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Announcements / A sudden chill in Ring 97
« on: December 08, 2020, 09:29:34 PM »
In Ring 97 a cold wind blows in, carrying with it billowing storms. Snowflakes begin to fall, and muckboys complain loudly about ice drifts in the canals. The great trashfire sputters and cracks, billows of black smoke growing tame. The less dedicated of the possessionless ascetics find thick clothing to be suddenly within their supposedly non-existent budget.

But above all else... something strange happens in the factory of the toyfolly. A great whirring of gears, shouting, complaints. The ever-constant billowing smoke from the factory stops. Angry toyfolly gnomes run this way and that across the ring, and the familiar stocks of toyfolly equipment across the city grow lean.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to fall...

There will be a seasonal winter event on Sunday the 13th, beginning at 10pm UTC.

Announcements / Re: Chapter 5 - EFU: City of Rings Rumors & Gossip Thread
« on: December 06, 2020, 04:38:26 AM »
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

Rumors spread of changeling madness afoot.

Tales of strange chaos far off in the rings. A mad ringrunner attacking men  in the ward, nearly blind from cataracts. The disturbance was swiftly put down... however.  Something is wrong. Deeply so.

In the ponds, men who before walked with slouching backs now walk with purpose.  Conversations around the fire grow ever quieter, with suspicious and hostile looks given to outsiders. Bug infested and rotten bread is shared more freely. The muggers of the ponds seem almost a touch thoughtful as they open their subjects bowels. And with the fall of Ticker, the number of men in the ponds begins to swell...

Correspondence / [The Guildmaster of the Union]
« on: September 17, 2020, 11:44:28 PM »

Good day, I hope it finds you well. As your secretary, I hoped to contact you quickly to resolve any potential confusion.

I heard of your incident earlier today. Of course, in emergency meeting, the other guildmasters unanimously have chosen to pardon all charges and clear any record of incident, as they fully expect you would do for them!

So as not to be presumptuous, I'd never issue direct advice to a guildmaster. That said, were I to make a powerful and well supplied enemy, I'd perhaps seek allies within the Peerage, and assure any further incidents take place outside the public eyes.

We hope to see you in the next session of parliament.

Ever in service to the benefactors of our square,
- Secretary Milo Bhesk

Announcements / Re: Prelude: The Woodlands
« on: September 13, 2020, 07:37:12 PM »
Had a number of people ask for a delay, so we'll run an hour and a half after planned time so they may attend.

Announcements / Prelude: The Woodlands
« on: September 10, 2020, 01:37:11 AM »
This Sunday, I will be running a prelude. This prelude will likely be PvP heavy, and only one PC will survive this prelude. Those participating will receive level 5. The winner will enter the gameworld with a reward, but there will likely be no further direct plot ties. Throwaways welcome.

Announcements / Re: Chapter 5 - EFU: City of Rings Rumors & Gossip Thread
« on: September 07, 2020, 12:51:11 AM »
[ :: Day ??  Year ?? :: ]

With little reason or cause discernable, a seam to the Plane of Fire opened in the very heart of "Trash Island".  Fires began to spread, and many efforts were put towards closing it-

But the seam remains.

And as the day ended, as all other seams blinked in and out of existence....

The seam of fire remains. Trash isle smoulders.

Announcements / A small note on the Recondite
« on: August 23, 2020, 09:30:05 PM »
Starting when this post goes up, simple approval from any DM is needed to roll a new Recondite. Any DM can give you the green light, so hit us up on discord! This is largely just to encourage players to contact us with their concept first, and give players a chance to ask any questions of the lore or conventions before rolling, it should be a largely simple approval. The number of recondite at once isn't really limited, unlike the winespills, so don't feel put off by existing characters at any time! If you do not have discord access for any reason, always feel free to submit an application instead.

Thank you!

Suggestions / Re: More Benefits from Planar Madness
« on: August 20, 2020, 05:27:36 PM »
Its a terrible, maddening disease that destroys people in horrific ways. Its not intended to be beneficial...

Notices and Bulletins / Re: The Parliament Shall Meet!!
« on: August 04, 2020, 12:45:55 AM »
[below the notice, the seals of the weavers and accountants are affixed]

Correspondence / Re: Letter for James Vernon, Marked "Urgent". [DM]
« on: July 11, 2020, 08:20:30 AM »

When this was only a matter of the Council, we had much recourse. Room to maneuver, politic, negotiate and influence. Now that House Sunpurse has made its position known, and by proxy, the position of its lady- We do not. While sunpurse is notoriously... uncooperative, they are a great house. And if the lord or lady of a great house brings something as to law... it is.

Ideally, this should have been dealt with, with the council, before it came to this. Our power exists in issues below the interests of the Lords. Should one decide to step in, in even the smallest way... our room to maneuver becomes small. This is why it is vital we move quietly, and manage issues before they become set in stone. Subtlety and back rooms are our greatest weapons, and a shouted word is as a dagger to our heart.

The council's demand is insane. And were it still only the councils, perhaps, I'd have words of help for you. But as the Reeve's words echoed, so too did Sunpurse codify it into law. While the accord does not grant retainers powers, the powers- rightfully so- granted to the lords are without limit. The word of a lord or lady is as law, without exception.

The remaining hope I have for you is to use our most powerful weapons. Go to this insane councilwoman, and negotiate with her. I have little doubt she will unfortunately soon sit upon parliament, by any matter, and we must begin to influence the non-table seats to be more sympathetic to our guild. This woman was threatening to chop off fingers, just a few hours past. And while such threats were mitigated into a legal trial, it betrays a state of mind. A state of mind a clever tongue can shape like clay.

