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Journals and Musings / Kanno's Almanac
« on: March 08, 2022, 09:02:26 AM »
I met a man who stepped between times. Anyone here would know him. I recovered his lost gold, and he repaid me with tea and conversation. It was pleasant.

I had forgotten the feeling of satisfaction in speaking  with others. Some men make their living from it. But actions are better than words.

Perhaps I would understand my Father better if I served, as he did. But I would embarrass such a Lord serving at a happy hearth. On the road was I raised, and in battle will I die.

But, lingering in this Weald will ensure that battle is pointless and small. I am not equal to the threats against this land, but others are. I have seen their valour.

There may be a way, after all. I will visit the good Ser tomorrow, with a gift.

Suggestions / Allow Rod Crafting
« on: January 08, 2022, 02:08:48 PM »
Crafting Rods, useable by any class, would allow non-casters access to the wide range of utility spells that make adventuring more exciting.

Anyone who crafts Wands could craft Rods as well by simply buying a blank one anywhere wands are sold.

The cost would drop by half relative to wands, but the charges would drop from 25 to 10.

Suggestions / Allow Brewing of 4th Circle Potions
« on: January 08, 2022, 02:04:05 PM »
Making these spells available to every class through potions solves several problems:

-Improved Invisibility in a bottle is a costly but viable alternative to having an ideal party composition.
-Divine Power can let a flimsy mage save themselves, or enhance the damage output of Dex builds against bosses.
-Sludge drinks already exist; this normalizes their presence.
-Death Ward allows crusaders to address a very common threat when facing Undead.

300gp+ is a good starting point.

I would also suggest that, to balance this, 4th circle potions add a significant dose of Seam Sickness.

Ideally, all player-crafted potions should add a degree of seam sickness relative to their GP cost, whether they came from seams/wizards or not; BUT 4th circle potions specifically ought to have a prohibitive cost beyond GP.

Correspondence / To Kharmnick Gurncrag
« on: November 14, 2021, 11:06:07 PM »
I must regrettably tender my resignation from the Sons of Iron, effective immediately.

Any future communications from an individual claiming to be Oliver Klitch should be construed as subterfuge or hostility.

I shall miss you and your company. Stay strong for your people.

[The signature is concealed by a black rectangle]

Correspondence / To Thelisa Sunspyre
« on: November 14, 2021, 11:03:08 PM »
Regent Sunspyre,

I must regrettably tender my resignation, effective by this time next day.

Any future communications from an individual claiming to be Oliver Klitch should be construed as subterfuge or hostility.

Dim no lights,

[The signature is concealed by a black rectangle.]

Books and Publications of the City / Reality: What's The Big Fucking Deal?
« on: November 03, 2021, 06:48:24 AM »

Inauspicious though it may have been, the event of my death did have a marvelous effect on my ability to think clearly. As I hurdle hence into the spiraling maw of oblivion, I find myself with Nothing, but time to reflect upon the sum and sundry of my life's work. For though I had never been a man of great ambition or acclaim, nonetheless did I hold the reins to many moving carts: Philosopher, scientist, labourer, leader, and lover. It is for the foremost of these that my fluttering heart beats its last and clearest tribute, and may my eternal soul land on my ex-wife's foot in hell.


Reality: What's The Big Fucking Deal?
by Zaggins


This book is dedicated to Sani Ulster; DuRange'd, but not estranged from my thoughts.


Ours is a world of willful illusions. Our truth is constructed from imperfect understandings of indistinct senses.
Ours is a world of illusory wills. Our truths are revealed, by perfect clarity, to the prism of the soul.


It is widely accepted among the wise and learned that there is a connection between all matter, energies, and forces within observable existence. Conflict between cultures and societies often can be reduced to this: a disagreement about the nature of that connection, and how it informs 'righteous' action. Such a reduction does a disservice to greater historical and sociological discourse. However, the scope of this work must be constrained to the establishment of working definitions for the macrocosmic. From such a position, future discourse may be more rigorous and substantive as a result. The author considers this a worthwhile risk.

First: Imagine that all space, time, and narratives exist within a single point. The Point is arbitrarily small (or large), without externally-definable properties, besides that it exists. From any perspective, be you above or below, relative to the infinitessimal Point, you will gain no more information. To put it simply: you cannot observe the point. We will call this the Monad.

Second: Imagine that you are within a one-room cabin with a fire and a bed. You are warm, clean, healthy, and well-fed. You have friends who live in their own cabins. You practice a craft. In this hypothetical situation; you were born, you are living, and you will die. Any of these details might be the purpose that motivates your actions. Fear of going hungry will drive you to seek food. Love of your companions will drive you to seek their company. To put it simply: you can observe "the point" anywhere; from any perspective you like, except the external. We will call this Living.

