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Correspondence / Correspondence: Lord Greywood
« on: May 31, 2022, 07:16:25 PM »
Lord Greywood,

I request a meeting to discuss business and a proposal. Send for us at your earliest convenience, the matters are pressing and time sensitive.

Sava Temishvarac, on behalf of the Custodians.

Registration, Arbitration and Enforcing of Contracts offered to the men and women who seek to have their agreements fulfilled without worry. We will serve as witnesses, mediate disputes and punish those who would violate terms negotiated and agreed upon in good faith sanctioned by our organization.

Mercenary and Bounty Hunting to those who would seek enemies removed, rituals completed, lives preserved, wars won. We will protect property, contractors, we will fight assailants, enemies hordes. Discretion guaranteed on all mercenary contracts. Bounty Hunting services will only be completed upon public declaration of a bounty, private bounties must be negotiated individually and will have up to ten times increased costs from the usual rate.

Send forth your inquiries to our Scriptorium at the Blind Eye Inn for meeting and current rates.

Happened to others pc as well, but did not see anyone reporting this here.
He pretty much kills you instead as he is immortal, instead of yielding or falling.

Could use a XP refund.


Erschel was an shocktropper soldier from Cormyr that awoken in the City the day he was supposed to retire and live the dream of spending all his fortune in an all-expenses-paid fishing trip at the Sea of Fallen Stars. A foul-mouthed, inconsequential, senile man that didn't fear death because in his mind he had already lived a full life. This got himself into a lot of PVPs, mostly against lawful retainers who would hate him for it.

Still, he didnt let his dream vanish and chose to build himself a vessel so he could explore the rivers and sea of the City and finaly have a fishing trip of his own.  He first tried to find a big tree to make his boat, to which he chose the Oakrest Oak. This ended up in a couple fights against city militia and retainers who saw fit to put him into his place, but overal he prevailed.

As time passed, he realized no one was going to help him build his boat, unless he gave them something back until one day, his quartermaster, Furky (Furin) suggested he should rebuild a harbour in the ring 97 and he thought this could actually work. He started coming up with a project and assembling a crew to fulfill this vision. A place of neutrality, away from the wards law and tyranical grasp. He teamed up with a lot of perculiar characters, with different agendas, but all ended up joining forces for the vision he had was broad and woul have proved very fruitful to all should it be completed. Managing to reach 18 direct players on this Hub/faction and a lot of indirect helpers and supporters. In all our initiatives, plots, raising gold, trash, fishing competitions, we've involved exactly 54 characters in getting stuff done. It was awesome.

Going to take some time off EfU, its going to be hard for me, since I love questing and quest trains, but this concept was so intensive and demanded so much of me, I think I need a break. I should be back next year, in january or february with another concept. Thanks for everyone who put up with me and helped me on this. All good friends, both PC and DMs, OOCly and ICly I've made in this concept. It was a blast gaming with you in this PC and I look forward to our next ones.

He lived a really wacky life, adopting and nursing a goblin, which then grew up and came to visit him. He also adopted a PC girl Bulma, that became a kobold later on, which was amazing.

Took a lot of folks on fishing trips around the City, giving them uniforms so they look like proper sailors.

Happy days, after 1 billion years, my first app passed on EfU ever. I truly hate apping.

This was right after we launched the Harbour.

One of his many meetings with his leaderships of Swaddle Point Harbour, couple folks missing.

Peak performance, the fact I always play 1-death-only pcs allowed me to become this sort of dude.

Then came the DM events tuned up to keep me humble, nice cool deaths though.

TOOT TOOT... Some people's going to miss the train. Was aiming to reach 100 Orc, 50 on each sheppernine, 25 orog, 25 ogre bog, but that didn't happen.

In the end he got his fishing trip, with the crew he was given to be his throughout eternity.

DM Lewd.
This one was so bad, I chose to turn it into an offering to Pitter Petter in order to get a Trash Boat. RIP

Sea Wolf, his Falchion. Real OP on questing, if you ask me.

