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Off-topic Discussion / Re: Character Theme Songs
« on: June 24, 2022, 03:08:46 AM »
Praise be to Pzatharun!

I'm on the fence about this.
In a sense it makes clerics slightly less useful in the regard that you'd have to be very static in a group and with people who share a faith from what I gather? Which then limits your sphere of interraction greatly in my opinion.

It also makes it harder on others who decide to make their own custom religion which is hard enough to relistically push already when there is always so many current in game options.
I already hate forcing my own religion onto those in game because its something I made for my own enjoyment.

It makes clerics play rather greedy now too instead of being in that flexible caster space like wizards.  Because if I HAVE to be religious myself to get buffed correctly why would I not just take another wizard and not have that penalty?

Correspondence / To Elheyn Al'hazarim, From Inavyre.
« on: June 12, 2022, 08:20:20 AM »
My greetings to you, Elheyn.

You are one I do not know, but I have also heard you speak through the doors.
I shall start with my apologies to you as I was deep in respite at the time of the Joust, as for my victories it has left me feeling rather visible in a way that I find uncomfortable.

I have started divining the days more openly by guidance of L’sistê de Måne, it was something to pass the time with my companions out in the deep rings.
As for what you ask of me, I am indeed awoken to this place. I do not know of anything except for a few details better explained in person, and know you as well, either as Vellas or Helvete.
But as a stargazer myself, I would say that you also know that the stars here are foreign to me, as if they are more familiar strangers.  Cards, do not change as such.

But as one who has also traversed the rings to Baz'eel, there is a few things you may find of interest, but to do so is to first know grief.
As for my other ventures, I have knowledge of but some of the plagues of this ward. I hope that you may be able to also find answers to such.

But if I had to give you an answer to the nature of these rings, may I part with you a constant companion:

[Attached is a card.]

Øye Måne guide you.
Inavyre Vorathil.

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Aros Ogorossi, the Magnificient
« on: June 09, 2022, 08:01:30 AM »

What can I say that I haven't already said to you? <3
Just beautiful work. Wonderfully jarring in speech compared to everything.

I enjoyed our conversations and our death rolling came where we both got drunk in the vale and you rinsed me.
I am sad I did not get to see the next arc come.

I shall return to you, I shall speak my truths to you.
This time… I know exactly what I shall say to you on your demise.

We do not reward failure...

Day 18:

One would say all woes are accounted for as of present. Amriah, once a husk of her former self, was hanged just a few days ago. Shortly following this, Ornbrynn or the Patriarch as he would probably be otherwise known, was also slain this day within the early hours of my respite.

Yet it seems I frequently stumble onto those maliciously inclined on a frequent basis, most certainly L’sistê makes me walk a fate so close to that of Helvete…
Upon wishing to give a proper burial to Amirah, no matter how misaligned she may be still deserves something my former companions, who are dearly missed, will never get to have.

It seems those of her masters had other plans.
One was graced with the sight of none other than Ennugim Ishmenka himself.
From descriptions given to me by Gaetana before her demise, he is the one who bound the Book of Apocalypse, which means my path seems set to call on him once more, for answers, questions and perhaps another book for Solomyn so the Skratti can continue their faith.
It is a more welcomed option to sifting through the Mountains.

I too find myself left with more questions about how this doom he speaks of aligns with that idea of his… spoken of by The Great Fey. It feels completely bland, constantly hearing of the end...

I do not however expect a reply, but at least Amirah’s body and soul do not lay deep in the Druthers.


Apologies. This is in fact true but it seems our goals will be delayed more.
The war is over and Ser Genovalio and Robert lay dead.. please tell me if your nightmares remain, but there is no peace yet... never is truly is there no?

I am glad that you are well my friend, however mayhaps try and find something else other than just nuts.
I would wish to meet with you for your insight as there has been some developments I would wish maybe you could investigate for myself.

You may write to me at Room 11 of Mrs. Minchkins, but this is better spoken in person.

Øye Måne guide you,
Inavyre Vorathil.

Correspondence / To Ennugim Ishmenka [DM]
« on: May 24, 2022, 04:01:27 AM »
[It is written neatly and with great care but perhaps a little shaky in parts, her usual half-cursive straightened out into a more legible form.]

Greetings Ennugim,

While I admit to not knowing much of your whims, from description and confirmation of others it has come to me that you are the one known as 'Blacksmile.'
I am rather hesitant to write such to you but it seems it may be the only way to protect those dear to me and furfill wishes to those I have lost. So because of this I come asking favour of you and what you are willing to impart in terms of knowledge.

It seems to me you were once in contact with a dear friend of mine in reference to a book, if you may rebind another for me I shall be most grateful, not only to those whom I love and their faiths but to those of the Ward who seek remembrance.

But I also wish to seek what knowledge one knows, questions also left unanswered by my friend, and what you deem as salvation and doom, words left so tasteless after being spread by many as well as even The Great Fey.

I shall hear your truths if you would let me seek audience, as protection of the ward and those in it is of import to me.

Safe paths,
Inavyre of L’sistê de Måne.

Day 16:

Hopefully we endure to find peace, two moons ago many of the ward retainer and commoner alike set out to fight the Mongrel menace. The city goes to reveal more secrets to you, tunnels of caves filled with every sort of beast imaginable. I would call myself lucky, in the least.

[The writing here is a bit jittery, as if she was pacing and writing.]

House Glitt however, suffered the most grievous blow this day, losing their kinsman in the form of Ser Genovalio, whom I helped place the Wytchstone aligned to Vellas in his blade and that of Robert Lyle. It is spoken of a shadow that came and took such, while that is of concern, mine run deeper.

