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Correspondence / To Edmund Klenthel
« on: August 12, 2020, 09:42:57 PM »

I'll be representing Glitt in the next Peerage Council. If for some reason I'm not available, anyone currently not on duty will do so. There's no set second.

- Veteran Grayson Pilkins

Correspondence / Letter to house Sunpurse
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:52:23 PM »

I send you this letter on behalf of house Glitt to bring up issues we deem to be of great importance. Those of debts, slavery and writs of murder. Therefore, house Glitt wants to propose some new laws, meaning a Council needs to be called. As Sunpurse is the preciding Bannerhouse, I will leave the declaration of calling for Council to You. Glitt will do the summons if necessary, of course. I take it a week from now is not too swift.

I am not one for words, so I have attached a copy of the motions along with this letter, for viewing. The point is not to discuss changes before the Council. Any and all changes, suggestions and objections should be voiced around the table. That is what it is for.

On behalf of house Glitt,

Veteran Grayson Pilkins

Freedom Of Involuntary Servitude Act
At the passing of this act, neither slavery nor any form of involuntary servitude shall be allowed, or exist in the domain of the Peerage, or any of its wards. Should any individual be found breaking this act, a tax of one hundred thousand groats shall be levied upon them and their estate. They will forfeit any materials, or wealth gained using the labor of slaves or debtors, to those who labored for it. If they are unable to pay the tax, they will be put to death.

Dismantling of Inherited Debt, Revision One
At the passing of this act, no more shall any kin or kith, inherit the debt of a family member within the Domain of the Peerage and its wards. The debt shall now die with the holder of it. Should any creditor be found breaking this act, they will be paraded in Ticker Square, and placed in the stocks for two nights and days. Given bread and water by the Blackjacks, then released. The sum of what they gained from unlawful debt payment, shall be paid back to the debtor. And an additional five hundred groat shall be levied for the payment of Blackjacks. If they are unable to pay this additional levy, a number of items equal to the sum will be taken and sold.

Abolishment of the “Assassin” Guild, Revision Two
At the passing of this act, murder is once more illegal and the legality of Writs of Murder, destroyed. No order of death can be placed on a soul by any group aside from the Royal Court, The Houses, and The Guilds of Ticker Square, and only if the subject is a credible threat to the Peerage Ward, and its wards. Should a group, or person be found breaking this act, they will be put to death.

Notices and Bulletins / House Glitt on TTT (Three Ticker Tax)
« on: July 11, 2020, 01:12:34 PM »
Painstakingly written by someone obviously not used to writing official documents, pauses of deep consideration apparent between words.

The Council of Peers recently issued a tax on three Ticker individuals. This may seem cruel and opportunistic to some, considering the state we find this ring in. However, it was decreed these three should be fined due to their lack of loyalty and integrity during the Torc invasion. They switched their loyalties, even fled the ring and declared it doomed. And now that we have victory over the Torc armies, and there is peace, they are back as if nothing ever happened. It is a fitting punishment, to lessen the weight of their purse.

House Glitt knows not what the other Great Houses plan to do with their groats to be gained. Glitt, however, would see our share go back to those most touched by the recent war. People who lost their homes, livelihoods, families. To give them a leg up in a new life. To see damages to the Square rebuilt, if only a little. The men who took their things and left for supposedly greener pastures do not owe their groats to Glitt, but to their fellows they left behind.

We do not, however, share in the bloodthirsty will of some, in executing this tax. The sums are great, and more slain lives or cut-off fingers will not help those in need. Therefore, Glitt is open to negotiations with these three individuals, to see these amounts paid in a reasonable manner.

- Veteran Grayson Pilkins of Glitt

Notices and Bulletins / Glitt announcement in the Peerage
« on: June 06, 2020, 05:04:01 PM »
The following announcement is written on a parchment, hung in the Peerage for all there to see. The penmanship is far from the best, and it is clear the writer is not used to writing down sophisticated words. One can almost see the pause and consideration between each word.

