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EFU Builders Module

Started by Tala

Forum Use and Expectations

Started by Talir

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Arrow Homogenizer

Started by LoveLess

Build Module

Started by DirtyGoblin

Custom Curse System - A Revamp of Bestow Curse (and using PC Blood to cast it)

Started by Dhund

Fix for Temporary Item Properties

Started by LoveLess

Regroup 2.0

Started by Cruzel

House Velstra

Started by Knight Of Pentacles

Undead 2.0

Started by Cruzel

I fixed Arcane Mimic.

Started by Cruzel

Kinslayer's Guide to Playermade Content

Started by Kinslayer988

Throwing Abjurer's Nightshade into Campfires

Started by LoveLess

Crafting System Retrospective [STAGE 1/4]

Started by Hollow_Mage

NWN Chess

Started by zDark Shadowz

Sanctuary Stock Exchange, Dynamic crafting pricing system.

Started by Kotenku

The Aurora Toolset Manual

Started by Vlaid

IRC Channel

Started by Zango_Unchained


Started by Zango_Unchained

Crafting System Design Survey

Started by Kotenku

Quest Area: An Illithid's Dream Tank

Started by Spiffy Has « 1 2 »


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