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on: February 04, 2021, 02:14:47 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A storm settled over ring 95 and outwards  in the past eve, with the coming of night, the Count's Drill was moved into position at the walls of the Swampmuck  lands. A column of Sunpurse Retainers led by by a bannerknight of the House were seen marching towards the old fortress at the entrance to the ring.  Not long after, one badly wounded retainer returned seeking re-enforcements.

A band of Sunpurse and Orzan retainers, along with a few citizens of the Peerage itself marched out to the fortress camp. Where Ruby Vizu Nemari was engaged in a standoff with a ferocious lizardfolk warlord, whom had taken captives. The Lizardfolk demanded the drill be stopped, or dead would befall the Sunpurse hostages. In reply, the Ruby simply executed the hostage closest with a throwing knife and instructed the drill begin.

War raged over many hours, with man and woman fighting to hold the fortress position from hundreds of Lizardfolk. Finally concluding in victory, when the warlord was laid low.

The drill completed it's work, and the exterior walls of 95 crumbled to it's might. Progress continues, deeper into the rings.....


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on: February 06, 2021, 02:54:30 AM
Under the full moon a procession, lead by House Haremarch, made its way through the steadings. It was the night the changelings would claim their tribute. At the forest’s edge House Haremarch met with Clifford Farrier, Groundskeeper of Pauper Ponds, and the trickster Robin Threefaces. There the bargain would be complete: the fields of the steadings would bare harvest, and a single youngling would be sent away and learn of the Lost Oaths.

From the crowd an old farmer strode forth, his youngest daughter in hand, ready to give her over. But at the very last moment the man changed his mind. It is said House Haremarch and their toadies offered him goal, platitudes, and more but the man would not budge. Finally Wallen Powell, a ring-runner, bandit, and local of the steadings stood up to take her place. He was soon joined by Lord Artegal Haremarch. A gleeful and cackling Robin Threefaces transformed the hunter into a stag, and boy into a dog. And with that, the ceremony was over, the fair folk and their new charges vanishing into the Weald.

The Lords of the Peerage did not take kindly to rumors of witchcraft, strange ceremonies, and child-sacrifice. The bells of the ward were rung and the men of Orza, Velstra, and Sunpurse mustered in the steadings. The retainers were unprepared for the full might of House Haremarch and faltered. The rebellion was driven off only with the arrival of Vsaja Sumari and the Count’s Rubies.

The steadings are rife with both hope and fear. There the PROMISE of food but do the spirits of the Weald ask too steap a price? And the Great Houses will surely not forget this insult…

Those who fought against the Count are now exiled from the Peerage...

Camedyr Haremarch
Clifford Farrier
Arkavin Vaul
Edric Hill
Fenrik Geirsson
Gwenllian Haremarch
Laoise Moore
Madilyn Haremarch
Meliara Duskwood
Old Mirta
Orazio Beecroft
Sammuel Shatterspear
Thorgred Bristlethane
Urgyr Lionheart

(Note: If your PC is on this list but did not fight the retainers, or fought the retainers and is not on this list, let me know)
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on: February 07, 2021, 11:36:25 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A dark day for the Peerage. Farmhands and commoners made their way indoors, locking and barricading their homes for some unknown reason. As the sun settled in the west, a lone messenger was spotted on the Old Forest Road. Bearing the white flag of peace, the Ghyl approached and waited. It was met by a score of Peerage retainers and clingers on, and delivered its news. Too long have the peers stood idly by, allowing the steadings to go hungry whilst they rip what little food is grown away from the common folk.

This herald informed those gathered than any peerage man whom remained in the steadings at nightfall would be subject to a rule, or cut down.  Defenders hurried to call for re-enforcements, Orzans and Sunpurses leading the defence and calling for barricades, men and ballistae to be set. As night covered the land, torches in the darkness could be seen. Peers manned the defences and waited.

Hundreds of Ghyl, began to invade, slowly at first with scouts and footmen. But as the night wore on, more and more Ghyl warriors joined the battle, pushing the defenders back to the bridge between the burgage and the steadings. A Ghyl, bigger than any have seen before took to the field, claiming himself "Ser Rodrik the Steelhorn" and the lands under the protection of House Ghyll.

A solemn Sunpurse Knight challenged the Ghyl to a duel to end the bloodshed. The Ghyl Knight accepted, and summarily dispatched the Knight with frightening ease. As the defenders  decided to attack the warlord, dozens more of the best warriors of House Ghyll pushed forward, driving them back again. The ensuing battle was ferocious, with losses on both sides.

