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Correspondence / Letter: Royal Archivist Dorik Nilps (DM)
« on: May 30, 2021, 07:14:32 PM »
*A finely worded and scripted letter, containing the official seal of House Glitt is provided to Royal Archivist Dorik Nilps*

Royal Archivist Nilps,

I bid you a warm salutations.  There is a matter in which I am investigating, which I was hoping you could provide some assistance.  Do you have any records pertaining to Captain Alo Ceso of the King’s Militia?  I would be interested to know any background information pertaining to him and his family.   Moreover, I am interested in knowing any documented sources of income or family assets. 

Warm regards,

Retainer Warley Archencroft

*A thin note is left at Findley Glen for Bill “Coldshanks” MacGirvan*


As we previously discussed, I took our conversation pertaining to the threats posed by the Ghyl and Sunpurse to heart.  As such, under the ruse of Loyalty to the Count, I assembled a host to bring war upon the Ghyl encampment that were staged close to Findley’s Glen.  I even managed to recruit Sunpurse Retainer Edryn Emurlahn to the effort.  We put down the Ghyl in no short order.  Sadly, I must relay, Retainer Emurlahn’s wizardly prowess ensured his survival during the assault upon the Ghyl encampment.

In a day or two’s time, I shall assemble another host to bring submission to organized Ghyl activity within the vicinity of Finley’s Glen.  “Loyalty” to the “Count” and all that carries weight to the fearful and political zealots.  Gods willing, the actions may result in the thinning of both of their host and influence.   

I hope my financial contributions to the “Whiskey Reserves” carries you and your men for a few nights. 

Stay safe and warm,

Blackjack Warley Archencroft

Correspondence / Letter: Captain Alo Ceso (DM)
« on: May 19, 2021, 03:46:47 PM »
Captain Alo Ceso,

Sir.  The commoners/peasants of Little Ticker and the Burgage as a whole are fearful and desperate.  The cause for such I suspect pertain directly to the Count’s absence within the Peerage and Rebellious momentum against the King gaining.  In my experience, desperate people do strange things, especially when they are scared.

Not sure what our play here is?  You have any specific orders for me?

Blackjack Warley Archencroft

Correspondence / Letter: Retainers of House Glitt
« on: May 19, 2021, 03:34:56 PM »
Retainers of House Glitt,

I write this letter to you to extend my humble gratitude for your house’s commitment of Retainers to the safety and security of Little Ticker and the Burgage as a whole.  With Rebellion against the King gaining momentum, I understand your commitment of resources locally to be a burden.  It is clear to me that your Lord cares very much for the wellbeing of us commoners. 

With the Count and the bulk of his men staffing their Bloodsucking Drill deeper into the rings, I cannot help but notice the fear and uncertainty within the commoners’ eyes here.  I often find commoners huddled over fires reading copies of the Count’s Speech, his Proclamation of Rebellion against the King.  I think Count’s words are resonating, especially to those who are most desperate.

I am not a native to these lands.  I too, find logic and reason in the Count’s words.  Yet, I understand that the King will not abandon his claim to his lands or possessions.  There will be a cost to be paid, one way or another. 

My question to you: During my patrols, how do I reassure residents of the Peerage their safety and future will remain secure?  Do I encourage these residents to embrace the Count’s message?

In humble service,

Blackjack Warley Archencroft

Correspondence / Letter: Lord Conrad Flevas (DM)
« on: April 12, 2021, 04:17:28 AM »
*A muddy and damp letter is left with a House Flevas Retainer.  The letter is addressed to Lord Conrad Flevas*

Honored Lord Conrad Flevas,

Hail Honored Lord.  I hope my letter finds you warm and enjoying a succulent cut of Elk meat straight from deep within the Wealds, which your House used to frequently roam.  I write this missive to relay that I share your profound disappointment in the Count’s ill proclamation, sanction, and forfeiture against your House and those “Lesser” Houses of the Peerage.  It was not lost upon me that the “Great” Houses were silent on the Usurper Count or his unjust proclamations.  It is clear that this Usurper Count and the Craven Great Houses of the Peerage committed treason against our King and care nothing of Honor, Nobility, or Traditions.

