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Introductions and Group Management / ⚒The Sons of Iron⚒
« on: January 31, 2022, 09:11:12 PM »

The Sons of Iron are paragon dwarves, meant to be the heroes of their kin. Each Son tends to represent one facet of what being a Dwarf means, some more for the honor, others more for the ale, others for runes, others for wealth, and so on. As such, they thrive to right the wrongs done by some Ancestors, such as in the 94th, and have the whole package: They toil in the mines like no dwarves in ancient Gathol Zirin, the forge said to almost run on its own, by the very hands and pickaxes of some Ancestors themselves, who are happy to collect their due in gold, jewelry, gemstones, magic and ale, filling the Vaults within the mines. With current events taking the Sons focus towards Little Tickertown and the Peerage, comes great opportunities for involvement in all sorts of plots, which is what is happening right now, ranging from the 92nd to 100th. Be a fully committed Son of Iron, former Golden Grinner, a fanatic or simply an "Ironjack", most dwarves can fit in.

Recommended Race:  Shield Dwarf, Hill Dwarf, Gold Dwarf, Cave Dwarf (The "Ironjacks" may be of any standard race)
Recommended Class: Any
Recommended Alignment: Non-chaotic
Recommended Religion: Ancestors, Phanax of Opulence, Ancient Book of Grudges,
Gold, Honor, Axe, Ale, Stone, Thunder
Anything Dwarven...

Quote from: Fehit Leondrucs
Thelisa Sunspyre, Regent of Willowgrove. An Envoy of the Royal Thieves whispers to you. We are watching you. We are glad that you complied with our request of leaving the simple crooks, the small, commoner thieves, not only unmolested, but under your protection within the boundaries of Willowgrove Park. The criminal community is ever grateful.

One can't help, however, but wonder. Has anyone made such request on behalf of local changelings? No need to answer. We'll find out. We have left the Park, but our eyes and ears are always there. Your 20000 groats worth purse stands out. You may hear from us soon enough with a new request. For now, it seems you're rather busy trying to establish rule over those who don't need it.

hours later into the night...

Quote from: Fehit Leondrucs
This is the Envoy, of the Royal Thieves. Let it be known, that we have nor had any qualms with House Sunpurse. An Oath has been made this evening to reinforce that, no Royal Thief shall target nor threaten a member of Sunpurse family, by extention, nor its servants. This includes the extended family.

Quote from: Garth Winespill
To the so called Royal Thieves- you scorn the name of monarchy itself with your foul bravado. I shall personally bring you to justice- your spying of the Lady Thelisa will not go unpunished. The groat stolen shall be procured and given to the needy, and your shadowy cabal will be brought to heel.
So says Garth, son of Norbert. Think not that you are safe from the hammer of justice that is those of pure and good heart. Theft is not a craft- it is neither noble nor does it bear purpose beyond your own selfish means. The Bannerhouse's agreement with your false guild will not spare you.

Quote from: Aeryn Hastings
I must admit I am /very/ confused! Though I suppose I can be confused a lot lately, you know, well, given everything, but anyway, that's besides the point.
The point being, of course, well, you already know the point, because I think I've said it, or is it that I was going to say it just now? Anyway. Thievery seems /very/ evil, but so does attacking random people like the Sunspyre does. Maybe it's two evil people against each other?
That's good, right? [Huffs]

Notices and Bulletins / Royal Thieves Announcements
« on: September 07, 2021, 04:33:37 AM »
Quote from: City Whisper by Fehit Leondrucs
Hark! A messenger of the Royal Thieves shall be making an important announcement in the King's Commons within a few moments.

