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Books and Publications of the City / Book of Metamorphoses
« on: August 22, 2022, 05:45:06 PM »
                   /  \.' :              ;--- .
                   | \/ - |      .\      |`./  `,     ..---'|
          ;--- .   \_/.-./     .'| \     ; _\..-. _  /  \.'`:
          |`./  `,,' `.  | _  / \'/ |   _.\_ |  .' `,| \/ - |
          ; _\.| _|_.,-._.' \ |  |/ '.-'\./ `._.-,._|_ /-  / .-''.
           \   ,' /  \-.| \  |\ \| // | /|  / |.-/  \ `,--' |_ / /`-.,
            `'-|  \_.,`-'_/_.' `._'.-.'  `._\_`-',._/  |    \ \''-'`/
          .-.._\   / \_.';   | ,' `.  | _|   ;`._/ \   /    _'.__.-'
       _ |  .' `'-.|    /   ; _|_.,-._.' \;   \    |.-.-.,/` `\
      / `._.-,._|_ \._.'`'-',' /  \-.| \  |`-'``._./ /`  / _  |`-.
     |  / |.-/  \ `,        |  \_.,`-'_/_.'         |   ;.` \ /   \
.--- `._\_`-',._/  |        \   / \_.';'  |         .`-/'.-,'`'\  |
|`./ |   ;`._/ \   /         '-.|    /   ;          |  \ |`-\ _/_.'
; _\.|;   \    |.-'             `._.'`'-'            \_.`'`-'' |   _.'
 \   '.`-'``._./            Metamorphoses        |  `,_.' '\.'|
  `'--'    _ .-.          Meditations on Change      _'.-.' / | /_ ;
    .''-.,' `.  | _                                  ,' `.  ||_  '  /
,.-'\ \ _|_.,-._./ \                                _|_.,-._.' \._-`
 \''-',' /  \-.| \  |                             /` /  \-.| \  |_/-.,
  `-._|  \_.,`-'_/_.'                             |  \_.,`-'_/_.'\-'/
      \   / \_.';   |                             \   / \_.';   |__.'
   .'_ '-|     /   ; .-.                        .-.'-.|    /   ; _`.
  / _.'\  \._.'`'-''`.  | _                  _ |  .' `,\._.'`'-''._ ;
  |.'\  .'      _|_.,-._.' \                / `._.-,._|_     `.  \'.|
  '---'`     _,' /  \-.| \  |      _       |  / |.-/  \ `,-''. `'---'
           .'_|  \_.,`-'_/_.'    /` `\,.-. `._\_`-',._/  | / /`-.,
          / _.\   / \_.';   | .-'|  _ \   \|   ;`._/ \   /\''-'`/
          |.'\ '-|     /   ; /   \ / '.;   |;   \    |.-`'.__.-'
          '---'` .\._.'`'-'  |  /`'`,-.`\-'. `-'``._./
                /_ .'\    .''`._\_ /-'| /  |   /\`_`.
               : .' \;,.-'\ \ _`| ``-'`'._/-. | |'._ ;
               |/ | ,' \''-''/ /`._,'  |/ /| \'.  \'.|
               '---'    `-.__.'    _'-' |  |\ . `'---'
                                  / /| ;\  /  |
                                  |  |\ . '.\/
                                  \ /.\ |   `
                                   '.| /

A simply bound book appears on the table inside the grove that now spills out from the Sunpurse Estate inside the Peerage Ward. A quill from a goose feather and an inkwell lay to the side

Bug Reports / Zif-Uroti's Chambers take limited
« on: August 22, 2022, 04:47:59 PM »
Zif-Uroti's Chambers, one of the randomized quest options that spawns in 99 has an unadvertised take limit of 4 attempts per character. Some text to the quest giver should be added OR the take limit removed. Although this quest has some unique items, my impression is that it is not radically different from other high level quests and the randomized aspect probably already addresses concern of over subscription.