As such, I have taken to exile and open rebellion against the Count’s rule.  I understand the gravity of my decision.  I will work with anyone to see the Count’s rule and interests absolved.  I have decided to turn my attention to that Precious Drill he is so found of.  As you have impressed upon us Retainers in the past, the hunt must forever continue. 

Although I wear your House Colors with pride, I must relay that I fear this is a final goodbye.  I hope you find some solace knowing that the Count and his men shall find some manner of disappointments through my contributions in the near future.  Lord Departed willing.     

Your humbled servant,

Retainer Dorn Tallstag

Correspondence / Letter: To Burgage Merchants (PC/DM)
« on: March 10, 2021, 12:27:55 AM »
*A thin letter is hand delivered to each of the Merchants of the Burgage by a man in a Blackjack Uniform*

Wonderful Merchants of the Burgage,

I hope my letter finds you in warm and wealthy regards.  While I do hope that your business endeavors are lucrative, I must relay that pleasantries are not the true purpose of this missive.  Recently, information has been received at the Blackjack Headquarters of potential threats posed to individual merchants and commerce as a whole within the Burgage by a sullied gang known as the “Scrag Lads”. 

In an overabundance of caution, I write to relay this threat information to you and request that you report any criminal activity to the King’s Militia.  Moreover, I would ask each of you to be especially -patient and generous- to the Blackjacks.  As you can imagine, we have a tremendous responsibility with very little financial resources.

May the Promise Keep You,

Blackjack Acarson Renward
King’s Militia

Notices and Bulletins / Flyer: Join the King's Militia Today!
« on: March 06, 2021, 08:06:24 PM »

His Majesty's 99th Militia Regiment

Do you desire to hold an Oath of Service to the King? Do you seek Honor through Meritorious Service rather than Privilege? Will you be the Vanguard to the Ghyl threat upon our doorstep?   Will you Protect those who are unable to protect themselves?  Then seek the audience of:

Blackjack Acarson Renward


Where they will be allowed to enter His Majesty's Service.

God Save the King

Correspondence / Note: Courtier Agnes van Molneck of House Moonspear
« on: February 24, 2021, 04:51:06 AM »
*A thinly scripted note is left for Courtier Agnes van Molneck of House Moonspear.  Based upon the graceful script of the note, it would be clear to most that Retainer Jonan received assistance with it*

Enlightened Loyal Courtier Agnes of House Moonspear,

I hope my note finds you warm and comforted despite these dark and trying times.  I know it has been ~too~ long since we last spoke to each other.  Yet, I feel the pressing and dire times demands our rendezvous.  There is so much for you and I to discuss.  Would you humble me by accepting my Wooden Spoon?  Through the Grace of Sa'i, “May our work be halved, when our backs toil together”.  I desire nothing more then a brief encounter to discuss our future harvest.

Dutifully waiting,

Retainer Jonan Ceolnath
House Glitt

Advertising Litter / Quality Double Handed Weapon Sought!
« on: December 23, 2020, 08:00:30 PM »
*a small note is hung for merchants in Peerage*

Greetings all,

This be Jonan Ceolnath.  A Retainer in the service of House Glitt.  For too long, I been using a rusted and dull double handed dire mace.  Now, I have enough coin to purchase a double handed weapon more suiting.  If ye have a quality two bladed sword, double handed axe, or dire mace, then seek me out at Glitt Hall already.  The coin will be generous.


Journals and Musings / Godric Uharad's Tightly Bound Journal
« on: November 23, 2020, 02:09:45 PM »
Aunt Liza,

The past few days have been filled with excitement, pride, and belonging.  I have been inducted into House Nephezar as a Retainer Thaumaturge.  Can you believe it?  A Thaumaturge within the Refuge tested my blood.  And, guess what!?  He was so impressed with it!  Said my blood was impressive and filled with promise!   You always told me that I was “special” and had “heavenly” gifts.  I never thought this could be possible.  Perhaps being in such an ancient house filled with the gifted blood of the heavens, that I could truly learn about the powers within me?  The Lord and Lady could only know.