Quote from: City Whisper by Fehit Leondrucs
*a plain voice slightly muffled by some mask* Hark, Loyal Subjects, I am The Envoy of the Royal Thieves! The official announcement was made around a candle ago, and since so few dared come to the King's commons to hear it, it shall be whispered in your ears... *ahems*

Quote from: City Whisper by Fehit Leondrucs
- 'As per open letter penned around 3 cycletime ago, The Royal Thieves announced their coming to rings 100 to 97 to the local Thieves Guild, the Knaves of 99, with three crime options to be chosen for introduction, all of them to fund charity. This time, the New Glum shall be the one and only beneficiary of all what is yielded. The options follow - GROATSNATCHING HOLIDAYS - A Sevenday holiday of pursecutting, with charity tickets of protection available for sale for 50 groats in the New Glum. - A NOBLE THIEVERY - An item of import shall be stolen from a Great House, auctioned or sold back for charity. - A ROYAL BURGLARY - An item of import shall be stolen from Peerage or Burgage establishment, auctioned or sold back for charity. - No answer has been given from the Knaves and due to their diplomacy failure, the Royal Scoundrel was forced to make the choice: -

Quote from: City Whisper by Fehit Leondrucs
- The Three of them!'-

Quote from: City Whisper by Perudo Silvershine
Perudo Silvershine here, Gold-Priest o' Phanax. Th' Grinners won't be toleratin' no bloody thieves guild, nosirs. Gets right in th' way o' good 'n proper commerce. Wes spot any o' yous lowlives around, 'n we'll rough you upgood 'n proper. Praise Phanax!

Quote from: City Whisper by Aoife Byrne
I will tolerate NO THIEVERY in Little Ticker. If it happens to anyone, report it to me, Squire Aoife of Glitt.

Quote from: City Whisper by Jana Goodman
I will make this very clear to these 'Royal Thieves' if you so much as steal from an Orzan or our House, we will hunt you down and beat you in the streets. Do so at your own risk. So speaks Jana, Arrow of Orza.

Quote from: City Whisper by Cradocs Tanner
A bounty of 2,000 groat is placed upon any of the new 'Thieves Guild' or any of it's members that makes themselves known, present them alive, not dead for a'Judgement of Opulence! To Viscount of the Discounts, Cradocs Tanner of the Golden Grinners. That is all!

Quote from: City Whisper by Fehit Leondrucs
Hark! This is The Envoy, hear the words of the Royal Scoundrel! Those who wish gazes turned away from their purses during the GROATSNATCHING HOLIDAYS that is in effect for a sevenday, shall make a donation of fifty groats to the New Glum Bow and have their purses marked for exemption.

Quote from: City Whisper by Perudo Silvershine
Shut up thieves, afore wes find you 'n breaks your kneecaps. Praise Phanax!

Cradocs Tanner
Quote from: City Whisper by Cradocs Tanner
Thievin' ain't opulent at all you smelly dweeb! 2,500 for this one alive for a Judgement of Opulence! Thievin' is bad for commerce!

Correspondence / *package to the Golden Grinners, Big Ticker*
« on: September 07, 2021, 04:06:57 AM »
*this package contains about half a dozen miscellaneous mildly precious gemstones and a note* //to be OOCly handed IG//

No such bounty is needed. We'll come to an accord most beneficial to you and your business. Please send a representative to neutral location, one where prying eyes are scarce.

          The Envoy

Correspondence / *Open letter to Knaves of 99, from Royal Thieves*
« on: September 03, 2021, 01:19:39 PM »
Dear Knaves of 99,

Your feats and exploits were known to us even before our arrival, and for that, you have our admiration. What ever happened that changed you from thieves to law enforcers is secondary to us. We pen you this to inform that the vacuum is to be filled. Prosperity and equality is to be brought to the Crown's Subjects most Noble of Wards. Spoils of our thievering are either converted in prestige for The Crown, charity for its impoverished subjects, or items of the Crown's import for safekeeping in our vault. In order to introduce ourselves, we shall perform one of the following actions, chosen by you:

A Sevenday holiday of pursecutting, with charity tickets of protection available for sale.

A Great House's item of import shall be stolen and auctioned for charity.

An item of import of a Peerage Ward establishment shall be stolen for the Crown's Vault.

Reply to this letter with your option, ONE of the crimes above within a three cycle time. Should there be no answer, we'll choose ourselves.


