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Advertising Litter / Relics of Darkness and Knowledge sought
« on: January 03, 2020, 08:51:01 PM »
Interested in any and all relics attuned to the divine spheres of Darkness, Knowledge, or both.

Prices can be negotiated, deals can be made.

- Gloomgazer Kaliban Malkiel

Advertising Litter / Draughts of Dark
« on: November 24, 2019, 07:39:48 AM »
An invitation for all you denizens of this city. Potions, draughts and elixirs of various purpose, imbued with divine essence of the Dark. Seek I, Gloomgazer Kaliban Malkiel, via whisper or word either spoken or written. For a price the Murky blessing shall be yours.


Minor rejuvenating essence of Dark. For minor injuries. 10 groats

Light  rejuvenating essence of Dark. For light but bothersome injuries. 20 groats

Moderate rejuvenating essence of Dark. For injuries that affect one's prowess. 50 groats

Serious  rejuvenating essence of Dark. For serious injuries with possibly fatal consequences. 85 groats


Strength of dark-dwelling creature. To enhance one's brawn. 95 groats

Endurance of Everblack. To withstand the trials of the Rings. 95 groats

Shadow's cunning. To maneuver around various challenges. 95 groats

Hidden beauty. Let the Dark show your true self. 95 groats

Tenebrous wisdom. Revelations in the Dark to guide you 95 groats

Gloomy blessing-in-a-bottle. A bottled blessing for combat. 50 groats

Darkwrought favor of divinity. A warrior's helping hand against tough foes. 50 groats

Aid of the Aphotic. Assistance from the Murk when you need it. 160 groats


Darkened resistance. A minor boost to one's natural capabilities. 60 groats

Fear not the Dark. Dark is your friend, and you have nothing to fear.  50 groats

Polarizing Gloom. No undead-hunter should go without it. 210 groats

Shield of Darkness. Added protection to your armour. 50 groats

Shadowy shielding. Protection from missiles. 50 groats

Clarity of Darkness. Only Darkness can grant you clarity of mind to resist mind-bending magic. 100 groats

Stygian protection from morals. Hold on to your vocation and resist temptation. 50 groats

Dark's enduring embrace from the elements. Protects against weather conditions. 50 groats

Dark's resisting embrace from the elements. Protects against a flaming sword multiple times. 95 groats

Dark's protective embrace from the elements. Protects from a goblin shaman's fireball. 150 groats


Dim draught of restoration. To restore lost essence. 160 groats

Inky elixir of curse-removal. Be rid of the curse that ails you. 210 groats

Inky elixir of blindness-removal. One CAN see in the Dark. 210 groats

Inky elixir of deafness-removal. Hear the whispers again. 210 groats

Inky elixir of disease-removal. An all-around curative. 150 groats

Knowledge and Vision:

Darksight. perfect vision in the Dark for the unitiated. 95 groats

Whispers in the Dark. Listen to the whispers and they will tell you the runes on your found treasure. 100 groats

Path of Gloom. Walk swiftly and with purpose, fearing no hidden traps. 110 groats

Peace of Darkness. Will assist you in seeing the hidden and hearing the skulking. 210 groats

The Darkness welcomes you with open arms. Welcome home.

Correspondence / Letter to Calvin Winter
« on: September 18, 2019, 11:22:50 PM »

I am unable to attend your meeting. It is difficult to return from the ninety-fourth alone as there are lizard patrols all over in the swamps of ninety-five. I have urged other members to take up the responsibility and show up,  but to be honest I would not hold my breath on that.

Who knows, maybe the Foreman will make an appearance and speak for us. But, in case the Stonebuilders are not represented, I ask you to send me the key points of the meeting when it is over, provided you  reach some manner of accord on how to thwart the threat. I will make sure such plans are known amongst us, and will do my part in the defense, personally.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Correspondence / Letter to Mairead Glitt
« on: September 07, 2019, 03:45:50 PM »
To Mairead Glitt of house Glitt,

Greetings. I was given the impression you had approached the Worshipful Guild of Stonebuilders with the possibility of a contract to repair your hall in the Peerage ward.

If this is true and still holds merit, send word of a time for a meeting and I shall arrive to inspect the premises.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Correspondence / Letter to brothers Winter
« on: August 20, 2019, 05:09:57 AM »
Brothers Winter,

I have done some calculations and can now offer you some preliminary sums pertaining to your requests.