The Seal of Harbourmaster, whoever holds this is the rightful ruler of Swaddle Point Harbour


Notices and Bulletins / The Swaddle Point Harbour Code and Announcements
« on: November 26, 2021, 11:21:20 PM »
The Swaddle Point Harbour Code
Let all who walk the City of Rings know the Code of the Sailor and respect it

1. Neutrality. The Swaddle Point Harbour is a neutral ground. No differences, no violence, no bounties, no blood feuds are to be settled here, break this rule and lose a hand to never harm anyone again;

2. Parley. Parley is true and honored and if broken by those who called for it or those who accepted it, the violator shall lose the tongue to never parley again;

3. Occultism-ban. Dead-raising, Dead-walking, Vampirism, Hellism, Demonism and Shadow-weaving have no place amidst our own. Practice said craft within our domains and be blinded by noontide to never see again;

4. Trade. All businesses and trades are welcome in Swaddle Point Harbour and a mans business is his own, your right to privacy is guaranteed;

5. Heterogeneity. Men, dwarven-gremlins, garden-gnomes, children-halflings, halfbred-orcs, feminine-elves, their mixtures, and all NON MONSTER races who enter our domains and follow the code are welcome in it. Those who violate it, shall be banished to never have shelter again;

6. Mutiny-bane. You who commit treason, espionage, harm or sabotage to the Swaddle Point Harbour shall be sentenced to marooning to never be seen again;

7. Fuck Gwendli Bent. Ward off the bad luck, destroy his effigies or punch his priests to never be tripped by ill fate again;

8. Warfare. Only the Admiral of Swaddle Point Harbour can call upon war;

Notices and Bulletins / The Swaddle Point Harbour Sailor's Jeer Competition
« on: November 21, 2021, 12:19:45 PM »
Alright, you sons of bitches, it is I, Admiral Erschel Byron, your most royal conqueror of the Ringed Seas, with an important announcement.

As the building of Swaddle Point Harbour progresses, we shall be having a magnificent lordly contest at our domains, amidst nails, splinters, construction material, all very safe for children and the likes.

I hereby declare that within the next fortnight, all shall meet and feast by the shores of my domains to partake in the First Swaddle Point Harbour's Sailors Jeer Competition. A night of the best fucking insults you have ever seen or given, an opportunity to talk shit about your swore enemies to their face and watch them lose their temper before you and then settle the matter with a good brawling, one on one.

Your offences and slanders shall be evaluated by a most professional board of sailors who shall judge and provide you with benefits or penalties based on your performance for when its time to BRAWL, so sharpen your tongues, prepare your best materials.

May the BEST DENEGRATOR PREVAIL, so I declare!

"But, oh, great Admiral, do I stand to win anything on this great royalty event?"
Yes. Prizes of gold await the top three contenders and a special prize to the one who takes the first place.

"How do I sign in?"
Donate at least 250 groats to the continued effort of the Rebuilding of the Swaddle Point Harbour and you're signed in. Not only you get to partake, but also can compete, eat and drink all on our expenses.

OOC: Likely running that between December 1st or 3rd.

Quote from: Erschel Byron
Alright ye little shits, ye listen well and ye listen good. I'm the Overlord Captain of the Old Harbour from now on. My crew and I are going to rebuild that shit to a glorious shape!

I'll need me stumpy fucking dwarves to work the stone and metals. I'll need bastard tinkerers to make me siege weapons. I'll need woodworkers to work the vessels and cranes. I'll need WHORES for we will be in heat.

And I need healers to take the sickness we get from the whores we consume. So ye, if ye want to get involved, ye come to Ol'Erschel Byron, yer soon to be father and yer captain.

General Discussion / [Tutorial] How to make a colorful PC description
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:28:34 PM »
Thought I'd share this here, since I get asked every now and then how I do it.

Step 1: Login to EFUSL:Characters > [Name of the Character];

Step 2: Navigate to "Description" menu;

Step 3: Type in your PC description, and whichever word(s) you wish to change the color, assign a token that you can copy from here - **Important, some colors may not work, so you need to test it out. Also, all colors need the </c> after the text you want colored too.**

Step 4: Hit save, while your PC is logged out.

This is a sample description with gold and teal colors:
Code: [Select]
You see a nice kobold. He wears a <cP>golden muzzle</c> and <c >teal pantalones</c> .
By doing that you should get a description like this:
You see a nice kobold. He wears a golden muzzle and teal pantalones .

Notices and Bulletins / [Glitt's Lightbringer Prophet proclamation]
« on: September 19, 2021, 01:28:00 AM »
Quote from: A few days before the Raid of the 92nd Ring
After the words of Count Senuspur, poetic and filled with well placed words, I beseech you to listen to one who has seen his work's consequences.

For those in the Deep Rings already know, but those in the outer may be caught off-guard, for each time the Drill, The Rubies and the Count strike upon wall and ringdoor...

