The publicly held speeches of prominent individuals and faction representatives.

Public Speeches  - The publicly held speeches of prominent individuals and faction representatives. 

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OOC Guidelines - Public Speeches

Started by ShadowCharlatan

Proclamations from the Royal House of Senuspur

Started by Stranger

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Speeches of Opulence

Started by KaedweniKnight

Warning by a Recondite

Started by Vlaid

The First Sermon of Niobe Greywood

Started by Secutor

[Parchment with ink fresh upon boards Auld]

Started by Bearic


Started by the_account

Moonspear declares Lawful Presence in Ward, Inquisitor successor sought to lead

Started by the_account

Five Hundred Spears

Started by Stranger

The Mysterious Death of a Knave

Started by Les Abysses

-- On Little Ticker --

Started by Rookie

Ask, and ye Recieve

Started by Random_White_Guy

The Return of House Moonspear to the Peerage Ward

Started by Les Abysses

The Knaves of 99 Decree...

Started by wundyboy

House Moonspear's Banner Returns

Started by the_account

The Marriage of Egbert Velstra and Anastasia Orza

Started by treeish

A proclamation from the Peerage to the Whipping Griffon

Started by Loops

The Inquisitor's Court House

Started by the_account

A speech by the Lady's Bishop rings out over the whispers....

Started by Kiaring

Proclamation Nailed to the door of The Grand Vestry

Started by Random_White_Guy


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