Yet, I must also relay to you that all the glory I have felt these past few days, have been dampened.  I have made a few friends within House Glitt.  Fine Retainers you shall every come to know!  Bad Tom, Dougal, others.  Well, they were slaughtered at the hands of Knaves in response to something terrible done by a Retainer of House Nephezar.   They were fine men.  Very warm and welcoming.  I will miss them terribly. 

Remember those old blades?  The ones left with me on your doorstep?  I know they are not much to look at, but I am seeking to employ a smith to see them adjoined.  Wouldn't that be something to look at over the fireplace?


Correspondence / Note: Apprentice Smith Maranith (DM)
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:49:34 PM »
*A thin note is handed to Apprentice Smith Maranith in the Burgage*

Apprentice Smith Maranith,

Lord and Lady's welcome to you.  I pen this note to inquire your services.  I have two family Heirlooms, which are very old and dull longswords.  Dispute their mundane condition, they are very precious to me.  I seek to have them melded together to form a Double Bladed Sword.  Is it possible that your apprenticeship could see this done?  I have shall see you properly paid for the service.

Thaumaturge Godric Uharad

Correspondence / Letter: Retainer "Bad Tom" House Glitt
« on: November 07, 2020, 03:31:46 PM »
*A thinly written letter is scripted and left at House Glitt for Retainer "Bad Tom"*

Bad Tom,

It has been some time.  I hope my letter finds you in warm comfort in House Glitt with a cold mug of ale.  I have saw your advertisement for selling gloves of Mage Rage.  I have not seen anything like them before!  As such, I have great interest in such.  Possible we could meet to discuss your price?

Godric Uharad

Notices and Bulletins / Notice at Willowgrove Manor
« on: October 11, 2020, 09:18:43 PM »
*A Letter is hung outside the Willowgrove Manor for all residents of the Pauper Ponds to see*

Residents of the Willowgrove,

In the past, our late, austere, and noble Lord Desmond Sunpurse had grand ambitions for his estate in the Willowgrove.  This estate was to serve as place for retreat and reflection.  A place where one could take in the harmonious sounds of nature in balance with modern constructions of fountains, gardens, and a Manor.

For too long, these grounds have been overgrown by invasive plants.  The pond waters putrid and foul.  Monstrous creatures wandering the estate grounds without check.  All of you must know that the depravity of the Estate of Willowgrove is at an end.  The restoration of the Estate of Willowgrove begins now.

As a vassal of House Sunpurse, I have been given the Title of the Custodian of Willowgrove Estate.  With this title, I shall work in earnest to see these grounds meticulously restored.  If you have interest in having beautiful gardens, clean pond water, and a sound manor to host celebrations, then seek me out.  We shall do such together.

By the powers invested in me, the following Laws of the Willowgrove Manor shall be relayed and enforced:
1.   No hunting on grounds.
2.   No littering or polluting.
3.   No introduction of invasive and hostile plants or fungi.

Sovan Raldaston
Custodian of the Willowgrove Estate

Correspondence / Letter left for the Groundskeeper
« on: October 11, 2020, 08:25:57 PM »
A thin note is slide underneath the door to the Groundskeeper Cabin


I visited your cabin, however must have just missed you.  I have been given the Title of Custodian of the Willowgrove Estate.   This place is terribly overgrown, polluted, and too often frequented by monstrous creatures.  Soon, let us meet and discuss the future of the Willowgrove.  I trust through such discussion, we can obtain items of mutual interests and understanding.

Sovan Raldaston
Custodian of Willowgrove Estate

Correspondence / Letter: Warpriestess Desir Evershine
« on: October 03, 2020, 08:04:18 PM »
*A thin note containing the seal of House Sunpurse is left*

Warpriestess Desir Evershine,

I say hail and greetings to you.  As a young lad growing up in the Spinning Groat Casino, my father spoke much of the faith of Yemen.  Although my father was not a Priest by any stretch, I have found warm consolas with Yemen as a faith.  Perhaps in the near future, we could meet and discuss formal tenets of the Yemen faith?  Please seek me out at the House Sunpurse Mansion. 

Lady Oriana's Grace,

Retainer Sovan Raldaston

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