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As the title. Tested on several different characters. I doubt this is intentional.

Public Speeches / The Union of Ticker Square
« on: September 16, 2020, 09:37:53 PM »
Quote from: The Doorkeepers
Wester McGinty
My speech on behalf of the Signatory Guild of the Union concerning our vision of Ticker Square's future will now commence in the Open Door, at the podium. Whether I speak to one man or twenty.

The birth of language was the birth of civilization. Stability, security, and prosperity all gained their proper footing from the power of words. I knew from a young age, toiling in murky gutters behind the mansions of rich aristocrats, that this medium had a strength beyond reckoning. The strength to muster likeminded individuals to a singular vision, and to carve out what small piece of civilization was owed to them.

With this thought fresh in our minds, I ask a simple question. What is owed to you? Who else has taken to the parchment to speak on your behalf? Let’s not pretend that Ticker Square hasn’t been without *unified* leadership for quite some time. [He takes a pause, gathering himself] Now I’ve long sought to deliver the truth in plain—and I won’t bother myself with cute, self-important wordsmanship.

I am... and have always been... an Editor. My job has always *been* to revise and... [He interlocks his fingers messily, as if to convey the sentiment] ...Change. But this impulse to *build* extends far past the written word. It is beyond the parchment. It lays at your very doorstep!

In some short weeks, our humble Union has gone from an idea... to an actionable cause. We have taken our place by the Accountants as a Signatory Guild, and *your* representatives. Unlike those who came before me, I won’t mock your station like some exuberant demon fattened by cheese and wine.

“He’s stumbled into it,” the fiends will say. “He’s only an Editor!” [He scoffs] Have at it then! I know it in my heart—Yes, I am an Editor. I will never feign excellence. No, I draw excellence from the Tickerfolk and their want to strive. To toil. To *earn* what could belong to you, with a healthy dose of *competition* to drive you. Anyone who says otherwise can stuff it.

[He pauses and speaks with a slight hint of incredulity] In the short time I have been here, I have seen things you would not *imagine.* Rich collaborators sacrificing the wellbeing of the everyman to fill their next glass of wine. Monstrous creatures masquerading under the pretense of your well-being... right under your nose. And the next. And so on, as per tradition. [His words drip with venom]

These sights gave me a dual portion of horror and resolve—As they should for you also.

And so the Union was born. An association of Tickerfolk, *for* Tickerfolk. What is our policy, you may wonder? To this, I say it is to defend your prospects from all those who besmirch the Ticker name, in public or in secret. To ensure that the flow of groats will find its way into the pockets of those *deserving.* [He pauses] We WILL not stand idly by and allow these parasites to leech off of your lifeblood any longer. Henceforth I say: your interests are WELL protected!

Yes—We are in the market, selling your bread. We toil upon the docks to receive your goods. We are the *spirit* of Ticker Square. That same spirit that demands hard work, persistence, and is intolerant of those who believe their birthright *owes* them something. We’ll gladly fill in the void left by the Weaver’s Guild, who time and time again refused your pleas in favor of their chaotic and hedonistic ways.

As for the Velstrans’ threats... no longer will Tickerfolk be buffeted by daily winds. [He waves his hand coldly]

--The speech is suddenly interrupted by Oscar Tchamorrar, offering a sack of gold for the Union to disappear. Wester declines the sum, leaving the pair to a hushed exchange that appears amiable only on the... surface-level. Wester then continues, appearing frazzled--

It seems... I must make a slight alteration. I had thought our interests aligned with those of the Quills. It now appears this is no *longer* the case. So -be- it.

My *friends* and I... serve for the welfare of the common man, and so long as the Union persists, we won’t shake from this new path. Those in the Union know that our stakes are equal. And why should we dare to wear gawdy titles? Titles do not feed us in Ticker Square, unlike others in this Ring... our actions do.

And we will see those actions through to the end.

Notices and Bulletins / The Union Declaration
« on: September 15, 2020, 09:52:50 AM »
As smoke from the recent night of chaos in Ticker Square rises from the ashes, a paper boy is seen erupting from Ticker Press to nail these posters across anything that might resemble a flat surface.

These tabloids are posted to various bulletins across Ring 99, though many more yet are rolled up in neat bundles and provided to interested individuals by Wester McGinty and Pepper Possum.



These postings are NOT the official Scribbling Mouther broadsheets. These postings are the Scribbling Mouther broadsheets' broadsheets. In other words, these shall provide a weekly update of the openings and opportunities available to you or your small business as it concerns our upcoming issue. Such services and offers include:

Advertising Slots for THIS WEEK'S ISSUE: 0 remaining (200 groats for 30 words!)

Obituary Slots for THIS WEEK'S ISSUE: 1 remaining (50 groats for 50 words!? Wow!)

Pester Wester: Send in a question to Wester McGinty and have it featured with a well-thought out answer in this week's Entertainment and Obituary page! FREE!

A Tip for a Tip: We will pay a bounty of up to 500 groats for information leading to a smashing headline.

Contact Wester McGinty or Pepper Possum at the Door to take advantage of these opportunities

Bug Reports / Cheese Under Siege
« on: May 04, 2019, 06:10:58 PM »
This quest in Ticker Square seems to be bugged.

 I took the quest, walked in and killed one of the rats, then decided to go abandon the quest because something came up IRL and I wouldn't have the time to log back in any time soon. Instead of giving me the option to abandon the quest, the dialogue acted as if I completed the quest even though I didn't. Got gold and xp for "completing" it.

Notices and Bulletins / Foxfire Investigations Services
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:08:08 AM »

Bug Reports / True Strike + GSF Divination AB Bug
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:14:29 PM »
Tested a cleric PC with the air and fate domains earlier, along with GSF Divination. On the spell changes list, it says that the AB bonus goes up to +25 with GSF Divination. This bonus shows up on the character sheet, but when in combat it only goes up to +20.

NWN has a +20 attack bonus cap when it comes to spells in particular (not including spell-like attacks), which means GSF true strike won't allow you to exceed that number in combat even though it will show up on the character sheet.

Bug Reports / Conjurative focus/Tome Bug
« on: January 31, 2019, 02:44:50 AM »
If I select a themed tome with conjurative focus, subsequently selecting a new tome doesn't change the theme. Even resetting the conjurative focus and selecting a new tome just gives me the same summons as the previous tome. The only way I'm able to summon anything else is if I reset the focus completely and use my default. Relogging fixes this. Don't know if this is intentional to prevent certain combos or not, but I just wanted to bring it up anyway.

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