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Correspondence / Missive for Gor'tam of Kahzar
« on: Today at 11:44:14 AM »

I know not if it was because business kept you or my efforts deeper swift.
We have never had the conversation you were wishing to have.
If you are still keen  as you said, seek Arnjolf of Glitt.
He is in the Ninety Ninth I believe for one or two more days time.
Any message you have for me give to him.
He can see your words personally delivered with far more care than parchment.

If unable to meet him before his departure send word.

Gor 'Tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Missive to Gor'Tam
« on: Today at 11:29:44 AM »
Old One,

It is the Peer who lies. Who deceives. My word given. You will have it. Though patience asked.
It is the Captains of the Ring Companies who have aided me who have first claim on prize. One for each of their companies, that they may press on. Individuals after that. 
You will be rewarded for your tribute offered already given on the road from Vestige, and your promise of more to come.

Reconstruction on the Basilica continues at a slow pace.
The Laborers serving me are used to construction but they are not used to Orc, nor Warrior.
Nor am I used to commanding those who are not warrior. It is a curious.

Others have come in pursuit of finding lodging or otherwise at the Basilica.
They have been refused, so if such your hope it is not possible.
It is foremost a Temple and for the Faithful it is reserved.

If though you wish to camp in the Woods, or tend camp your own, or otherwise-
You are welcome in my Ring and we may do business and similar.
I know the locals would welcome a worker of medicine and more.

If though you wish learn more of Kahzar, as even one as you is welcome in the faith,
We may speak more of possibility.

Return at your leisure.
The Book will be given my Broker.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Indali Khatri
« on: Today at 09:21:55 AM »
I asked you to make choice, when no word heard I assumed silence refusal.
I broach it again, gazing from my throne on high.
I see the Rings ahead and behind me.

The Basilica of Kahzar opens. Robust reward for those who seek pilgrimage.
You are a stern warrior, even if your siblings contest you.
Blessings for Tithe you have always offered, even when most ignored me.
A matter not forgotten.
For further tithing or more service Keys and more can be offered.

Send word or seek Arnjolf to learn more. He is in the Ninety Ninth for a time.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / House of Glitt
« on: Today at 09:16:56 AM »
Before you ignored my honor offered, for your Retainer's actions.
I extend now word you may recognize moreso.
Your King's Keep opens anew.
The throne of Royal Castellan no longer vacant.

Surplus and supplies moved through the mountains and forests and glacier and more.
From Vestige to Towertop smuggler and Ring Runner carry.
Your holdings in the Mountain.
They are near the Wizard's waste.

A fair Outpost but isolated. Need they supply? Need they weapon?
Send word or send envoy deeper.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Madilyn Haremarch
« on: Today at 09:11:55 AM »
Small Rabbit,

Long ago you showed me a kindness in the Burgage.
Rare among the Peers. Most forget such things. You may have even. Not I. I remember.
I had returned from hunt with Artegal. Meat we collected in the Weald. Ghyl we fought.
In the Willow Ways he tried make me carry the Meat of his hunt because I was larger than him.
I returned in a fury. You offered kind word.

Caemdyr later offered me invitation to your Holdings.
My Broker and I stood in the rain. Peers walking past.
Laughing at us as we were waiting for them to arrive.
They never came.

Gwenllian later offered me passage to the Ninety Fifth.
But she only wished it for my prizes of Prestige.
Never again seeking me or contacting or visiting.
Gratitude to your Clan carved on the PIllar of the 94th.
But no word ever sent again.

Like the Washerwoman most hunted me. Seeking to take what I had.
What I could provide. Not you though.
Find your way into the Rings.
There I hold lands.

It is just a castle. But it is mine.
A feast for your kindness.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Suggestions / Re: Factions and armor in EfU : City of Rings
« on: Today at 06:35:16 AM »
Personal retainer preference: In public helm, in private no helm, in private meeting no helm, in council of peers meeting no helm, in casual meetings in public helm.

Pressing on though never easy. And with it comes obstacle.
Further and deeper did the Chosen of Kahzar trek.
The Kahzariim pushing themselves, body and spirit.
Beyond what any of them anticipated.

When salvation found it was all that was promised.
Verdant and Vibrant and in such volume.
Yet nothing this cruel life given freely.
It would need be taken.

Warcamp established.
Hunting, Fishing, Preparing.
Siege Weapon. Barricade.
The makings of yet more strife.

These efforts though sent ripple.
Waves of energy into the cosmos.
Across the Realms of Seams.
With it came attention.

The Old Gods of Gnashar.
Twisted and Lost to storm and sand.
A cruel seam, harsh, conquered by Orc.
Ripping away the Chosen and Witness.