The Royal Thieves

Advertising Litter / Royal Thieves Community Services
« on: September 03, 2021, 02:08:25 AM »
The Royal Thieves are to restore the Crown's prestige thus services are offered to subjects of Rings 100 - 97

Tithe: Prestige items
*200 prestige points worth*
Minor favors such as:
- Information
- Smuggling
- Minor thievery/burglary

Tithe: Prestigious Lily
  *prestige points worth 500*
Favors such as:
- Roughhouse
- Thievery/Burglary
- High Profile information

Tithe: Prestigious Ruby
*1000 worth*
Major favors such as:
- Royal Abduction
- Royal Roughhouse
- Royal Thievery/Burglary

Tithe: Prestigious Twin Rubies
*2000 worth*
Royal favors such as:
- Royal Execution
- Royal Murder
- Royal Assassination

Leave a note for the Royal Scoundrel in the Blind Eye

Journals and Musings / *A brand new logbook*
« on: August 29, 2021, 02:21:41 PM »
*as an old logbook gets its last page filled, its replacement quickly gets filled with several rushed entries at once*

Quote from: The Burglar
We broke in the tower and reached its library. The Tome was warded, I had to make a copy and quick, the others kept defenders at bay. Only The Thug was slain; he had it coming for having heavy steps, dead men tell no tale. I am sure to have copied the last entries, yet, no one seem to be able to read it, memory gets slippery... Boss says it's time for next phase nonetheless

Quote from: The Scout
We now set to scour the 98 to 100, for the next mark lies there. Report any and every underworld activity and players, assess all major entities.

Quote from: The Smuggler
The Code has been pushed in the main bookstore. The word shall spread.

Books and Publications of the City / THE CODE OF THE ROYAL THIEVES
« on: August 29, 2021, 02:19:49 PM »
*a clear rushed copy of a supposed ancient tome*


AUTHOR: Royal Master Scoundrel Tims Pys
  EDITOR: Medium Nyoph Sarreduf

on Crime
A Royal Thief:
Will be subject to the law of Thievery Crimes, which consists of transgressions to this very code.
Will be Sentenced if caught. Absolved if not.
Will be punished at the will of the most appropriate of: local thieves' guild; rival thieves' company; victim or next of kin.

on Loyalty
A Royal Thief is Always:
Loyal to the Crown
Loyal to the Code
Loyal to the Thievery

on Territory
A Royal Thief Must:
Bear local guild's authorization to act in their territory
Challenge local thieves to act in their territory
Bear Royal Writ to act in local thieves territoty

on Marks
A Royal Thief Must:
Seek a mark each cycle
Never steal a crown without Royal Writ
Never steal a clock without Royal Writ

on Deception
A Royal Thief is forbidden to:
Tell colorful truths
Tell colorless lies
Expose falsehoods

*The list continues with more entries, mostly unreadable and blurry, some key words can be recognized: Changlings, Old, Mist, Necromancy, Planar, Imitation... Before ending abruptly.*

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Andrick of Orza
« on: August 21, 2021, 05:41:09 AM »
Andrick was a delight to play.  I thought  a lot about this PC before making him, I read all I could on forums about Orza, and I wanted to make a good representative of it, but still, a bit different. A well spoken and clever fighter, trying his hand at politics, who would get too passionate and reckless most of the time. I'll post here the two first entries of his efuss comments, which were made to introduce the PC to DMs OOCly:

[Andrick is in his prime and he is out to play! Finally managed to join Orza, which has always been his dream ever since he was awakened as a child. A street-shiv self trained prodigy, always inspired by the Gutter Knives, Butchers and Orza. However graceful and even plastic his knivery skills have become, subtlety was never Andrick's thing, and now in the new life among Peers, he aims to sharpen another weapon for his collection, a silvertongue.

A man capable of murder and worse, in the name of friendship. Talented with words and knivery, no backstabbing, but rather facing the foe by feinting, dodging, taunting, plastic graceful moves. The predisposition to take risks is to overcome fear, a constant struggle to be brave, self-conscious about cowardice, overcompensation by intimidation, defying. He craves for love, trying to captivate with boldness and style. Highly susceptible to influence of friends, buying any mildly reasonable idea, he will do it all for those he loves, careless of any consequence. Sly smiles and friendly smirks to win people's hearts, assuring eyes to win their trust, Andrick is loyal to two entities: Orza and friends, the house being his best friend, ever grateful and proud about becoming a bannerman of such force in the Ward.