Correspondence / Mebril
« on: August 12, 2022, 07:00:13 PM »
Jack Rabbit,

Matters of the fey and Summer Court are in some disarray and confusion. My brother Solomyn has the seed of a way forward, but it will take much navigating and nurturing ere it blossoms.

For now, one thing that would be of great value in my work is an entire account, as plain as ye can state it from your involvement and eventual final confrontation with Galynnon. Sadly internal matters distracted me from getting it fully last we spoke.

Could ye pen such a thing and put it in the Book of the Commons?

-Rin of Oldflowers

Correspondence / Re: Haggahwhisp
« on: August 10, 2022, 12:30:27 AM »
Alright, I reckon I know just the pair to ask to figure out where those trophies are kept.

Reckon in the meantime ye might try and persuade Tirik, or Gwen or Fraaghryn or Phillip or Elaine. Might even ask Cooper if ye can get that damn goat to tell ye where he's hiding these days.

Still; not really my water to carry in the end.



Correspondence / Haggahwhisp
« on: August 09, 2022, 10:46:47 PM »

   /\_r-,\_ )
.-.) _;='_/ (.;
 \ \'     \/S )
  L.'-. _.'|-'
    ___   \\,      ___
    \ .'-. \\   .-'_. /
     '._' '.\\/.-'_.'

Haggahwhisp the Shy,

"It is the duty of any members of the commons to safeguard and protect the life of other members of the commons, as his strength allows. Capture, personal peril, or personal cost do not excuse this duty."

Wisdom there we discovered together and a notion I ascribe to gladly. Suppose ye can judge for yourself to what degree ye might.

As for what ye have asked of me concerning my tear and its related project, I have decided not to defer as my own conscience dictates. Practically, this means I'll take no part in it, risks or rewards. Neither help nor hinder. That is how disagreeing should work. I have my reasons, one, though not the only, being after my interview with Maghara, I believe this project to be a personal ambition not commissioned on behalf of Mongrels or even the spirit of the woods, and ultimately not the most pressing concern facing the outer rings. But this isn't really a question of our stated reasons, whatever their merits.

This is a question about the role of conscience and the way in which I, or really any of us ought to live with one another when we disagree.

On one hand, I have disagreed, and so I have resolved to take no part. I do not help, nor do I raise my hand or hinder thee.

From what I can guess, ye don't accept that I ought to have the freedom to follow my conscience in this matter, and so must be forced to defer. That is against the spirit of the duty to protect, at the least, but more fundamentally at contra-purpose to my personal freedom. And I am free, and so should you be. It ought not be conditioned on how inconvenient it may be to our respective ambitions or whether we agree with one another or not. Matter fact, I reckon that's the very substance of freedom.

"This is the more true notion: the many are stronger than one. On one hand, that is why a means to gather and guide the collected will of the many is of utmost advantage. On the other hand, since the many are stronger than one but they are imperfectly and inconsistently wiser than one, it is necessary to have a means to protect the few from the many."

Lastly, I reckon if you really thought about it for twenty seconds, ye could easily name a man who has many tears and is actually a foe to druids. If you want tears, go take those ones back. If instead, it isn't actually about the tear, as I'm not convinced it really is, but rather about me and how I think - then what does that make you?

-Rin of Oldflowers

Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Isaiah ibn Hazr
« on: July 29, 2022, 05:16:28 PM »
The scope and depth of this character was truly singular. Thanks for showing us how good it can get. Masterfully done.

And Rin's letters hidden away in the lusty romance novel is a detail that makes me laugh.

Books and Publications of the City / Updates to Meetings and Rolls
« on: July 25, 2022, 06:30:59 PM »
Two new meetings, one with several new and consequential proposals are recorded. A new name appears on the rolls.

Correspondence / Solomyn
« on: July 22, 2022, 05:21:29 PM »
a folded paper left in a bucket in a cellar next to a slumbering one-eyed man


Brother, it warmed me to see you again after your wanderings in dreams. There is something however we should investigate soon- a matter for the Summer Court and Winter Court that perhaps the Le Bleak estate can help answer.

