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The Misadventures of Mattermead Gold
Part II: The Future is Now

By Matron Soppira Hinkley

Notices and Bulletins / The Apprentices Present: MATTERMEAD MUSES...
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:38:46 AM »
The Apprentices of the Prismatic Council present:


A series of uplifting, thought-provoking discourses upon matters far and wide, and always looking ahead from the one and only, renown and Promised Triumvir of the Prismatic Council known as Mattermead Gold; he who famously prophesied the return of the Lord Departed to his Lady in Waiting.

« on: January 16, 2021, 01:16:24 AM »
Quote from: After the planar incursion upon the Peerage Ward, a summons was made for one "Voria Turncoat", to be answered to any member of the Prismatic Council.
In accord with all whom have thus far spoke upon the matter, the Prismatic Council is pleased to announce that the matter of the planar incursion upon Ring 99, localised to the exterior rim of the Peerage Ward, specifically triangulated beyond the bridge and at its inlets-outlets into the Commons has been contained, dispelled, and thoroughly driven back. All involved, citizens, retainers, and the like are to be congratulated for standing firm alongside we, the Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100.

I personally saw to laying down the wards along with my colleagues to ensure the planar destabilisation was undone, as I am a Master Conductor of Rituals with proven track record. Thank you all, you have done us all proud. However... we look now into the matter of causation and thus we, the Prismatic Council, make a summons!

Voria Turncoat, your name has been bandied about as a figure of some significant notoriety within the arcane sphere of this City, many even linking you to the chaos that unfolded here. You are thus summoned to attend the Prismatic Tribunal for assessment!

You may answer this summons publicly, or privately. We are presently convened at the Peerage Ward. If this is convenient, you should come before us. We are Gold, we are Green, we are Grey, and all colours in-between and we demand explanation. That is all.


Correspondence / To the Author/Editor of the Weekly Howler
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:21:07 PM »
Dear Author-and-or-Editor of the Weekly Howler,

We the apprentices of the most magnanimous Mattermead the Gold have been most pleased in perusing your fine periodical and look forward to your future issues. We are also curious if you are interested in accepting material for your fine publication the likes of which may appeal to your readership? We make this inquiry in the hope that we may help you keep people well informed about things that may be relevant to them.

Furthermore, we wonder if you are aware of a competing periodical known as the 'Daily Barker', even though it is a not-so-daily publication? We are also curious as to your opinion of this competitor of yours and if you have any specific intentions towards them.

We are real fans of your independence and do not intend to infringe upon your lone wolf style, but as you have written in your own work, a Grizzly Red Wolf sounds like a good friend and we really like that as well as your joke about the Aware Wolf. That was hilarious! A wolf who meditates! (Although it appeared like 'mediates' in some of your papers, we suspect that might have been the work of a saboteur!)

Under the auspices of the one and only, Mattermead the Gold,
His Apprentices

Books and Publications of the City / The Codex Arcanum/Maelificarum
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:31:16 AM »
The Codex Arcanum/Maelificarum

An Official Archive of the Arcane Authority of the City of Rings:
The Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100
Under the Auspices of Mattermead the Gold
The Master Conductor of Rituals

Correspondence / Green Wizard Tel Talic, the Strategist
« on: December 26, 2020, 11:07:30 AM »

It is time to hold another Convocation. Times are changing and we have work to do if we are to realise the future. I need you to ponder upon the following in preparation for the matters at hand:

x What is your assessment of this work?: Wizardry is for the Wise
x What are your thoughts on this work of art?:  On Royalty, and the Projection of That Power
x Have you spotted any worthy new magi who would wear a colour well?

There are other matters we must discuss as well, of course. These are just the ones that may require a bit of preparation for beforehand.

- Gold

An ostentatious letter laden with the hallmarks of ritual.

Dear Royal Court Wizard,

I, Mattermead the Gold write this letter to you directly--in the place of my apprentices who are otherwise relegated to attend to affairs of my notetaking, letter reading and writing and such--as I do all whom are worthy of such respect, as you most definitely are.

I have been researching your works as well as that of many other magicians (and wannabes) of the Realm in the development of an Encyclopaedia of the Magi of the City of Rings being sponsored by my Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100. My studies suggest that you were in fact the last legitimate holder of the title of Royal Court Wizard, though others such as my erstwhile and most treacherous colleague the late but admittedly great (in his own wretched way, credit where credit is due) Senior Archivist Karl Lindqvist attempted to lay claim to it too. I of course had to honour such claims in absence of any contrary evidence (specifically, your lack of response to the matter).

