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Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Mari Blacke, the Torch
October 15, 2023, 08:44:28 PM
Mari was charismatic for real and you did an excellent job elaborating on the Gellema faith with this ambitious, cunning character.

~The Center of Attention~
Correspondence / Re: Contract for Meadow Millwright
September 13, 2023, 06:39:19 AM
a signature of a clearly unpracticed hand, the contract returned
Meadow Millwright
In addition, you could require three rounds of concentration (like casting the spell itself) so there's a window for other characters to intervene; or prevent people from doing a drive by teleport mark on a location with lots of dangerous creatures.
Meadow Millwright

She's listening to whatever's on and its blowing her mind.
I like the idea of giving druids a thematic but distinct way to be able to add (elemental) damage to melee. The model here is astrologians, which also don't get the usual spells (mw, flameweapon/darkfire), but have stellar blade which functions uniquely for that class and yet fills the same role.

Suggestion: Lower Herald of Winter from circle 6 to circle 5 (this would match its innate spell circle) so that this is an achievable spell to cast. As an added benefit, it puts an ice/cold theme spell at circles 2-5.

Alternatively, add lightening avatar to their spell list (either at its innate circle of 4, or at 5). This would round out a lightening evo focused druid to something to use beyond call lightening and I think is appropriately druid-master-of-the elements themed.
Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Gers Geiger
July 29, 2023, 09:37:45 PM
Gers was dynamic character with more than a few layers. The number of knives he kept in the air juggling for as long as he did was all its own an accomplishment. He added alot to many people's stories.

He was the engine. Bernadette occasionally I think helped him keep in tracks :D

An Offering

Cold hard words

Capital Vandal

Old Friends?

Sorry to interrupt, about that one time...


Plain Sight

Fast Travel

Dining Out at Marl's

Road Spells

Quid Pro Quo

We're listening

Good as Gold

Field Trip

Projecting Power


New kid on the block

Journals and Musings / Entry: VIII
July 26, 2023, 05:03:41 PM
m̶̜̜͚̟͔̃̄͋̋͛o̸̹̳̰̱̭̘͒̄̽͗̕b̴̨̩̦̗̗̭̹͖̗̉̄͐͜į̷̗͉̻̗̞̣̩̾̅̀̈́̎́́́͜͜͝l̸̹̖̈́̓͌͗̈̃͐͝e̴̢͇̣͙͗͂͑͋͝ Why don't you introduce us to your friend, signore? The strangest things happen out here, you know. That is to say, of course you do.

v̵͖̼̺̲̺̌̒̀̕͜ë̶̼̭̝̣̩́̀̿͒͜͠n̵̩̚d̴͖̠͚͓͒͛ͅe̶͖̪̠̩̯͕̫̭̠̪̐̑͐̎͠t̵̛̟̤̦̭̾̿͑͗̆̽͘t̵͍̾͂̆̌͒̈́̊̍͑ả̸̛͙̈́̋̋͂ You could have thanked him and gone looking for that sister. But we each have our journey I suppose.

r̶̥͈̭͈̥̫̺̒̋͆̄̽̕a̷̦̮̰̺̩̲̞͌g̵̻͖͚͚͈͌͝ȧ̴͓͔z̷̧̙͓̞͂͗̇̉̀̌͝z̷̳͙̑̒̓̕â̴̢̪̩̹̥̲̫͇͚̗̓̏͐̆̌́͋̕͝ If you are aroused and the crowd isn't, then it isn't a show. It's a solecism.

Off-topic Discussion / Re: Character Theme Songs
July 17, 2023, 07:01:36 PM
Bernadette Valentini
Journals and Musings / Entry: VIII
July 17, 2023, 06:54:25 PM
ś̵̱͕̬̾̓̑̔o̵̧̨̦̪̦͆r̴̡̥̹͎̂̉̍̃e̵̻̔͗̃͂͒ͅl̷͇̠͌̈́͛͊̌l̴̺̖̯̝̀͑̂ą̵̭̖͌͛͜͝ You cannot really bare your soul if you don't have one. Still, candor can be nearly as filling. I should know, I've tasted both.