Two mortals stood before a God.
Kahazar's Chosen, proud and tall.
Witness, shrouded and ducking behind him.
Kahzar's Chosen it gave offer.
Champion of Gnasharim.
Kneel and Serve.
Relics of True, Unbriled Power.

Adorned in finery of a true Warlord.
Power brimming and warping him.
Standing taller, tusks grown longer.
He would be Terror across the Realms.

Nothing though given. Nothing.
They demanded obedience.
They demanded supplication.
They demanded Kahzar's Chosen to Bow.

When he refused the Armor stripped.
When he howled the Orcflesh of his body burned.
When he roared the Orcblood of his body boiled.
And Black Flame encompassed him.

When he bowed he did not do it from reverence.
But to pick his mighty Axe from sands at his feet.
Raising with a mighty roar upwards again.
Howling and smashing at the God's Avatar.

The duo thrown back to the Rings.
The Old Gods of Gnashar furious.
Banishment. Forsaken from the Seam.
When this heard by the Kahzariim.
Roars and cheers erupting in the Grey Wood.

From all across the City of Rings came traveler.
From Ninety Nine, From Ninety Four, From Ninety Three, and Deeper.
Some who first would offer resistance, worrying for the Keep.
Some who first would offer arrangement, demanding payment.
Some who first would offer pledge, seeking highest respect.

And there was strife. Arguing in the Camp. Threats.
Some only sought peace.
Some only sought wealth.
Some only sought passage.
The Kahzariim sought only victory.

The Craven armies of the Keep attacked the Horde.
Striking at them during Lady Zheng's negotiation.
Catapults shattering the earth.
Arrows tipped with poison piercing the flesh.
Demons ripping through the skies and walls.
Fire engulfing the Keep.

The Kahzarrim.
Their assembled allies.
Victorious. Cries ringing out.
Exile no more.

Kahzar's Chosen found Home.
Lands to tend and people to grow.
The Basilica of Kahzar.
A True Temple of Faith.
At long last in the Midrings.

Their journey at an end.

Suggestions / Re: More Finessable Weapons
« on: January 23, 2021, 10:57:05 PM »
In all honesty I kind of hate how a class has to choose between burning a feat just to be more dexterous with weapons.

I just wish it would say "X weapons use strength, X weapons use Dexterity, to govern your use of it".

I don't even know if that's possible, or scriptable, or desirable?

But I think it'd be cooler than just tagging a few additional weapons onto a feat.

Through out the Rings ranging from 71 to 99 a man in raggedy Glitt armor makes his way to the out rings of the Nineties, flyers are spread aplenty.

Edicts of the Basilica of Kahzar

Edict of The Bronze Bell: Faith returns to the Midrings
Bronze weapons stripped from the hands of the cloven-hooved serivtors of the Hells. Melted in the flames of the Seam of Fire. Casted in moldings forged from the Seam of Mud. Cooled in the chill of the Tear of Frost in the Air Seam. Bronze Bell now hang atop the Basilica of Kahzar. 

Dawn it rings for Warrior's Rise: Explorer to embark into the unknown and raider to read for taking.

Sunhigh for Governance: The Envoy seeking audience, the Captain of crew seeking passage, those with grievance to report.

Dusk for Piety: Services of the Basilica offered. Brew, prayer, counsel, funeral, sermon.

At Moonoon for the Lost to find way home.

Edict of Pilgrimage: Acoloytes and Knighthood

The Basilica of Kahzar has been consecrated and rises from the ashes. The famed Grey Keep long silent opens its doors anew. As Ring Runner and more push deeper the Faithful of Kahzar maintain and hold the Gate. The worthy and seeking who crave a life beyond the Outrings are encouraged to seek in Pilgrimage.

To the Aocloyte. Those of Faith the bounties of Kahzar are clear. The Worthy who prove themselves strong of body, brazen of spirit, brash of mind. Willing to strike into the unknown and beyond be it Realm or Ring. Explorers and soldiers alike who spread Kahzar's message across the Cosmos. The rewards for such without compare. Those who would take up his teachings, become my Acolytes, and serve the Basilica's purpose as true Clergy in conversion to Kahzar's will shall rise higher than any.

To the Squire. To those of Duty the Basilica of Kahzar remains the seat and throne of the Royal Castellan. Recognized as seat of power in the Region I hold lands, tend ring, and govern influence over a vast swath of a great many rings. Kahzar's will enforced not only by the workings of the Kahzariim but by the dedicated and dutiful who tackle threats of great Monstrosity and more that threatens the realm. As Royal Castellan I am imbued with the responsibilities and demands of a great many lives. Those who are prepared to swear as Squire shall be given all and every opportunity to earn true Knighthood, recognizable throughout this City as one who holds to code and valor in efforts to improve the Midrings.