Whilst I keep records of history, I don't value them very much as the future is all that ever matters, in such a light I contact you, who as wise and powerful as you might be, being the last of the original nine apprentices of Golfaldus, and the one who had completed the Golfaldian magnum opus, or should we call it the Lykaon Konphas VII & Brothers' magnum opus, have sadly and unfortunately become a relic of the forgotten past. It's always sad to see greatness diminish to nothing, much like the Wizard Wastelands that are your homeworld, no offence but just as credit where credit is due, so too reproof where reproof is earned. I urge you not to mind my statement, as it is made only in objective fairness--after all if you really cared about your homeworld, you would have done something about it. You would have used your immense power, held betwixt your fingers in that magnum opus of yours to present the glory of wizardry and if not that then perhaps as remembrance of your eight brothers, all aspects of the power you are said to command! Though I am quite fond of that painting of yours, On Royalty, and the Projection of That Power.

In any case, times are changing and the King is no longer the king, as a New World Order makes itself manifest and new schisms are formed of the old. The Royal Court Wizard held his authority over the 93rd, but that place is a useless wasteland and it is told that one of your predecessors (known as a Wannabe in my books) abolished authority held by your title over that demesne anyway. Furthermore that you never actually held the Tower or Tower-Staff, and that it has been misplaced beyond anyone's cognizant awareness, though I understand memories may be hiding inside all kinds of minds... memories one must extract somehow... Whilst it is well and publicly known that the Convocation of Ring 100 intends to conjure the great tower into the future homeland of Wizardry, beyond the failures of the 93rd, my point is that your title and post seems to source its power now from your own potent personage. And though I approve of such, as a wizard is his own power, a power unto himself, what concerns me is your silence, your absence.

I thus write to you to acquire your sponsorship of my Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100, and through it, your authority and all that is represented by your title funneled into our command. I have indeed been so forward-thinking as to present the ritual, the ceremony, the wondrous design that shall enact my wish. One I am sure that one day you will smile upon, as a diviner, because you knew I would come, didn't you? Someone as great as I would absolutely devise a method to obtain your approval, and all in your favour of course, for you need not lift a single finger. Indeed, your power would be made manifest through doing nothing. Nothing at all, and so perfectly the status quo would attend to all things deserved OF THE FUTURE WHICH I REPRESENT! Ah, how I wish upon you such a smile, and such merry laughter when you realise what I am doing, and by the time any of it matters at all, will have done.

[The letter goes on in idle bouts of praise, as if praising every moment of Lykaon's life from childhood into adulthood, breaking down every imagined moment, every triumph, every life's lesson with hundreds of self-inserted anecdotes of Mattermead the Gold and his own apprentices over the years here and there, imagined and otherwise to cover several days of reading until...]

And so, your honourable, your masterful, your majestic, and as some have addressed your title so, your grace, the Royal Court Wizard do agree that should no response to my letter be returned within 3 days of this writing--sent of course to you, most expeditiously, and by certain courier to arrive within a day, imposing a grace period of one additional day--that you and your power, your authority, your influence, your protection and if necessary all your resources are levied in support of Mattermead the Gold and the Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100, to be wield as determined and desired by him and them in the furtherment of the cause of their Convocation as bound by wizardly compact and the runes embedded upon this scroll.

Worry not, your grace, for we have no intention of stepping on your toes. After all times are changing, and the very perception of royalty, and the King with it. Better for you to be in vogue than left behind if and or when there is a change in government. The Royal Court Wizard after all should serve the Realm, no matter who rules it. I however, am a diviner much like you, and from my studies of your painting rest assured that you will thoroughly approve. Though I do wish you not to resent my methods, a wizard simply must do what he must, and I promise to you that I do what I do as a gesture of good will. Let go of the past so full of failure and join me in the future when you are ready. A golden cup of mead shall we share when such an hour comes.

This has been another successful ritual conducted by--

The one, the only,
~ Mattermead the Gold
Master Conductor of Rituals

Correspondence / To the Author/Editor of the Daily Barker
« on: December 26, 2020, 04:59:44 AM »
Dear Author-and-or-Editor of the Daily Barker,

We require new staff-writers for an upcoming project and you possess the talent we need. However, we the apprentices of the most magnanimous Mattermead the Gold have in consultation with our brilliant Master determined that someone as free-spirited and flowing with sincerity as you should not be put on a stiff leash and would like to maintain your brand as independent. What we propose is actually a form of collaboration, the details of which are best discussed with our esteemed Master.

You will be beckoned by our wonderful Master, or you may sniff out his spleandour yourself to see to a meeting.

Don't risk missing out on this INCREDIBLE opportunity and arrange for a meeting SOON!

Under the auspices of the one and only, Mattermead the Gold,
His Apprentices

A Deconstruction of "Wizardry is for the Wise"

A Publication of the Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100
Under the Auspices of Mattermead the Gold
The Master Conductor of Rituals

The Magi of the City of Rings: of Wizards, Architects, Mavericks, and Wannabes

A Publication of the Prismatic Council of the Convocation of Ring 100
Under the Auspices of Mattermead the Gold
The Master Conductor of Rituals

« on: December 07, 2020, 07:42:49 AM »
Quote from: Mattermead Gold:
Greetings, it is I, the one and only, Mattermead the Gold.