This is a document to discuss the recent troubles in the Ward regarding house Glitt on the subject of Mu Ticker Square and the Copper Torcs.

After the unanimous Council vote on the motion of aid being given to Ticker Square on the condition they agree to the terms of vassalage, Glitt retainers Gunne and Horiksson still went to assist in the defence. To clarify the matter, there was no official word or order given to act as such. These actions did not represent the official stance of house Glitt on the matter.

It can, I believe, be understood why these two did what they did. For the sake of attempting to ensure the lives of mothers and children are not lost in this war. It is what the Glitt Code expects of us. At the same time, the Code expects us to always be truthful in our word. And in this sad situation, deeds did not follow the word given. And so we have come to where we are now.

Milk has been spilled and the remaining stench is there for us all to smell. Repercussions have happened as I knew they would. Duels were held according to tradition, the results of which have been accepted and will not be contested. Death was on the table, but none ate off the platter. For that we are thankful.

We move on.

Veteran Grayson Pilkins of Glitt

Correspondence / Letter to Wakefield
« on: May 24, 2020, 04:49:46 PM »

Think it's about time to start looking into that Glitt business we had a chat about before. I have a feeling it might get real dangerous and ugly, so I reckon we should meet up to talk details in person. Payment and whatnot.

- Retainer Grayson

Bug Reports / Something weird going on with arrows
« on: May 09, 2020, 01:52:07 AM »
So, I've had this happen to me a few times, now. Another PC gives mine a small stack of ice arrows. The ones with the picture of a black shaft and white feathers, doing 1 extra cold damage. But when they transfer over to my inventory, they turn into goblin acid arrows, which do 1 acid damage instead. It's a pretty weird bug, and only seen it happen with these ice arrows.

Correspondence / Letter to Sunpurse
« on: May 02, 2020, 11:19:14 AM »
To house Sunpurse,

As the current house holding the Banner, I request you to call another meeting of the Peerage Council to discuss one main issue. That of the Recondite gnomes and their attacks on our Ward. We need to discuss how to deal with them and how to protect those living in the Ward while doing so.

- Retainer Grayson of Glitt

Notices and Bulletins / Glitt surplus
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:09:25 PM »
House Glitt is selling excess spoils from the rings and seams for a fair price.

Armours and cloaks:

Plate of Young Ice 800 groats

Helmet of Young Ice 300 groats

Age of Night Helmet 300 groats

Age of Night Shroud 300 groats

Leafchain of the Tel'Quessir Keepers 500 groats

Quiver of the Tel'Quessir Keepers 450 groats

Robes of Snow 500 groats

Forktongue Scales 500 groats

Forktongue helmet 250 groats

Splendid Splint Mail 350 groats

Healing banded mail 300 groats

Black Iron breastplate (x2) 350 groats per piece


Fine halberd 700 groats

Restored spear of the old empire 450 groats

Mercenary's arbalest 400 groats

Lesser life reaper 450 groats

Contact retainers of Glitt if interested

Correspondence / Letter to Horatio Fynn
« on: April 26, 2020, 04:01:36 PM »
A letter slowly winds its way through rings and portals, to Horatio. It is somewhat long, painstakingly written by a hand clearly not used to doing much paperwork.


This is going to be a long one. Things will be in it that will probably make you want to toss it away before reading all the way to the end, but I'd suggest you take the time.

I'll start things off by saying the only reason I'm even writing this is because of the recent past between your group and my house. But there's been a real big strain put on that relationship only some days ago now.

You need to hear it all to make any kind of sense, so this is where it began.

