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on: January 19, 2019, 08:15:34 AM
Faith in the City

With chapter 5 of EFU, we wanted to reorganize how the issue of faith & religion will work.

This is still a developing thing, something which we absolutely welcome input from players on on an OOC level, but generally things will work as follows:

Even though we are taking a step back and dealing with characters coming from 1370s standard FR setting, we are taking an opportunity to retroactively declare that faith simply works differently in our setting. Mechanically, we are relying more heavily on the way "relic guardians" worked in chapter 4.

Instead of clerics directly communing with their deity, it is instead necessary to possess a divine-relic of some kind to channel and focus the divine magic that they are able to cast. That said, clerics will be expected to have a clear dogma, agenda, philosophy, code, or set of principles that is associated with their concept and may face a form of divine spell failure (regardless of their relic) if they are not satisfying these requirements.

Players should anticipate that all overpowers and gods will feel far more remote and unknowable.

Players are certainly welcome to incorporate classic FR religiosity into the backgrounds of their character, however we wish to explain that all canon FR gods are essentially considered as IC "the distant gods," deities of a remote region far from the City of Rings.

Instead, we will be slowly introducing a variety of new, non-canon faiths (ranging from small localized superstitions to more sprawling religions that outright deny the existence of each other) that are a upheld by the majority of the residents of the City.  These particular faiths will have relics specific to them that will generally be more powerful than more generic relics.

This is definitely a work in  progress. But stay tuned to learn more about these different faiths IG and help develop a new faith from the ground up.
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on: January 19, 2019, 10:34:12 AM
Quote from: Explanatory Text for Clerics
Clerics in EFU5 do not receive their ability to cast spells directly from a deity, but rather instead channel their ability to cast divine magic through a specific relic kept within their possession.

Clerics should usually be portrayed as a devoted servant to a particular deity or faith, however their capacity to offer blessings and spells is fully contingent upon them keeping a relic of that deity or its portfolio in their possession.

Players are advised that while canonical FR religions certainly exist within the Rings, the conventional religions as practiced in the Forgotten Realms are diminished in importance and coexist with local beliefs, codes, idols, and demipowers

Mechanically, players of a Cleric must select 1 appropriate domain each from the Primary and Secondary Domain Pools:

Primary Domains:
Air, Death, Earth, Evil, Fire, Good, Water, Chaos, Law, Knowledge, Magic, Destruction, Drow, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Orc.

Secondary Domains:
Animal, Healing, Strength, Sun, Travel, Trickery, War, Luck, Ooze, Cavern, Darkness, Metal, Portal, Spider, Illusion, Spells, Reptilian, Undeath, SeaCaves, Renewal, Repose, Retribution, Rune, Storm, Suffering, Trade, Planning, Charm, Nobility, Fungus, Protection, Plant, Fate, Hatred.

They must then attune (via player tool) to an appropriate Relic that matches either of the domains they selected.

Players are advised to select domains according to desired theme & flair, the mechanically best choice may not have the best relics associated with it.

Additionally, consult the following table for information to see which domains are equivalent to each other for Relic Type:

Relic Type Associated Domains
Air Air, Storm
Animal Animal
Chaos Chaos
Charm Charm
Darkness Darkness
Death Death, Undeath
Destruction Destruction
Dwarf Dwarf
Earth Earth, Cavern
Elf Elf
Evil Evil
Fate Fate, Retribution
Fire Fire
Gnome Gnome
Good Good
Halfling Halfling
Hatred Hatred
Healing Healing, Renewal, Repose
Illusion Illusion
Knowledge Knowledge, Rune
Law Law, Nobility
Luck Luck
Magic Magic, Spells
Metal Metal
Ooze Ooze
Orc Orc
Portal Portal
Plant Plant, Fungus
Protection Protection
Reptilian Reptilian
Strength Strength
Suffering Suffering
Sun Sun
Spider Spider, Drow
Travel Travel, Trade, Planning
Trickery Trickery
War War
Water Water, SeaCaves
Universal ALL

Consult forums or Discord if you have more questions!


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on: January 19, 2019, 10:35:05 AM
Druids in EFU5 do not require the patronage of a specific deity in order to cast spells. Players of druids should generally put something appropriately descriptive within their deity field.

Druid characters must maintain a commitment to a lifestyle that eschews the trapping of conventional civilized life.

In the decayed urban setting of the Rings, this can be a difficult thing. Furthermore, players should be aware that there exists a consistent prejudice within the Rings against all druids (often referred to as 'Changelings') and indeed any who exhibit the power to dramatically change their form.

Druids (or Changelings, as many have come to embrace the term) thus tend to spend time away from settled neighbourhoods and large groups of people, often preferring the company of vermin and stray animals or seeking out patches of wildness.

There exist regions of the Rings that have become overgrown parks or vine-covered patches of wildness, these areas tend to attract the attention of Changelings who seek to expand them or violently protect them from the incursions of others.

Some Changelings possess a connection with the Fey (and perhaps receive their strange powers as a result of it), and tend to exhibit those peculiar characteristics of that strange kind: a childlike capriciousness, a love of tricks & trickery, a wild and ever-changing emotional state, an appreciation for beauty and grotesque oddity to the same degree, and in general a certain passionate eccentricity.

Regardless, all Druids / Changelings should generally adhere to the following guidelines lest they lose their strange powers:

An aversion to civilization and conventional civilized behavior
A refusal to use tools, weapons, and armor that bears too heavy a mark of civilization (limited to druid weapon proficiency weapons with some small exceptions; non-metal armor only)
A general respect for nature: animals & plantlife
A strong dislike of such practices as: animating the dead, summoning demons & devils, the conjuration of bizarre extra planar creatures from beyond the City, and other acts of high magic
There are many reasons for the prejudice and dislike of Changelings within the Rings. But it is widely believed that the presence of Changelings tends to bring bad luck.


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on: January 19, 2019, 10:35:25 AM
Paladins in EFU5 do not receive their powers from a specific deity as in previous chapters and canon Forgotten Realms.

Instead, all paladin characters begin with modified feats and the absence of standard paladin abilities.

Yet within the rings there exist opportunities for members of the paladin class to either join a specific Paladin Order to adopt a specific Paladin Code.

When a paladin character joins an Order or adopts a Code, they will receive full Paladin powers as per standard NWN. Ejection from the Order or failure to maintain the Code will of course result in losing paladin powers. Generally, avoiding the company of evil companions is a condition of these Orders and Codes and thus "/c detect evil" should be used to avoid inappropriate friends & questing companions when your character becomes a true Paladin.

If it is your intention to play a paladin, you should start playing one at level one and simply seek out an appropriate Order or Code.

Different EFU5 Paladin Orders & Codes may permit multiclass possibilities, but most paladins should maintain a single class.

Consult with a DM if you have more questions.