r̸̫̼̤̥̀̒̈͛͝ā̷̧͉̞̮̱g̶̢̹̱͕̈́̒̈́a̵̪̥̼̔̈̚͘z̶̰̺̆͌͆͌̈z̶̜̩̫͛͊ǫ̶̡̳͉̣̿ I would not wish to tarnish that curiously imprecise memory of yours. I can tell it is doing you some service. Men like him usually cried after paying, and the higher the title the hotter the self-loathing.

m̴̙͎͛̓̉̉̐͊̌̕̚͝a̶̜̱͍͖̭͉̦͎̐͠ń̶̺͔̤̗͛͑̉̕ẗ̷̩́̇̑̈̎͝͝e̵̯̭̣͑͌̈́̔͆̂l̵̢̗̜̩̻͎͈͆̀͜l̴̯̽o̴̞̬̟͌͑͜ The purpose of a tool is to make work easier. The answer that the dwarf gave is the purpose of a toy.
Correspondence / [Nasreen Shabani, Palm Heights]
July 15, 2023, 08:23:19 AM
Signora Shabani,

Enclosed is a draft of the contract we discussed for your consideration.

Send, and we can sign, or if necessary consider amends.


Contract Enclosed
Contract between La Banda Rossa (the Company) and Nasreen Shabani (NS)

Purpose is to define terms of service between the two named parties.

The Company shall provide the following activities at the request of NS given reasonable notice.

A. Locate and render safe for study archealogical sites for NS.
B. Excavate and recover artifacts from archealogical sites for NS.
C. Search of wide areas to locate and render safe for recovery by NS fragments of archealogical signifigance.
D. Escort of NS to settlments or sites of her choosing and render them safe.
E. Right to first bid on fragments and recovered artifacts for NS.

With respect to the two named parties, ownership of recovered artifacts from archealogical sites is granted to whichever party holds the site map.

The Company reserves the right to defer a request for an activity should men be unavailable.

Inclusion of parties outside the two named shall be included in such activities on the agreement of both NS and the Company.

The Company reserves the right to temporarily retain artifacts believed to have intelligence value for which it has ownership of. After reasonable time to allow for study and exploitation, these artifacts will be made available to purchase to NS.

The Company reserves the right to require a minimum number of its men present to safetly perform the requested activity.

The contract shall be reviewed and renewed at the assent of both parties every two weeks.

Rates are as follows.

One Recluta to perform activity A and B. (provide a site map, locate site, render it safe for study, excavate): 300 dinari per site.

One Recluta to perform activity C. in any contigous areas reachable by foot in a day's march: 200 dinari

One Recluta to perform round trip activity D: 200 dinari.

Surplus fragments to be offered at Company's discretion for activity E: 50 dinari a piece.

Recovered artifacts of non-colossi origin for activitty E: 100 dinari a piece

Recovered artifacts of colossi origin for activitty E: 200 dinari a piece

For any activity, employment of additional men: 100 dinari per additional Recluta, 200 per Balesterie

For activities requiring use of caravan routes, NS to pay or reimburse fares.


Scenario I: Suppose Recluta Bernadette Valentini (BV) secures a site map to an Orentid site. BV and NS agree to travel to the site. BV requests the inclusion of a third party to assist in excavatation, NS agrees. The site is located, BV renders it safe by destorying terracotta constructs and defeating a band of Inheritors. NS studies inscriptions and the site while excavatation is performed. A single artifact is recovered. Since BV provided the site map, the Company assumes ownership. The artifact is offered to NS to purchase. The cost to NS is 300 dinari for activities A and B. She is able to purchase the artifact at her discretion at a cost of 100 additional dinari.

Scenario II: Suppose NS has obtained two site maps to locations in Old Formia and requests escort and site security from BV. Due to the dangerous location of the sites, BV determines that 2 men are required to render the sites safe. BV and another Recluta travel with NS to the sites, and render them safe for study. NS recovers three total artifacts during the excavatation, NS assumes ownership of them since NS has provided the site maps. The cost to NS is 300 dinari, 200 for activity D. and 100 additional dinari for the addition of a second Recluta. NS is responsible for paying the caravan fares to reach the sites.

