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Suggestions / Increase spawn rate for gladiators
« on: January 26, 2021, 11:42:40 PM »
current gladiator spawn rates are so slow that it hurts.

and maybe i am wrong about it but it absolutely feels like certain gladiators show up way too often.

like the black knight, the silent wanderer or thorgrund.

there's like a whole lot of dozens of them.

Suggestions / Factions and armor in EfU : City of Rings
« on: January 24, 2021, 03:43:19 AM »
Allow me to share this from EfU's Discord to kick things off with. A fine quote, a real dirty meme from the depths of #trashshots.

This was a very DrD-esque comment I made on my character while standing in the middle of Oakrest Trade Square, surrounded by several Retainers who shall remain unnamed because I don't mean to fling poop at folks, I mean to get something across. Something that is not poop, really. And yes, this was very fourth-wall-breaking, but done so for a purpose.

First, what are uniforms?
"A uniform is a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity."
"Military uniforms in the form of standardised and distinctive dress, intended for identification and display, are typically a sign of organised military forces equipped by a central authority."
"Members of the police in every country have a uniform for identification as law-enforcement personnel or agents. They are distinguished from the public by the uniform the police wear during overt policing activity."
-a few smartass quotes I pulled from Wikipedia

I hope those few choice quotes I ripped from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, make clear what purpose uniforms usually have.
In CoR we have several factions with uniforms, most of them being noble houses of the Peerage Ward.
These houses are the de facto governing factions of Ring 99, if they do so in service to Count or King is irrelevant here. What is relevant is that their factions have been designed with the purpose of making each house look distinct from another, to give them a feel and a STYLE.
Something that has been really bothering me lately though is that the players of many of the Houses' dedicated and sworn Retainers have been seriously disregarding their chosen faction's STYLE in favor of STATS.

What are Retainers?
"A retinue is a body of persons retained in the service of a noble, royal personage, or dignitary, a suite (literal French meaning: what follows) of retainers."
"Such retainers were not necessarily in the domestic service or otherwise normally close to the presence of their lord, but also include others who wore his livery (a kind of uniform, in distinctive colours) and claimed his protection, such as musicians and private teachers."
-more smartass quotes I pulled from Wikipedia

And I am not hiding it, this thread is a bit selfish to begin with. I am usually real careful about wearing the proper uniform of my chosen faction and try to stick with it.
The obvious exceptions to this is DM loot. That is something we do not even need to get into, I think. Though even with DM loot I have witnessed some situations, which were absolutely justified by the way, where someone took issue with a Retainer wearing some outlandish looking armor that didn't fit in with his faction's STYLE at all.

On the few characters where I did stray from my faction's uniform I had DMs tell me very clearly that I am supposed to wear my faction's armor and not something with NICE STATS on it.
For multiple reasons. Retainers get privileges IC that other characters don't. All kinds of RP goodies. And part of these privileges is also to be easily recognized because of your faction's STYLE. To break away from that is not just going cross with your faction's direction, it is just in bad taste ICly. Plus being a Retainer comes with a ridiculous amount of actual GAME GOODIES in exchange for a very low buy-in price. Full sets of armor, the protection of being in a faction, goals for stuff to do, free resting ... there is so much.
Then there is also the fact that rewards and better stats are part of advancements within the ranks of a House. STYLE and STATS are rewards for being a good and hard working Retainerman who brings his Lord all the chicken tendies without behaving like a bleached anus.

All this was a big buildup to the actual suggestion and I invite anyone, DMs and players, to give their own opinions on all I have said before this.

So what is the damn suggestion, RichÝrd?
I suggest everyone, DMs and players alike, to remember why we chose those uniformed factions to begin with and stick with what's just expected of us in the game. For the sake of immersion and for the sake of fairness. There have to be some downsides to being a Retainer, so let us be fair and let it be that we have to stick with our uniforms.
Let's remind eachother of why we shouldn't run around wearing morghoul skin leather helmets when serving Lord Importantman the Third.

If you disagree with this please don't beat and hate on me too much, guys. Thanks. :(

Suggestions / Guild of Lessors - Restriction
« on: January 22, 2021, 04:04:45 PM »
Make it so the Guild of Lessors only accepts your prestigious stuff if you are a citizen of the Peerage Ward.