Send word to be known. Make your Pilgrimage. Seek the Basilica. Upon your arrival true chance at glory awaits.

Edict of Caravan - Of Trade and Prospertiy

Alliance has been forged with the Geirsson Clan of Vestige binding the MIdrings two strongest powers in alliance. As Ring Runners come and go our mutual efforts remain improving our region in terms of growth and prosperity. Coordinating with merchant in the outrings we have begun the establishment of Trade Route and recognized caravan.

Ring Runners who are prepared to stop heading deeper and instead prepare their fortunes for a time are welcome to serve as Mercenaries, Soldiers, Smugglers and more.  Those prepared or willing to drive Caravan through the harshest portions of the Midrings for reception in the Outrings shall find gainful employ.

Send word or seek passage deeper to find your fortunes.

Correspondence / Gor'tam
« on: January 23, 2021, 10:32:22 PM »
Arriving by a Traveling paper salesman by the name of Jacques


I never doubted Kahzar would see him to you to satisfy our accord. True to the contract, 20% of the plate yours for merely the taking, as well as the rest. The Graveseeker will remain outring for a time, seek him to repay him whatever is sold of this current shipment minus your taking.

At present we build from nothing. The demonic cultists who held my Basilica before me rendered it to ash and ruin. A wise strategy to try and kill us all in the rubble. But we endured. The mundane remain the primary need but as affairs shift so to will there be undoubtedly need for your services further.

Efforts in earnest are being taken to see our trade route raised. Another settlement already in alliance. From the Seventy First to the Eighty Second the route completed and secured. All that will be needed is to reach from the Eighty Second to the Ninety Third, harsh and cruel land of many, many rings. From there easily enough your men should be able to see any exchange completed.

A great deal awaits, and we move from conquest to an occupying force. As we build your services will remain recognized and remembered.  The Faith of Kahzar spreading and spanning thirty rings if need be to reach foothold in the Ring I once called home in my bondage.

Of particular interest though is relics known as the Jewels of Javistus. Diamond found, as well as Emerald, it leads me to believe there will be comparable jewels of similar cut. Perhaps ruby, perhaps sapphire, perhaps topaz, I know not. If in your workings you hear rumor or otherwise - secure them and you shall be greatly rewarded.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Introductions and Group Management / Re: The Banner Cal Yvaine
« on: January 23, 2021, 10:17:45 PM »
Flexing into non-human politics is seriously cool. It's a massive uphill struggle but guaranteed to raise some hackles and stir some strife.

100% awesome and best of luck!

Correspondence / Gor'tam
« on: January 23, 2021, 10:06:31 AM »
It is done.

As I take stock of my new grounds I will be preparing another shipment. In the coming days set of Fullplatemail and more expected to find its way to you.  Additional supply will be sent along with it to make the journey worth its while. I will see you appraised of who brings it and when it may be expected.

While you do business in the Burgage I wish you to establish contact with the House of Velstra.

Find one you trust among their house, implicitly, and send me their name. A fee shall be offered for brokering such.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Huckleberry
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:57:17 AM »

I have spoken with Wednesday of your journey deeper. Wise it would be to see your band turned to true ring crew, recruiting a few of the unaffiliated in effort to push onward. Easier it would make my life as well, but beyond that it would see your autonomy for travel up and down this City rather than beholden to others.

Weigh it well while you return to the outring and when the time come you return deeper we can speak of progress.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Gor ' Tam of Kahzar
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:51:43 AM »

The landscape of the Midrings changes. Though we never met after your final missive I do not forget a gesture.

The weeks have been unkind. That cruelty has made me strong. When you left word I was squatting in a desolate alleyway. Drinking of stolen liquor and feasting on rat meat.

This night I sit on throne overlooking my lands. Smoking fine cigar. Watching my faithful hunt Elk and rebuild my Basilica.

If you trek beyond the Ninety Ninth or are inclined of business spanning a great many ring-

Should you seek to find glory and power.

Perhaps we can come to some accommodations.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

Correspondence / Lady Zheng Xiang
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:43:43 AM »
Lady Zheng Xiang,

I wish you well in your travels outring once more. The former Knave in your company has shared with me tale of your journey towards your Father's salvation. Speak with the woman your House knows as Wuming, I have named her Witness and she can share with you more tales of my journeys. As the Kahzariim grow prolific among these rings the possibilities for cure may present themselves.

The Faithful shall work tirelessly to see the Basilica repaired and at time your choosing we may speak of future effort.

Gor 'tam of Kahzar
Royal Castellan

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