Scenario III: NS wishes to search Aeb's Yoke, The Cragg's of Pennance, Giant's Road, and the Broken Pass for fragments of archealogical signifigance and requests from BV activity C. BV and NS locate several fragments on their route, and NS is able to recover them after BV secures the immediate area. The cost to NS is 200 dinari for activity C.


Fixing Relics Forever with new Cleric Feats

Consider: From the Wiki, "Utilizing the new Cleric feats in order to create, improve, and expand upon their relic, players will gain access to many mechanical benefits."

Issue: Currently, creating relics requires time and effort from DMs, whether these items are stocked in stores IG for purchase or given to characters directly. Balance and variety for all present and future dieties/faiths is a non-trivial and on-going consideration.

Additionally, there are four new cleric feats related to relics and a new skill category: Sacrifice, Enhance, Enchant, Sanctify, and consecrate. With a few changes, these could be made to satisfy one interpretation of the quote, and so free DMs from an ongoing task and future proof the relic system for new deities/pantheons while remaining balanced with the existing item ecosystem.

Suggestion: Enable clerics to create their own relics by using these feats on items they find in-game. To do this, make the following modifications to the feats.

1. Swap so Cleric gets Sanctify at level 6, Enchant at level 8
2. In addition to its OUB Cleric's Patron, have Sanctify add OUB Cleric, add to item ability to cast 3rd level divine spells. i.e. make the item a valid relic. Increase cost to 5 sacrifice points.
3. Change second tier Enhance so that it gives the item the ability to cast 4th level divine spells. Cost 10 points.
4. Change third tier Enhance so that it gives the item the ability to cast 5th level divine spells. Cost 15 points.
5. Add sacrifice point cost to attune to relic to 5 points.
6. Start new characters with 10 points.
7. Have sacrifice points be deducted, even on a failed roll for any of these feats.
8. Have sacrifice relic only work on relics that are not OUB cleric's patron, and not OUB: Wheel generic
9. Get rid of re-roll addendum to SF: Consecrate, instead have it halve round up all sacrifice point costs

Some discussion
- Sanctifying the item and giving it relic properties I believe makes it truly usuable by only clerics. I.e. you can't use these feats to just make general loot better for anyone. Alternatively also tack on Min Cleric levels: 5,7,9 respectively to the three tiers.

- Since relics in this scenario are modified items from the general loot tables, there's no need for seperate balance considerations just for relic items. The enchantments are to my mind minor and not balance breaking: +2 to a skill, a 1 level spell and a +1 random save vs descriptor. If that's a concern, then these just remove these.

-The gold-value DC scaling is fairly steep i.e. making already powerful/valuable items into slightly more powerful and a relic will in fact have for most clerics impossible consecrate DCs.

- You can only attune to one relic at a time, so you can't stack multiple items with the boons. This in fact can be determintal to enchance/sanctify lots of your items, since it means you can't wear them all at the same time.

- Giving attunement a point cost will make it so a cleric cannot continously swap out lots of relics they've made. An established cleric may wish perhaps to have two or three relic items they would consider using in different scenarios, and swap between them occassionally, but the cost in points means they can't do this for every rest and should consider carefully if its worth doing.

- Having higher sacrifice point costs, and deducting points for failed DCs means clerics will have an additional incentive to get points - i.e. do conversion, obtain relics to sacrifice, and live longer. These might ultimately be more satisfying gates than say, acquiring 10k gold pieces.

- Introducing new faiths and pantheons (the Dome for example) does not require a DM to also make new relics.
Journals and Musings / Entry: VII
July 03, 2023, 10:02:44 PM
s̵̫̰̼̣̆̔͘͘è̷̺̞̟̠̾̐ͅṙ̵̭ǵ̸͔̍̈̐̕ë̶̻̝̯́͋̃͛̽ǹ̶̤͆̐̐͑ẗ̷̤͍ĕ̴̬͋̈́̌̕ Well I rather got what I wanted. Don't you know how rare it is for both people to get that?

