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on: January 20, 2019, 05:42:31 AM
Enginetown was invaded.

A strike force departed and entered the long-sealed Spellguard Prison Complex. After battling its defenders, they found the the Prison Planar Sphere of Vhuuln - and within, the Appetite itself.

The Carrier, transformed into a walking bull form, held open the jaws as the "Appetite Eight" descended into it.

The team detonated eight bombs within, destroying the Appetite, but sacrificing their lives in the process.

The great Key of the Machine was recovered, and returned to Enginetown even as the Dread Armies drove its defenders within.

The Key was turned, and....

And so, Morro Springhand, turns the Ignition Key of the Great Dunwarren Machine.

Long, long ago amidst the fogs of the Isle of Ymph ,a Netherese Arch Mage discovered tablets of some mysterious origin. They were inscribed with instructions for building a great machine.

He consulted the other great mages of the Netherese Penal Colony of Ymph. It was agreed that the Machine should be built - if only to find out its true, ultimate purpose..

He enlisted the aid of simple native stargazers to construct it. In this effort they failed.

So this Arch Mage traveled into the Underdark and there found the svirfneblin of Old Dunwarren, whom he persuaded to assist him.

Under his instruction, they worked to create the Great Machine. And in their unrelenting labor, the svirfneblin society fractured.

Out of the dimness, the Appetite emerged. It brought with it a terrible curse: The industrious svirfneblin of Dunwarren were transformed into rats and rat-beasts. They scurried into the darkness, their work left unfinished, forgotten.

For centuries, the Machine mouldered in silence, until escaped slaves found the ruins of Dunwarren and built their city there. They called it Sanctuary. Inspired by its mysteries and possibilities, some sought to complete the Great Machine.

Sanctuary rose, fell, and rose again. The world was cast into the darkness of apocalypse. But in the Underdark, the work continued. 

In an abandoned village of the apocalyptic surface, not far from a rescue portal that many of Sanctuary's refugees used to make their way below, a roachman who had peered too long at the stars scribbled a piece of graffiti upon the wall of a derelict building.


As the key is turned, the Machine rumbles. The quarter channels of earth, air, water, and fire churn. The energies of the planes crash together, are pulled into the Machine, and SMASH together....

It begins with sparks of warm light, dancing over the bones of Frederick Bresley.

The sparks surge into flame.

In the instant before your annihilation, your eyes fill with the first brilliance of a new sun. You gasp at its unbounded radiance. You gasp…one final time..

The energy of the new sun spreads obliterating flame over the broken world, and challenges the swirling world-eating god-devouring primordial force of destruction that is Dendar the Night Maiden. 

The howling serpent strikes at the surging light.

It prepares to devour a sun once more.

But the sun continues its expansion, and the immensity that is the head of Dendar is vaporized into a cloud of ash.

In the place of your world, in the place of all that has come before - a new, young sun burns... burns... burns.

The distant light of far stars fades in the illumination.

A new sun has dawned.

And so concludes chapter 4 of EFU, "Escape from Uncertainty: Revelations."

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