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Suggestions / Adding Stone Bones to the Bard Class
« on: September 17, 2022, 08:34:36 AM »
The entirely self-serving suggestions continue.

Proposal: Add Stone Bones as an available spell to bards at innate level 2

Whilst it may be a bit strong at circle 1 and I could anticipate people taking it for the bludgeoning resist alone, Bard spell selection is very limited and at a premium in respect of circle 2 spells so I don't anticipate this being taken as an option by anyone other than a dedicated necro-bard. It's a nice quality of life option for them to further enhance their undead.

Bug Reports / Elsbeth's Chronicle of Companions Song Is Still Giving DodgeAC
« on: September 15, 2022, 07:50:12 AM »
I'm aware this song was meant to be changed to provide Natural AC instead of dodge AC. I've just tested it and at level 9 bard it seems to be providing +1 AC (stacking dodge AC). I've tested this without and with the effects of barkskin and shield. This result is the same - a +1 AC bump. I'm not sure if this effect is higher at level 10 and maybe higher-level bards who frequently use this song might be able to advise. Either way, this song might need to be looked at again to figure out why it's doing this.

Suggestions / Add an Ash Corruption Mechanic to Bonecollectors
« on: August 12, 2022, 08:12:04 AM »
Entirely self-serving, however this is an issue I have encountered and seen others encounter when playing either undead PC's or necromancers. There is an absolute dearth of healing items for undead. This makes it difficult to keep your animations alive during events, quests, or just roaming around.

To counteract this a little I'd suggest giving bone collectors the ability to 'exchange' healing ash for inflicting ash of equal strength. i.e. one bag with 12 charges of cure moderate wounds becomes 1 bag of 12 charges of inflict moderate wounds.

If there are any concerns about balance around spamming them in PvP they can be annotated to say they are strictly for healing yourself / your undead, and are not to be used against others in PvP.

For your consideration!

Correspondence / Re: [A Formal Letter Delivered to Le Bleak's Estate]
« on: April 19, 2022, 01:59:19 PM »
Residents of Le Bleak's Estate

Less than four risings of the promise remain. Recent correspondence have also given me some concern that you may not have the intention to furnish any documentation writs, wills or avowed witness accounts in order for the Council of Peers to make a lawful determination on the rightful succession of this estate. If this is the case, please do communicate this to both myself and the Council.

In the Lady's Name,

~Rhowan of Moonspear

Correspondence / [A Formal Letter Delivered to Le Bleak's Estate]
« on: April 18, 2022, 11:12:46 AM »
Residents of Le Bleak's Estate

I have completed my formal assessment of this holding. In short: - There is much to be concerned of regarding the queer experimentations once progressed within its cellar. And any lingering effect this may have had. Likewise, I find the arrangement of fungi in ritual circles within surrounding grounds perhaps evidence of old or ongoing changeling mischief.

You have indicated that the previous tenant, Sverri, was bequeathed this Estate within the will of the prior occupant. You have also provided that Sverri himself writ will of his own, which may make mention of the estate. Please furnish me with as much documentation as you may surrounding this. I encourage you also to deliver copies of these documents to other members of the Council of Peers. Likewise, the names and species of the current occupants shall be provided. Your intentions for the property following the demise of Sverri are, in finality, sought.

 The right and lawful handling of this property, in line with the traditions and customs of our auld Ward, shall then be decided.

You are given five risings of the Promise to provide all that has been requested.

In the Lady's Name,

~Rhowan of Moonspear

Bastard of Velstra,

Do you already salivate at the bribes and favors you may obtain and induce by permitting these lesser nobles to compete in so prestigious a tourney?

Never shall House Moonspear allow this. Tradition dictates such tournaments of merit and monument are befitting only the Great Houses to compete.


Upon Wardboards, a copy of whisper-speech is penned and posted

As I prostrate myself at the feet of our Lady, Requited, I do contemplate on the future of our auld Ward. The Nothing, this storm of rebuke for all that is glorious and good, threatens soon to wash upon our shores. Yet we of House Moonspear do not fear, for we are faithful.

Nevertheless, the faithful must not neglect their defences. And our mightiest defence is not our palisade or siege weaponry. Not spear levies or learned magicians. Not even is it our armoured Knights astride ferocious destriers.

Our mightiest defence is the covering, protection and love of our Lady in Waiting. That which we have taken for granted for too long, and scorned much of late.

In the name of House Moonspear, I declare that the time is upon us to make amends for another injurious slight which has been permitted to flourish. That of sufferance of foreign faiths.

I do declare that each foreign faith, each pedlar of trickster-gods, and every huckster of stolen divinity, does an injurious wound to the Lady. That they undermine also the safety and security of our Ward. Our houses. Our serfs. Our humble peasants.

I do declare that they do dampen our Ward's frenzied and fervorous flame of faith also. That self-same beacon by which the Lord Departed may navigate from darkness along perilous and uncertain path back to The Lady's embrace.

To mend the many injuries done to the Lady, to renew her strength, and to enkindle once more the flames of faith, I do declare that a great offering of relics bearing divine spark shall be gathered.

Merchants shall give up their stock loads to us. False priests shall be relieved of their pieces of stolen divinity.

The Houses together shall then make a feast and font of such power. An endless Feast, not of wine and sweetmeats, but of divine sustenance. And upon this our Lady may sup. Consuming her false rivals. And grow strong. For she is our Shield, and shall protect us until her Lord destined return.

~Rhowan, of House Moonspear

Suggestions / Prayer Spell Change
« on: April 12, 2022, 02:31:22 PM »

I don't think I've ever seen Prayer used, either in a questing or PvP context. It's a level 3 cleric spell that's competing with the likes of Darkfire and Magic Vestment and I think its fundamental failing is an extremely short effect duration (at 1 round / level).

