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Correspondence / A letter for Cadmael, Master of Oldspyre
« on: October 08, 2021, 12:41:43 PM »
A simple letter arrives at the Oldspyre tower, directed to its master:

"Admired ser,

I do not know if you remember me.  I am Ganimedes, the bard you so kindly introduced to the City.  In those first few hours after my Awakening, you showed not only a boundless intellect, but a kindness I have yet to see repeated. You gifted me a flower, which I still keep. But a gift even dearer to my heart was your invitation: that I could play for you, and your House, once I felt recovered.

I hope it is not presumptuous of me to write to you, spurred by that memory. I have begun composing a song in your honor, one which I hope will play tribute to your power, your wealth and (if you may forgive me the indiscretion) the romantic allure that, like perfume, unavoidably surrounds a man of your stature.

I have, however, found myself struggling... For while the Muse is eager, I know so little about the subject of my ode! I find myself crossing every draft, fearing that it will be untruthful, and hence, unworthy. Hence, my lord, I was hoping you'd perhaps do me the honor of inviting me into your Tower, so that I may glimpse how the great master of Oldspyre lives. If it pleased you, I'd be happy to perform the music, or even tag along for your daily routine... All so that my art may faithfully mirror you, my lord.

While I await for your response, allow me to conclude with the first draft of the chorus.

What mysteries  have shapen
That most noble brow?
To so grand a wizard
One can only bow!

It is my hope that, someday, children will sing and find themselves inspired to follow onto your steps.

Eagerly yours,

Ganimedes. "

Journals and Musings / A Messy Collection
« on: October 07, 2021, 09:19:06 AM »

This is a messy collection of notes, barely bound within a leather folder. Written in cheap paper, many times re-used, the calligraphy is tiny and tight. What writing there is (though perhaps ramblings is just as reasonable a description) is often interspersed with musical anotations, strange diagrams of what might be celestial spheres and what appears to be mathematical calculations made with an entirely invented numerical system.

Most of its content is indecipherable, perhaps even to its author. What follows are the excerpts that can be described, if we're being generous, as most intelligible.

Correspondence / Letters to Duncan, of the Red Trading Company
« on: January 27, 2021, 08:46:08 AM »
*A letter is delivered by some ringrunning chicken with a scarf arround her neck and eyes mad with endless wisdom*

Duncan, dear boy,

I had hoped that I could break these news in person, but I've been dragged into researching some really odd herbs. Plus after a little horrid experience in the Vestry, I feel like it's best I avoid the outer rings.  You never know when a blood cult is going to kidnap you and curse your blood, right? I swear, when I first arrived, blood curses were rare and always aimed at young and strong men who could handle vomiting shadow demons... But well, the Promise keeps, I suppose.

Anyways, to business:

There was a recent Pondsmoot raised by some people who do not like me. Some wanted to exile me for making business with the Peers. There was a vote and several duels on the matters of who to allow in the Ponds, who we could sell to, and what we should do. I did, in fact, win a duel for my right to keep making business with Houses not deemed a direct threat to Pondsfolk.

Here's the thing, though: it was decided that no more selling to House Sunpurse or Orza, and also no wares sold to the Velstry, the Rubies or those mean elves that really love licking Sunpurse's boots. What was their name again? Anyway, since you might get in trouble for re-selling my wares to them, I must ask that either you refuse service to those Houses or, if you cannot, simply take my goods off of your list. I can pick them up someday soon, I hope.

I'm sorry, I know it is a bit annoying. It is also terribly dumb, as far as policy goes.  But I /was/ outvoted, and I do respect a good Pondsmoot.



PD: I hope you enjoy the cookies! Share them with Boppi, if you see him?

* There are no cookies to be found. A keen eye may notice suspicious crumbs in the chicken's feathers*

Correspondence / Missive to Gor'Tam
« on: January 24, 2021, 10:08:49 AM »
* The first letter arrives at the Grey Keep by the hand of a... Chicken? How the hell has a chicken managed to cross the Rings, you may wonder, with incredulity, as it drops the letter? The chicken eyes, however, are odd and mysterious, denoting a kind of stupid, mad wisdom. With a cluck, it turns proudly and leaves.

The letter in your hand is drafted on the back of some alchemical recipe. It is thoroughly stained, but clear enough: *


I can deliver to you my part of our deal. I trust yours will come, in time.

Let us talk, when you're able. I trust the Grey Keep might offer a suitable location. for I wish to help in its reconstruction. I can offer my expertise as a merchant and a master alchemist, as a herbswoman of deep knowledge. I can offer also some of the stones that, I believe, you seek.

I do have something to ask in exchange.



PD: I've attached the latest of my "Practical Guide to Safe Alchemy" educational booklets for Meredy. The wollen scarf is for Arkavin: the days are getting cold and he should be cozy! Send them both my regards.

