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Correspondence / Madilyn Haremarch
« on: Today at 09:11:55 AM »
Small Rabbit,

Long ago you showed me a kindness in the Burgage.
Rare among the Peers. Most forget such things. You may have even. Not I. I remember.
I had returned from hunt with Artegal. Meat we collected in the Weald. Ghyl we fought.
In the Willow Ways he tried make me carry the Meat of his hunt because I was larger than him.
I returned in a fury. You offered kind word.

Caemdyr later offered me invitation to your Holdings.
My Broker and I stood in the rain. Peers walking past.
Laughing at us as we were waiting for them to arrive.
They never came.

Gwenllian later offered me passage to the Ninety Fifth.
But she only wished it for my prizes of Prestige.
Never again seeking me or contacting or visiting.
Gratitude to your Clan carved on the PIllar of the 94th.
But no word ever sent again.

Like the Washerwoman most hunted me. Seeking to take what I had.
What I could provide. Not you though.
Find your way into the Rings.
There I hold lands.

It is just a castle. But it is mine.
A feast for your kindness.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Lady Zheng Xiang
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:43:43 AM »
Lady Zheng Xiang,

I wish you well in your travels outring once more. The former Knave in your company has shared with me tale of your journey towards your Father's salvation. Speak with the woman your House knows as Wuming, I have named her Witness and she can share with you more tales of my journeys. As the Kahzariim grow prolific among these rings the possibilities for cure may present themselves.

The Faithful shall work tirelessly to see the Basilica repaired and at time your choosing we may speak of future effort.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Notices and Bulletins / The Basilica of Kahzar
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:21:57 AM »
In the progression of every cult-like faith there is moments of note and merit which bring them further from the fringe. Times in which logic and reason gives way to miracle and actions beyond belief. Feats of impossibility, men of faith performing deeds beyond comprehension and reason. A shrouded woman from head to toe in black and greys, named as "Witness", shares tale as she treks back from the mid-rings. One of Temptation. Offer of unbridled Power. Of legions of soldiers.

That after being stripped from the City of Rings by magical powers  in the realm of Gnasharim the faith of Kahzar's chosen was tested. That the Seam of Gnasharim itself offered by the old gods of Gnashar if only he would kneel and bow in service as their Champion. He refused spitting at the offer and vowing to return as nothing short of a Conqueror. The Orcblood's body erupting into black flame as he was wracked with negative energies and thrown from the Seam. Forsaken from ever setting foot again in Gnasharim. A place born of chaos and madness, refusing someone admission... An Orcblooded one no less. A hard tale to swallow for some.

For others though this tale sparked a wild frenzy. Whipping a cadre in the Mid-Rings to greater ferocity and march as the pledged and warned time at long last came. That the Cult of Ash and Blood, The Kahzariim, the Faithful of Kahzar descended upon the abandoned lands of the storied Grey Keep - held previously by many Ring Runner companies and notably the Baroness of the Grey Marches, Velsatra Quarterdragon as vassal of Lord Norbert Velstra.

The warnings of Vaul of the Wanderhearts of impending tide of horde gave way to declarations from House Zheng of retribution and punishment upon the wicked who would slaughter innocent protectors of the Deep Keep. As charge lead though it was said a far, far different than anticipated force had taken to occupying.

Horns blared, drums beat, howl's echoed, and Siege turned to open strife...

DM Shout:
A horn bellows from within the grey woods...

Chuanli Huo-Shenyu
The keep. In its once splendor and grand estate. Had fallen. To the dark and bitter failures of runners before us. To the king of key thieves. They came and slaughterd and maimed the ones who once ruled.

We. Discovered this sadly. Far too late to save more than but a single mans life. Who fled to his home to avoid the ravaging of the bandits before us. Killed to the very last. Demon callers. Thieves. Muderers from the deep rings.

Creatures and beast brought low. It was by the bravery of blade. That saw the keep taken. Gor'tam and his. The Wanderhearts. Zheng. Glitt. We all a force together shouldered shields. Pressed against the bandit.

Wallen Powell
Hey Eda, I've kicked Whentworth Higgins ass, he was known as the King of the Keysnatchers Gang! Now he's no more! Guess baz'eel is a few days away maybe? Anyway. I've helped Gor'tam be a Castellan.

Huckleberry Nimblebottom
I am the best shot of the City, proven, tried, 'n test'd in trials 'n tests of many a foe in the rings, liberation of Grey Keep nah different, even if only those of groups seem to earn the praise. Anyway. Gor, I'm headin' outring, but we had a deal of sorts, so let's see to it in days to come ... thanks.

As Retainer and Ring Runner clap themselves firmly upon the shoulders, in the Mid-Rings of the City a most unexpected and unheard of occurrence transpired.

A new power in the Midrings rises as The Basilica of Kahzar consecrated and sanctified.

