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Correspondence / A Letter for Rin and Tik
« on: March 22, 2022, 03:45:19 AM »
Dear Rin Much Loved By the Moon and Tiktika the Mighty,

I wanted to make sure I got a chance to say a proper goodbye. And to thank you for all of your help. Not just in getting past the rings, but for everything that comes with seeing each and every ring that we have crossed: the wonder, the knowledge, the growth.

Running inring was just meant to be an escape from the place and life that I had abandoned. But, somehow, through all of this I feel like I have found the world–the real world and its true nature. And, most importantly, I feel it is only the beginning. There are more rings ahead of me and, I am sure, more things I will learn.

Thank you. Whether it was speaking with me about Moon or Mushroom, such conversations has set me on a path I never anticipated but look forward to exploring. I hope you, too, will continue to grow wherever you may be.

With Love,
Brie the Moon Sent

Suggestions / Give All PCs A One Use Regroup Item Per Reset
« on: March 02, 2022, 05:58:24 PM »
So that nearly all cases of people getting stuck in the environment can be rescued by their fellow PCs instead of needing a DM (and without being held back by scroll restrictions).

Or maybe this can be a player tool?

Correspondence / Lady Luciana Orza
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:07:51 PM »
Dear Lady Luciana Orza,

Is this a House? Or is this a Circus?

The House has the Mongrelwoods to clear. The House has a harbour to rebuild in 97. The House has a fortress in 92 to build. The House has a fleet to build. The House has prophecies to fulfill. The House has a Vampire to vanquish. The House has a Ward to defend from the Nothing.

Is this a House? Or is this a Circus?

I said a lot of words to Anders from the bottom of his steps but the words and questions in my mind were short and simple:

Is this a House? Or is this a Circus?

Anders' answer was even simpler: "I would rather rub Bernard's face in shit."

All the work that needs to be done lay in front of us but Anders and Manfred would rather run a circus and put on a show.

Manfred often spoke of respect. Demanded it in the most threatening of ways. But he was oblivious to how little he earned. Kinsley had fair, serious grievances but the response she and House Glitt got were neither fair nor serious. And, in turn, Manfred was so, so surprised to be forced to strip naked so the flat side of a sword could slap against his bare skin. I have never seen a man more insulted, more hurt, than when he was treated like the jape he was.

Manfred was oblivious to his own hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. I hope you learn from what such things cost him. You do have good sense buried deep within you, I have seen it when you spoke in support of me before Anders. But I have also seen the cruelty and pettiness in you and I hope such is just the lingering remnants of youth. I did not know that you ordered the Oldflowers killed; I had honestly thought it was Manfred's idea. Yet, knowing the truth, I still hope you grow into the kind of person the Ward needs.

I had hoped to witness such for myself. You were the plan, from the very start, to continue the reshaping of Orza –from gutter knife to mercenary to House to something even greater. Such is why I came to you first before I came to the House.

Obviously, I grew tired of the Circus and I gave up. But, maybe–whether you never see me again or whether you manage to track me down and take my head–you will still fulfill the plan somehow.

Is this a House? Or is this a Circus?

Anders answered with the latter. I begrudgingly agreed. Prove Anders wrong. Prove me wrong.


Correspondence / A Letter for Pavlina at the Belmore Estate
« on: February 20, 2022, 08:44:51 PM »
Cracks of clear silver;
The mirrors are now shattered;
The mirage now free.

Bloody is the wake
Left behind the illusion.
The world bled by shards.

I have broken free
Of the false world I have built,
But am trapped by guilt.

Dear Pavlina,

I have already been told I did the right thing. Congratulated outloud and quietly. Over and over again by many different people. But when I heard about Alcide and Emmett, I knew I made a mistake.

Some people think spies are dangerous because of the lies they tell. The opposite is true: there is nothing more powerful a spy can do than to reveal the truth.

An opportunity presented itself and I could not resist. I was desperate and blinded. I forgot that power must be wielded wisely. I used a broadsword  when I should have used a scalpel. I forgot to take into account the collateral damage that would ensue. All of my work sundered because of a moment of impatience and fear; my friends killed and hurt for the same reasons.

I said once before maybe it did not matter if the world was real. That maybe our perception of the world is more important than reality itself. I was right. This pain hurts no matter the truth of the world or the lies of our imagination.

And I cannot even imagine the pain I have put you through.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Correspondence / Sent to House Moonspear at the Dusk's Cradle
« on: February 12, 2022, 07:04:49 PM »
To House Moonspear, Its Retainers, Its Members, its Leading Family, and Its Rightful and Righteous Lord Lyon Moonspear,

Here is recorded the Overture for Peace between the Houses of Moonspear and Orza as discussed by Ser Manfred Japes and Retainer Aldstan van der Meer.