* It is then you remember the chicken /did/ have a scarf. Not as a package, but arround her neck. And she did seem to run away before anyone could take it. Thieving chickens... *

[This series of booklets are printed in cheap paper and sold separately, as a collectable. People can bind all of them together to form Granny Granzer’s Practical Guide to Safe Alchemy.

Each chapter is illustrated with the eponymous Granny Granzer, a cartoon little witch with a pointy hat, a long nose, and a cane. The cover shows her holding a flask in her hands, with the front of her face blackened by a charmingly silly alchemical explosion.

For some mysterious reason, all booklets end up showing the stains of trashgull eggs.]

Correspondence / A package left at the Sunpurse Mannor [For Eris Hale]
« on: January 11, 2021, 05:38:24 PM »
A small package is left at the Sunpurse Manor, with instructions for it to be delivered to Garreth or, if he remains missing, Eris Hale.  The package contains first a little letter, written in some dirty and crumpled paper that was, no doubt, used to annotate some alchemical calculations at an earlier point. Trashgull egg stains would reveal its origin, even if it wasn't signed.

Dearest Garreth,

I am hoping you get to read these, as I worked on them according to what we discussed. If not... Well. At least I hope you can somehow know your colleague, Eris, continues your work. You are missed. And I am practical. On to practical matters:

As discussed, I've drafted a small founding charter for the Lazlo Copperpot Memorial Asylum. I personally like the name, as a homage to one of the most dearly missed Pondsfolk, though I'd be willing to choose a more neutral "Willowgrove Hospital", so people may find us more easily. I'd just... Like being able to make a small homage to the friends I've lost. Perhaps a wing may suffice.

The draft charter includes foundational principles that I believe are aligned with our mission and will make it easier to ensure the goodwill of my companions at the Ponds. These principles are, in my opinion, essential, and while they may be stated differently, I do not think they should be in any way diminished.

It also includes a draft of basic regulations for the work of the Hospital. On these I am less certain, lacking much experience in matters of such nuance. I'd be most grateful if the House's scholars could give it a look, and provide feedback.

Finally, I have already contacted the healer Adriel and the herbalist Roman, both Pondsfolk who'll be happy to provide their expertise. I continue to seek more experts that might help us build the Hospital.

May the gods above be merciful, and the gods below be kind.


The package includes as well a rather better redacted founding charter, written by dictation to some proffessional scribe.

I.   AIMS.

1.   The Lazlo Copperpot Memorial Asylum shall remain a space of healing and learning. All division between Houses, factions and loyalty shall end at the door.
2.   The Lazlo Copperpot Memorial Asylum shall provide refuge and treatment to all that need it, without consideration for wealth, civil status, political affiliation, etc. No difference will exist between Peer or Pondsfolk within its Halls. Let the Asylum offer Mercy, and nothing else.
3.   The Lazlo Copperpot Memorial Asylum will offer a space for the Advancement of the Sciences. Medicine, alchemy, herbalism and more shall be studied within its halls, with the aim of improving the life of the City. Proper precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and recovery of patients.


1.   The Lazlo Copperpot Memorial Asylum shall be ruled by means of a Board composed of doctors, alchemists, herbalists and researchers of notable skill. A one-time donation of 2000 groats will be required from members of the Board, which shall be dedicated to improving the facilities. These groats may be provided by a wealthy patron or the researcher themselves.
2.   A Retainer of the noble House of Sunepurse will be added to the Board, recognizing the House’s kind donation of the Willowgrove Mannor to the Asylum, as well as their material assistance.
3.   From the members of the Board, a Headmaster or Headmistress will be chosen by unanimity. The Headmaster or Headmistress will be tasked with organizing the meetings, setting the minutes, and keeping track of the hospital’s finances, as well as representing the Asylum at official events.
4.   Each member of the Board shall have a vote in all matters related to the Asylum, which will be decided by means of simple majority. The Asylum’s Headmaster or Headmistress may only cast their vote if a majority cannot be achieved any other way.
5.   Each member of the Board may delegate their vote onto another by means of a signed letter, if sickness or travel prevent them from being present.
6.   The board may not, under any circumstance, vote to overturn the three foundational principles of the Asylum as established in this charter.
7.   In order to avoid disruption of treatment and research, as well as to recognize the noble Houses’s generous involvement in their work, the Board will meet at the Sunepurse Mannor, in the Peerage Ward.
8.   Researchers interested in accessing the Asylum’s facilities may be granted an interview by the Board. If the Board agrees, they may be granted access to the facilities, so long as they do not endanger residents and their experimentation abides by regulations set forth by the Board. Researchers will be requested a weekly donation of 200 groats to maintain the facilities.
9.   The Board may set regulations on what experiments may take place at the facility, in order to ensure the safety of the patients and residents. These restrictions shall be reviewed at the beginning of each Board Meeting, so as to ascertain whether they are still needed.
10.   Members of the Board have the right to expel guest researchers that put in danger the three foundational principles of the Asylum. This will be decided by means of simple majority. A Member of the Board may also be expelled if the rest of the Board agrees that they have betrayed or endangered any of the three founding principles.