The PC himself had no clear goals, aside from impress everyone, make  a lot of friends, and get benefits from that. My goals for the PC was for him to be one to embrace his friends goals, and fight for them, even risking his life and jeopardizing the friend's plan for being too reckless.

Don't expect great screenshots, I'm one of those who doesn't take them when he should. There's some loot, I might post the screenshot here later if I manage to get it.

The list of thanks would be too great, the DM and player base  in general is amazing, my apologies if I've gone too far on certain occasion, and I'll be around with a new character soon!

Rogue out

Correspondence / Lannia *Blind Eye*
« on: August 20, 2021, 11:22:04 AM »
Dear Old Friend,

You are cleared.  Seek me out.

- Signed,


Correspondence / Retainer Bouncer Bhuirc Mossglow
« on: August 19, 2021, 09:46:41 PM »

I am stationing my Auxiliary in the abandoned Spinning Groat. They are to be advised to start kicking out every squatter without Retainer clearance. I should do the same when there. They shall be stationed there for undetermined period of time. You and your men may do whatever you wish with those without a badge, they may be requested to flash it, and will be advised to do so. Should you find this against your liking, we may solve this through Duello.

Retainer Andrick of Orza

Quote from: Andrick of Orza
Attention folk for an important announcement of House Orza. Recruitment for the Orzan Auxiliary starts as of now! Our auxiliary squad takes only Subhumans, if you are a normal person, you should seek to Serve Orza thourgh normal means. Auxiliary Servants are to be offered the opportunity to earn  formal Retainership, elevating your status in the Ward. Find Andrick of Orza and join today!

Subhumans of this Ward, find an honorable purpose! Join the Orzan Auxiliary, prove yourself worthy and you might even achieve Retainership under our Mighty Banner of Lord Anders Orza!

Find Andrick of Orza to sign up.

Notices and Bulletins / *Andrick's Taunting Whispers*
« on: August 15, 2021, 04:13:14 PM »
*after much commotion about Duello on the Bridge, a long inspired whisper was issued. The tone seemed to be directed towards public opinion, in order to draw some publicity, favor, and captivate the most common of men*

Greetings to the fine folk of this Ward, this is Andrick of Orza. Some things must be clarified. Dark fire beings were recently summoned by our bridge, voluntarily or not, by Oathbreaker Aatish Aldebrand, when many a defenders risked lives to preserve our Ward. I was one of them. Midbattle, engulfed by flames, it was noted Aatish was the source of the fires, and put her down was a must to save us all.

Fires receded not too long after my nearly successful attempt, perhaps because of it. Few cycles after, Duello was called by Moonspear on Andrick, and promptly accepted. It was ruled that most appropriate challenge for the situation of Oathbreaking, the Duello Codex III, the Duel of the Fates, with no modifications. Duello issued by Moonspear was then retracted, and called simply a -PUNISHMENT-

Word used by Firebrand, proceeding with spells alongside some in the crowd. I left sight, but halfway to Castle pride hits, had to go back. Welcomed back with dispel, wrongly thought Aatish did it, I charged. Facts said, now opinions. Moonspear loses honor by the day employing service of oathbreakers who retract Duello. If you can't handle duello, do not call for it, just try and murder me in the streets.

It suits you better once your honor and prestige is null anyway, Moonspear of the Nothing, living in its own disgrace and leftovers from the Counts table, support from his faceless Knaves who'll stab them in the back soon as they are no longer needed. Not even the spine to go for  Dangerous Changeling Crookjaw in an attempt to recover the Castle they claim is theirs. Welcome to our so NOBLE fifth House.

Correspondence / Akesh
« on: August 13, 2021, 09:38:48 AM »
*a missive with the seal of Orza is left for Akesh via courier*

Dear Matchmaker Akesh,

Only one in your list is worth of my attention! The fire in her heart, the tenacity!  My heart is ablaze for Aatish the Firebrand! A love letter must be sent indeed.

Daring Andrick

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