's Blessings,

Thaumaturge FitzRolf

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