For the church reconstruction you are looking at a sum between twenty thousand and forty thousand groats, depending on the size of the overhaul. Whether it will be only the interior, or the exterior as well. The amount of detail for the work affects the price as well, such as pillars and various carvings or patterned tilework for the floor.

The fountain comes up to between eight thousand and ten thousand groats depending on how many hours go into designing and sculpting a suitable statue.

For the third request, that of guarding and escorting, you are looking at paying a single stationary guard fifty groats per shift, sixty for night shift. A shift lasts eight bells. For escorting, a suitable portion of spoils found, either for their monetary or utilitarian use. On top of that, a sum of two hundred to three hundred groats depending on the length of the destination.

Let me know how you wish to proceed.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Correspondence / Letter to High Thaumaturge Courtenay
« on: August 18, 2019, 02:05:28 AM »
To High Thaumaturge Courtenay,

Official greetings from the Worshipful Guild of Stonebuilders. I write to you on account of a previous inquiry made by the late Dame Eryeth Cotte regarding reparations to your Refuge. While I am not privy to every detail, the accounts state strong blasts of magic caused parts of the ceiling and walls to come down. Dame Cotte wished to see the damages repaired. Unfortunately politics within both Ticker Square and your Refuge and ward at large made engaging in any serious negotiations nigh impossible at the time.

However, situations change, and I send you this letter to reopen the negotiations. You may already have seen adverts of our Guild carried with the wind in your ward. I do not write this to be smug, but I believe your Refuge has not been restored by other hands in the meantime. None are capable of such save the Stonebuilders.

I look forward to your response so we can begin working towards a contract to see the Refuge repaired to its former glory, by the hands of eager , talented craftsmen.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Advertising Litter / The Worshipful Guild of Stonebuilders
« on: August 17, 2019, 03:09:44 AM »
*These posters appear throughout Ring 99*

The Worshipful Guild of Stonebuilders is now up for hire!

Guild capabilities include:

- Stonework: construction, reparation, safety and stability assessment, sculpture, architectural designs.

- Guarding: escort, patrol, sentry and so on.

All work is undertaken by experienced professionals in aforementioned fields. We offer a reliable and honorable service of quality. No individuals of ill repute or questionable methods within our ranks, no work done for individuals of questionable character. Fair work for fair pay, by fair workers to fair contractors.

We can be hired for both continuous and singular contracts depending on your needs. Compensation will be settled on a case by case basis depending on the work in question and on the length of the contract.

Inquiries should be sent directly to the Guild.

Correspondence / Letter to Beodda
« on: August 15, 2019, 11:27:46 PM »

Reckon we could use a proper sit-down and talk about some things. Stonebuilders are still looking for respectable work, so I'm interested in the long-term goals of your Barber's Guild and how we may fit in them in terms of contractual work.

- Deeprune

Correspondence / Letter to Foreman Thomas / DM
« on: August 11, 2019, 11:33:07 PM »

It's been a good while now since we lost the Ticker contract for guarding the square. I know it came as a shock to some of us, mainly those who'd grown accustomed to a steady work and steady pay. But we need to pick up the working gloves again and begin by rebuilding our future. We are at risk of falling into a permanent state of lethargy.

I know some have left after we lost the contract, seeking work elsewhere, but there's a good handful of us still left. And we need leadership now, more than ever, so we can find a path that suits us all. It's easy enough to find an odd job or two, individually, to keep some groats in the pocket. But this isn't about something small on the side. It's about the entirety of our guild.

Now we have the freedom to choose our future path, be it masonry, mercenary work or something else entirely. The only thing stopping us right now is ourselves. I suggest we hold a meeting with all members in attendance and see where we wish to take this guild.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Correspondence / Dame Eryeth
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:11:42 PM »
To Dame Eryeth of Nephezar,

I shall begin this letter with an explanation. Not too long ago there was an incursion in ring 99 which was referred to by some as an attempt by Nothingness to gain a foothold in the ring. I myself was not present for the event, but heard the whispers in my Ear while deeper in the rings. I have not come across this apparent foe before, nor do I hold any knowledge of it. Needless to say, those with knowledge of any substance on the matter seem few, and what little I have managed to glean equals, I believe, hearsay and rumors. And so I am trying to grasp at water with my bare hands.