I'd suggest upping the duration to 1 turn / 2 levels in order to make it a viable consideration.

Suggestions / Re: Return the umber hulks quest to ring 94 underground
« on: April 11, 2022, 01:30:21 PM »
I agree this would be a very good addition. This was always a fairly solid mid-level quest.

An entirely self-serving suggestion, however in relation to the following bonuses: -

Blood Frenzy
Duration increased to 1.5 rounds per level (rounded down).
Spell Focus: Transmutation increases the bonuses to +3 str, +3 con and +2 Will. Penalties remain -1 AC.
Greater Spell Focus: Transmutation grants the caster +1 regeneration for the duration of the spell.

When using potions, these Spell Focus bonuses only seem to be applied to druids. Would it be possible to make this apply to potion use regardless of class? This will put other caster classes with transmutation focus on par with them.

Bug Reports / Re: Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm Scribing Costs/Level
« on: April 23, 2021, 07:22:38 AM »
Crafting a wand of ILMS at level 10 remains the most painful moment of my wizardly career. All that GP and XP ...

The higher caster level is good in that it helps you overcome spell resistance as well however and shouldn't be dismissed. I do not believe the cost is a bug or unintended.

Suggestions / Re: Prestige wage for retainers
« on: April 18, 2021, 02:50:01 PM »
This is something I've thought about before and quite like the idea of. It gives a bit of an encouragement as a Retainer to log in and RP / be a visible presence in the Ward at quieter times.

Incentives to get people to log in are always good.

Notices and Bulletins / The Ghyl - A Finale
« on: April 01, 2021, 02:43:35 PM »
Nailed outside the Vale is the following

Dearest Denizens of the Ward

It is the Whim and Will of House Velstra that the Ghyl, who are so responsible for both the plight of our peasants and the diminishment of our feast, are at last brought to true account. Whilst my noble friend Ser Percy has slain the Champion of their Raiders, Ser Rodrick the Steelhoof, those of us who were at that fateful march know a more insidious hand was guiding this misery. Therefore!

In the name of Lord Norbert Velstra, and in honour of his most beautiful daughter Joan of Velstra, I do declare that the Winged Horror of the Ghyl - their Sorcerer Supreme - shall see its head adorn the Gate of our Ward.

In the coming candles I will invite others to join in questing towards the den of this beast. Yet there are questions also to be answered:-

  • Who is this beast? What is its name, and wherefore comes its malice towards the Ward?
  • Why did Steelhoof of the Ghyl have such courtly manners. Why did so many of the Ghyl leadership bear such ancient and old Glitt plate?
  • What tenuous connection might these beasts have to our Triune-blessed ward...

To archivists and scholars I offer opportunity to answer these questions! To bravos and warriors I offer a chance at glory and fortune. 

In Lord Norbert's Name

~Rhomos Branwyn

Correspondence / Re: Letter for Rhomos at Velstra Vale
« on: March 24, 2021, 04:05:13 PM »
A rather delayed response is forthcoming. Blotched as it is with wine stains

I hate putting pen to parchment unless I am being paid or as and when the muse descends.

I've heard of you. You interest me. Come find me and let's talk.

~Rhomos the Acerbic

Correspondence / Re: Retainer Rhomos Branwyn
« on: March 24, 2021, 03:43:30 PM »
A reply, unusually, comes from Rhomos. It is sent by a courier who is instructed to order it be delivered upon Ser Percival's waking

My dear friend

Listen closely. You are in incredible danger.

At this moment you are likely waking up next to a women you last eve thought the greatest beauty of the ward. Yet now, in the cold light of day,  shehas revealed herself for the horse-faced shrew she truly is.

Valorously roll her off the bed, pay her whatever she asks, and attend my next words carefully:-

The growing sensation within your head - like you are being pierced by a thousand of Lord Anders fiercest Knives - is only going to get worse. You are going to feel like you want to die. Here are a few things you must remember:-

1) Light is your Enemy

Draw no curtains for at least three bells from your awakening. To do so is to invite your eyeballs to gaze in pitiful and pained horror at the fiery fury of the Promise's embrace. A gaze that will sear into you with contemptuous hatred and leave you feeling the truest fury of the Heavens

2) Take your medicine

You certainly at this moment think you will never drink again.


Drink is your friend. It always been your friend. At present, you were merely feuding. It is time to make up. Drink a half of a bottle of a wine or one flagon of ale as soon as possible. This will help to ease your symptoms and hasten your recovery. You are here now, my friend, in the vicious cycle of maintenance drinking. Welcome to my wondrous world.

3) Deny, subvert, deny

Anything you are accused of yesterday evening is lies and slander. Even - especially - if you know it to be true. Doubly so if there is evidence.

4) Grease for your soul

Send for mutton. Pork. Dripping. Bread and most well churned butter. These foodstuffs will be your fortification and re-invigoration, in time. But take care not to eat too soon after rising, or you may all too soon see your breakfast again ...

5) Time is the Great Healer

Do not be contemptuous of yourself to remain abed until the sun retreats once more today. Time is your great healer. Worry not - by the coming of night, you will feel fortified enough to continue your revelry!

6) Practice makes perfect

In order to avoid being in this state again I encourage regular, excessive and profligate drinking going forward. Ideally with your dear friend Rhomos. Just as with swordplay, drill and practice is the only way you will learn and master this arcane art.

Good luck, dear friend...!

-Rhomos Branwyn, Acerbic Executant of Velstra

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