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Screen Shots & Obituaries / The Index
« on: January 19, 2019, 08:37:30 PM »
This is an anthology of EFU's most spectacular memories. Any thread packed with cool screenshots, and every major stream, will have an accessible link here. Players are encouraged to recommend new entries for the Index through a private message to this account. Particularly interesting obituaries are valid suggestions even if they do not have any images. Preference is given, nonetheless, to visually impressive displays.

Tragically, some of our community's most legendary stories have been obscured as image hosts go out of business or close decade-old accounts.

Of those that remain...

EFU:R Streams
Discord Screenshots, Part One

The Eye of Dhimani:

The Battle of Dunwarren Central:

The Battle of the Sleeping Pyrimo:

Helm's Last Vigil:

The Witch's Wheel:

Glademore's Folly:

Beneath Mistlocke:

H'bala Triumphant:

Leged's Folly:

Old Chult:

Black Door of the Apocalypse:

The White Stag:

The Doom Tree:

Memetic Painbringer:

Covenant Ritual:

Gore Explosion:

Shevarash Rising:

The Monument of Hubris:

Storming Serena Tower, Lobby:

King Owain the Mad:

King Owain, Not Yet Mad:

Storming Serena Tower, Second Floor:

Revelation of K'lx'nah:

Savage Assembly:

Savage Ritual:

Sailing Through the Night:

Opening the Black Door:

The Jaws of Oblivion:

Shevorth, Drake of the Shining Corals:

Dhimani's Gaze:

Looming Folly:

Six Fingers Around Nyxae's Throat:

Ma'feyjan Philosophy:

Victory in Dunwarren Central:

Memory of a Maiden:

Memory of a Prophet:

Memory of a Serpent:

Here Lies Frederick Bresley:

The Death of Melinda Bresley:

Marshall Greer's Last Stand:

Rhiannon Kingsley, Society Commander:

Unseelie Decadence:

The Face of Gluttony:

Watchers and Warders, Assembled:

Memory of a Scribe:

The Hubris of Magnatz:

Shining Hammer Society:

Malark Amblecrown:

Rhiannon Kingsley, Dread Commander:

The Broken Crystal, Within the Chapterhouse:

The Broken Crystal, Below the Chapterhouse:

Execution Atop the Ziggurat:

Etorix, Son of Retorix:

Sheriff Azrus Azzam:

The Wyrm Watchers:

The Ruby Comitals:

Gaeseric Does Not Yield:

Morn Greycastle:

The Transcendent Conclave:

Dreaming in the Mist:

Sailing Through the Mist:

Dungeons of Old Port:

Praying in the Mist:


Night of the Red Star:

The Sleeper Awakens:

The Curse of Old Stones:

Memories of the Mist, Part One:

Memories of the Mist, Part Two:

Serena Tower Lobby:

Reenacting the Fall of a Sanctuary-That-Was:

Profane Ritual:

Knights of the New Path:

Ruins of Chabzash:

Beneath the Dark Lake:

The Covenant of the Pure:

Beneath the Dark Lake, Again:

Into Hell Itself:

Planning the Attack:

Burning the Doom Tree:

Drow Wretch:

Putting Down a Dog:

Zeulisad Meets Agent(?):

H'bala's Tower:

The Battle of Starwood:

The Numinous Order:

Fallen Giants:

Rallying the Conclave:

The Battle of the Conclave:

Castle Blackhearth:

A Ruby's Contempt:

The Laddermen:

Lord Blackhearth:

Grand Colonial Tourney:

The Blades of Targus:

The Hundred Brothers:

The Scepter of the Sun:

Crimson Apparition:

First March of the Numinous Order:

General One-Eye:

Moander Rising:

Life in the Archipelago:

Hostage Exchange:

Numinous Warning:

Numinous Hall:

Mushroom Camouflage:

The Witch's Wheel, Again:

The Earth Wheel:

The Apprehender:

Commander Thervion:

Numinous Confrontation:

Lotheri Sanq Awakens:

Storming Serena Tower, Commander's Chamber:

Riddle Animatron:

The Scram:

The Mother of Mantras:

Spellguard Funeral:

Idol of the Appetite:

The Heist:

The Heist, Again:

Sanctuary Siege Carrier, Test Run:

The Exile Collective:

Temple of Kossuth:

The Bloody Wedding:

The Council of Dragons:

Motley Camp:

The Dread Masters:

Gnomish Fairy Tale:

Bad Jokes:

Bad Jokes, Again:

Returning From Ysinode:

Returning From Ysinode, Again:

Mobilizing for Ysinode:

Storming Ysinode:

The Elder Brain:

Society of the Ordered Mind:

Memories of the Mist, Again:

The Gates of Ysinode:

The Gates of Ysinode, Again:

Return to the Elder Brain:

A Feast for Intryzz:

Official Spellguard Investigation:

The Fire of Mystryl:

A Feast for Intryzz, Again:

A Feast for Intryzz, Yet Again:

Some Dead Woman:

The Appetite Eight (+1):

Faussad's Dire Warning:

Faussad's Desperate Plea:

Faussad's Desperate Plea, Again:

Etorix Once More:

Friends of the Pyrimo:


Lair of a Wererat:

Demons of Kossuth:

Burning the Doom Tree, Again:

Surprise Hug:

The Gates of Enginetown:

Mage Duel:

Preparing for the End:

The Appetite Eight:


The Appetite:

Heart of the Appetite:

Maw of the Appetite:

Belly of the Appetite:

Entering the Final Prison:

The Hubris of Sanctuary:

The End of Uncertainty:

The Hubris of Sanctuary, Again:

The City of Rings:

Hopes and Prayers:

Cheers of a Dying People:

Cheers of a Few Doomed Men:

The Final Revelations:


White Beetle Ivory:


Lonely Mushroom:

Stomach of the Appetite:

Heart of the Appetite, Again:

Surface Graffiti:

Remember. Your awesome moments deserve to be cataloged. Keep a finger near that screenshot button.

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