While the Silver Marchers that have been relegated to the remains of the harbour in Ring 97 are considered a risk to places more populated and sensitive such as the Peerage Ward proper, House Orza does recognize that Lady Niobe Greywood (who has deeply moved Lord Kristoff Orza with her recent sermon) has vastly improved their condition and that redemption should be a viable path for nearly all mortal men and women.  As such, it was proposed that these Marchers (and any others that arrive in a similar state in the future) serve as part of the joint guard and garrison force that will protect the harbour while House Orza rebuilds the tower previously destroyed by a mad criminal and his recondite gnome accomplice.

Aside: House Orza recognizes that the engineers of House Moonspear have done an excellent job of repairing the damaged bridge of the Peerage Ward with both great quality and skill of craftsmanship and while their contributions to rebuilding the tower in the harbour is not required, it would be very welcome if offered.

For House Moonspear's contribution of protection to the tower's reconstruction, House Orza will recognize and support that these contributions qualify as and meet the requirement set in the Council of Peers meeting that required all Great Houses of the Ward to build one structure within the harbour.

Furthermore, let it be known that as an additional gift and act of goodwill, Ser Manfred Japes provided Retainer Aldstan van der Meer knowledge and sight upon a letter clarifying that the then Castle Moonspear was lawfully offered and given, by the then Lords of the Ward, to House Orza due to its then derelict state. A copy of this letter will be forwarded in the near future once it can be properly transcribed.

In closing, House Orza recognizes that its history with House Moonspear has been one fraught with conflict. Both Houses have lost many good men and women to one other. Mostly recently, the lives of Retainers Hannes Jansen, Luc Devereux, and even Ryden Blackmyre have been lost because of their loyalty and endeavors to their respective Houses. House Orza also recognizes, however, that such loyal and good men and women have a greater purpose than to throw their lives upon the weapons of one another: the continued defense and existence of the Peerage Ward. The history of House Orza and Moonspear has seen the blood of their members shed by one another in the past but going forward we all know that any further blood spilled should be shed as brothers and sisters in defense of the Ward.

Retainer Brie Cesmé on behalf of
Ser Manfred Japes on behalf of
Lord Anders Orza

Correspondence / Constable Penny
« on: February 12, 2022, 09:51:31 AM »
Constable Penny,

For your information, Aslan and a man named Wenthur Crommor attacked Sverri. This was during the job a number of us took for a man named Fetch. He told us to go kill some bandits but we discovered they were less bandits and more minders for a number of people being used as blood bags for the Count (and no longer used because the Count went too far inring). Sverri offered them protection instead of death. Aslan and Crommor attacked because they thought they weren't going to get paid for the original job.

In the end, Sverri (with a little bit o help from me) beat the two of them down. Sverri saw the surviving "bandits" taken to safety and everybody who survived the fight (have you seen Sverri fight? Lots of collateral damage) went on their way, some with bruised egos. The rest of us let Aslan and Crommor keep the payment from Fetch (1000 groats between the two of them).


Suggestions / Reduce NPC Barks in Castle Orza
« on: February 11, 2022, 08:59:44 PM »


In the interest of defending the Ward as a whole from the encroaching threat of the Nothing, House Orza is graciously providing this collected information to all Greater and Lesser Houses and the Blackjacks under the command of Baron Ceso. May we all strive to work together to stymie the agents of the Nothing and bring an utter end to the dark force they work for.

Recollection of Reported Events:

As of the time of this writing, two nights previous, the man named Diethard and an elf woman named Eowiel were attacked in the Weald by two apparent cultists of the Nothing. While the elf was able to escape, Diethard was subdued, captured, and knocked unconscious for transportation.

During transportation, Diethard regained consciousness a few times. Nearly each time he did so, he was knocked unconscious yet again. The first time was in the caves of the Weald. The second was on a (supposedly) Muck Boy's raft. And, finally, the third was at the cultists' apparent destination: their lair.

While Diethard was not able to provide details of the lair, he was able to note that the area was small, stoneworked, and contained a pool of Nothing approximately 5 or 10 feet in diameter. Diethard also noted that the lair appeared to open up into a larger area beyond the room he woke up in.

Upon being roused in this place, Diethard found himself at the mercy of the two cultists who captured him. A third person joined them: a man, large (of torso/belly), bearded (Diethard was asked if this man fit the description of Dorian Moonspear but he is unfamiliar so this suspected identification could not be confirmed). The man commended the two cultists for their successful capture of Diethard and referred to them as "Martyrs". The bearded man then said a few words to Diethard:

"...We require your tithe to the Prince..."
"...Enter the substrate, subject of the King…"
"...Soon your donation will save your brothers and sister..."

At this point, Diethard's life was threatened if he refused to enter the pool of Nothing. Seeing no other choice, he did just that and found himself in a new space he described as soundless, scentless, and empty: literally nothing. Within this place, he encountered the bearded man yet again though he appeared larger and taller. At this point, Diethard attempted to flee, running in a random direction within the empty space. After an undetermined amount of time running, Diethard suddenly found himself waking in ring 100, his body unceremoniously flung from an ox cart.

Despite his surviving the event, Diethard describes his state as being "weakened". He feels as if a part of himself is missing and that "things feel heavier, too".