̷̧͇̤͈͖̏ś̵̪͠c̷̰̉́̽͑͝e̶̯͕͍̦̘̕͠m̸͍͙͌̍o̴͙̣̼̻͛̽  What a charming idea, that you can only die once. Still, I'll grant you, the first time is the one you grieve the most.
Journals and Musings / Entry: VI
June 28, 2023, 07:20:52 PM

f̴̯̠̲̿á̶͔͗̒̑ṇ̷͓̗̈̇̈t̷̜̙̀́͝ä̶̪́̇s̸̈͜m̷̯̳̒̉̅a̵͓̅̓̓  Here I thought nothing could surprise me after all these years. But all miracles are lies. That's rather the point of them afterall.

̶̳̖͔̈́̑͗͂̆c̷̢̮̗͉͗͌̓a̴͓͜͠ň̵͎̳̮͒̊̇͘à̸̡̞̟̪̒͂͊g̷͔͆̑͑ḻ̷͎̻̺͐͝i̴͈͂́ä̴͓́̉ You know, I have sewn a man's eyes open and his mouth shut and felt nothing. Which is blacker do you suppose?

̷̹͌̏͝m̶̫͓͈̥̖͑̾͛a̷̲̘̓̿͂͛g̸̮̭̏ŏ̷͈̦̤ͅ While true the weapons Ibithal sought were mighty, it was the coin-changer in the end that proved mightier.
Journals and Musings / Entry: V
June 26, 2023, 08:32:40 PM
s̴̨̪̿̅̈́͂͂p̶̡̠͐a̵̙͎̲̓̉̕̚z̶̭̰̓́͌̕z̶̨̫̥͌͒́a̴̺̹̒t̷̠̘͙̚ř̶̰̬̟̍̈́̕i̴̜̙̤͖͚͗̂̈̊͘c̷̨̥̫͙̍͛̀è̵͙ ̷̥͇̿̀̀ "I have never been much myself. I like to make other things shine." Of all the misfortunes, that absurd, unbidden ache from my neutered womb that you were not my child, would not stay forgotten.

̴̳̖͉͉̚s̴̢͍̫̳̓̉̀̎̏c̴̥̖̞̆̈̈́̕h̷̛̝͂̏̓e̴̲̎̋͝ͅr̴̟̽̄̐̌̏m̵̧̱͉̤͔̾͊̇̅i̴͚͊̄͘d̶̢͚͍͍͛̓o̷̝̹͍͆̍r̶̻̙͈̍̆e̷̗̖̿͘̚ If you tire of the dance, change the music.

̴͇̟͕͔̳̂̅̇ ̷̝̩̆͑̊̃͜c̴̺͍͐̿̀̐͘a̸͎̋̈́͒̔l̵̥̥̘̟̅͋͝c̸̦̝̣̐o̵̦͕͌͗̓́̎l̴̨͕̃̑͛̉̑ò̶̧̢̙̱͑̒̈̅ͅ Would that I could bottle up that voice, and uncork it every few days.
Journals and Musings / Entry: IV
June 22, 2023, 07:24:32 PM
m̸̭̤͗̑a̶̢̚r̷̺̱̩͂͠z̶̞͘ͅa̴̗̦͎̓̐͝ Who are you whispering to in that corner? Yourself? That would be the clever way of doing this.

t̸̛̀͝ͅȩ̵͓̹̳͈̏̈m̵̧̖̜̋̈́͋̉̉p̷̙̂̉͊̆̚e̸̯̬̙̲̓͆̃͊s̴̢̺͓̦͊ͅt̶̛̳͈̪͍̓a̵̡̡͋̔̄ Sirhandi lives, so why does he tarry here while the chalice borne in Orentid hands? Many have an opinion, but here is one that would have consequence.

ḉ̶̜͍̄̈a̷̘̖̔p̵̨̲̳̈́͛͠ǫ̴̺̭͋̓ͅͅc̴̛̺̖̭̣̖̑̂͘u̵̙̦̹̽͗̆̾ỏ̵̡̱͇̰̪͗́̀c̴̪͇̰̳͓͛̔̚o̵̡̳̪͈̎̇̉͘ Two centuries, one learns not take things as they appear. And yes, wisdom to prefer the salad.