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Screen Shots & Obituaries / Re: Soulhunger
May 05, 2022, 08:29:13 PM
pouring one out for a real one
Sensible chuckle remembering the day I ended up having to break the successive deaths of half of Sergei's friends to him. Some days that is just how the city is. Good job, and good luck on the next.
Aldstan was incredibly good. Mebril and him just talking past each other for days.
Another from the old harbor days down. Liv was great, even if we only ever mostly snuck right past each other and almost never chatted. The few interactions had some impact.
Jacho was the first PC Mebril ran into in the city and bumping into Jacho over the months was always nostalgic. Glad you made it~
Among horses, Red Hate, Amongst scumbag players, Flagon

Zhou was definitely a case of "people fear you but I know you" for Mebril where, while she was -deeply- wary of any giant halberd wielding barbarian, she kind of knew the 'before' Zhou too well too. The date was probably the funniest thing I ever spied on.

I really should not have been surprised at the heel turn of a Lu Bu expy but I briefly was. Excellent work. Bully me into finding screenshots later I got a bunch of Zhou.
When Mebril was in Moonspear and Brie in Orza them both being the house spies turned into this weird sort of co-worker relationship despite being in rival houses, filling each other in on the bits the other missed from their own spying. It's was a fun dynamic.

Brie's turn on Orza and the ride that followed was one hell of a thing to watch. Great work.
my art magic rival... T_T

Casper was always an absolute blast to run with and I feel like I have a screenshot or two to scare up later.
Alcide did nothing wrong.
Emmett was absolutely fantastic. He and Mebril had an incredible platonic buddy vibe going on, and he pretty much was able to call things out about her with an almost alarming clarity.  He will be missed T_T

I guess good deeds require a tithe in blood in the ward.
It's pretty impressive a PC active for only a few weeks is going to leave a gaping hole in those who knew her.
I do agree that as-is /c rolling bluff checks exists mostly as a gag
as a rank newbie on my first PC here Aatish deffo had some baba yaga witch of the woods energy where she rolls in and it is just oh no uhoh uh uhhhhhh

good work o7
"Some may wonder if Kongming Liu Xian had supernatural powers: the Eightfold Ramparts Maze Cybel Date, the wooden bulls and gliding horses bid to get Zhou a wife - all somehow seem made by gods or immortals. Yet he could not escape his own death. Why? Kongming Liu Xian was mortal, a worthy sage in the world of men... He did not make use of the unknowable and leave the world wondering. He made use of the knowable and left the world a model." -Mao Zonggang (introductory note)