A skirmish attempt from Matteo Giovanni, and an Orzan Retainer Douglas Arran failed miserably, as they tried to assassinate the Ghyl Lord. Only succeeding in forcing him to the field once more, threatening to kill any man whom stood before him. Peerage residents began to retreat at the willing of Lord Giovanni and others. A few remaining to hold the Ghyl at bay. One notable figure,  Senior Retainer Adhemar Dupont, died heroically trying to buy time for the others to flee.

The Steadings, now occupied by  the invaders with their warriors manning checkpoints in and out. Signs erected  and sharpen steel axes ensuring no retainers of any house are allowed to pass. No further food will come into the peerage from the  Steadings.  The  commonfolk are seen to be moving  freely, though it remains to be seen. Have they swapped one tyrant, for another?
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on: March 25, 2021, 09:36:53 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

As the Count's Drill continues its destructive passage through the Rings, many had been wondering how or even if the King and his Royal Court would respond to this provocation. For surely this could not have been the first time in the history of the City that someone had arisen to challenge the status quo in such a way?

Eventually, an answer was given.

Quote from: City Whisper
The Royal Herald
Attention Miscreants and Traitors! In the name of his Royal Majesty, this announcement would have been made sooner, however we have had to put up with the Royal Castigator talking our ears off for the past several hours about minor changes he would make to the Royal Council's declaration.

The Royal Herald
Eventually, he was told to BE QUIET or be FED to the Royal Spaniels.

The Royal Herald
The Royal Council has decided that the best way to deal with the self-proclaimed threat of this 'Count' is the same way as one deals with all wild beasts foolish enough to attack their BETTERS. Firstly, you seal off potential escape routes.

The Royal Herald
You shall experience the consequences of this shortly. May his Royal Majesty reign forever more!

It is said that the consequences spoken of by the Royal Court arrived swiftly - Ring 100 suddenly filling with strange obelisks that burst forth from the ground, discharging magical energies that fried the flesh from the bones of the living. The City's Ring Walls themselves shifted and merged, crushing most locales within Ring 100 between the shifting stone. How many survivors managed to escape to other Rings, or the few regions that weren't destroyed, is unknown... however there cannot be too many of them.

Travellers now say that the known route from Ring 99 to Ring 101 is covered in the same deadly pillars that originally emerged. Yet, oddly, it seems as if passage is still possible between the Rings. Albeit with a much higher risk of death. Whether this was a mistake by the Royal Court and the King, or an intentional ploy, none are certain.

In end, all are more worried about what the next phase of any plan that could be deployed - given the lack of regard for the mere mortals eking out a living, shown by the titans as they fight amongst themselves.


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on: April 17, 2021, 03:30:44 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

The Drill has been stalled, the archaic mechanisms which send it barreling forth into the Rings have ceased their breakneck pace and come to a squealing halt somewhere within the foothills of the Silverspike.  Hewing down the mighty pines, a War Camp has been erected to defend the machine from surprise attack.  Curiously it seems that this change of pace is not by malfunction, but design.  Crimson-cloaked shadows bound from the camp in the dead of night, bearing the words of the would-be conqueror of the City.

Though what parlance was shared with the Wizards of the Warrens and the Clan of Uld is not shared in detail, what is known is that in the following days there is a surge in activity throughout the 94th and 93rd.  Towers spark and buzz with arcane light, hammers and droning prayers fill the Bulwark's labyrinthine underhalls... and travellers tell of queer folk of the Warrens ambling about the Outer Rings, keeping to themselves and hurriedly after some esoteric business of their Masters.

At home in the 99th, folk are not idle.  It is well known that the Count and his closest retinue now straddle the world - spending their days more oft than not laboring at the siege.  The predator, the sneering cat to all the Ward's hemmed in mice, is away... his attentions stolen more and more by his lifelong ambition. 

Knives are sharpening , and for the first time since his advent... the Old Count seems to've shown his back.

Not a moment too soon, his enemies murmur to another... each daring the others to leap first - and so expose their own.
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on: April 26, 2021, 05:33:09 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A successful campaign was undertaken in the name of the holy Triune, under the august and brave leadership of the noble bishop Egbert of Velstra, against the heathen plains people of the Six Sacred Steppes who were said to worship the celestial bodies as divine gods. It is said a hundred crusaders went on this distant campaign to attempt to stymy a rising threat that could overtake the rest of the Rings, yet weeks later only a handful of bedraggled survivors managed to return: wearied, weathered,  and worn by war.  They returned with dire news regarding the oncoming tide of the Nothing, spreading terrible tales of vistas of Rings wholly overtaken by the black, of dark storms that ate away at the very walls themselves, and, too, of a great last stand against hundreds if not thousands of steppe warriors in a dark, narrow valley, situated on the edge of the City of Rings.