Third: What we call Reality exists as a constant feedback between these two imaginary states. You are the Observer; your sensory, rational, and emotional perspective echoes 'outward' to the Observed. The Observed, in turn, reflects its true nature to your perspective, informing and changing it. This occurs an infinite number of times in each infinitely-small measure of time for every physical, rational, and emotive being within Reality. Every Thing is an Observer, or "Living". Everything is the Observed, or the "Monad".

From a singularity called Monad, we can imagine (and therefore create) a dichotomy of Observed and Observer. Monad and Living. Object and Process. There is no room for cause and effect. The relationship between Observer and Observed is called Understanding. It is not what you want or what you need; it is what is. Since it is a relationship, it is connected to emotions. For example: the realization of affections; or the moment of betrayal. Understanding can be a burdensome weight, but it is a temporary state: the Observer and the Observed change through their interaction, necessitating a new Understanding with every moment.

This supernal trinity of truths - the interaction of ideas, feelings, and the imperceivable singularity from which both descend into the material world - will be called Telos. The effect of these truths upon our imperfect perceptions and the paradoxically-incomplete process of existence inform the unique course of events to which has been attributed the misnomer Time. None of these states are compatible with mortal reckoning; attempts to ignore this historically result in madness. Rituals, Magick, and Asceticism are the more common paths for mortals to attempt to circumvent the natural sequence, to greater or lesser success.

However, it is important to remember that our entire physical, rational, and emotional worlds emanate from the interaction between the supernal truths, which are in turn informed by the infinite perspectives these truths have cast forth. All worlds, no matter how paradoxical it may seem at face value, have occurred, are occurring, and will occur simultaneously and instantly.

If your world appears dark, then shift your perspective to see a brighter one.


In summation:
The physical world (Ethos) is composed of matter and energies.
The rational world (Logos) is composed of thoughts and ideas.
The emotional world (Pathos) is composed of feelings and relationships.
The spiritual process (Telos) is where the other worlds are composed.
You are the Monad.

Notices and Bulletins / Fey's True Name : 7777 groats
« on: October 30, 2021, 07:15:03 AM »

Fey's True Name : 7777 groats

1 - The Seller (Oliver Klitch) takes no responsibility for the consequences of utterance of the true name.

2 - The Buyer takes all responsibility for the consequences of utterance of the true name.

3 - All disagreements regarding the terms of this contract are to be arbitrated by a neutral third party, to be chosen by a lottery of volunteers.

4 - The Owner of the true name may at any time rescind permission for use of the true name from The Buyer or The Seller through written and signed notice.

5 - Penalties for breach of contract will be extracted from the offender's mouth beginning from the molars inward. No more than one penalty may be applied per day per offense.

6 - The Buyer agrees to wear a pink helmet on the 13th night of each lunar month for a duration of at least seven campfires.

7 - The Seller agrees to dispose of any cold iron in their possession prior to parley with fey entities mentioned in this contract, provided that reasonable notice is given before hand.

8 - Volunteers referred to in Section 3 may not be solely composed of fey entities or non-fey entities without the consent of all disagreeing parties.

9 - No refunds.

Oliver Klitch

General Discussion / Quest Level Range, Accessibility, and Balance
« on: October 29, 2021, 05:45:55 PM »
Hi folks! I was curious if there is an audience for discussion of quest level ranges.

So here's what I understand about quests:
-Quests can be taken once per reset.
-Some of them are static; some move around.
-The level requirements (min and max) vary.
-Rewards, be they XP or loot, vary in scale and scope.

In general, this has a few effects on the quest loop:
-There is a niche for prospecting non-static quests on behalf of other characters.
-There is uncertainty at the outset about what will be encountered.
-The distance between static quests increases the odds of encountering random ones.

In previous chapters, it was easier to plan a route for what is colloquially referred to as the 'quest train'. In the City of Rings, however, the 'quest train' is usually more variable. The variety should make it more rewarding, both in terms of loot and roleplaying. However, I think there are some impediments to achieving the full potential of the scripted quest system as a whole:

First: when the unexpected quests lie outside the group's level range. Typically, this excludes the high-level characters from a quest with a lower maximum level requirement. Apologies to the nameless few who have had to sit outside and type ugh miss me with that noise. It's awkward out-of-character, and feels bad to exclude for a mechanical detail.

Second: Lower-level characters will join groups high above their level range, not anticipating the spike in difficulty. Example: Quests with deadly traps, close spawns, or ranks of ranged attackers. In many cases, these challenges require subtle metagaming of spawn triggers and cover to avoid the full consequences. New players can end up walking right into these traps.

