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Advertising Litter / Seeking Locksmith for paying work
October 25, 2023, 07:52:12 AM
Work requires discretion and experience with secure gates and doors.

Send a letter to Don Souk. He'll get it.
[This has evidently been scrawled by a child, and was probably dictated.]

Dun Souk, um, wants buddies for a big, uh, job-thingy.

Shh, don't tell nobody, and don't care 'bout what the 4th thinks.

Lotsa money for you! Call Dun Souk for deets. Leave your knife stabbed in this here paper if you wanna know more.


[A child's rendition of a Stonefolk with crooked teeth is at the bottom]
Have you seen this man's hair or neck?

Please let him know he is not alone in his tragic condition.

He resides at the Banda Fortress.
Bug Reports / Vermin FE bonuses not activating
September 16, 2023, 06:10:44 PM

Been fooling around with a lvl 6 ranger with the Vermin FE and I don't seem to get the conditional +2 Listen, +2 Spot, +1 AB, +1 AC, while within the Sewers.

I'm not sure if that's because the Gutters aren't marked as sewers or not, or if that's intentional, but it seems the most sewer-like place I can find so it seems buggy to me.

I've tried resetting bonuses in the crafting tool, transitioning in and out of areas, and no dice.

Correspondence / Letter to the Alchemist's Guild
August 05, 2023, 09:48:12 PM

As a fellow dabbler in the material sciences, I am interested in acquiring membership in your guild.

Perhaps a meeting could be arranged.

Runidil of the Wroth.
Makes for a fantastic assassin, however I do have a couple things to say:

  • The summoning theme, which is apparently central to the perk's flavor, is not great? Not mechanically, but thematically. It's just increasingly bigger snakes with the same name up to Summon III. They don't really get any sort of... Nothing new to them? It's like the same creature with a bit of a buff each level up. With the reduced amount of Sorcerer spells taking Summon spells vs taking spells with poisons attached feels like a no brainer.
  • The poisons on rest are all spider weapon poisons at least up to level 6. It's a bit odd on two counts: Getting spider product out of snakes, and also being a sorcerer. If  instead of spider weapon poisons, they were ingestible poisons it'd also work better with the perk's "Poison Empower" mechanic.

Basically the Perk has 3 (Summon Theme, Poisons on rest and Poison Empower) aspects to it which are very cool but in practice don't really work together at all.

The poison on spells aspect however is very strong: I tested it on Karpie's fighter by tagging him with a Dark Reaver Powder, which is on Ghoul Touch, and if he hadn't drank an antidote almost on reflex his PC might've died on the spot. DC 18 2d6 + 2d6 CON damage is no joke. 

Your average non-fort class with 14 Con needs to roll a 14 to pass the save if they're level 8 (Assuming no extra saves bonuses), and once they've failed the save they're going to lose 7 points of CON on average, which makes passing the next roll even harder. There's very little chance for counterplay too, since if you're rolling that low on a fort save there's very little chance you passed the spell's DC for Paralysis (DC22 or so on a GSF Necro sorc). If they fail the next roll, they're going to lose on average another 7 con. That's their entire CON score.

Opening the thread cus it seems like a really nasty result out of a single spell from what seems like an inocuous perk.

Great fun tho.
This letter was written on the back of a signed Velan Volandis portrait.


Congratulations on your appointment. I believe there is an outstanding diplomatic issue with the Banafsi which we should discuss.

Khopesh Jones,
Underville & Snipes, Inc.

I have a first draft of the legal modifications you requested. It's rather simple. For the second bit, I think we'll need to meet and pool some knowledge.


Khopesh Jones
Underville & Snipes, Leeries Inc.



It is a publicly observed behaviour that Brooking with unsightly spirits within the Well is not only a danger to it, but also all surrounding lands. Likewise, a Brooker near the well will put it at risk. Like disease, the trafficking of favors with beings otherwordly twists all who come into contact with the Brooker.

We propose the removal of Brooking outside the walls as a Serious offence, and elevating all cases of Brooking to the Capital. Expediency and celerity in the excision of the canker afflicting the well with its obscene influence minimizes the possibility of a spreading rot. Like the physician acts decisively when presented a gangrenous limb, so must the Well act swiftly when the body is threatened by the mark of the outsider.


[This part of the document appears to be more incipient, with anotations on Astronomers? Incarnabulum? Licenses?]
Apothar Azimi,

Going through some older Mermaid Tale issues, I found you were involved with a Djinn curse in the Krak des Roses.

I've got some baublium I don't need. I need the details of that story. Let me know if you've got time to talk.