Why would a Ponds PC want to get prestige there or why would Rowan let them?

Seems like an oversight to me.

Correspondence / [Whispers on the winds ...]
« on: January 21, 2021, 12:50:52 PM »
[Several whispers ring out across the Rings, speaking openly of ousting and a murderous plot that has yet gone unpunished.]

Whispers from Raina Proudmore :

[A soft sad tone] With the death of Gawen Winespill, my heart was broken. It is broken because of the incompetence of House Orza to keep in check their Retainers. It was known among the ward, that coward dwarf, was taking contracts for killings-

And yet, they ignored that fact and here we are. Also, one of our own former Retainers, known as 'Egbert the uselesss worm', paid for him to do so. This failure falls on us. I was aware of Egbert catastrophic nature that brought shame to us-

and yet, i could not stop him. From now on, i hope my insight and counsil will be taken more seriously in the Ward matters. Dwarf, wherever you have cowardly run, your time will come sooner or later.

Whispers from Gustav Winespill :

Ye~up ... so. Raina, I need to correct you. Sorry but Egbert was still a Retainer when you sent that message. But frankly? I think we're about done with him.

Eggy, don't show up in the Vale anymore. You're out. I mean it. Nobody wants to see your face there any longer. Alejandro, Thoras, Raina, me ... we all really despise your guts for what you've done. Orchestrating Gawen's death in your little pissant rat ways? No longer, man.

Hand in your key and your uniform. If you won't we'll all come and get them from you. This is your one and final warning. Take your honorless, scheming rat ways somewhere else. Maybe down to the Rat Raft, I'm sure Powell would love to show you around that place.

If you got a problem with that? Duel me, I would absolutely and gladly accept the challenge and set the terms. And we both know how that'd end. Again, pack your stuff, leave all that belongs to m'Lord father's House where it belongs and piss off.

Almost forgot about Rodrick. He can and should absolutely stay. No need for you to get pulled in by Eggy's scheming, Roddy.

[It is obvious that there is unrest brewing within the ranks of Velstra, all because of the actions of one Egbert Flax. And now the other Retainers take action, fed up and tired with one man seemingly being immune to any punishment for his actions and no decision coming forth from Butler, Red Lion nor the Lord himself.]

Correspondence / [Shadow Faced Man, the Blind Eye]
« on: January 13, 2021, 03:01:24 AM »
Man of 7,
I wish to never be bothered by you or your accomplices.
My desires are none of your concern and they will never be.

So leave me alone.
Take your destructive work to others, do not accept assignments against me.

In hopes of never having to witness your work,
Saul Brogom, marked by 8

Correspondence / Arkavin Vaul
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:36:43 AM »
Ringrunner Arkavin Vaul, Designated of 5,

Something that I seek is to witness great lives and great deaths. Do you know what your end will be?
8    9    1    8
You do not.

Ringrunning is a mysterious journey. How many have gone past Ba'zeel and managed to bring back tales of their adventures?
5    4    3    1    3
None have.

I have a keystone to 94. The first big step taken. Will you allow me to join you in the journey Kingwards?

Let me be witness.
Saul Brogom, marked by 8

Journals and Musings / [Saul's Personal Journal]
« on: January 08, 2021, 02:42:24 PM »
[A small book that fits in one hand, leatherbound and with pages of handwriting. The first few entries are old, with only a set of numbers added to them some time after their original authoring. But soon blank pages are filled out to join them.]

I am Saul Brogom. I am Saul Brogom. I am Saul Brogom.
I am Saul Brogom. I am Saul Brogom. I am Saul Brogom.

4    1    2    6    8

Saul, my only son. In some years you will grow up to be a man. Then it is your turn to plant, to harvest and to care.  Be dilligent and you will reap fair rewards, fruits of your labor. And one day you will stand there and talk to your son, as I do now. As your back aches, as sweat beads upon your brow you will repeat my words.

Page 1

Bug Reports / Temple of the Nine Faced - Spawn location
« on: January 05, 2021, 07:51:08 PM »
The spawn location in the Temple of the Nine Faced God does not work. Upon reset it will say that it's an invalid location and drop you off in Ring 100, at the gate to 101.