Advertising Litter / Granny Granzer's
« on: December 10, 2020, 11:11:17 AM »
A series of posts have begun to appear through settlements of the City of Rings, produced by some over-enthusiastic young scribe.

Granny Granzer's

Granny Granzer's not only helps with the breaking of curses,  healing of illness and removal of warts, but also offers the best deals in alchemical discoveries and mysterious trinkets.  With decades of experience in the distillationof mysterious substances, all of my discoveries have the best quality and are produced with the highest ethical standards*. Come and see my supply, or ask what I can make specially for YOU!

Here are a few samples:

Marvelous bottles with liquor, to gain the frenzy of barbarians! ((Frenzy, 5 uses))

A shield to ward fire! ((Buckler, 10% inmunity to fire))

An amulet to ward cold!
((Impr saving throws: Cold +2, 5% inmunity to cold))

A ring for sneakers and performers alike, that will keep them safe from any storm! ((Impr asving throws, fire and electric: +2,  +1 to Appraise, Bluff, Disable Traps, Intimidate, Move Silently, Open lock, Perform and Persuade))

A glove-hand that, while a bit flamable, offers unparallelled protection against the forces of Undeath! ((20 charges, Negative energy protection (1 charge), Death ward (1 charge), Stone bones (3 uses/day), Death armor (4 uses/day), +2 Intimidate. 25% fire vulnerability, Cursed, Only usable by: Evil))

The breath of dragons, bottled for your convenience! ((items with 10 uses of acid breath, fire breath, cold breath or slow breath))

Special paints, cheaper alternatives to a myriad potions ((War Paints of Clarity, Blur, One with the Land, Frenzy, 1 use))

Bombs! Who doesn't like a bomb? ((Alchemical fire, Chowking powder, Blizzard in a bottle, Acid flask, Oil bombs))

... And many more!

Ask about very special items, that might be uniquely suited for YOU! From summoning tomes to powerful rods, Granny Granzer's expertise can suit YOUR interests!

Please remember to bring your alchemical component of strange herbs in exchange for great discounts, magical potions or groats!

Granny Granzer's - The hag's got your back!

*(Granny Granzer's does not take responsibility for ingredients gathered by third parties. Self defence against hostile entities is considered acceptable ethical behaviour, as is the gathering of ingredients whilst culling beasts that threaten the City. No intelligent creature was harmed in the distillation process, with the exception of hostile life-forms summoned or spawned in the experimental phase.)

Public Speeches / Willowgrove's Mourning
« on: December 09, 2020, 03:28:15 PM »
* A long moment of silence, where an old woman can be heard clearing her throat and rubbing her eyes, trying to steel herself before speaking * Hello… City of Rings. Today we… * Her voice cracks a little, she clears her throat again * Today we mourn Captain Lazlo Copperpot.

* A long pause follows, before the woman continues, with a weary voice * We mourn one who was… The best of the Pondsfolk: resilient, friendly, kind and open, willing to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. While a series of horrible events led to some sudden changes in his behavior…
We should remember him as he was at his best. As the man who signed so many a peace treaty to keep us safe. As the one who how knew to face real dangers, without wasting blood in impossible, senseless battles. We must remember him kind, as he was.

* Another pause, another clearing of her throat, as though holding the tears * As you know, I’m a practical woman: I seek solutions. I was working on a cure for his recent curse. I wanted to offer him the kindness he always showed to others. His former companion, the Moonspear knight, disagreed.

* A sigh * Dear Krow… I wish you had subdued him. I wish you had offered him patience, rather than judgement. I wish you understood that the law of the powers above might be unkind to the demands of real life. When you work, you get stained. But most of us cannot afford to burn the clothes.
Still, I remain practical. I have no threats to offer, for no death or harm to you will bring our Lazlo back. I would ask, however, that you turn the Manor to the Pondsfolk, so that we may honor his memory. I would propose turning it into the Copperpot Memorial Asylum.

That… That is all I can say on the matter of his loss. I do hope that we may learn from this and follow Copperpot’s example into safety and peace.  May the gods above be merciful, and the gods below be kind. 

Suggestions / Herbalism lab expansion
« on: November 13, 2020, 12:51:49 PM »
So... It's a simple suggestion: make the herbalism lab (accessible near a certain hatch near the Ponds) wider.

Currently, the lab is too tight. This makes the spawn of Grey Renders (a normal occurrence) appear right behind you, blocking the passage.

Worst part is, the screen bugs, making it look like you're running away when you're actually receiving damage and not moving. So there's no way to escape, and figthing after receiving a few hits while you thought you were "running" is tricky... Especially for, say, new players like myself, who're trying to learn the system and the most likely users of this lab.

Being unable to move at all (so one can drink a potion without AoO, for instance) makes it a death-trap.  I've died twice with the same thing, which I find very frustrating. And since it can be prevented simply by moving the herbalism workplace a bit up the corridor or  changing the area a little, I think it would be good to do so.


Don Nadie

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