Khopesh Jones
Underville & Snipes Leeries Inc.
Balestriere Oar-Back,

I was shuffling through older Mermaid Tale issues and I came across your description of a Djinn curse in the Krak.

I need the details of that story. Let me buy you a round.

Khopesh Jones
Underville & Snipes Leeries Inc.
At the gates of the Mountain Halls, the old kingdom of High Kulkund, a Prince's Flag and Colors are planted... Along with a challenge.

Prince Samurr of High Kulkund hath returned.

Let all swear fealty unto him, or be branded rebels in this mountain. Recant, Laborers, or you shall be ground into the dirt.


These odd postings suffer a trembling hand. They are hastily scribbled. A picture of a strange field littered with rubble is attached to it. It seems to have been ripped from a book. There appear to be strange mechanisms there...

Brave and enterprising folk are sought to explore the lands of the Old Caliphate. First west, then North. Seek Aji. Send him your letters. He will read them.

There will surely be riches enough for all.
Hi! This was my first real Necromancer PC. He didn't start as a serious PC, I was just going through funny kits I wanted to try. He came right after the Sword Pervert, and I had the idea to just be super gross. Luckily the Bonecollectors suddenly started popping.

I really enjoyed emoting disgusting shit like sucking pus back through rotten teeth, or his nose falling off.

In a mechanical sense, Rotbringer is actually lit, and Necros can /quest/. If you have a group of 4 ish it's sublime.

My one and only PVE death on this dude. I think Lorgan said "He cannot be killed", which made me go "Sick I'm adopting this vibe".

This one was like getting a 5/5 customer review

Look at this guy's fucking fashion. Honestly, the whole necro group was fucking stylin'. Straight up JoJo villain crew.

Bug Reports / Some issues with Rotbringer Zombie Spawning
September 24, 2022, 08:37:00 PM

So I've observed that zombies summoned by my GSF: Necro Rotbringer sometimes cost 15, sometimes 30 points. It also seems like some of them vanish on rest as though they were regular summons. Vlaid's theory is that these are actually conjurations, and thus are not benefiting from GSF Necro?

The other thing which is a bit annoying, is the following:

- Rotbringer kills 6 enemies with one spell.
- A lot of zombies are spawned.
- A majority of these zombies cost 30 summoning points.
- It goes over the limit.
- All zombies summoned from that spell are unsummoned.

It makes the perk play like a game of chicken? Trying to not go over with your points, but you don't really have control about them because of the 15/30 thing.

Separate issue: Your own undead minions will not generate Zombies. This seems logical from a gameplay standpoint since your undead are henchmen, but it does put a damper on things. Not sure if intended, either.


This was my first villanous character. Holy shit. I created this guy with the intention of playing a very fighty duelly Barb that would mostly hang out in the Ward. He was very much based on Lu Bu, a CE bastard who would flip sides at the first lavish offer. Impulsive, cruel, temperamental and slow witted. This quickly changed with his first encounter with Aatish...

Zhou's motivation to joining the Shadow Cult was originally saving Lord Zheng from his terrible illness. An ignorant and ill concieved notion, Doran saw in the unwise tiger a useful tool... Which he exploited well.

In the end, cornered between conflicting motivations, he behaved as all trapped animals do and left a terrible wake of destruction in his path.

Thank you so much Secutor, you ran the entire shadow plot which was absolutely insane. The Martyrs are dope and I hope they keep going. Thank you to everyone who played a Martyr, especially Aatish, Typherion's and Tris' player,  you guys brought sick RP to it. Thank you so much to Loveless and brolair cus your Martyrs were scary as shit. Thanks to everyone who got to go into the Pool, I hope it was cool and not a bad time. And thank you to everyone who chased me while I was screaming IRL because like 25 people were failing a climb check behind me in the commons. I love you all.

Loot! Within what I am allowed to unveil...

[hide]The jewelry:

Armor, I won't show the Martyr Gear. Luckily I did have something else:

And the legendary... FLYING BLOOD DRAGON! Which acquired it's umbrageous form after murdering Bartimus Steel...


Loose screenshots of cool stuff:


The beginning of the End, first a sacrifice...

And then a reward...


This obit feels very incomplete, I don't have screenshots of everything... So if you have any please post.

See y'all on the next!
Hm hm hm

Chato was a crackhead concept for an alleyway drug dealer. He was an old hand with contacts and an ugly face. The core conceit was being as un-combative as possible. I took Bruiser because of the intimidate buff, though the 5% bludgeoning immunity was decent.