I do not know you, but I know of you. And I doubt you know anything of me, though I have ventured occasionally with some retainers of your house. Perhaps this gap in knowledge could be filled as well, for I request a meeting to discuss this Nothing's threat in detail. What it is, where it comes and what it wants among other things. It disturbs me greatly, to know of such a vast threat, yet there is no mention of it on the tongues of locals, no posters, warnings or a large, concerted effort.

If a reply is to be made, it can be sent to the Stonebuilder's Guild.


Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Notices and Bulletins / Seeking: Exotic Swords
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:08:55 PM »
I am searching for swords of exotic design. The blade of this type of sword is slightly curved, long enough for one to wield it with both hands, yet not uncomfortable for one-handed fighting, if one possesses the skill. Likewise the handle is long enough to allow for a two-handed grip. A further feature of these blades is a circular or square-cut guard at the base of the blade. In some regions they are called katanas.

These swords are rare in this city, I know. I shall eagerly see any and all such swords on offer, barring those of a guardless, heavier blade design called shaskas, as I already carry one of those.

- Stonebuilder Azhalgarm Deeprune

Yup, there we go. Wine bottles can breathe a little easier now.  He died yesterday doing some things on his own, which I'll get to later on.

Honestly, since he wasn't a prime mover, or mover of any kind, I originally didn't think to even make an obituary. But, when he left Velstra and I made the channel removal request on Discord, I was kind of surprised how many people started sending me hasty messages asking if he's died. For some reason he seemed to have a form of cult following. Go figure.

What to say...

I basically started him out with a very minimal concept in mind, because the setting was new and just out of the oven, so I thought locking things down too tight might damage the character during the early days. I knew I wanted to make a Dream Eater. For some spice I wanted him to be slightly foppish, aloof but cordially social. And when it really came down to it, extremely selfish, though he seemed very magnanimous and generous(e). It was usually an easy way to make 'friends', though he didn't have any as far as he was concerned. And while he probably was all that, very early on he evolved/devolved into a full-blown psychopath. He really didn't give a rat's ass about anyone unless he deemed them somehow useful to him. I made no efforts to hide this character trait, but at least 9/10 people just didn't notice. Could've been the wine.

Originally the Dream Eater perk was supposed to be some flair on the side, something mystical he can do. I guess it was the Ordo Arcanum association that made it the focus, instead, and turned his attention more towards that part of him. Hence the weird books. Shame, didn't get around to completing the set with the third volume. I also had some actual in-game research and testing stuff lined up as soon as my vacation was over, that likely would have killed him as well.

Okay, then. I have some very, very random screenshots, and not many at that. But he did have one bit of custom DM loota-bitz and that's always a good reason to make obituaries, since a lot of work goes into these items:

The coil was a very prized item of his, as it gave him all the nightmares he could want. Everyone always thought he wad addicted to wine, but that was just a pastime. Nightmares were his real addiction, always.

He also had a good amulet. It's not DM loot as far as I know, he bought it from Varthan rather early on, and I've never seen another being sold, since:

Despite appearing to be a useless sop (and looking at it factionally, he was) he did meet with people to discuss things. He only ever sent two or three letters and made one whisper. He preferred to 'ambush his targets' in the streets, ask to talk.

He also took part in some silly research:

And occasionally stumbled onto various scenes:

Gardening and herbalism were some of his favorite things to do along the side of his nightmare research. And it would be those things that ultimately led him to leave Velstra completely:

And herbalism continued despite no longer having access to a  secure gardening zone (And sometimes there were some system hiccups):

He was also quick to make new associations after leaving the Peerage entirely:

And, finally... the thing that ended him. I always knew it'd be his own research that killed him eventually. Just didn't think it'd come in the form of grinding paste out of plants.

Slowly bleeding away. If only there was a friend nearby now, to help.

The end. I know, he didn't have to die, just press respawn and keep going. Thing is, quite a while ago I made a promise to myself that the next time he died, no matter the reason (save because of a bug) then he'd die permanently. He had a long run after all. And not every character can go out with a bang, especially the kind he was, always in the background, tending to his own business. And the way that death happened was pretty ironic. He survived so many openly hostile situations in the Peerage, tough combat situations, failed Arcanum rituals, homicidal characters and Ticker hate. But he didn't survive against himself.

I liked him as a background character and think I succeeded in that. People knew who he was, but never viewed him as a threat so he could prance about pretty freely, even up to the point of doing some stupid things because he did only have 10 wisdom in the end, so the occasional slip-up was allowed.