While I am of the mind Ser Genovalio’s body cannot be recovered, his head possibly in too many shards to be of any use, Robert still lays in tact. I wish upon L’sistê that I could agree with Lalena, a proper burial. But he still stands.. and one cannot advise Lord Bernard to burn a body of his own.

New kin have awakened, I have seen to make sure they have what they need and shown them the Wards and the Ponds, with my advance Kingsward it is possibly the first and of the last I’d see her.

Day 12:

[This page looks slightly damp, and slightly smudged due to the low light in which this was written. The page is also slightly torn out from the binding.]

Good tidings are afoot, we start to push Kingsward once more, my recovery has been long but I am almost of the same strength I once was. It has cured my restlessness ever so slightly, no need to feel trapped in the walls of the ward any more.

[The writing here is slightly more legible, as if the lighting has changed.]

I have been thinking much on the return to that place. I long to see it again, breathe it with all of me once more. To me now it is almost tradition, a place in which I speak my truths and the place over one where I lay my shames. With our group replenished I shall continue my traditions, speak my truths to my allies and hopefully receive truths in turn.

It has not been since Rajani, Gaetana and Wes died that I have been to such.

[With this book seems to be attached an illusory dice that shines like moonstone, it seems to grow or shrink depending on the amount of groat placed down near it.]

The roll of death is a game of fate. It is usually betted by groat or other objects to the valued count of all items placed in bet. Started by traditions of deep ring entertainment given forth by L’sistê de Måne, may her divination of fates bring you fortune even as it drives you closer to death.

The rules are as follows:

1.     The participants make a bet of a groat value and both match it. If you have a pot of forty groat, then the dice shall start and expand to forty sides.

2.      Participants then check who is to roll first: The number rolled the dice will shrink to that number. (If a twelve was rolled the dice will shrink to twelve sides. If the roll after is a six, it will shrink to six.)

3.      Each participant rolls the ever shrinking dice until the first person to roll a one is declared dead.

Alternate rules:
Roll of Purgatory (contributed by Jeremiah Ashford):

4.       When the dice has shrunk to ten sides or under, participants may choose to add more groat to the pot at any time to increase the bet (both participants must match this). This however will not increase the sides of the dice.

I would love to thank all those who have participated in spreading it: Anadriel Glynfaren, Wesley Madoc, Gaetana Accardi, Rajani Varmar, Aros Ogorossi, Jeremiah Ashford, Boris and Fernando de la Vega. May Øye Måne guide you.

Correspondence / [To Reinald:]
« on: May 18, 2022, 11:02:21 PM »

My apologies I have been quite busy as of late that I had not been able to talk to you about what was discussed. It is to my understanding that we start making way again after the war to come against the Mongrelwoods.

I shall ask you personally on your answer depending if the Cradle has looming eyes. But in advance I would like to inquire about that item we spoke of. If it is possible to acquire any spare you may have for purposes of making sure Wes’ wish is seen through.

Til next we meet,

[This page doesn’t seem to have any relevance to anything. Just an assortment of memories and thoughts.]

We help him because like us he has known grief and loss like ours. Time has made wounds fester, and while we cannot fix time’s wounds we can deliver onto him what we can. We stand before him, my companion passing into him my own words only for him to speak: “You are mistaken, I am not who you think me to be.”

In a strange sense of fortunate misfortunes, I have wounds I can remember and those I do not. One has learned emotional wounds, the ones of my kin, my companions, of those from my ventures who have travelled to find their demise, some who I have drawn them to.

My physical wounds are immense, and those I do not remember, scars, scratches and places where I should have been totally impaled or ripped apart. Mayhaps this is my fate cheated, my own immortality that I still stand marked upon me from my eyes to what seems the whitening of my hair. Do I take my mortality from others? Have I cursed fates in my favour?

“The wonts..” she lurks behind me…within me. “The wonts of the husk of Vellas. Unbound be the realities of Helvete, yet to see the whims man you dive willingly and has brought you suffering. So you shall…”

Day 8:
[This page seems stained with drops of random brews, as if someone was crafting potions and spilled some accidentally.]

And thus it has come, the culmination which draws closer to its end.

Salvation has come, the hope of so many lays within the ward. The keys to his bane lay mere footsteps away. I do not know how much can be spoken of to those. Yet those who do not know, cannot know seek to destroy it for simply being.
May this be the end of my second shame, the end to his winter. As Tel’Quessir I plan silently, advise silently. Yet to speak true may lead to death, also in service to a Ward that barely tolerates one such as myself. I have listened to the Druids, I have listened to the Skratti, I have listened… to him. This must stand.

The Orzan threat is at its end, what is left of it, scattered. Upon last moon the skies grew red as ritual unfurled, time stood still. It appears we were too late for whatever happened, but it is something that does not bode well. Among those who fought, the only one that I question as to why is Lucas Castell. I do not have enough to form opinions since it is merely sennights ago we fled them. One shall keep appearances.

Day 6:
On the morrow of looking at my cursed demise, I now have one life and seven deaths. But that is not of import. Words of fellow fair folk working for the Patriarch is what is of my concern. I have warned Anadriel as such: be seen, stay seen, do not go alone.
I shall as I wish to remind myself, seek patience and stay put in my fear, tis easy to point fingers.

We have taken to hiring the aid of Sava to replenish members for heading Kingsward once more. He confuses me so, at face… only a man of coin. But yet he seems to bring me tea. Once when I returned from the mountain, and the other, when I was distracted last.
One asked L’sistê two questions. “Who is this person?” and to be sure, I asked “Who is this person really?”
‘Four of Coins’ rings true, but then ‘Queen of Cups.’
I do not know, but I feel once we get back there, she will test him, and then he shall understand.
I shall look carefully and pry slowly.

It seems we find more people daily in which to run rings with, yet I am met with hesitation.

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