It allows the Nothing to breach through mists and containments to weaken the King, for the Count to strike upon him. Much like what transpired in Ticker Square...

Where men and women fought only to weaken a Dragon which the Count's men would not fight to conquer themselves - as it was the Knave way. The Nothing is his weapon, not his enemy.

A weapon who was set unleashed after the Great Lighthouse of the Deep Rings was snuffed out. Do not believe him to care. He wishes for the Crown. And he will destroy anything in its path to have it. Even yourself.

Quote from: After the Raid on the 92nd Ring
Now you understand why Lord Bernard Glitt saw fit not to aid Count Senuspur. Now you understand why I warned many times over that to fight the mists was a mistake.

In my battle against the Nothing I saw both sides, I saw what they truly wish to accomplish. The Nothing is the Count's weapon against our leal King.

To turn our back on the King is to allow death, despair and the Nothing in. As a Glittsman and a Chosen who has seen the Darkness and the Light, I say we fight it the right way.

We commend Symmone of Moonspear who did not falter in striking against the evil the Oathsworn-to-Shade Malik and his personal agenda of destruction.

Let it be known that this fight is not over, do not give in to despair. The Nothing can still be stopped, I have seen it in my visions. Those who would fight it true, are welcome to seek us.

Correspondence / Correspondence: Baron Benedikt von Hundertwasser
« on: September 14, 2021, 10:34:49 PM »
Esteemed Baron Benedikt von Hundertwasser,

We extend an invitation for a night of refreshments and delicacies at House Glitt to discuss matters pertaining Little Ticker, the laws of the Ward and next steps for you and yours.

Please, bring your most trusted advisors to join you in this friendly discussion, should you wish. We look forward to meet you in person once more.

Bjan Marinkovic,
Liason and spokesman to House Glitt
In service to Lord Bernard and Lady Mairead

//OOC: Feel free to hit me up on discord so we can schedule this. DS#6969

Bug Reports / Royal Puzzler's Cap cannot be given as prestigious token
« on: September 14, 2021, 12:24:24 PM »
For some reason the prestigious item cannot be donated to a House's coffer.

Suggestions / Snake-Charmer Suggestions
« on: September 09, 2021, 11:52:52 AM »
- Make summon I become Summon II at level 1, the snakes are really really bad both AC/Damage wise, and even worse HP wise , at least the II circle ones have more HP so they are tiny bit more durable;
- At each rest, create 1 random snake poison, at level 5;
- Make buffs spells when cast upon other characters who have taken Snakes Blood feat to be either extended, empowered or maximized at level 8. Snakes blood is a 1st level feat only that gives a nice roleplay-IC reason for snake charmer spells to be stronger or more effective on those.

Bug Reports / Snake Charmer Spells do not cause/inflict poison
« on: September 06, 2021, 02:30:19 PM »
Melf's acid arrow does not inflict or makes a check for poison at creatures as it states on the Wiki.

Upon reaching level 5 and using the snake summons, their attack didn't heal them, nor did healed the sorcerer.

The expected outcome should be, according to the wiki:
- When a summoned snake damages non-PC enemies, the snake is healed by 1d4 points
- When a summoned snake damages non-PC enemies, the sorcerer is also healed by 1d4 points

Notices and Bulletins / The Greenskin Slayer Competition
« on: February 17, 2021, 02:29:12 PM »
The Fellowship of the Cornucopia is starting from this day on a competition for goblin slayers all across the rings, for the glory and grace of Yondalla and the sport that is Goblin Hunting.

At each week, you may turn in your bounties of Goblin slaying, like goblin artifacts, trophies, heads and scalps in return for points.
By the end of it, the one with the biggest points gets 1.000 groats, and becomes Greenskin Slayer of the Week.
After that, the score resets, and the challenge starts all over again, until there are no more goblins in the City of Rings.

How do I turn bounties for points?
Find Emmet Everjoy of the Fellowship of the Cornucopia at the Flagon or whispers.

Points Table Equivalency
- Mundane goblin artifacts, 5 points.
- Goblin Fertility Idols, 25 points.
- Artifacts of N'gog or Ozod, between 50 to 100 points.
- Special artifacts of Goblins ((Goblin DM Loot or Unique Drops)), between 100 to 1.000 points.
- Head of a goblin hero ((PC-Only)), between 100 to 1.000 points.

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