Anyway, unfortunately for you lot, I'm not going anywhere, taking a break or stuff. I'll be alting around in peace and quiet, feeling out the concepts and builds before I settle on the next one. Or I might jump in the bandwagon if someone's got a group or duo concept in the works.

Correspondence / Letter to Adrian Winespill
« on: April 29, 2019, 11:26:52 PM »

By the time you receive this letter, I will have handed in my resignation of retainership via returning my livery, as well as the ever-important key. I left them in the storage chest so they can be repurposed. Worry not, I made sure the fence door was locked after me. I have also cleared the Lord Norbert's garden of any plants I personally planted, so none may say I left it to run wild.

I suppose I need not say more in this letter and ought to keep it short, precise and clean. However, I have witnessed retainers coming and going for quite some time now and am very much aware of the concerns that ensue when such transpires. And I know you to be curious enough a person, unable to resist reading on. So I shall take a little more of your time.

You were correct in stating that I am a selfish man whose loyalties lie with himself, first and foremost. I did what I could during the earlier days of my Velstra family. New retainers kept being sworn in, politics seemed to be well in hand, and so I thought to focus on my own discoveries. Too many chefs spoil the broth, as they say. And, in truth, I was never one to draw attention to myself. On the contrary. You have the blood of Velstra in you, thus your loyalties are on a completely different level than mine, being merely hired help. I know not what blood runs in my veins, but such is part of what I intend to find out.

The reputation of Velstra as a house of cultivation for art, literature, magic et cetera was what drove me to become a retainer. Here, I thought. Here I may engage in my studies and, later on when they bear proper fruit, share them with my appreciative hosts. Alas, it was only a fantasy. Strength of arms and the cultivation of such seems to be what matters most. I pity the poet or the philosopher who enters into service, should they be of poor martial talent. Yet I kept at my studies nonetheless, in relative peace and quiet. I could shrug off the mocking, demeaning commentary of being useless. I know myself and my capabilities better than anyone else. Alas, this latest issue with the Lord's garden woke me from my slumber, so to speak. Why should I keep soldiering on when it all is seen as so worthless that my every attempt at something is not only mocked, but opposed.  I could never stand direct opposition to my interests, a trait most of us, I believe, share. Only an utter fool continues to do things over and over again, in similar fashion, expecting different results. And I am oh so tired of wearing the jester's hat. And so it is best, I believe, to walk away quietly, without fanfare and a host of whispers, to continue my work in solace, elsewhere.

Naturally, I have no inclination or interest in causing harm to house Velstra. Indeed, my leaving the house might bring that much more unity into the group of retainers. Therefore, anything within the War of Whispers, or said elsewhere in my presence, stays with house Velstra. I know at this point you are thinking “Yes, but what of that issue with Errilam and the Ordo Arcanum?”. Well, I shall refer to my earlier statement regarding direct opposition. I did not wish to do so, but he forced my hand after not listening to reason. But no more on that, you have all made up your minds on that matter, and there is little I can do now to change that. And it is somewhat besides the point.

You also need not occupy your mind with thoughts of vengeance from me. I depart the Vale not in anger, but in disappointment and sadness. You may continue to engage in Ring-wide political meetings, merrymaking and Dispensary battles without me seeking to foil your plans or take your lives. Such is very tedious and I have no interest in it.

I visited the Royal Archivist on my out, and annulled my citizenship through him. I feel it best for all I not remain a part of the Peerage. Though I shall miss the ambiance. I also did so because I shall not enter the service of another house. I received many an invitation to do so during my time in Velstra, some very recently, even. Some perhaps were only because of information, others because of numerical advantage. Though some professed to seeing value in me as I am. Regardless, I politely declined each time. And I have come to the conclusion that any house will only stall those interests of mine. Where I go I know not, in truth. Ticker Square seems rather volatile, once again. And the Ponds... 'tis the Ponds, no?

Lastly, why have I gone on such a long, tiresome tirade of a letter? Because I do owe that much to you, personally. To settle this properly instead of me walking away without a word. You did stand up for me with the Arcanum matter, and I do not forget such. Though perhaps now you wish you had not. I also spoke with someone important to you, at one time, of Velstra and its retainers. And, indeed, she convinced me of something. That you strive for the virtues of chivalry, and are not a “bad man” as they say. I have seen evidence of such afterwards. Not that I am the person to validate anyone's character. And so, I direct this letter to you, out of respect, to do with as you please. I am certain I need not begin listing the various options you have at your disposal at this point.