I lead a group of Peers towards the trashgull nests so I could gather bait. But we only made it into the Commons. There we came across a herd of wild dogs. Surrounding what seemed to be random passers-by. Too many to count in that instance. It was a queer thing to see, but harmless, so we went to continue on our way. But before we could, one of the dogs turned into a man. A changeling. And he ordered that tithes must be given, in the form of food, for the dogs. Way he said it didn't make it a suggestions or request. You've been to the Peerage plenty, so you know what we had to do in that moment, all of us retainers. Fellow even wore one of them green masks we've been ordered to put down, or face bringing shame to our houses. So we fought. Only, the fellow seemed to command the dogs, because when two of our number went to strike the changeling down, all the dogs turned on us. Most of us fought to clear a path for our frontline to escape. It was then that the mage Marcille of the minor house Sothilde used some fancy magic that took down most of the dogs. And yes, it was bloody carnage. Like any other battlefield. But who knows what that hungry army of dogs would have done if left unchecked.

So we brought the changeling back to the Huntsmaster. He deemed it was Marcille who did most of the work, and would need to put the thing down for good, if she wanted any favor for her house. The changeling was to burn, but it was raining outside. So the Huntsmaster ordered the changeling to be bludgeoned to death instead. I don't think I have to tell you what a gnarly way that is to die, especially in the hands of someone who's not used to even holding a club. But she had to do it, like a soldier of the house she serves must. Soldiers don't get to choose their battles. I told her as much, after.

When it was done, the trip to trashgulls was renewed. All was fine. Afterwards we decided to check in on a seam of Earth accessible through the Crossroads. Marcille heard a whisper on the ears from one of yours called Bloom. She wanted to meet with her about the changeling affair, for some reason. So we entered the seam without her as she went to her meeting. Our trip was rather short, though, and once we returned to the Crossroads, we saw their "meeting" happening right then and there.

Two of your Striders, Bloom and Arnbjorn were meeting with Marcille. So we stopped to watch. But it didn't seem to us to be a situation of asking questions to understand, but more of accusations laid on the girl, why she did what she did. So we stepped in to defend her, with words, urging her to step away from them and towards us. Things were tense but not hostile at the time. But then my fellow retainer Adol spotted another changeling, a dog-like thing with curved knives, stalking behind the Striders. He called out a warning, and we could all sense it was a trap. A set-up. So we turned to run back to the portals and into the Rifts. Everyone else made it but me, getting hit by paralyzing magic from your Bloom. And Adol, faithful as he is, saw that and stayed with me. He was struck down by some soul-sucking magic, while I was left paralyzed to be mauled by assassin vines and the changeling's knives.

As we were bleeding out, slowly, the changeling wanted to maim Adol's face and kill him. But instead we were made to swear oaths to see the blood of another dead changeling washed from our hands by some favor or another. More on that later. After some wringing, Adol swore. I took almost until the end of those few heartbeats they allowed us to ponder. I didn't want to. But there's a certain clarity of thought you get when you're moments away from dying, and I could see the situation for what it really was. Had I refused to swear, I'm sure they would've killed Adol as well, out of spite or lust for blood. I can go to my grave with my own choices, but I can't bring another one with me. Not like that. So I, too, swore.

At this point I need to tell you there's been an awful lot of public whispering about the affair over the ears. My lot defending our own while yours seem real interested in dragging Glitt through the dirt, and lying about the situation. Bloom keeps claiming it was an accident, how she lost her temper when we sought to run from the trap, that it wasn't a trap and all parties just happened to be there at the same time. If that were the case, why only bring us down and leave the changeling free to maim and threaten? Why not bring it down as well, if the aim was to just talk? Had we not arrived there, Marcille would be dead now. Arnbjorn's been real talkative too, but to his credit, he didn't strike at us at the Crossroads. Just watched.

Glitt received a letter from Bloom, filled with those same excuses, how it was all so very unfortunate that they almost murdered us. And what she wants us to do, is kill the former Inquisitor, Arden. Sure, he's a gnarly fellow with questionable methods and friends. But I'm not stupid, I can put two and two together. Arden killed a good bunch of changelings in his time. And it's no secret your Bloom has a soft spot for them, why else allow the changeling to be there at the Crossroads, ready to kill. Why else concern herself with another one slain by those of the Peerage. She's playing her own games here.