What was seen there and what was done there the rumors vary about, yet one thing quickly spread as undeniable truth: those who had come back from that valley, those who stood against the tide of a thousand steppe barbarians, their names would surely be forever remembered in the annals of history as heroes...

...the heroes of Obu Pass.


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on: May 23, 2021, 04:56:25 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

As the final stone is laid in place for the Eryngium Fortress, it slowly comes to life. Strange misty soldiers begin to patrol the walls, guard the gates and man the battlements. In matters of violence, for those few incidents that occur, they are relentless and focused... yet when at peace interactions with them are difficult. As if something is broken about them...

However, what their presences makes clear is simple: that a proper defence by the Royal Court against the threat posed by the Count has finally been mounted.

Over in the Drill Camp, soldiers, mercenaries and hired hands all make ready. For much time now has the Count been mustering forces and supplies for the push ahead. At long last, it seems that all is prepared for another offensive against the "Jailer" of the Rings, and to claim what the Count believes is rightfully his.

Standing in between these two forces however is the combined populaces of Rings 94 and 93. For the duration of the construction of the Fortress and the Count's mustering, there have been diplomats and representatives of all involved sent forth into the neighbouring Rings.

Time alone will tell how much, exactly, they have achieved in their goals - and what, exactly, is to be the fate of their peoples and their Rings when the fight between titans recommences...


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on: May 23, 2021, 10:57:37 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

The Repaired Vestry now lies in ruins once more, despite the efforts of many Velstra and Sunpurse retainers now left dead among the cobbles of the Burgage, or the charred floor of the holy site. It is whispered that four men cut a path from the Steadings, torn down the guards there, and moved past the incompetent Blackjacks.

Though a few defenders attempted to stall them, Anastasia Orza among them, An explosion from within has bereft the faith of the Lord, Lady and Promise a place of holy offering. The pews that held those that came for sermon, were now lined with curled bodies of faithful too slow or frightened to escape the madness.

Beneath the destruction are those that pressed their forefingers and ring-finger to to their palm, for the last time. Courage would not save them alone, and enough strength was never found.

--As the night grows colder, and a chill sets into the air. People in the peerage begin to head inside, with exception of a few traders and adventuring types.. All seems peaceful--

--Sounds of battle at the burgage--

--Screams and shouts in the burgage!--

--A group of armed man and creatures storm the vestry--

--An alarm begins to sound--

--A large group of retainers rush to the Vestry--

--more men rush outside, surrounding the church--

--A battle sounds from within, screams as commoners flee--

--Red figures rush from the Sunpurse manor--

-- Between a long chase and hard fought battles, the vestry is caught in flames, an explosion from inside pouring outward --

--Rubble blocks the door, trapping inside those who were too slow to make it out, though most are dead, slaughtered by the insurgents--

--A pale figure, robed and graceful in movements exits Sunpurse manor, a scowl on his features--

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Grand Vizier Sardistan”
[more than a hint of annoyance in his tone] It would seem, that despite the.. best efforts from of our wards soldiers and adventuring types. A group of wretched... miscreants have been allowed to break into our Grand Vestry.

Upon fleeing like the scurrying rats that their faith truly represents, these.. 'Malagorians' have inflicted some internal damage to a most holy place. In attempt to inflict chaos upon our peaceful domain.
Rubble will be cleared, glass will be refitted, and those lost in its defence, will surely be honoured at the next oath giving. But for now, House Sunpurse

Bring all four, and a great boon of the Count's personal trove will be granted, in addition. Happy hunting!  demands justice.

Ahem, it seems the initial bounty did not broadcast. Ten thousand groats, per head of these terrorists.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Kolgrim Ashen-Eye”
The only truth the Triune preaches is it's weakness that be have made apparent. Rebuild the rubble and it shall be broken, don your heathen robes and they will be dyed red with blood. Do you not see the lesson that is taught? Abandon this Triune of useless gods now, whose only power is in coin.

Do not bend as cravens to their teachings, spit upon the rubble. Free yourself from it's chains that have kept you obedient, raise your voices and earn the strength that dwells within you
Mala'gor embodies strength, and his gaze is always upon you.. Now rise to greatness and earn the favor of the Gods! Begone with the weak, begone with the false, begone with the dying powers of the Triune! This the will of the Gods!

A reward is offered, a taunt is given. The Rings yet continue on as the comfort of religion is dashed for many. One more hardship, or perhaps one more freedom.


