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Animal companions for rangers and druids and etc should be immune to the dismissal spell as they are not summoned creatures nor from some other strange planar source.

That's all.
Suggestions / Let Ashfolk Cast Foiled Future and Variants
December 05, 2023, 07:08:18 PM
While technically a hostile spell, Foiled Future seems like an extremely Ashfolk thing to be able to cast.
The spells for Trickery domain are as Illusion-themed as Illusion domain. It seems a logical option for a deception-and-trickery themed cleric to be able to select.
While necessarily I've only done this once, and there is a certain RNG element the list of saving throw bonus categories that can be picked from might want to get a look at, or at least the wording adjusted a little. While I was expecting it to be Fort/Ref/Will by the wording, I wound up with +1 Saves vs Disease which was underwhelming on a class that can cast remove disease innately to get when putting a capstone on your current relic.

unless there is some gnarly disease stuff out there i dont know about of course
Suggestions / Dark Mode for the Forum
March 02, 2023, 04:11:50 PM
Not sure how possible this is but it would be helpful if the Forum had a dark mode or otherwise a selection of color schemes. White words on yellow headers and buttons is not great for my eyes here.
Most quests seem to have one of those QA: [quest names] on the bubble so you know when you are about to step into it. We sort of pushed ahead expecting to find the bubble and instead found the trouble.

If only for consistency's sake.
It is, at last, over.

Mebril Kelteel, a cat burglar from Westgate, Awoke in the city of rings in a pile of trash. Tenacious, she bent her mind to surviving and, eventually, thriving. Early, she found herself on a path into entrance into House Moonspear when she interefered in a bridge duel at level 5 trying to help a Carmine Desmarais that didn't need any help at all. The death of Carmine and Mebril's revenge on those responsible set the tone of the danger of the City. Her first several months were in Moonspear as a scout and spy of sorts, navigating the politics of the Ward and worming her way into anything that she could weasel into.

She wore a lot of hats. Took up painting and would continue to throughout her time here. She took up ringrunning and gained the trust of certain druidic ponds elements. Eventually she would be kicked from Moonspear for her association with Rin Farrell, though. Fatefully.

She fell in with Bristol Blackhearth with an eye toward reviving the name of his minor house and through opportunism and diplomacy found herself the Castellan of Grey Keep- a Baroness. She and Bristol would eventually wed, consolidating their feudal 'titles' and cement the makeshift legitimacy of their minor house. Contraversial, Blackhearth weathered its share of threats as it sought to cultivate allies and mitigate enemies.

Very eventually, events would conspire to see the Grey Keep out of Blackhearth hands and spur Mebril and company to go over the Smoulderpeaks to Baz'eel. This didn't solve as many problems as one might hope. Returning to being a presence in the Ward that ultimately didn't want her, internal House matters and the crumbling of the City of Rings would come to slowly snap the ties one by one that held her here. Until ultimately, with some of her closest friends, she took those first steps on her final journey toward Ring 1.


Mebril was my first PC in City of Rings. Put together more or less on a whim at Diablo's suggestion at the end of November '21 and I got sucked in. I went in completely blind playing an Awoken and just decided to try to weasel and survive and see what she could wring out of a world that so wanted her dead. It turns out quite a bit. Her [Journals] and [Letters] are all about the forum for those with an interest.

Special thanks to specific players would be very long to list as she has been about for more than a year at this point. You probably know who you are but special mention is due:

Rin Farrell


Mebril's closest and most influential friend. More than that theirs was something of a mother-daughter relationship with the young rogue seeing her as the mother she never had- or at least never remember. Her association with Rin caused no end of trouble especially as Rin's profile as an open changeling continued to rise. I lost count of the times some retainer or another- from established knights with whom she'd had long friendships to fresh faced armsmen in fresh-bought livery she'd never ever seen before- would demand Mebril kill Rin Farrell to prove something or another.

Mebril didn't, of course, in the end and never would betray Rin. She was drawn into her cause to seek an end to the cycle of death and animus between changelings and the King, bone weary of losing so many to it. There aren't really enough words to go into wonderful it was to hang out with Rin and their year of adventures before culminating in this final arc. Merrychase is an incredible roleplayer and one of the things that really made the City of Rings come alive for me. Merrychase- thank you.

Bristol Blackhearth


The other most influential person. What started out as a chance friendship in Moonspear born out of a mutual interest in each other's artistic works developed into something nuanced and little... ambiguous. Bristol still being around I won't get too much into it but Bristol/SgtWombat is an absolutely incredible player that wrote a [whole dang book of poetry] that I was lucky enough to provide 'art' for as Mebril (insofar as text based 'painting' is doing up tone poems anyway). Also a [history] and a [play] and an incredible [journal] that I cannot recommend enough.

Sorcha O'Conner & Brie Cesme
Spy club. :) Sorcha and Brie were influential. Sorcha was one of the prevailing voices (among many such as Isaiah and Rin) telling Mebril that she could be better than she was, and resulting in her alignment drift toward 'good'. Brie showcased that one can, through spycraft, effect great change and, as well, that one can walk away from a house.

Isaiah ibn Hazr
It's probably too much to get into here what a great friend and influence Isaiah was. Don Nadie knows. He presided over Bristol and Mebril's wedding and noone even died despite the best efforts of some. A rarity in the City. The Metalworkers guild and all the drama that came with Bristol's feelings for Isaiah were great to bounce off of.