A search of the old rooms Sverri used in the Velvet left us only more questions .

-Rin of Oldflowers

Correspondence / Mil the Raven
« on: July 22, 2022, 04:36:55 PM »

A note left on a dresser in a room half filled with mushrooms

Mil the Raven,

Sister, a small request that slipped my mind as we were discussing news of the seasons, Nothing and internal matters last night. That strange abjuring air that you bottle - One of the recondite has not the knack to use wands and things but it would aid him considerably to be armed with that sort of magic. Could you make three or four bottles for his use?


Books and Publications of the City / Civil Strife
« on: July 21, 2022, 07:19:12 PM »
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Civil Strife

Brothers, I have a matter of civil affairs for us to consider. This morning past, while out in the Weald with Johvar and Guzz, who have taken a keen interest in the struggle between the Winter and Summer Courts, inspecting the strange egg there which I have come to learn is linked to the court, I was surprised by an attack from Valmoira.

We grappled, and after a struggle, she left in the direction of the ponds; no word in response to my entreaty to stop and consider this dreary, pointless fight.

The issue at hand is not an articulation of our differences and reasons. At the root I suppose is I don't much like her pasttimes of rushing about biting people and she doesn't much care for my habit of talking with people. Probably we could just leave each other to our own pasttimes, but for the fact that Valmoira has occassionally sought out me in my conversations and intoned a desire to bite people there. Seperately our pastimes each have some merit I suppose, together they more or less get nothing done.

Whatever the usefulness of conversations, and I certainly could provide ye examples enough of ones that have been productive (the recent desertion of Tom and Wendy from Orza, Jamie from Glitt, for example) and a few that haven't. However conversations go though, one of their chief advantages is, they are generally not fatal and cost almost nothing. War is essentially the reverse of this, but that's where our preferences lay I suppose.

Frankly, if Valmoira objects to how I think, or what I say to whom, she can remove that irritation by leaving me alone. She really doesn't need to try and control and regulate me in those ways. Elias was the last person who really took up that hobby; trying to note every person I met and whether that was right and proper. That is tiresome at best, tyrannical at worst. That I don't much care for her manners or much credit her reasoning of late doesn't make me a traitor to the Druids. It just makes me in disagreement with Valmoria; which is not the same thing, and as a matter of good policy should probably not be the same thing. I certainly don't regard disagreement with me to be the same thing.

In any case, I wish to resolve this state of affairs, not argue further with my sister. I do infact have better things to do with my time! I'll state plainly, which I reckon is well known to ye, I have no desire to settle affairs between any of ye by force. I will stay here in the ponds, and continue to investigate the matters of the Winter and Summer Court. I will continue to try and chart the mists and new growths of ley spreading, and I will tend the gardens and what peace can be found for those who live here in the ponds. I will write to Mirek, who I had already consulted with on these matters, of the affairs as I have come to understand them with the Houses and the proposal of a truce, and then I will let matters be as they will be in this war. Any future envoy or offer by the huscarls, I will refer to Haggahwhisp to consider, if he agrees. Since clearly Valmoira cares for war a great deal more than me, it can be her purview. I'll leave it alone.

If ye find this for the best, or wish to amend or counter-propose, then by all means write or speak with me in our home. If instead ye should like to join Valmoira and chase me about and hurt me to try and make your points, then I would appreciate the consideration of ye telling me candidly that is your intention. I would also ask a favor and courtsey for ye leave your key on the peg near the door. Afterall, that is has ever been my only request when using our home; that ye keep the peace with those who stay here.

It is my hope that in time the relief and resolution of these civil matters will serve the greater good, and teach us the wiser way.

-Rin of Oldflowers

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Books and Publications of the City / Velstran Courtier's Grievance
« on: July 18, 2022, 07:16:56 PM »
     __ {_/
     \_}\\ _


Velstran Courtier's Grievance

Luna Wintergard, a young courtier and comptroller of House Velstra sought to redress a grievance with the circle of Druids.