I talked with your lot at the club that one time, and I've heard your whispers over the weeks, about how you don't care about the politics of the outer rings. I know about that trade deal you want to broker between the City of Gold and the Peerage Ward. I know you want to cash in that favor Glitt owes for the assistance. But that's all gone to shit now. News about that altercation is out now, in full. Striders working with changelings to bring down Peerage retainers. That sort of stuff won't find you any friends in the Ward. Or in that distant city, from what I hear, them being madly loyal to the King. Doesn't help that one member of their magic society is now a noble of a minor Peerage house, whose retainer yours were after. Under other circumstances I'd just join in the hate and leave this matter be. But I can't ignore the feeling in my gut that tells me this isn't something your entire ringrunning group supports. Because I know you don't care to dig deep into the politics here, exactly these things that bring violence and get yours killed. So I'm sending this letter instead. And I hate doing this much writing. I'd rather talk face to face, but I reckon you're too far for that.

Grayson Pilkins of Glitt

Introductions and Group Management / House Glitt
« on: April 21, 2020, 08:46:47 PM »
Okay, so house Glitt is open again, standing on wobbly legs. That offers a unique situation for people to jump into. There's a nice framework in place, with many things left to do.

- A long-term faction quest to undertake at some point.
- day-to-day fund gathering to improve and work on the house itself, its armoury and whatnot (nice for quiet days, gathering groats and such).
- growing numbers via recruitment, working together, building camaraderie etc.
- As a reformed house and perhaps for the first time in recent Peerage history, Glitt is considered a serious noble house, and that brings with it the politics and the intrigue if that's your fancy.

For the moment Glitt stands out as a if not quite good a house on the alignment scale, then at least very close to lawful. There are clearly defined traits to be found IC which all members of the house should uphold and aspire to (Which are really good if you want to play a Peerage paladin in a house and not worry about suitability). That said, nothing's stopping a true bastard from joining, but they might get some pressure on them, especially in the beginning. The more lawful, neutral and good-oriented characters will have an easier time.

Low number of active PCs also means it's real easy to get recognised to put yourself on the map.

You can ping me on Discord to talk about joining, or approach Grayson Pilkins in-game. As I am currently the only active PC member, and can't be online 24/7, I'm sure the DMs will help you get in as well.

Bug Reports / New Glitt bugs
« on: April 21, 2020, 08:32:46 PM »
I've come across at least one bug in the new Glitt house, but I'll list both.

First one is a missing spawn point. I talked to Genovalio and the system message said it "Set your spawn point to:" with no area mentioned like usual. When the server later crashed, I spawned in ring 100 instead.

Another possible bug is Armsman Wull missing the faction shop. According to the dialogue, he says something about Skudge wasting and stealing most of the resources, but "Here's what we have for now", followed by the convo breaking and an automatic line of "No shop was found". So it's either a bug, or an intentional thing that might change in the future. Disregard if the latter.

Correspondence / Letter to Walter Davis
« on: March 24, 2020, 11:40:52 PM »

My name is Grayson Pilkins. I'm a retainer in service of house Glitt. As part of that service, a very very great part I might add, I'm to assist other members of the house in a task far deeper in the rings. Unfortunately I won't go into any details, but it is a noble quest to see the house returned to its former honour and glory.

I saw your posters inviting people to brave the rings and find new places to live. While I don't really share that sentiment, mainly because my loyalties lie in ring 99, I understand and think we can help each other.

When you get a crew together, your first real challenge will be the trial of ring 95. As luck would have it, that is where I am currently stuck as well. Apart from myself and one other, my entire group now lies dead at the hands of lizards, mongrelmen and a betraying prince of Moonspear. However, I have all the necessary components to initiate the trial.  I simply lack a capable group to see it through with. And I think we can work together on that.

Our cooperation would not need to end there, as there are far more rings I must pass before I reach others waiting further in. And so, we could brave the rings together until such a time as I either die trying, or reach my companions.

If you wish to discuss more in person, I am currently camping within the walls of 95.

