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Correspondence / To Ennugim Ishmenka [DM]
« on: May 24, 2022, 04:01:27 AM »
[It is written neatly and with great care but perhaps a little shaky in parts, her usual half-cursive straightened out into a more legible form.]

Greetings Ennugim,

While I admit to not knowing much of your whims, from description and confirmation of others it has come to me that you are the one known as 'Blacksmile.'
I am rather hesitant to write such to you but it seems it may be the only way to protect those dear to me and furfill wishes to those I have lost. So because of this I come asking favour of you and what you are willing to impart in terms of knowledge.

It seems to me you were once in contact with a dear friend of mine in reference to a book, if you may rebind another for me I shall be most grateful, not only to those whom I love and their faiths but to those of the Ward who seek remembrance.

But I also wish to seek what knowledge one knows, questions also left unanswered by my friend, and what you deem as salvation and doom, words left so tasteless after being spread by many as well as even The Great Fey.

I shall hear your truths if you would let me seek audience, as protection of the ward and those in it is of import to me.

Safe paths,
Inavyre of L’sistê de Måne.

[With this book seems to be attached an illusory dice that shines like moonstone, it seems to grow or shrink depending on the amount of groat placed down near it.]

The roll of death is a game of fate. It is usually betted by groat or other objects to the valued count of all items placed in bet. Started by traditions of deep ring entertainment given forth by L’sistê de Måne, may her divination of fates bring you fortune even as it drives you closer to death.

The rules are as follows:

1.     The participants make a bet of a groat value and both match it. If you have a pot of forty groat, then the dice shall start and expand to forty sides.

2.      Participants then check who is to roll first: The number rolled the dice will shrink to that number. (If a twelve was rolled the dice will shrink to twelve sides. If the roll after is a six, it will shrink to six.)

3.      Each participant rolls the ever shrinking dice until the first person to roll a one is declared dead.

Alternate rules:
Roll of Purgatory (contributed by Jeremiah Ashford):

4.       When the dice has shrunk to ten sides or under, participants may choose to add more groat to the pot at any time to increase the bet (both participants must match this). This however will not increase the sides of the dice.

I would love to thank all those who have participated in spreading it: Anadriel Glynfaren, Wesley Madoc, Gaetana Accardi, Rajani Varmar, Aros Ogorossi, Jeremiah Ashford, Boris and Fernando de la Vega. May Øye Måne guide you.

Correspondence / [To Reinald:]
« on: May 18, 2022, 11:02:21 PM »

My apologies I have been quite busy as of late that I had not been able to talk to you about what was discussed. It is to my understanding that we start making way again after the war to come against the Mongrelwoods.

I shall ask you personally on your answer depending if the Cradle has looming eyes. But in advance I would like to inquire about that item we spoke of. If it is possible to acquire any spare you may have for purposes of making sure Wes’ wish is seen through.

Til next we meet,

Journals and Musings / My days as a shambler. [Inavyre Vorathil]
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:43:03 PM »
Day 0:
I return from the mountain with no victory to show for it, my companions now stand at four lesser. In my own fear I have been gravely injured as well, my body ravaged, yet I stand.
It is what I glean humans call ‘survivors guilt.’ The wish of wanting to have died as well only to carry on, but not truly. I shall do as Imogen says, place one foot in front of the other… May I do this til I feel mortal once more.

[There is some crossed out dribble about one trying to absolve her of sins and she is better off without her companions. Some curses are still legible in places ink did not cover.]

I am yet to see if the direction I wish to take form pays fruit, till then I am left without means or direction. So you do not forget your shames:
- A home of your kin is not worth reviving, having seen it with your own eyes. There is nothing left to save. May you learn from her trials and their shame and keep it dead and buried. I am sorry to forsake your calling like so L’sistê.
- Never again shall you seek an audience with those you were once akin to. They who will not be named should not get his deeds done at all costs. The fact you even considered such… may it bring you shame.
- Your companions died on that mountain, Gaetana and Rajani of the Skratti, Portland Roberts of House Velstra and Wesley Madoc once of House Moonspear. As awoken your memories sparse, so little to fill your trances with. I hope this… [Some more illegible words written over and scratched out again by ink.] haunts you so long as you walk this ground.

Remember thusly:
- Take care of Solomyn, Anadriel, Isaiah and Imogen. Do not fail them also.
- Keep your promise to Isaiah. Remember the wishes of not only Wesley, but Aldstan too.. If you cannot, make sure Reinald succeeds.
- Fear will get you killed… seek patience even in fear.

Correspondence / To Imogen Frances Thorpe
« on: May 04, 2022, 06:24:26 AM »
A note is sealed within a makeshift envelope, it smells like smoke, slightly water damaged and crumpled slightly from the passing from hands to hands.
In between the folded bit of paper is a card, 'The Hanged Man.'
Written in the same half-cursive as usual.


My Friend Imogen,

I wish I could call on you for news as you did for me, but it seems as if once more it is unsafe to return to the wards. Because so for the foreseeable future I shall not be able to say goodbye to you in person.