Oliver Merryweather-


You were the best on again off again nemesis a rogue could want. That we spent over half a year trying to get each other killed without it ever coming to some bridge duel or trite ambush was pretty great.  A wonderfully complex relationship.

Carmine Desmarais, Luc Deveraux and Bartimus Steel
The original formative Moonspear crew... Thanks for showing me the ropes. The deaths of her friends in Moonspear helped highlight to Mebril the sickness at the core of the Ward, and spur her resolve to try to become someone who would be listened to to avert such things in the future. Mixed results even after becoming a "Lady". The ward saw Mebril as a perennial punching bag to try and make their bones which led to serial exiles that Mebril and company had to put no small political effort into overturning and subverting.

All the retainers of House Blackhearth. Diethard, Lalena, Daniel, Ranald, Wolfgang, Kori, Miles and Lucian. As well as all the people that were basically Blackhearths in all but livery- you know who you are I imagine
Thank you for becoming part of our own little story and faction. Blackhearth bootstrapped itself up entirely on player initiative and I like to think is a fine example of what can be accomplished in the medium purely through players. That it was able to maintain its internal mysteries well enough that outsiders still didn't seem to get its 'deal' is probably good. I'll probably leave exposition on this for another day though as House Blackhearth does still exist even without Mebril's presence. Lalena and Deithard  were in particular some of Mebril's closest friends.

We Hopeful Eight, and its inner ring successor group, Bristol, Daniel, Lalena, Dela, Meryl, Nyx, Calliope and later Rin, Dela, Calliope and Boots-
Thank you for a wild ride. Our run from 64 to 55 especially was just incredible. Dela in particular was a long-time close friend of Mebril. And to everyone else I ran with over the year in one form or another with a special mention I think for Wesley Madoc. Karpie you heartbreaker.

Everyone who did a Grey Keep Challenge-
This was one of the most fun and rewarding things in my time on EFU and an example of the sort of player-driven, socially-focused, 'event' that could be fostered in the setting. Getting over 40 PCs to create introspective works and art as part of their journey through the Rings was an absolute highlight and I do hope we can get around to collecting them properly. They are, save for a few spoiler ones, collected in Mebril's [Letters to Bristol].

If I got into every single person I'll never finish this. I think, if you interacted with Mebril, you probably know if you had an impact on her or not. Despite being a practiced liar she had a way of wearing her heart on her sleeve with trusted company that I think had as much to do as anything with why she was able to attract so many friends and followers. She was trying her best to be better and to make things better. Trying to thread a needle through a city so often seeming bereft of hope. To seize something from it. Safety, happiness. And at times she even succeeded.

I'll probably try to put together an imgur piled with screenshots in the next few days. I posted a lot in the screenshot thread as well in discord for those looking for something more immediate. Going through shots is sort of emotional at the moment.

And, loot, I suppose:

[hide]Mebril actually only had two bits of DM loot from her first month in action and that was it, but they were extremely good for her purposes as a sneak survivor:

Mebril was, by and large, honest 99% of the time. People would be regularly surprised when she just sort of... did what she said she was going to do.


Compiling the Albums posted in-thread with links below:

[hide]The Moonspear Era: (November '21-March '22)

Early Blackhearth and Castellanship (March '22-April '22)

Screenshots for May 2022.

Screenshots for June 2022

Screenshots for July 22

Screenshots for August 22

Screenshots for September 22

October 22 Screenshots

Screenshots for November '22

Screenshots for December 22-Feb 23.

Screenshots from the Road after 64 but before Baz'eel. (scattered across November to January)

Also! Mebril and House Blackhearth were lucky enough to get fan art on occasion : )

My original concept sketch after a week or two and getting my feel for the character.

Karpie did some early art in Moonspear times. Then one much later as Benji for the the Blackhearth times.

Boots/Runic's Grey Keep Challenge Art

RPG made some Mebril art and also Blackhearth's extremely cool heraldry.

SqT art!

Boots/Runic's art of our Kingward coterie


Thanks for the memories.

Would it be a huge lift to have a 'spell evaded' popup a la critical hit, sneak attack, etc when arcane trickster or similar avoids a spell? Just impossible to really tell in a scrum and no time to look at combat logs. This would be, of course, a buff to irl morale for rogues with this perk.

As-is its very difficult to see if it worked without pouring over a log and goodness knows you don't have time in a fight.

The value is i would feel like a total cool boss if i saw 'spell evaded' float over my head for a beat 😌
Sometimes it is just a matter of luck and circumstance as to when you get got by an unlucky pair of lizardman crits dragged toward your soft, unspelled rogue at the start or the end of a day of questing.

While I presume the Death Recovery Pool (DRP) xp is supposed to make it so you don't get stressed and feel the need to immediately go out there, it does feel like you are being kind of penalized for doing anything after because the DRPxp is lost. The last two times I bit it right at the start of various quest or DM xp plot stuff, but still wound up with my usual amount of RPing around downtime after. If circumstances had been reversed timing-wise, I'd've simply had a quicker time recovering. If that makes any sense.

Quest 'trains' are not always reliable to get on especially if your playing time is spotty and this might make clawing out of the 'whoops back to 7 gotta get back to 8' zone a little less frustrating. For me, at least. I am biased at the moment however.