Some weeks ago now, Valmoira Mother of Mongrels waylaid the courtier and stole her purse, which was by Luna's account 7,000 gold coins. If memory serves, I believe this happened near the same time Luna was caught up in a scandal; she evidently sold weapons to a company of bandits in the scraggleways who then had occasion to fight with other bannermen of the ward. This has led to an ongoing feud between servants of House Moonspear and Luna.

Since Imogen and Emlyn's departure from public life and the troubling immediacy of the Nothing, I supposed that the time was perhaps right and the Velstrans could be persuaded to curtail some of the extremes which were recently fashionable among some of the servants of the Houses.

Afterall, Boren has clarified to all that the conflict is a distraction to his people, and that the miners and menders would not harm retainers that retract from the accord.

Boren Unbreaks-The-Heart

I am offended by this careless and lazy act of distraction. To each retainer you have a responsibility now. Retreat from this accord, this declaration of war and you will not be harmed. Refuse and I will be forced to engage in this war as you have declared on me and my people.

Furthermore, brothers, we know that if the recondite succeed in their works to restore the city, that they will cease to be a power in the outer-rings, or really any ring. So the war aims professed at the small council, as they understood them, are moot. Truly, the causes that animated the conflict grow increasingly strained and seperate from reason.

Luna I have come to regard as ambitious and desirous of advancement, and so I made the case that the small council could in light of recent events and Greywood's efforts on that other threat, make amendment to Greylocke's hot words, and that the Houses, perhaps all but Glitt, negotiate a truce with the recondite. If Luna presented it in the right light, she could maneuver to have herself appointed as the diplomat and perhaps frustrate her rivals and gain some renown among her own House in so doing.

The courtier for her part was not much moved by this way of seeing things, I think. She seemed convinced that the war, despite how it started, was beyond her or the small council's powers to alter in this way. Rather she professed that she saw the war's vigorous pursuit with herself as general the surer path to fame and advancement. She further offered that she would like the sum of her stolen purse to be used as a manner of down payment on immunities for her own person as she conducted the war.

Brothers, if my scheme and proposal was delicate and reliant on the cool rationale of causes and effects, this counter-offer was its near opposite! I can't see the sense in it. The courtier, who is a fine merchant and a minor celebrity in the world of gambling and games should bet on her own star to win glory in battle while simultaneously negotiating for herself safety from its exigencies with money she already lost -- well, it surprised me with its obliquity.

The courtier left after some verbal fencing with Valmoira. I reckon she did not get much satisfaction from her grievance, though perhaps tomorrow's small council may prove me wrong. Valmoira Mother of Mongrels for her own part made for the doorkeepers, as is her tiresome custom of diminishing effect, in order to embarrass the maid to no one in particular.

Books and Publications of the City / Maze of Summer, Inquiry
« on: July 07, 2022, 07:01:27 PM »

      .--.   _,
  .--;    \ /(_
 /    '.   |   '-._    . ' .
|       \  \    ,-.) -=  * =-
 \ /\_   '. \((` .(    '/. '
  )\ /     \ )\  _/   _/
 /  \\    .-'   '--. /_\
|    \\_.' ,        \/||
\     \_.-';,_) _)'\ \||
 '.       /`\   (   '._/
   `\   .;  |  . '.
     ).'  )/|      \
     `    ` |  \|   |
             \  |   |
              '.|   |
                 \  '\__
                  `-._  '. _
                     \`;-.` `._
                      \ \ `'-._\
                       \ |
                        \ )

Maze of Summer, Inquiry

Brothers, by now most of you have entered the deeper recesses of the forest maze inside the hedgerows. Several of the old circle's members, including Guardians, have likewise found that place, and for now look to the fey there to restore the imbalance caused by the Winter Court as well as the efforts undertaken by my own hand in the name of Phelan Sunpurse. The first among the fey there say that a new struggle is now underway against the Winter Court so that the seasons can be restored.