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on: May 29, 2021, 08:01:58 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

In the Rings, various changes begin to take place, as factions and individuals react to current events.  Within the Burgage, Sunpurse Retainers dig through the ruins of the destroyed Grand Vestry, watched over silently by individuals wearing Ruby red. They seem to be seeking something...

Within Ring 93, Towertop patrons soon find themselves with additional guards. After the death of his apprentice and the airing of dirty laundry through Whispers, it seems clear that sides have begun to be taken in the Warrens.

The roads from Ring 94 through to Ring 99 soon find themselves bustling with an angry convoy of Glitt from the highlands, making their way to the Peerage Ward. There they set up camp wherever they can find space. Many are seen clashing with those from the Guild of Lessors, and more than a few of the Guildsmen find themselves taking a swim while the upset highlanders find themselves a new home.

Finally, within the camp of the Count's Drill, mercenaries, retainers and more begin to gear up and prepare for conflict. Eyes turn both north towards Ring 93, but then also north-west to focus in upon the Silverspike.

For the Uld have been active of late, yet their final choice remains to be seen...


In the Peerage Ward, the dynamics have once again drastically changed. Velstra, long reliant on the prestige afforded to them by multiple Bishops of the Grand Vestry, find themselves adrift, seeking purpose and new power.

Glitt, once a third rate force of rabble, is now a first rate force of rabble. Their highland kindred swell their numbers greatly, as does their martial prowess. Sadly, they have somewhat reverted to their more chaotic habits of their drunken era...

Sunpurse seems internally split, with many of the older retainers seeking a return of focus to control and rule of the Ward. Others, however, find themselves drawn more to the glitz and power of the Rubies and Count's Drill.

As for Orza, few feel they can understand them anymore. Yet perhaps there is merit in the musing of drunks, for a popular story in the Weeping Flagon of late is a short tale of three brothers. One focused upon playing with fire. One focused upon a distant horizon. And one torn between family loyalty and a long standing dream...


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on: June 04, 2021, 02:48:09 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

Diplomacy, though piled by many in the endeavor to preserve Rings 93 and 94 from the Count's advance forward, have reached their end - with most of the dwarves Uld and Wizards of the Wizard's Warden dead. For a moment, it seemed as though the parts to Alledha's Astrolabe were secured by the Wizards and the Dwarves, but due to the betrayal of one of the Wizards, communications broke down, and House Orza was quick to take advantage of this.

What happened next was seemingly the conclusion, regardless... the Weapon, dangerous enough, and tempting of its power and use, found its purpose fulfilled. Much to the abject horror of any that might have climbed the Steep hills of the Silverpeak... that might have carved their names towards the journey towards Ring 1... That might have took a deep breath of mountain air, and relaxed for a fleeting moment.

Such pleasures would be dashed forever more:

-- As the morning sun rises on the City, the peoples of each Ring go about their daily business. The Peerage is bursting at the seams accommodating now not only the semi-integrated Ticker refugees, but now a new host of Ring 94's fleeing population. --

-- The Glitt have well and truly made their selves at home, regardless of the amusement or disgust of their new neighbours. --

-- And within Ring 94 itself, the Drill Camp is a hive of activity. Final preparations to depart the long standing supply camp appear to be well underway... --

-- Perhaps today will be the day that Ring 94 is finally breached... --

-- The Drill Camp is packed up. A force of guards begin to assemble to escort it through Ring 94. Today will be the day... --

-- The skies are clear and free of clouds, the weather fine and the wind cool. And in the Ring 99, amidst the Ward, there is so much shuttering of windows; mutterings and gossip. Children's toys are abandoned, and the daytime revellers have departed the Groat. No speeches are made, no grand utterances; eyes just cast furtive within, deeper - towards the Count Senuspur, his Excellency, and the day's heavy work. --

-- The Drill begins its long, long journey through the mountainous Ring 94, Rubies visible upon its upper deck, while Sunpurse Retainers, myriad mercenaries and other assorted individuals march alongside it. --

-- The Drill proceeds through the lands of Auld Findlay's Glenn, running roughshod over the now abandoned encampment. --

--The trundling wheels of the Drill roll along through the mud of the Spike. --

-- The Bulwark guardians stand outside their mountain a moment. Watching the passage of the Drill as it slowly approaches. They do not seem to be in fear, nor do they seem to be happy. They simply... watch. --

-- The Drill proceeds onwards... bypassing the Bulwark, and boring a hole through sheer cliffs, seeking Ring 93. The Uld simply watch on. --

-- The Uld turn from watching the Drill and return inside their Bulwark. They gather in number before Torvan. --

-- And there, Torvan begins a speech... --

Quote from: ”Torvan Uld”
My people. My children. Long have I watched over you all in this vigil we call the Bulwark. Our monument to our folly. The gravestone of Khoral'dunn. I had hoped that our youngest generation. The one without our sins. /My/ sins. Would be the one to save us all. To protect us from the harm of wizards, and the greedy. To give us further time to atone. Yet... they have instead chosen new sins.