Diet wishes to note that the Martyrs specifically stated that what he endured would be "offered" to all people of the Ward. Suffice to say, all should be warned and wary of further abducations attempts by these Martyrs.

Diethard's Current Status:

Shortly after recovering from the ordeal, Diethard was exiled by Ser Adrian Velstra though he suggested that Diethard join House Moonspear so that they could command responsibility over Diethard should whatever happened to him result . This exile was overruled by Dame Kinsley Greylocke of House Glitt. Both House Moonspear and House Glitt have invited Diethard to consider joining their ranks.

Additionally, Lord Alden Greywood has offered and suggested that Diethard be further examined by Lictor Daphne Stavros to ensure that whatever Diethard has experienced has left no enduring mark or influence  on him.

Descriptions of the Martyrs of the Nothing:

Diethard noted that the Martyrs appeared to wear matching uniforms: black cloth/leathers with metal accents the colour of dingy canal waters. Both wore masks and wore no cloaks.

Both were described as women of average height. One wielded a scimitar or other curved sword weapon and a large round shield. The second wielded a crossbow.

Diethard also noted that immediately prior to the attack, he did hear what he thought was spellcasting. Whether this was performed by one of the two described women or by another invisible person could not be determined.

Preliminary Investigation:

A day after the events described above, Diethard, Retainer Sorcha O'Conner of House Glitt, and Retainer Brie Cesmé of House Orza performed a preliminary investigation and attempted to retrace the path of Diethard's abduction. Presuming that the Martyrs took Diethard to one of the possible destinations made possible by the Much Boy rafters, the Toyfolly foundry, the manse of the Silver Trail chapterhouse, and Trash Island were searched. Nothing of note was found.

The lower areas of the Drips around the Rat Raft and the Bone Collectors' Guild Hall were also searched but Dietsaid said the environment of these places did not match what he saw, heard, or experienced in general.

The idea was raised and not ruled out that the Martyrs have access to a raft landing destination that the Muck Boys only offer to them.

End report.

-Retainer Brie Cesmé of House Orza

This letter is slipped under the door of Room 15, 2nd floor, last door on the right, of Ms. Minchin's Boarding House.

Hello New Renter of Room 15,

How terribly silly of me to let the rent lapse. While your new tenancy is absolutely fair play, I would very much appreciate the chance to speak with you so that I might recover my lovely suits kept in the drawer.  There are also other things which I wish to discuss with you and which may be particularly profitable for you.

Leave a response posted to the door or make a whisper for me at your leisure.


Suggestions / Warning When a Rented Room/Property is About to Expire
« on: January 26, 2022, 04:51:17 AM »
A day or two before the rent on a rented room or property is set to expire, it would be nice if the player gets some sort of warning message on log in or the like.

Correspondence / [Left with Bawkins for Celestina Wagglecraft]
« on: January 11, 2022, 02:50:13 PM »
Miss Wagglecraft,

What an amusing idea. I'm unsure if I'm a person fit for love and have low expectations for anything to come of this but I do enjoy being pleasantly surprised.

Name: Brie Cesmé
Sex: Female
Gender: Woman
Age: Exact unknown (Awoken), late 20s/early 30s
Virgin: No
Income: Earned in service as a Retainer of House Orza
Noble blood: Unknown (Awoken)

Seeking: Work keeps me ever so busy so I'm much more inclined towards something casual though prospective suitors should still be people of class and elegance--not keen on unlearned labourers, simple tradespeople, farmers, and so on. I enjoy fine wine, tantalizing conversation, and learning everything I can about interesting people. I never look forward to surprises but I have learned to enjoy pleasant ones every once in a while.


Correspondence / Letter for Sverri
« on: January 03, 2022, 05:04:15 AM »

Do you accept anonymous eulogies for the dead who you record in your book?


Correspondence / To the Remnants of House Oldflowers
« on: January 03, 2022, 03:19:22 AM »

You likely have questions. I may have answers. I do not know if they will be of help but if you wish them from me I will give them to you.

Simply decide on a time and place. Together or decide amongst yourselves who will relay to the others--this is a conversation I only wish to have once.

The only other thing I ask is that this just be between us Oldflowers.


Correspondence / Letter for Jeremy Slicer/Slicer Jeremy
« on: January 01, 2022, 02:59:52 PM »
Slicer Jeremy/Jeremy Slicer (which is it again?),

I'm in need of cakes, cookies, and other such baked goods. Can you cook such?

if so, let write back to me at Castle Orza (don't actually come here yourself, you'll get beaten up!).


Journals and Musings / [Scattered Notes of Brie Cesmé]
« on: January 01, 2022, 07:07:23 AM »
A simple collection of small paper notes, each separate and loose, but all collected in between the pages of a small notebook. The pages that are themselves bound into the book are left blank.

Adhira - Why so angry?

Angelo - Doing his job. Faithful. Dutiful.

Audrey - Conviction. Character.

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