Correspondence / [to Kazigantharr, the "Warlord"]
« on: December 27, 2020, 09:14:21 PM »

Read this letter carefully and think about it, Warlord.

I hereby invite you to join House Flevas. More directly serving Lord Morgan Flevas' banner alongside myself and others. As equals, as men and women.

Times are coming where people like you are needed. War, bloodshed, the whole thing you find so glorious.
By serving Lord Morgan Flevas you will get all that.
As a Retainer of a noble House other Retainers will dishonor themselves if they shy back from any of your challenges. No more hiding from you merely because of your halfbrood existence. Plus I imagine your helmet would go very nicely with a suit of House Flevas. Very intimidating looking. All in all, servitude to Lord Morgan Flevas offers you everything you want.

And do not mistake this as something it is not. Swearing loyalty to Lord Morgan Flevas would not make you a slave. Serve true, serve well and do what you do best. War in his name, against beast and men alike. Then you will easily earn many favors with Lord Morgan Flevas. And once it is all done and settled, once House Flevas sits upon the seat of Nephezar and claims it? Then I will personally see to it that you will be free to go whenever you like, as a man of renown. Ready to be a true Great Warlord, both respected and feared.

Again, think about this. There is so much for you to gain from this and I would be very glad to have you at our side, Kaz. For now I will go to bed and I hope to have a response by the the time I wake up.

-Drystan Hervoer
 Retainer of Lord Morgan Flevas

Correspondence / [to a Recondite in the Ponds]
« on: December 23, 2020, 06:17:20 AM »

I will be straight to the point here.
You blame House Flevas for the destruction of the Archives and the berserking of it's golem.
By my honor and my life, none of House Flevas and especially not my Lord were responsible for any of it.

I was there when the golem went to rampage, as were others. The cause of it's rage was the now-deceased Knave's action, Rosalia Sunspyre. The moment she dared to step up to the ancient book of names with quill and ink in hand the golem intervened. It ate that book first, then began consuming all others.

The only thing my Lord took prior to the rampage of the golem was a book. This did not cause the golem to move at all. It stood and watched the book's removal, as it always did. Said book was returned durin the golem's rampage, thus the golem then headed back into the Archives. Unfortunately the Archives were already on fire, due to some unknown idiot's decision to summon a fire elemental in a room filled with dust, old books and wood. They crumbled on top of the golem.

Let this clear up what truly happened. House Flevas is not to blame. Though should you declare us as your enemy and openly threaten my Lord you will be hunted and brought low. We have weapons of silver, we have expert trackers, the powers of arcane also support us.

Please do NOT force us to be your enemy. Think. If you truly want the remains of the golem then I will tell you this, as none others than you will have a keen interest in it. Dig. Not from above but from below. Recondites do dig, do they not?

-Drystan Hervoer
 Retainer of Lord Morgan Flevas

Correspondence / [Adela Nephezar] [DM]
« on: December 17, 2020, 05:47:47 PM »
[A Retainer of a lesser noble House and an old woman came to Adela Nephezar's almshouse and delivered a vast amount of supplies, ranging from fresh water, bread and rations, herbs, poultices and potions...]

[... on his way out the Retainer left a message.]

Lady Adela Nephezar,

My orders were to deliver not only supplies but also a message.
The message is from my Lord Morgan Flevas, the man who ordered me to gather and bring you the supplies.
Due to your good nature, the work you do in the Mongrelwoods, due to your most noble blood and the tales about your beauty he wishes to meet with you. This is about the future of both of your noble bloodlines and his need to find a suitable bride.
Also please do not missunderstand this as a demand from Lord Morgan Flevas and please do not think that accepting the supplies binds you to anything. They are now yours to do with as you please.
Lord Morgan Flevas' orders were foremost an act of charity. Easing the situation in your almshouse enough to where you have time to meet him was secondary.

Should you find yourself willing to meet with my Lord please do let us know somehow.

The supplies have been, as you were undoubtedly able to see, placed near your shrine of the Lady-in-Waiting.
I do not know if you keep book of the things your almshouse has at hand. If you do you will find a thorough list of the things delivered, on the other side of this letter, to be of use.

-Drystan Hervoer
 Retainer of Lord Morgan Flevas

[... on the backside there is, as promised, a detailed list ...]