We made the error once in our past to bend knee to the evil of the Sibilant for the 'greater good' of our people. This was a mistake, as it directly let to the end of our people.. Yet... the past repeats once more. Our time has come my people. Depart if you will, or join me in and end to it all. Our vigil is now over.

 -- A tiny handful of Uld are seen departing the Bulwark, for parts unknown... the remainder gather in the central chamber. Torvan himself moves deeper within the mountainous cavern. Yet before the dwarves can complete their plans... --




-- Blazing DOOM surges forth beneath the mountain, and the Bulwark is washed away in a sea of LAVA. --

-- The Uld die horrifically, spontaneously combusting instantly. Their legacy ruined forever. --
Atop the deck of the Great Drill, men throw up their hands and duck low to avoid scorching rains of molten rock. All around and about the comitals there is death and horror in abundance. Rivers of fire come streaming down. --

-- And within the flame, the runes of the armoured form of Torvan blaze desperately in defence of the ancient dwarf. Yet they too fade in time, and the long since empty shell, a suit of Soul Forged armour, crumples in upon itself under the heat and force of the explosion. --

-- Prince Torvan Uld, last of the old Royal line of Khoral'dunn, is no more. And so too, do all others within Ring 94 perish. --

-- Black clouds of ash coat the skies for rings upon rings upon rings. All that has occurred in the foothils is obscured to the outside world. The Ring Doors burn hot and bright.. buckling.. Wizards of the Warrens ward their way, rendering suicidal passage into the inferno impossible. --

-- Adding to the destruction, there is a planar surge that begins amidst the fire of Ring 94... further explosions and destruction occurs throughout the ravaged ring. --

-- Thunderous explosions rock the 94th long into the midnight hour... Tolling out the bells in their own morbid way... Marking our passage into another day... --

The Night does not heal the wounds so permeant, the open grave becomes observed by the passing masses of the Rings... the elusive toll of Time continues without the challenge of Rings 94 and 93, though not as intended and not without cost, Count Zarono Senuspur is one step closer towards his conquest.

-- The sky is blanketed, from the mid 80's to the 99th ring and beyond... Ash falls, choking and thick. --

-- Ring 94 smolders yet, after the passage of time, seems to be traversable once more... --

-- Where once the greatest fear for travel was bears... the flames, the unsealing of dangerous depths and powerful magics have made the Ring that much more dangerous... --

-- Travellers to and fro the now scorched 94th quickly spread rumours and hearsay...
The mountain is gone. A heaping wasteland of slag and magma lay between ringwalls now scalded and scorched. --

-- The land is roamed by horrors. Things from below the Silverspike thought only legend and myth by even the Bulwark. --

-- The mighty 'Wizard-Lords' of the Warrens are accounted for.. one having fled with secrets from beneath Alledha Amastecia's sanctuary, one having died in the concussive explosion.. and the third, the traitor and master of Towertop...why, he stands at the side of his Count, now pale of flesh and scalded near to cinders. The Great Drill is near ruined, a wreck tossed on seas of magma and planar wind. Only by the betrayer's hand has any timber survived. It rests atop a cooled floe of ash and lava, likely never to move again. --

-- The auld Glitt, the mountain clans.. have survived - they have gone home to the 99th. --

-- The Uld are gone. The Uld are here. Their spirits and husks assail the ruin of the entrenched comitals day and night, unending. If aught lives in the wastes.. it shan't for very much longer. --

-- Clad all in black, with skin dark like the obsidian of their home, the Khazuuk-Uld haunt the wasteland.. driving down men and subjecting them to the burbling molten rock. --
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on: June 04, 2021, 11:52:55 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

It has been a few days now since passage has re-opened through the ruined remains of Ring 94, and news from elsewhere in the City begins to filter through.

Rumours rapidly spread in the wake of Whispers claiming responsibility for the destruction of Ring 94. That, in Ring 93, battles were seen between Orzans, Malagori, Wizards and Uld in the streets. That they all disappeared into one Tower.

And that all of them returned alive - some perhaps beaten bloody, but clearly nobody died in the course of events within or without.