It is very likely that I shall be met with lethal hostilities, should I ever come across a host of Velstra within the Commons, or elsewhere. Or perhaps, one day soon, I shall see but the shadow of Magnus' axe afore I see nothing more. Still, I wish you all well in your endeavours, and best of luck in the upcoming tournament. And a long life to the Historical Society.

~~ Umbertino

P.S. Finding a skilled gardener for Lord Norbert's special Snakegrass herbs is something to look into. They do require special care.

Books and Publications of the City / Nightmares of the Nightmarers
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:14:17 PM »
Nightmares of the Nightmarers
Nightmare Magus


Throughout history many a voice has uttered the words “There is power in dreams” to emphasise the importance of dreams. I would further venerate the sheer power, through effect, of nightmares.

Let us consider, for a moment, just how important we deem nightmares to be. We shall begin with language and words. The plural 'dreams' is a word meant to encompass the entirety of the dreaming spectrum. All manner of dreams. Yet we have a word specifically designed to note dreams of horrific, terrible and disturbing content. Nightmare, plural nightmares. Note there is no such word for dreams of particularly joyful and enjoyable content. These we simply call 'good dreams'. Even dreams of mildly unsettling content we merely dub 'bad dreams'. But nightmares are something else entirely. If a dreamer is one who dreams, then I shall bring to life another word for one who sees the beauty of nightmares as they close their eyes: Nightmarer.

Nightmares reveal our deepest fears, and our own darkest thoughts and desires, those we would rather bury and not come face to face with. They define us. A splendid, good dream would reveal to us what we wish to become. But a dreadful nightmare reveals what we are.

With that in mind, in this two-part volume I shall explain the nature of nightmares through various entities in existence, and how some of these entities are forever denied true knowledge of the depths of them. What manner of entities stand tallest of them all. Who are the true nightmarers.


1. Those that Nightmare Not

To begin with, there are entities – poor, pitiful entities, I might add – that are bereft of the gift of experiencing thrilling, exciting nightmares. These entities are either mere mindless creations of others, such as undead minions and constructs, or entities that, while beings considered to be living, possess not the capacity of mind for enough sentience, self-awareness and subjectivity of regard, to dream. Likewise their physique or corporeal form may be such that it denies them the realm of dreams. Entities such as these include various elementals, oozes and insectoids.

As an example, let us consider a common verminous insectoid, the spider. The spider is a living entity, requiring air to breathe and nourishment to eat. When injured, it feels pain. It is a cautious and calculative predator. When on the hunt, the spider is always alert and focused, ready to kill. Yet one can never find the spider in a mode of leisure, lounging and enjoying the finer points of existence. Some researchers suggest that the spider rests by remaining still, during which its bodily functions slow down to conserve strength. Even this it does to simply wait for a more opportune time to begin its hunt.

So, those that are created via magic and craft in a mimicry of life, dream not for they have no mind and no soul to dream. Beings born of elemental forces, while arguably considered to be living entities, are mere coalescences of raw elemental energy, and energy does not dream. Those that do hold within them a mind and a soul, may only contain such in the most primitive, one-sided function possible, enabling them to find nourishment and to procreate. The existence of these entities is solely focused on these two factors, thus it is not in their nature, design, or indeed in their interest, to properly sleep, and dream.

2. Limited Nightmarers

This chapter delves into the nature of those entities which can experience nightmares, although in a somewhat limited fashion. Intelligent, self-aware creatures such as various animals and similar planar entities are fully capable of experiencing nightmares. These nightmares are, however, limited in scope and content.

An animal such as a rat, or a dog, while being subjectively aware of their own selves via such things as emotions and desires, is chained to a life of the very same subjectivity. By this I mean the creature in question only experiences the world through their own eyes. They are incapable of such methods as the proverbial act of 'stepping into someone else's shoes'.

This, shall we say forced subjectivity, has a tremendous effect on the nightmares of these lesser living entities. Firstly, all nightmares are experienced from a subjective point of view, meaning the nightmare is seen through one's own eyes, as it were, like gazing upon any other scene. The creature experiencing the nightmare is always at the very centre of the nightmare. Being at the centre of the nightmare means the dreaming creature is the sole focus of the nightmare, the sole target for all the nightmare content. In other words, everything that happens in the nightmare, happens to the nightmarer itself, directly.