- 18 bottles of cleansing poultices
- 30 bottles of light curative potions
- 30 bottles of medium curative potions
- 12 bottles of clean spring water, filled the day of delivery
- 25 loafs of bread, fresh
- 10 packets of rations
- 41 bundles, tightly packed with pouches of medical herbs
- 6 bottles of concentrated antidote

Correspondence / [one lonely letter] [DM]
« on: December 15, 2020, 09:09:02 PM »
[ ... a lonely letter, ordinary handwriting upon simple parchment, is given to the nearest trustworthy messenger in Ring 97, to be passed along from Ringrunner to Ringrunner, to Doorkeeper or whomever necessary ... ]

[The intended recipient? None other than the King in Ring 1, of course.]

Your Majesty,

What the Least Fool tried to warn us about has come to pass. We made the mistake of allowing angel and dragon to slay one another. We have meddled with powers beyond our understanding. The Royal Archivist is dead, the Archives died with him. The Harbormaster has arrived. He and his Knaves have taken over the Peerage Ward. Now this Count, the self-proclaimed Lord of Lords and King of Kings, calls to his banner. To march against you and have you destroyed.
The Peerage is now his fortress. His casino at the heart of it.
Usurper, that is what the Harbormaster calls you.

I humbly admit that I do not know if you even truly exist.
According to the lost people of Agartha you are asleep. To others you are a tale, a myth. Others then again truly believe in you.
I personally do not know what to believe. Never did.
And my name is insignificant. What I do is insignificant to anyone but myself.
The faith I had turned out to be insignificant.

All I have is the desire to keep on living, serve the Retainership I have sworn myself into and to not disappoint my bygone love.
There is just one thing I ask of you.

[the handwriting becomes shaky, as if written by an unsure hand]
Please help us. Send your legions, send us help. A sign. Anything, King.
Please make me believe.

-Drystan Hervoer
 Retainer of Morgan Flevas, House Flevas

Correspondence / [Totenkinder, left at the Blind Eye]
« on: December 10, 2020, 12:48:21 AM »

I work under orders of my Lord Morgan Flevas.

He commanded me to gather a vast amount of healing supplies and see it delivered to the almshouse within the Mongrelwoods. To the last surviving member of the Nephezar family.
Her name is Adela (if my memory serves me right while I write this letter to you).
You said that you are familiar with the Nephezar and her institution, that you have skills as a healer and that you would help us help the people.
So we should work together.

To respect the order of the man I have sworn to support in all matters we should be gathering enough supplies to impress even someone as seasoned as Adela Nephezar.

The list I have decided upon is :
- 20 vials of antidote
- 30 bottles of poultices
- 20 bottles of curatives to cleanse any (ordinary) disease
- 30 bottles of light healing
- 50 bottles of medium healing
- half a wagon's worth of herbs

I will bring in the most of these supplies. The herbs, the bottles of healing and the poultices will be procured by me.
What I will need assistance with is the gathering of antidotes and bottles to remove diseases.
Try to convince whoever you can to assist you should it be too difficult on your own.
I am sure someone with your connections and skills can manage so.

There is no payment to be earned from this. It is a charitable cause. You would help us help the poor.

Promise keep you.
- Drystan Hervoer

Correspondence / [to Morgan of House Flevas]
« on: December 06, 2020, 09:49:36 AM »
Morgan of House Flevas,

It has been weeks since we last talked.
The duties of nobility must have kept you busy. Times are changing after all.
Same goes for my thoughts on some things.
We need to converse.

-Drystan Hervoer

Suggestions / Arena Fighters - Cheating?
« on: December 06, 2020, 07:55:33 AM »
So I dueled the Lion's Cub Theo on my character and attempted a tried and true tactic of using an invisibility potion for that 50% concealment while I drink potions to bring myself up in a regular manner.

Only this time Theo decided to immediately act like he was not aware of my presence and within the blink of an eye the arena unlocked and he left.

I was told OOCly that this was done to counter invisibility cheese that was used in the arenas but this is a strange, immersion breaking change.

Though I understand that anti-invis cheese should exist I do suggest giving the NPCs a timer of 1 turn or 5 rounds before they leave the arena, unless their opponent reappears.

Alternatively I suggest adding an IC rule to the arenas about how means of invisibility are forbidden.

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