Third: There is a chance these first two issues might discourage smaller groups from questing at all, due to a gulf in level range/ability.

My personal opinions are thus:
-The randomness of quests is a positive change. It adds replayability that outweighs the time/risk costs.
-Temporary negative levels could be used to allow higher-level characters to support lower-level ones.
-Awareness of the exploitability of spawn triggers going forward can inform more insidious quest design.
-Veterans should be mindful of the experience of players, and slowing down where necessary solves a lot of this.


I'd like to know what my fellow players think about these observations. Am I out of touch? Am I on to something? What solutions are available or desirable?

Suggestions / Player-made food should give buffs . . . to Companions!
« on: October 27, 2021, 09:14:57 PM »
It makes a ton of sense to have cooking/fishing pay off in some mechanical way, but simply replacing or overshadowing the present balance of consumables with a low-risk grindable system is less than ideal.

The solution could be that player-made food can be used to offer buffs to animal companions, familiars, summons, and henchmen. These could be basic stat increases, regen, temporary immunities, or other properties based on how complicated the food was to make. Continuous bonuses should only be equivalent to Magic Fang or Endure Elements. Immunities (like poison, fire, etc.) should last for less than a turn at most, and require advanced cooking with multiple steps.

This could carve out a niche that adds to the player economy without replacing it. Cheaper than potions, but only useful if you also manage NPC allies, which fits the communal theme of cooking.

Advertising Litter / Klitch Contracting: Buying Bad Luck Amulets!
« on: October 24, 2021, 07:13:51 AM »
Klitch Contracting

is now Buying:

Bad Luck Amulets!

50 groats ea.

[The following is posted in Willowgrove Park, following an increase in gourd-related activity.]

The taunting Jack that speaks through gourds calls us Weeds; it entreats us to Feast, to Grow, for Harvest.

This night was not the first, or even the second night I have heard this.
Yet never have I heard a response from mere weeds earn a response before this night.

When I informed the Jack that I would be engaging in a tenday fast,
fully intending to follow through out of sheer Lightfoot oppositionality,
the Jack derided my decision; it claimed I would be weaker, and less juicy.

Since last night, and for the next nine days, no food will pass my lips.

I would advise all who fear the Tree to observe this fast as well,
in order that our defenders stand in greater contrast as beacons in the dark.

Oliver Klitch
Magistrate of Willowgrove

- Sign Below If You Will Join This Fast -

Suggestions / Improved Unarmed Strike / Holdable Tools
« on: October 15, 2021, 08:46:31 PM »
It would be cool if Improved Unarmed Strike gave +2 bludgeoning damage when wielding a holdable tool.

It would also be cool as a Bard/Rogue minor perk.

Advertising Litter / The Record Club : Records, Articles, Prose
« on: October 10, 2021, 05:20:49 PM »
Klitch Contracting

The Record Club

My goal is to sponsor the distribution of arts, culture, and historical record to everyone living in the High Nineties.

To this end: I am paying in groats for records of interest, as well as original works of art by locals and awoken.

I am also seeking volunteers to acquire new material and display the current collection to the public.

Please contact Oliver Klitch at the Burgher's Breakhouse, or my stall in the Burgage.

Suggestions / Paralysis/Fear/Stun should be nerfed
« on: October 05, 2021, 01:10:22 AM »
It's not fun to sit around and watch yourself die.

Tanglefoot roots you but you maintain your actions. Daze prevents attacking but you can still move and use items.

Paralysis/Fear/Stun should just be worse versions of this. Game's hard enough when you're allowed to take actions, let alone when you're not.

Notices and Bulletins / THE WILL OF THE MAGISTRATE!!!
« on: October 03, 2021, 08:28:18 AM »
(A series of whispers ring out over the evening skies)

Oliver Klitch
Hullo, good evening; this is Klitch. A few things: The Regent of Willowgrove's asked me to ask all of you about the aggressive stone bear of the Weald. It's a changeling, right? Do you know about it? Write to me or the Regent with information.

Oliver Klitch
]slow exhale] Second- I'm looking for someone with cooking experience- preferably a, uh, battle-caterer. Do Humans have those? Dare to dream. I'm under contract to do a census of...[long sigh] the Ponds, so...uh, yeah. Cooks, also write to either Klitch or Regent Sunspyre.

Oliver Klitch
Last thing, and I'll let you get back to your night: I dropped a bunch of scrolls out in New Glum for an aspiring mage to get a leg up. And I'm offering flintlock pistols or catapults if you need either, or indeed both. That's it. Klitch out.

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