The content itself is likewise limited in scope. A rat, for example, would only experience nightmares of very real, physical threats, such as being chased by a predator intent on a kill. Scenery for such nightmares is also very lackluster, only containing known, real locations, such as common areas where it looks for food, or its own lair. A rat's, or any other animal's, nightmare does not contain such facets as shapeless, formless, nigh existential terrors, seeing one's loved ones dying, or falling indefinitely, for example.

These poor creatures can never experience the true height and power of a fully developed nightmare.


3. The true nightmarer

As has become apparent in part I of this book, not all existing entities are bequeathed with the gift of nightmares. Only a higher mind capable of self-reflection, long-term memory, intuition, hindsight, ambitions, desires,  so on and so forth, can experience the true substance of nightmares. Most so-called humanoid races belong in this category. Where there is language, culture and tradition, there is also higher thought and therefore true nightmarers. Individuals. Persons, if you will.

From this category we must exclude races which, while compatible by the above definition, due to their physical and mental structure, are incapable of experiencing the basic act of 'sleep' which serves as the primary catalyst for all nightmares. Elves are a fine example of such a race. While culturally rich and exhibiting all other features common to a race of higher thought, Elves do not sleep in the sense most others do. Their reverie is akin to a form of meditation, unfit for nightmares to take root.

How, then, does a true nightmarer experience their nightmares? The basic experience is very similar to that of creatures with limited nightmares. However, a nightmarer can draw from a far vaster array of content, thanks to the capabilities of their higher thought.

To begin with, a person need not experience their nightmare from a subjective, seen-through-the-eyes way lesser creatures do. If one possesses a memory of oneself seen from the outside say, via a mirror, it is entirely possible for the person to inhabit the space of an unseen observer within a nightmare. What this essentially means is the person experiencing the nightmare can see the events happening to one's physical imitation from the outside, through another's eyes, disembodied. In most cases such a nightmare fluidly and seamlessly combines the horror of being a disembodied witness to something terrible happening to oneself (an experience we all otherwise lack) while simultaneously going through all the physical and mental trauma.

Relating to this, it is also entirely possible for a person to experience larger events which completely remove the self from the nightmare, such as a giant wave crashing into a city, drowning everything under it. These vision-like nightmares are also disembodied experiences, but as they lack the physical manifestation of the self, there are no traumas to associate with. Various divinations, precognitions and visions act in a similar manner to these nightmares.

Further disembodied nightmares are such where one witnesses ill things transpiring to others. Since the self need not be the focus of a nightmare, other individuals can be. Friends drowned at sea. Loved ones eaten alive by ghouls. A hated foe slaughtering innocents.   

The nightmares of a true nightmarer can also contain truly bizarre elements such as shapes, creatures and events the likes of which the person has neither had any contact with in the waking world, nor possessed any prior knowledge of, often times in fantastical proportions. Yet some of these are in fact very real and as one retells the previous night's horrors to another, they may, in turn, recognize some of the things described. And so there appears to be nightmare content that transcends subjective experience altogether. But that is the realm of other topics.


The reader ought to, by now, be more familiar with the hierarchy of entities when it comes to nightmares. Only the last, third group are capable of experiencing the full beauty and power of horrific nightmares, thus earning themselves the mantle of nightmarer. Lesser entities are either completely denied, or but grasp at the very edges of, this wondrous gift. Perhaps the reader, no doubt a nightmarer themselves, will also come to appreciate the intricacies that shape their nightly terrors. There are secrets and untold power in each and every nightmare for those who see them for what they truly are.

Correspondence / A package with a letter to the White Wizard / DM
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:28:29 PM »
A wrapped parcel is sent to the White Wizard, along with a letter, which reads:

To the Esteemed Individual known as the White Wizard,

Salutations. Enclosed in this parcel you will find three books written by members of the Ordo Arcanum. The volumes have been published, so far, as singular copies only.

True Face of Luck in the City of Rings ((

Discoveries on Nightmare Magic ((

The Dreaded Planar Sickness, The Planar Adventurers Ultimate Challenge ((

I do understand if your generous offer no longer stands, as time has flown aplenty since your appearance during the very first convocation of the Ordo. Much has transpired since, as you are no doubt aware, that has very much hindered the research of one and all. However, I am certain you are the kind of man who also understands that proper research takes time and dedication, the fruits of which you now have in your possession.

I look forward to hearing from you, regardless of your answer.

~~ Umbertino
Magus of the Ordo Arcanum
Retainer of Velstra

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