Similar to this creature's arrival in Vestige in the wake of the Keep's taking come  cheers and jubilant cries out of celebration whispers...

Somehow, some way, a broken and beaten peasant of the Steadings now The Royal Castellan of the Grey Keep.

The bastard spawn of Orc and Human blood, intermingled, seated firmly upon a coveted Throne.

Correspondence / Royalists of the Grey Keep (Dillusionist)
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:20:18 AM »
Written in the flowing hand of a human's is a message. From the edge of the Greywood, over greenery and through ruin it travels swiftly in satchel. It arrives delivered to the Grey Keep by Rove, a human in green and grey with a large longbow.

Loyalists and Royalists.

Some have said your Castellan has marched deeper to the King.
Others have said he has fled to the Ring of Nunety Nine.
That matters no longer.

A day of legend has arrived.
At long last before you has come Kahzar.
Unbridled and Unbroken in Realm or Ring.
Having supped upon the blood of his foes and drank never from the cup of defeat.
From farthest seam and thirty ring I have come to deliver you grand opportunity few have ever encountered.
You may walk away from his army alive.

At this time all that is asked in tithe and tribute the Royal Decree.
Donation to the Cult of Ash and Blood of your Keep.
A small thing considering what has transpired.

Already your ring betrays you.
Your Rivers? They run dry from ravenous thirst after such conquest to reach here.
Your Lands? Death stalks ravenously as Bear, Elk, and Wolf feeds his mortal servitors in our warcamp.
Your Woods? They shake from our axes as  lumber used for the siege equipment and barricade dotting your horizon.
From Ringwall to Ringwall all that he gazes upon are now Kahzar's.
Your keep stands an island on precipice of lengthy siege.

In boundless magnanimity as only the Divine may provide your names he is willing to preserve.
Those who saw highest reason and recognized the gravity of the opportunity before you.
His blessings to live on and build home, to live on and take wife, to live on and sire children.
Children who shall grow strong, fierce, and with blazing fury as Kazhar drives them to glory.

The histories littered with those defeated by his immortal and unsleeping servitors, the Einherjar of Kahzar.
His mortal servitors numerous and manifold! Eager to prove themselves worthy to join their company.
In such they are prepared to die for this privilege and such often leaves little by way of survivor.

Rare honor though in all texts shall befall you who survived.
The inevitable tide warned by Arkavin Vaul has come.
Siege upon you.

Yield your claim on brick and mortar and have a robust future.
Or yield your claim on trespass in the mortal realm.
Choose life, glorious life.
Choose death, glorious death.
It matters little to we.
Either way there shall be Ash and Blood.

You have until Moonoon tomorrow to send response to our camp deep in the woods.
If messenger with deed in hand we shall have as robust celebration as Vestige did upon Kahzar's arrival.
Else rain fire upon your Woods and we shall know to march to war.

The Kahzariim

Correspondence / Einar of the Blooded
« on: January 21, 2021, 12:47:24 PM »
Elder of the Blooded,

I have made my way.
I have surveyed the land.
The tales you and yours shared did not do it justice.

It has been judged, measured, and deemed worthy.

The alliance you spoke of.
I accept such if your company and clan are willing to pledge recognition to my claim.

Two days had to send word deeper if you find such favorable, and passage you will personally have to aid your clan further if so desired.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar

Correspondence / Vaul of the Wanderhearts
« on: January 20, 2021, 11:34:56 PM »

Your companions I have met in the Ring where you Lodge. We have shared words, they have shared questions. Have told me you are their Captain.

In the coming days we will speak. I imagine your company will be eager to hear what I have to say.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar

Notices and Bulletins / The Cult of Ash and Blood
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:44:44 AM »
The seed planted of gang bloodshed in the Scraggleways that had bloomed to fully formed Warcamp has has taken to pollination. The matters mundane and martial seem to have been merged and twisted with an ideology and theology imbuing it. Idea and faith traveling swifter than an army could ever march.

By now the City of Rings is not unfamiliar with cries of Ash and Blood ringing out. Through out the outer rings it has become either a nuisance or welcoming. Warbands raiding the Seams. The odd Peerage fanatic breaking from the Lord, Lady, and their Promise. Slovenly opportunists and dwarven bounty hunter offering passing claim of faith and praise for resupply or contract. Merchant and Alchemist and more offering casual murmur in thanks for goods exchange from seam or reagent. Fringe hunter and rebel breaking from conventional life in the City to hunt or survive as they please.

Spread by quiet hands and travelers up and down the Rings a number of religious texts with tenant and scripture, a tale of literal rags to riches, a tale of freedom away from the thumb of others, and a tale of ash and blood.

This night though a portent on the winds. This night a call raised unexpected and with clear implication.