He rolled at first with Finny, his "adopted" Half-Orc bodyguard who he totally did not buy from a trader. Rolf, an awakened melancholic dwarf who served as the bloodshot testbed. And Mads, a half elf sneak who would've stabbed him in the back. Half of that crew died under the Ponds, so he had to weasel into the Harbor to get any traction... And once there, something happened.

Manfred was very mean to him, and Chato took it personally. So he hired a gnome to blow up his Harbor tower. Which accidentally blew up most of the harbor.

It was exciting playing him, I really appreciate everyone who decided to participate in his very obviously evil plots, and I hope bloodshot keeps making the rounds.

Introductions and Group Management / The Cartel
December 03, 2021, 05:31:30 PM

There's a new Man about Town, his name is Chato and he's looking to grow his operation...

This concept is about pushing Snuff and maybe other substances if we find one that's more fun that snuff, perhaps getting into the Harbor as a more shady underbelly aspect? It accepts a wide variety of concepts.

The vibe is grimy, alleyway chic. Verbose but filthy.

Characters that would fit well would be non-good aligned (Unless you can justify working for a drug cartel being good), focused around profit and personal gratification, and practical material power. You want to click red? Be an enforcer. You want to cast spells? You can be one of the cooks, or maybe just an advisor. Wanna stealth around? Rogue up my friend. Paladins need not apply. Clerics will probably need to be specific in concept to fit in, as your typical FP and morningstar cleric prasing a Sun God would be odd working for a druglord? Druids... I don't know, actually. Play a snuff addicted druid, idgaf.

So ends the Journey of the Kama Monk who feared absolutely nothing. This character was, originally, a sort of insane meme version of Sonny Chiba. From the beginning, people were like "Hoho Kama monk that's pretty memey!". The AB was terrible, but that's fine!

That went out of the window after a bit. Suddenly he was involved in assassination plots, fought people, became enemies with Paladins, a death duel, Aatish... I did have a very specific goal for him, which was making Ruby. I tried to pursue as many crazy goals as possible in order to make that a reality.

He kind of developed into a callous man, with little concern for morality as long as it advanced his own strength and that of the Count. He was Crabbe's physical foil, and Diablo certainly helped me get the character to a place where I felt like he /mattered/. Then Giselle joined, and we had a little trinity of psychos. Then Elena showed up, and we [REDACTED].

Easily my most fun run with a character. Special thanks to Bearic for all the help in developing Chiba both flavor-wise and mechanically. Wouldn't have lasted even a /minute/ without that stance.

Chiba appreciated Aaron a whole lot, with his weirdly cynical view of reality. The letters between them are quite fun.

There's too many characters I played with that were super fucking fun to be around. And all of you were so encouraging. It was great.



Encounters of the... Chiba kind?

Entering the main-stream

The drip

Meetings in chilly crypts...

A first encounter with Garth, the Velstran Paladin

The dreaded LIST being concocted

Greepmo, Chiba's Mightiest Disciple?

Chiba had a running gag about kicking orphans 7 feet in the Air. Greepmo, being both a Goblin and an Orphan, flew 14.

Chiba was not home for a very special visit, but Elena made sure to explain his whereabouts.

The description some people liked

My boy:

A nightly stroll:

Spanish commentary:

A sparring match on the Bridge:

The stance that made it all possible: 5/? DR, +2 STR, -10% movespeed.

In the council's chambers...

A blade broken...

Must be reforged.

And a one time ultra buffed Chiba:


See ya on the next!
Fang Kang was basically an expy from one of my favorite martial arts films, the One Armed Boxer. Visually, I took more from San Te.

I enjoyed playing him a ton. Monk is a nutty martial class, and I think I got used to bouncing back and forth with levels. This was because all he was good for is dying. Still, had a TON of fun.

Privateer for -1 days! I apologize for the massive screenshots, but I included the stats for the fearsome Battle Diaper. Here we go:

The mighty BATTLE DIAPER. Best DM Loot item i've ever gotten, bar none.

Hi guys! Ulf's finally dead, way later than I thought it would happen. It was fun playing with the Geirssons, even though I kept dying in pretty much every relevant fight we got into (Having your relic be a 2H spear does wonders for your AC).

He was a mercurial dude, with a drinking problem and a penchant for being deadpan. Can't really say much other than that, not exactly the deepest lore on this guy. At least he died doing what he loved. Zapping things.

Character sheet, some fun screenshots and LOOT:

Boat ride to the 99th:

Resting under palm trees:

Unsavory dealings:


Character sheet:

See ya on the next one.