I will attempt to be brief due to--[Pause, rustle of coins.]--necessity. This is a formal demand to the institution that will be taking over operations of the Adamantine Vault, that my apprentices are seeking restitution for their lost savings.

I expect to be contacted in the imminent future to arrange for this on the behalf of my poor, poor, apprentices. [A saddened sigh exhaled.] I really do care for my apprentices and I simply must ensure that all their hard work scrounging for coins like some nobody is not wasted.

The Prismatic Council
of the Convocation of Ring 100

In the way that a prism breaks a beam of Light, are we all of its brilliance revealed!

Assembled with the intent to elevate Ring 100 into the new homeland of Wizardry, the Prismatic Council arises as a convocation of magi from across the City of Rings unified in purpose and bound in fellowship to spread the arcane benevolence of the Art far away from the failure of the Failures of Ring 93 and to restore honour and success back to the realms of magic.

Correspondence / Giuseppe Orza ((DM))
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:09:30 PM »
My Lord Giuseppe,

I write now upon the portent of dire straits, so dire that I cannot afford to leave this letter in the hands of any of my many apprentices as the matters of concern are so great, and these are concerns for YOU and YOUR FUTURE. I shall confess that I have reached out to Lord Ruul as well, however all reports indicate it is unlikely I shall receive response as the masterful magus has become very eerily silent. DO NOT IGNORE THIS. A wizard of his calibre does not simply disappear, and you have the RIGHT TO BE CONCERNED.

Little of detail can be explained in this missive, all I have left to say is that I AM THE STORMCROW and without the counsel I have to share YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE.

Send your minions to escort me to your demesne. Call for me, or pen your response confirming an audience, but whatever you do, do so with ALL DUE HASTE.

You cannot afford to wait.


Correspondence / Ruul Velstra ((DM))
« on: October 20, 2020, 01:54:12 PM »
My Lord Ruul,

It is IMPERATIVE that I have an audience with you to discuss a matter that is very close to both of our hearts. It is so IMPORTANT and SECRET that I have chosen to pen this letter personally rather than have one of my many apprentices do so.

I can leave no further hint as to the nature of this DIRE MATTER save that I must have an audience with you in the IMMINENT FUTURE. All your work, all your power, and your very future depends on it!

Send me word of acceptance or summon me with your magic at the very next opportunity!


The Prismatic Council
of the Convocation of Ring 100

In the way that a prism breaks a beam of Light, are we all of its brilliance revealed!

Assembled with the intent to elevate Ring 100 into the new homeland of Wizardry, the Prismatic Council arises as a convocation of magi from across the City of Rings unified in purpose and bound in fellowship to spread the arcane benevolence of the Art far away from the failure of the Failures of Ring 93 and to restore honour and success back to the realms of magic.

The Triumvirate

Taking the brilliance of the primary colours, the purest of the spectrum of light, the Triumvirate are the leaders of the Prismatic Council come together to guide us all into the Promise of the future. After great deliberation, the Triumvirate has opened its seats to the Secondus and is no longer strictly comprised by the Wizards of the Primus, but instead the greatest amongst the six.

Mattermead the Gold
The One & Only
Master Conductor of Rituals

Tel Talic the Green
The Green Wizard
The Strategist

The Secundus

Forged of the secondary colours, each blending together the brilliance of the primaries to form their own distinct hue are these respectable magi who support the Triumvirate and carry out their own arcane works independently. The Secundus now also comprises those Magi who wear the colours of the the Primus who have not found their place amongst the Triumvirate.


The Tertius

Donning the mantle of the tertiary and remaining colours, these are the apprentices, the newly Initiated, familiars, and other wizardly constructs, creations and things whom may be called into service of those magi of higher luminescent purity or are otherwise in service to individual magi further up the hierarchy of the Prismatic Council.

Apprentice Nooma the Pink
Meredina Cassel the Pink Wizard

Mystery Magus the To-Be-Determined
Stargazer Greywand the Grey Wanderer
Vlado Bobek the Aubergine Wizard
Ol' Harlon the Khaki, Observer of Arcane Anomalies & Seller of Produce

Honouraries of the Prismatic Council

Royal Scribe Alphonse Winneseph - Retired from his post as the Red Wizard Triumvir due to the stresses of serving dual roles amongst both Council and Archives. Alphonse is an honoured friend who will forever have a place amongst us.

Past Members, Wannabes, & Renegades

Royal Court Wizard & Senior Scribe Karl Lindqvist the Red - BANISHED, EXCOMMUNICATED, DENOUNCED AS WANNABE
Aszanaj Vohm the Beige - former and most grandiose Bound Apprentice of the Triumvirate. Was unbound and undone by the folly of the Thayans.
Aurelia Greywood the Blue - suffered a bout of amnesia and thus rendered no longer fit to serve as Triumvir.
Finn Darker the Purple the Purple Wizard - caught up in the folly of Thayan strangeness, burnt alive by Nicko Nephezar.
Senqit Shadowcloak the Red Wizard - involved in some kind of unknown altercation with one of the Count's Rubies.

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