Coupled with the Whispers made claiming responsibility, and a relatively clear picture begins to emerge from the heat haze of the pyroclastic flow. Somehow, some way, those four groups were responsible for destroying a verdant paradise of a Ring. To what end, few can understand.

After all:
- The Orzans are supposedly allied with the Count.
- The Uld have killed all that remained of their kind.
- Towertop and perhaps other locations in the Warrens had already yielded.

Only the Malagori's actions make sense, for the insane acting insanely is par for the course.

There are inevitable flow on repercussions.

Within the Peerage Ward, both Glitt and Sunpurse reach an uneasy truce, united in a burning hatred for Orza. Glitt especially - for they have lost their claimed ancestral homeland to Orzan insanity. Fighting on the streets is a regular occurance between the two Houses.

What is new, however, is how regularly Glitt comes out ahead in these scuffles. For what they lack in discipline and skill, the influx of highlanders has certainly significantly swayed the numerical advantage that Orza once had. Orzans now no longer travel in small groups in the Ward. For to do otherwise is to be discovered in the morning, naked, beaten bloody and tied to scarecrow crosses upon the impromptu highlander farms in the Ward.

Orzan affiliated farms, businesses and organisations soon face significant issues - some because of Glitt highlanders rampaging through them and taking all their goods. Some, because of underhanded Velstran or Sunpurse activities against the latest villains of the Ward. Some simply just... disappear.

Castle Moonspear and House Orza finds itself under a strange siege of sorts. The Orzans had always found themselves outsiders in the Ward in many ways and they are still a power to be reckoned with. However, now they are being treated as pariahs. As monsters. More so than even Sunpurse under the Count.

For tales and claims about the Count and his Rubies are one thing amongst the populace and factions of the Ward.

The reality of destroying an entire Ring for no gain is another.

For who knows? Perhaps they would do the same again to Ring 99 given a chance, all for a laugh...


On religious matters as well, there are flow on effects. Those of the Triune, already rocked by the destruction of the Grand Vestry, find themselves struggling to deal with local backlash and the weakening of their structural power.

With some of Orza publically claiming that it was The Promise's will that Ring 94 be destroyed, those that even mention the third aspect of their religion find themselves facing the fists of the angry. Some begin instead to adopt a heretical form of the "Triune" that more resembles old Nephezar claims about the Lord Departed and Lady-in-Waiting.

Actual Promise worshippers find themselves even more out of luck. The luckiest end up beaten and left in the mud, begging for mercy. The unluckiest are burnt alive, with their attackers screaming it was what was "Promised" to them by their God.

Weaker Malagori converts in the Ponds also find themselves in strife when night falls - often found in the morning locked in rigid, dying, agony, clearly chewed upon by beasts and strange plants bursting forth from their chests and skulls. Those few that survive are quivering, broken, husks.

Change is afoot throughout all of the Rings...


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on: June 07, 2021, 01:19:43 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A heartbeat stilled for eons has roared to wakefulness within the rime-ridden region of the Air Seam that was once the Frozen Tear; the rhythmic, massive heartbeats - t'CHUN, t'CHUN - crack more ice, shed more snow, helping to free a great evil from its glacial prison.

There the white has turned a deep claret hue; an uncomfortable shade for some, a sweet, attractive cerise for the crazed.

Slowly, insidiously, inevitably, he may touch all.

T̶̨̨̘̦͚̬̭̒̎̑͐̈̍H̶̡̬̲̞̻͑͆̿́͗̕͝Ę̵̫̱͓̞̩̗̘̭̗͙̊ ̶̼̲̙̖̘̦̆̂͊̓͒͂͛̍́̎͆̏̈́͝S̸̗̖̗̱̟͚̠̠̺̗͕͒̊ͅL̷͖͕͖̙̞̝̀͂̀́͂̀̽̏̀͘̚͜͝ͅȄ̶̞̲̪̈̅̓͑͌̆̍̄͗̈̚͝͝ͅḖ̵̗̝͇̜͍͖̗̩̫̯̱̪̘͇̞̈́́͝P̵̡̲̩̫̺̠͚̌̓Ȩ̷̡̬͓̟̪̹͖̹̤͕̹̩̬̳̒͒̂̈̋Ř̵̪͈̯̯͕̝̭͒ ̷̡͇̙͈͇̩̫̳̟̭̗͚̠̼̳̑̓̃̀̌̅̉H̴̛̜̦͈̳̹̫̓͌̐͌͛̈́͊̿̊́̓̕͘A̴̢̙̯̜̜͙̲̠̥̞̩̩̥͗͊͒͐̃̑S̴̢͔̫͍̺̝̞̜̯̰̜̬̤͕̱͒̏̃̈́͗́͊͘ ̷̢̢̞̻͓̦̣͉̜̟̹͎̑͗̾̅̈́̈͆̈͂́̋̔̄̚W̴̱̲͖͉̩̜̑̐͆͒̿O̵̢̟̩͈̞̭̥̖̼̭̹̪͍͖͂̆̔͌̊͗͂̉̈́̓̏̆̿̑͘Ķ̴̡̼̯̖̝̣̯̼̫̜̘͔̈́̈́̈́̍̐̑́͝͝E̷̩̻̿̾̄

