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Started by Tala, September 19, 2018, 08:15:03 PM

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As some of you might have noticed, I'm currently running a plot which (as of now) focuses on the divine relics and the gods. If anyone is interested in the aspects of faith of EFU and without a PC, it might be a good time to get involved - however, there will be plenty more opportunities for such PCs, as very interesting things will come in the near future :)

My plot is/will be composed of a few events - sending the PCs to uncover different relics in different places. Some of the events will be inclusive for all (as long as the PC can walk in middle Sanctuary), and some might involve smaller groups of max 6-7 PCs (for my sanity). I plan (and really hope) to conclude the plot at the start or middle of October. Just heads up I'll be running these events at afternoons/evenings GMT.

Lastly, I'll run a prelude 2 days from now (about this time). I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do, but it will be connected to the plot. I can say the Prelude PCs will start on the Surface, Alignment restriction: non-evil, Class restriction: non-Druid. I'm looking for main PCs only but might allow alts depending on the amount of PCs. Will open a temporary channel on Discord once I've decided on the details.

Rock on, EFU!


Made a channel on Discord for the prelude. PM me there if you'd like to join. Currently only accepting mains (no alts!).


Quote from: City Sending by Austanias Glademore the Urbane
My friends! It is I, Austanias Glademore. I have come with joyous news. The ritual to save us all, and the first step to destroy the Night Serpent shall be performed in two darks!

You are all invited to see the spectacles that shall occur. Miracles shall become reality. The gods will favor us for eternity.

Come, Sanctuary, and walk with me towards a new tomorrow, under the sight of the gods! Two darks! All be blessed!

The event is planned at this time.


This has now been concluded. Thanks to everyone who has taken part, and hope you've enjoyed it!

Rumors and aftermath will be posted soon...