In the sleepy port of Vestige where once Ticker trade opened so freely... A new faith on the tongues of the locals in the deeper rings. The insular and stranger suspicious locals offering smiles all around on human faces, drinks flowing freely and wildly. Robust toasts and cheers and raucous celebration. 

In heralded arrival by native sons of Vestige, a massive Orcblood towering head and shoulders above even the largest of humans roamed into the settlement to no small fanfare.

The strange outsider's golden armor admired, his sized commented upon, and given personal tour by ecstatic humans eager to show off their home to this exotic visitor.

Einar Geirsson
Vestige three of your sons are home! Luta, we have made it! Uncle, Brother..we will bring you soon! To those who have aided us on the way, you have allies in the Eight and Two! And...praise the Khazar! Who saw us home this night!

Praise the Kahzar.
Our wayward warrior sons returned...
The Cult of Ash and Blood their salvation

Correspondence / Boppi Jole
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:31:31 PM »
You have been seen a few times in your travels, and our passing today no coincidence.

Come to my Warcamp. Come to the Great Wall of Kahzar.

We will speak on your crafts.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar

Notices and Bulletins / The Great Wall of Kahzar
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:00:10 AM »
Late in the night word rings out.

Eris Hale
Vacant, your warcamp. Nearby? A /goblin/ warcamp. Meet me at the foot of what would have been the Arbiter's statue, and we'll warm ourselves up some. Yes, by slaughtering the greenskins wholesale and defending humanity, naturally.

A Warcamp seemingly vacated, greenskins approaching to claim territory once fought for every inch of, no response given...

Deeper in the rings though Runners report a scourge of odd sightings in the Swamps of Ring Ninety Five. Ephemeral war cries bouncing from all direction, auld tongues tearing through the chirps and insects from a time long past, and sightings of dense fog moving through the old growth forest.

Upon the interior of Dorvant's Wall, easily seen upon passage into the Ring of Ninety Five, sits a mural of a mountain is drawn by hand in ash. A crude shattering spread through it with Sibilant blood. Beneath it written a single word.


Correspondence / Indali Khatri
« on: January 13, 2021, 09:37:41 PM »

We've spoken much before our marches, and even in their wake.

When you are next free and able I welcome you to find me again, the Ninety Fifth I've been frequenting of late.

Seek me there. A matter I would broach with you.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar

Bug Reports / War Theme evil alignment graphics bug
« on: January 13, 2021, 05:57:12 AM »
Okay bear with me since I know like nothing about the NWN summoning and etc haha, and Dillusionist and I did some low tier brainstorming on things that could fix it but nothing has worked.

Einherjar being alignment based is cool as hell, but it seems there's a visual bug or a bug when the actual model transitions in with the Evil Einherjar being brought into the area since the EE stuff. I've seen folks IG using the card deck for the non-evil summons with no issue both on my end or theirs.

However with my PC using the war theme currently when I summon the Evil Einherjar there's some kind of graphical bug. In the area I summon it there's the summon VFX and the sound and the NPC Name and etc but no existing summon visually but mechanically it exists. It takes voice commands and I can point it at targets via the Portrait in my party, usual summon stuff it's just not there. Same thing happens sometimes with the Muckboy NPCs I think?

However if I summon it and then transition - it appears fully and fine as if there was nothing wrong with it.

In testing it with other PCs they've said they don't see the summon, we transition to a new area, and then we can both see it 100% fine.

Here's a Transition Example link with one screen from at the point of summoning, no body, then transitioning and there's a body.

Tried it again with every tier I could, tried summoning multiples, same thing every time - The area i'm in no model, I transition to new area there's a horde.

PC is Gor'tam Kahzar
GSID RwGhengis

Correspondence / House of Glitt
« on: January 11, 2021, 12:21:06 AM »
One of your House has pledged himself in mind, body and spirit to Kahzar. The First of the Houses to do so.

For this your Lord and his Men earn Kahzar's favor. Others of your House I welcome to walk in his wake.

The war you wage is not unknown to me.

To learn more leave word at Warcamp or Seek me out.

Gor ' tam of Kahzar

Correspondence / Duncan Waynolds
« on: January 10, 2021, 11:32:41 PM »
The offer you brought me to my Warcamp in person has been read.

Return to finalize it.

Gor ' tam of Kahzar

Bug Reports / Ring 95 to Ring 96 Door Bug
« on: January 10, 2021, 08:18:50 AM »
I know this is a very niche problem but twice now (Don't know if it's my Orc PC's 110% scaled up size) i've found myself trapped inside the door when leaving Ring 95 swamps into the 96th Maze.

Like just point blank sealed behind the door no way to get out, twice had to get PCs to help me hit the key to unlock it. Not sure if it's just nudging me because i'm big boi or if this is a common problem i've just never encountered so figured worth the report.

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