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on: June 15, 2021, 06:34:32 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A Red day...

A group of Four Blackjacks calling themselves the Redjacks have caused havoc in parts of little Ticker and the Peerage. First, the Weeping Flagon is utterly destroyed by the Redjacks:

-- An earth-shattering set of screams from the Weeping Flagon --

-- The building burns and burns ... huge clouds of smoke rising up and away ... --

--High pitched screams come from the burning tavern- Briefly, before they are cut off.--

-- All the folk of the Peerage stop and stare... stare at the flames... and stare into screams. -

-- The tavern continues to burn, the liquor stores eventually all combusting, the wooden skeleton of the tavern gradually becoming naught but ash as the Ward does it's best to ignore it. --

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Redjack McDimmock”
Heh, well.. This is an announcement from REDJACK McDimmock. Yeahs, that's right. RED. JACK. We's no longer them Blackjacks. We's BETTER than them. Got a nice fancy scarf to prove it too! And this is the word around street from now on! We Redjacks are true loyalists to the Count..

M'lord Zarano Senuspur! You best think twice 'fore messing with us, 'cause we's affiliated now, HEH HEH. If yous want to join, yous just find me now.. I'll get you right and proper, HEHAH!!

Then, some manner of violence erupts from the Dusk's Cradle... as Lady Anastasia Orza describes, Redjacks are seen defacing the Lady in Waiting Shrine with urine and meats... the caretaker of the shrine mortally wounded trying to defend his post. Thelisa Sunspyre condemns the actions of the great houses, the actions of those that once more assault Ticker, even in its small form, and so do...

-- There is a sudden scream as a lone shadow trembles atop Oldspyre Tower --

 -- A pale and emaciated woman stands straddling a window ... --

-- The woman's cries echo downward from the highest point of the tower ... sobbing and weeping, they echo throughout the ward ... --

The words send into action a set of catastrophes further... Lady Valentina Velstra falls to her death from OldSpyre Tower, which she had climbed due to panic and depression of her life in the peerage, of her lost life in tickersquare, and her overwhelming guilt at all of them... That, and before she could climb back down from finding some small hope, A wizard of House Orza makes sure she can't reconsider...

-- In cold blood, a magic missile pelts the Lady Valentina Velstra ...  And she falls to the ground, murdered. --

-- Dead. --

 -- The rumors are swift and relentless ... House Orza has murdered Valentina Velstra ... and few dare to stand against them. --

House Velstra, once more inflamed by anger at yet another loss sets to work an assault of Castle Orza and gathers a regiment of Retainers led by Ser Nicholas Velstra to seek due revenge:

-- A great hustle and bustle in the Vale as one of the Feast's more reputable tables is upturned and hacked apart into some amalgam of a ram. --

-- Though his heart be hardened, 'twould seem the family Velstra doth not lightly endure the death of her own. However thin of blood. --

-- A cadre of Velstran retainers have dragged the 'Foretable' - first table of the Feast in the Vale - out onto a trundle cart. The table is, as a point of fact, a great siege ram with one shaved side.--

 --It is poised outside of the side entrance to Castle Orza, thereafter A black and orange body goes careening off of Castle Moonspear... Viscera and sinew bathe the awaiting beseigement-

- Orzan crossbows plink from slatted windows all along the walls of the Castle Moonspear. Gleaming, barbed bolts primed for loosing...

Elsewhere... Gregovich, 'the Great One' grins gregariously as he and the ever-intoxicated Capo Piotr share a swig of good vodka...