- Pilkins

Correspondence / To Imzel
« on: March 07, 2020, 12:32:06 AM »

I heard your ear-whisper about the trial of 95. It is my hope I could be part of the group to attempt it.

We have ventured a bit together, before. Most notably the cave of spiders and spider-goblins in the seam of rot with the Lady Glitt, Agiano, yourself, and others. I am the Glitt archer, Grayson.

I am not sure if Agiano has mentioned the quest our house is undertaking, or if you yourself have been approached by Lady Mairead or Captain Genovalio. But we have also been gathering the trial pieces in an attempt to pass, for our quest is taking us far deeper into the rings. That is why I find this opportunity difficult to pass.

I am aware some of the group may be the types the Peerage normally takes issue with, and the other way around,  but I do not care, personally. The quest is far too important for Glitt's future.

- Grayson Pilkins

Advertising Litter / Relics of Darkness and Knowledge sought
« on: January 03, 2020, 08:51:01 PM »
Interested in any and all relics attuned to the divine spheres of Darkness, Knowledge, or both.

Prices can be negotiated, deals can be made.

- Gloomgazer Kaliban Malkiel

Advertising Litter / Draughts of Dark
« on: November 24, 2019, 07:39:48 AM »
An invitation for all you denizens of this city. Potions, draughts and elixirs of various purpose, imbued with divine essence of the Dark. Seek I, Gloomgazer Kaliban Malkiel, via whisper or word either spoken or written. For a price the Murky blessing shall be yours.


Minor rejuvenating essence of Dark. For minor injuries. 10 groats

Light  rejuvenating essence of Dark. For light but bothersome injuries. 20 groats

Moderate rejuvenating essence of Dark. For injuries that affect one's prowess. 50 groats

Serious  rejuvenating essence of Dark. For serious injuries with possibly fatal consequences. 85 groats


Strength of dark-dwelling creature. To enhance one's brawn. 95 groats

Endurance of Everblack. To withstand the trials of the Rings. 95 groats

Shadow's cunning. To maneuver around various challenges. 95 groats

Hidden beauty. Let the Dark show your true self. 95 groats

Tenebrous wisdom. Revelations in the Dark to guide you 95 groats

Gloomy blessing-in-a-bottle. A bottled blessing for combat. 50 groats

Darkwrought favor of divinity. A warrior's helping hand against tough foes. 50 groats

Aid of the Aphotic. Assistance from the Murk when you need it. 160 groats


Darkened resistance. A minor boost to one's natural capabilities. 60 groats

Fear not the Dark. Dark is your friend, and you have nothing to fear.  50 groats

Polarizing Gloom. No undead-hunter should go without it. 210 groats

Shield of Darkness. Added protection to your armour. 50 groats

Shadowy shielding. Protection from missiles. 50 groats

Clarity of Darkness. Only Darkness can grant you clarity of mind to resist mind-bending magic. 100 groats

Stygian protection from morals. Hold on to your vocation and resist temptation. 50 groats

Dark's enduring embrace from the elements. Protects against weather conditions. 50 groats

Dark's resisting embrace from the elements. Protects against a flaming sword multiple times. 95 groats

Dark's protective embrace from the elements. Protects from a goblin shaman's fireball. 150 groats


Dim draught of restoration. To restore lost essence. 160 groats

Inky elixir of curse-removal. Be rid of the curse that ails you. 210 groats

Inky elixir of blindness-removal. One CAN see in the Dark. 210 groats

Inky elixir of deafness-removal. Hear the whispers again. 210 groats

Inky elixir of disease-removal. An all-around curative. 150 groats

Knowledge and Vision:

Darksight. perfect vision in the Dark for the unitiated. 95 groats

Whispers in the Dark. Listen to the whispers and they will tell you the runes on your found treasure. 100 groats

Path of Gloom. Walk swiftly and with purpose, fearing no hidden traps. 110 groats

Peace of Darkness. Will assist you in seeing the hidden and hearing the skulking. 210 groats

The Darkness welcomes you with open arms. Welcome home.

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