Author Topic: Charisse North: The Shadow of Ilmater  (Read 945 times)

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on: January 19, 2019, 11:34:25 PM
Born in a cave to a grave robber and infused with pure magical darkness, Charisse was a violent and angry child. She killed those around her whenever the opportunity had struck. They were weak and in moments of helplessness. It was easy.

She lived among a small cult of people following a necromancer. The other children she was near had been infused in a similar way. For some reason, despite being friendly for days on end, they would always become violent. Eventually Charisse was the only child left with the darkness inside her.

One fateful night she was taken to the necromancer. Her mother brought her. A loving woman, and caring mother. The child couldn't understand anything the adults spoke of. None of it made sense to her. How could it?

Something her mother said still confused Charisse, even until her final hour. These words sent the necromancer into a rage, and he struck the woman down.

"You made your own daughter into a nightmare. We need to show her and the rest of the world mercy from what she may become."

Charisse had never met the necromancer's daughter. She didn't know he had one.

She fled. She was taken away. For years she was kept and treated as property. Often times she'd hear the people around saying she needed to be kept focused. They didn't want her to eat. They didn't let her sleep, or not for long. She had to hide just to rest.

After a long time of hating the people around her it wasn't long before they somehow found their way into Sanctuary. It was there she learned of the god Talona. She prayed and begged for her keepers to die. Through illness and tainted cooking, her wish was granted. What she had not anticipated was having no way to find food of her own.

Three days passed before she went into the city to beg. A man looked down at her as she held her hands up.

"Get a job, you're making the place look untidy."

That single comment sparked her. She wanted to work for no other reason that to spite that man. She took up a job with the Union, the same group as him.

Armed with a scrap of cloth to fling rocks and nothing else Charisse took to adventuring. A few days later, her magic showed itself. Little by little she greedily snatched up whatever she could. She fed herself. Life was better.

One fateful dark, a woman stood before her with a look of contempt. A paladin. Charisse, already trying to understand the world around her, took this woman's words to heart. She admitted that her very soul may be tainted. So she followed behind the Paladin. She walked towards a brighter path. Ilmater's mercy guided her.

In the end Charisse did find happiness. She accepted herself, flaws and all. Through darkness, the light shone forth.


Fun fact: The line I kept using "Remember. You're not alone in the dark." came about before I heard that. I did end up using some of the lyrics in sendings albeit reworded heavily.

Everything on Charisse lined up perfectly. I made her evil with standards. She started off with a hate of animating the undead, and a respect for honesty. Aside from that everything was fair game. I was even looking at what spells would be the most painful to get dropped on you from invis. But NOOOO the universe had to align itself to make her GOOD. Ok, well, in game it stopped at CN, but as far as I'm concerned she was really NG.

When the Machine turned on she was hand-in-hand with Dal, content with whatever happened. No screenshots because I don't take 'em!

Most important items!
Handful of sling bolts from starting (I don't know why but I got attached to them, and being in the ammo slot didn't take up space)
First Magic Item: Enchanted Healing Kit (A sign of things to come, it turned out)
"An obvious note lain out carefully" mk3 (Lost the first two due to walking off.)
Charisse's huge, bountiful chest (Having no social/romantic/sexual upbringing made her innocent comments about the animated chest hilarious to me.)
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on: January 20, 2019, 02:19:18 AM
I enjoyed watching her story arc while I could.  Great job.
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on: January 20, 2019, 03:19:43 AM
Cool use of the stalker perk. =]


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on: February 11, 2019, 02:53:28 AM
Truly memorable RP, very much enjoyed being part of Charisse's story.

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on: February 11, 2019, 09:38:43 AM

Well done! Excellent character, excellent RP!

Charisse became a key part of Clorinda's story and I'd like to think the opposite is also true. Good and interesting times!