That winter ought to end and balance restored to the seasons is right, good, and natural. A labor myself and Tik the Mighty foresaw the necessity of in the time of Hubert Wolfson. However, there are several questions that we ought to find the answers to if we are to act wisely in these matters.

o Sverri the Small famously and publically ventured into the Court of Summer through his mirror and there killed the Lord of Knots and claimed the court for Winter. Mebril the Jack Rabbit's description of the Lord of Knots in that battle does not match the form of the fey now in this new grove.

   - Is this the same fey-lord?
   - If yes, and so evidently the fey lords cannot be killed, then what is the meaning of the war aim to kill the winter courtiers or their lord?
   - If no, then who is he? Sverri claimed the Summer Throne for Winter, so is this fey then the regent from Winter? Or does this new fey lord in the grove mean to reclaim the throne from Winter?
   - What court or banner exactly has colors of red and black? black and blue?
o Some of the old circle's Guardians now look to the fey. Evidently these do not follow Garfis, as Phillip, the Guardian who often lingers in the cabin, intimated after our long contest some weeks ago. Clearly not all the Guardians follow the premise of that contest - do any?

o Is this grove meant to be where the circle should relocate, and not the Woe-formed Woods? What of Magartha's tale of moving ley stones?

We may question perhaps the followers of Pzatharun on these matters; though our inquiry ought be larger still. Matters concerning the fey are rarely, if ever, simple.

-Rin of Oldflowers

Correspondence / an addendum
« on: July 04, 2022, 11:52:21 PM »
[a post script]

Or, negotiate the release of the recondite that is cruelly chained and forced to fight in the arena. His return for some concession for the safety of serfs or a neutral site could work.

-Rin of Oldflowers

Correspondence / Re: A letter left at the Cabin [Rin]
« on: July 04, 2022, 09:44:23 PM »


Isaiah the Good,

Artyom or perhaps Boren could be moved to entreat with ye on these affairs, though if ye mean to be the diplomat I reckon ye would first need some earnest tribute.

Afterall, ye had some exchange over conjurings, and I reckon your standing is in some doubt after that and what Greylocke has said over the Doorkeepers magic. Restore to them a relic or artifact perhaps, or some intelligence of value to their other aims: something to help protect or repair golems maybe. Deeds along with words would be more persuasive. That and the guest-right of both parties in my cabin I reckon would win some room for parley and negotiation.

Take heart in this; my understanding is that to the Recondite the war is ultimately a distraction from their other projects. So if there's a way to speed the way to peace, ye may find some purchase. As it stands, I reckon the Supervisors' rationale is that a decisive victory in the field is the best available option. Frankly the huscarls have not been able to check their movements or other aims, so the threat has largely remained in potentiality only.

As for the distinctions; consider a compromise. If the houses were to resolve and declare golems for example as innocents, and demonstrate some good faith on that measure, ye could find some reciprocation. True Yelena is ruthless, yet the Recondite are a rationale people and from what I have seen, take their laws and treaties quite seriously. That includes bans on necromancy, by the way: death to anyone who reanimates a Recondite, shame and exile for reanimating other creatures.

At the moment however, no measure or agreement you or I have articulated is clearly and demonstrably better than repelling attacks or chastising retainers, so for the short term, we are at some impasse. A shifting and changing needs to take place. A setback in the war with the Count or the Nothing, maybe. A defeat in the field. One of the major houses declaring no-confidence in Greylocke and resolving to defend the Ward and forswear an attack on the commune - something like that may provide the opening we need to begin moderating and limiting the conduct of the war. It's useful to be ready for such an occasion.

-Rin of Oldflowers


Correspondence / Re: A letter for Rin, left in The Cabin
« on: July 01, 2022, 09:27:51 PM »
Shy One,

Give my regards to this huscarl of Oldflowers. He is welcome to the cabin and we will hear and consider what it is he has to say.

-Rin of Oldflowers

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