As for a our seat on Parliament- it is held by Lady Valentina, of course. I have heard some concerns it sits empty... it does not. She simply has not chosen someone to sit for her in proxy, yet. Her standards are exacting indeed, and parliament holds great power.

- James

Notices and Bulletins / The Wonders of the Velvet Wedding
« on: July 08, 2020, 06:41:38 PM »
Let it be known!

By the grace of Lady Valentina Velstra, it has been decided all who brought gifts before the wedding shall be rewarded with a rare, magical flower from the Velstra gardens.

And, let it be known, the couple ascendant have not forgotten their promise of reward to he who shone the most in combat! Therefore, they put out a call- below, let all sign what name shined the most, to them, during the war. The soul of the Ward who deserves a lordship above all others, and we shall take note.

[A massive space is left below]

Notices and Bulletins / Re: Ticker for the Ticks
« on: July 07, 2020, 11:25:47 PM »
On one of the pamphlets, stuck to the wall with a dagger, a note...

Wonderful. Just wonderful...

Find us. Speak to one of my toys, we'll talk.

Notices and Bulletins / -- Posted out, before the open door --
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:47:09 PM »
[A sign is staked, next to a dead goblin]

Article 20

Membership in the guilds shall be offered to those of demi-human blood freely. These creatures shall be allowed within Ticker Square freely, and shall be allowed rank of Guildmaster should they prove right.  However, those of monstrous nature- such as a vile recondite or mongrels- shall be at no time permitted entry, except under escort of an authority of the square. Rather a race shall be considered monstrous shall be at all times left to the parliament of Ticker Square.

[ :: Day ??  Year ?? :: ]
The signing of the Clocktower Accord, and the refounding of a united 99th ring.

As Ticker Square first met the Torc, Valentina Webber left to the scorn of all.
As Ticker Square was rid of their flames by her plans, Valentina Velstra returned a hero to Ticker Square.

The wedding proceeded with much festivity. It is said Beauxregard Winespill vomited on Saibhon Dumein, in front of the entire nobility, and many grand gifts were presented. The wedding was officiated by Archivist Alfonso Winneseph, and it is said, by all accounts, it was a tasteful and pleasant wedding... by the standards of House Velstra. And in its closing minutes, an announcement was made... Ticker Square would be retaken. The Torc, long starved by the efforts of House Velstra and House Nephezar, came to the field with what little they could muster. Men weakened by long starvation came out to meet the entire, united peerage ward- and after a long battle, they were crushed. A few names echo, amoung the many: Jouvander Don Vindascas, slayer of Solomon Krown. Muggbert Skudge, self-proclaimed hero of all. Dorian Raventree, the last Silver hat.

But in the end, as they gathered to face Freward- It was not their hands by which he died, but that of his trusted general, Solomon Krown. And Krown, in turn, died by a betrayal of his own. And, at long last, Ticker Stood- pacified.

And so the Guildmasters and Lords of the Peerage gathered, and a document was signed. The Clocktower Accord.

Of which Article One became quickly known to all:

Article 1

The former merchants guild and Guild Masters of Ticker Square shall now and forever cede all legal ownership of Ticker Square to the Lords of the Peers, under terms here outlined. All current organizations, ranks, deeds and titles given by the former governing body of Ticker Square are henceforth dissolved. All property not currently owned by a signatory guildmaster or the doorkeepers shall be ceded to the Guild of Lessors. At all times Ticker Square shall accept the legal authority of the King, and through him, those he declares to be Peer.

A parliament was formed, and Ticker Square set about the achingly familiar task of rebuilding. But this time... with the entire ring, behind them. Politics in Ticker Square begin to emerge. The Merchants, freed of the need to cooperate for governance, dissolve into competition and backstabbing. Under the hand of the peerage ward, might alone can no longer govern contract, and so scheming begins. Of the guilds, the two signatory guilds each begin to form a political coalition. Alike only in their methods.

The Weavers- Wizards, Socialites, and Diplomats, increasingly find themselves the voice of change within Ticker Square. With a deep disregard for tradition, and ties to the Velstra family, their supporters call them the way forward for the Square. Their detractors, however, label them manipulative, without scruples, and as having a total disregard for any of low wealth below their station.

The Accountants- Enforcers, Spies, and some say- assassins, ever more speak for a more static square. Pointing to the many changes of the past year, and the suffering- and more importantly lack of profits- it brought, the Accountant's Guild argues what is best for the square is a strict adherence to the traditions of the past. The rebellion of Ticker Square failed- they say- the time of change is past. Their supporters call them a pillar of stability within the square. Their detractors, however, accuse them of being a ever-present source of violence and tyranny within the square, with no regard for privacy.

These newly emerged guilds, barely in their infancy, waste little time turning to the accord with hungry eyes:

Article 12

Should at any time a single Signatory Guild become so generally dominant and powerful within the Ticker Square so its collapse would result in a major cessation of economic activity, such guild may petition the Lords of the Peerage for the right of coterie. Should any one lord affirm coterie, all other signatory guilds shall be dismissed, and their votes given to the Signatory Guildmaster of the guild in coterie.

With hope of absolute economic dominance in the guilds, Ticker Settles into a peace... but a complex one. While the blades have been put away, it seems a different type of war begins, deep under the surface.

And, as the Parliament's door close for its first session, men mutter of a inky black storm in the distance.

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