The whispers tell me as much, persecution because someone appears and being a civil kind that does not outright attack things people see as blasphemy for just existing. I did not ask for it, it was thrust upon me. They gave me means and to be polite I took them and secretly discarded them.

If you feel that makes me sympathetic towards them then I shall not blame you for that. I will not strike down something that retains its calm sentience, its logic, its ability to reason. People who have lost themselves…. Is a different matter. I believe sometimes one does not have a choice on who they are.

Until then, if I ever get to see you once more.
Your Friend.

Correspondence / To Seneschal Fitzpatrick [DM]
« on: April 25, 2022, 02:48:51 PM »
[A letter written in half-cursive, sealed in a makeshift envelope. It seems rather worn from the journey it has made back to the outer rings.]

Dear Seneschal,

I am Inavyre Vorathil. While you may not know me I have passed by the estate many times in my travels through The Weald. I come asking a favour of you and those you serve. So long as the castle stays vacant, I wish to ask if I could store some artifacts of elven heritage in the cellar. I have recently come to the remains of what was the home of my kin. I would like somewhere to store some of the more important pieces while I attempt to make the place a bit more orderly, so I may restore it to what it once was.

I shall compensate you verily for the safe keeping of these items of import of our kin. I only ask this of you as I have no place of my own to facilitate its safe keeping.

While I know you have no sway over the deeds to this estate, I wish to secure something for my kin to come and my kin past. While there is still land we can call our own, many do not face the perilous journey in which to reach it. I would like to inquire about the purchase price of the keep, if so when I reach the King I can ask for the coffers to secure it.

I shall await your response at The Warrens.
Safe Travels,

Correspondence / To Gaetana Accardi
« on: April 19, 2022, 07:21:31 AM »
A letter slipped under the door of the estate is addressed to Gaetana, in the same semi-cursive as usual.


I wish I did not have to write this, hearing the results of the affair... on the bronze... I...
I do not want to believe one so sweet and endearing is now gone.
But I must not grieve for her, as L'siste said as we drew her cards that day. Her hardships long, and I shall not recieve sympathy from her.
I did not know her well... I wont lie and say I did, yet she was a pillar of passing through the ponds, advice, warnings...
But she did listen, she told me of her departed friend, and spoke to me of information that no other could provide me.

I fear now placing the pieces together, I feel a sharp pain in my chest. I wished to go to Miserth that day, look at the trees.
I.... The Moonspears at least six of them on that hill, a loud thud, hidden by the hill. I only wished to pass by, why...?
Why did I not look over the hill? Why did I not see that they, my friend Tik laying on that hill, helpless in the pile of Moonspears?
I should have looked over that hill....

If this 'Book of Bones' can send words to those lost...
Please tell Tik I am sorry. Sorry we will never get to have that tea.
May Øye Måne guide her.

Correspondence / To my friend, Tik.
« on: April 12, 2022, 02:04:17 PM »
Kept out of reach of Groat's mouth, a letter was left with the mud elf for sake keeping. The writing is a half cursive, just enough so you don't get confused by the multitude of loops.

To my new friend, Tik.
Thankyou for your knowledge last moon. In the next two moons, I will depart to Ring 89. When I return I shall come have tea with you and tell you of my venture.
If I do not meet you then, I hope to run into you another time.

Øye Måne guide you,

Journals and Musings / Resurrection of House Wealdath - A pledge.
« on: April 08, 2022, 06:55:24 AM »
Of late I have heard of a former elven house that once lived in the rings by the name of House Wealdath. It seems like this house is no more and elven numbers dwindle. Just as L’sistê de Måne has entrusted me with the will of 'The World' card, I wish to see balance in some form of courtship given back to the lesser races of The Rings.  I am not one to believe that screaming it through the bronze as Redfang does to be the correct solution.

I feel being awoken disconnects me from the nature and the flow of these Rings, my claim and leadership smudged by it. I have come up with other plans ro see the fruition of this house made into prominence:
1. Travel to the deep rings, find the elves born of this place, and campaign to find a suitable heir to then take over this house. If not under the name of the old house, then the name of the selected heir.
2. Make the harrowsome pilgrimage to Ring 1. I shall then state my wishes to the king, to place the house in the same lines as nobility that of House Orza, Velstra and Moonspear as well as employ the king's protection until roots are settled as we restore the remnants of House Sunspear in Pauper Ponds to be a suitable demense for new and existing citizens. I do not wish to claim the land of The Ponds itself as it belongs to the people who reside there, but any measures to make their lives better and their hope restored.
3. Find suitable councilmen of all races to provide a better loop of feedback to bring the court and the restoration project.

To this, I , Inavyre Vorathil, diviner and will of L’sistê de Måne will see this through until the breath escapes my lungs and I can move no more. This is the promise I make to my kin, to the friends of my kin, to those who walked before and those who walk after. May you never feel the same pain and the same impaling force of squalor and loneliness I have endured.
To a house of mine and yours.

- Inavyre Vorathil

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