--Castle Orza boils like an anthive kicked, retainers bustle to and fro preparing various defensive implements. Heavy, sloshing cauldrons are heaved to their perches, and bundles of bolts are brought about. --

--Meanwhile, Ser Nicholas Velstra readies his own guard and sets them towards slamming the siege weaponry into Castle Orza--

-- Guiseppe Orza spits from his perch, attempting to spatter Nicholas Velstra, before he steps back and withdraws a satchel of salt and chalk and rarer reagents. --

--With a massive slam, do the Velstra Retainers buckle the Door at the North side of the Castle!--

--The roof of Castle Orza catches alight as potent magics are invoked. The air grows warm, scalding through the peerage warm as clouds are obliterated into steam and mist. --

As a battering ram is burnt asunder by hot oil defensive, and House Velstra turns back to return with yet another, the Royal Herald belittles the situation at hand...

Quote from: ”The Royal Herald”
Go, quickly now. Far more important than your petty squabbles are the gifts given by we of the Royal Court to you, our wayward supplicants. Do you even comprehend the things you play at? Are you even aware of the folly of daring to rise above your station?

Notably, Ser Nicholas Velstra does not cease... and is heard to speak in a dismissive tone: “Does he make mockery of my plight!?”

--Ser Nicholas Velstra yet again demands the ram forward, and so do they continue to ram and rupture the door--

-- The scent of Ozone, and scorched air falls upon the ward. Heat mirages shimmer in the space between and above Castle Orza and the Vale. --

-- The Castle shudders as the Ram impacts it yet again, a score of retainers propelling the makeshift siege engine through it's duty. --

--Another slam into the castle door, driven by the enraged Ser Nicholas Velstra--

--Atop Castle Orza, Guiseppe speaks the last word of his incantation, turning to step to the edge and peer down as a hellish pillar of fire begins it's descent from above. --

--As it descends, it is met... A vortex of wintery death mixes with it, and there is a great cacophony as it is nullified, a blast fo steam falling over all combatants. --

--Ruul Velstra makes his return to the Ward, the infernal guillotine of flame defeated by his hands... And returns to the Vale at his brother's side. -

-- It seems, for the moment, the Siege of Castle Orza is over. --

-- The ward gradually returns to 'normality', at least as much as it may, though tensions between the Houses simmer higher and higher, the boil of an all out war averted another day. --

The Tensions and Power Struggles of the Ward continues onward... cut by moments of reprieve


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on: June 26, 2021, 11:35:49 PM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

A great deal of death Follows some manner of dark Feast, in the following dead of night do a series of panicked actions take place, whispered on the winds by those who know.

-- Rumors about of a scuffle on the outskirts of the Peerage. While scuffles are ordinary - this one seems to have been anything but. They describe a single figure, striking down a small band like lightning... --

-- A small confrontation outside the Sunpurse Manse. --

-- At the Behest of the Inquisitor Malik, a number of Orza guards scour the castle in search of some manner of bomb --

-- A number of Orza guards can be seen removed from their posts, still making a scrambled search --

Then, upon the following rise of the Promise, a series of misfortunes fall upon the head of the Velstra Retainer and  Merchant Barnabas Fentleberry. Assaulted in his regular stall in the Burgage yet again...

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Glitt Retainer Warley Archencroft”
House Velstra...your Retainer Merchant was assaulted and kidnapped by the Redjack Beast Brick... In the catacombs he was dragged to. I call on all arms to seize Brick and his wizardly friend Jabbar.

-- Rumors quickly spread of some sort of ambush and terrible actions taking place within the catacombs... --

-- Crowds shriek as a brawl breaks out in the Burgage --

-- The fight which saw glowing light and vile shadows twist and crawl at each other in the burgage ends as quickly as it began --

A strange turn of events follows... This Wizard Jabbar was hunted down in the impending fight all the way to the Blind Eye. Meanwhile, Lady Sunspyre calls for action against a man seen controlling a number of shadows named Yic, who was assisting the Wizard during the fight. And during all this a marriage is announced...

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Lord Egbert Velstra”
Hark! The beast referred to as 'Brick' has submitted itself to House Velstra for punishment. A hefty wergild was exacted, as is proper. On account of its willingness to face justice, it was spared a far worse fate. I, Egbert Velstra, do so decree!

On to a more important note. I bid you, oLady Anastasia Orza - I ask for your hand in marriage. I have toiled endlessly to see an incredible ring crafted. So beautiful as to rival any gem the Count might boast in his vault. I go now, to the entrance of House Orza, to materialize my proposal. ne and all, to listen well. For I shall make a grand announcement.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Blackjack Brick”
Attention, idiots. Warley of House Glitt and Barnabas of House Velstra ignored the pardon granted by Lord Egbert Velstra and tried to murder me in the street. I beat them into the fucking dirt and took what was left of their money.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by A Grey Butler”
As per the wishes of Viscount Charles Flevas, House Velstra shall be banned from entry into the Blind Eye, upon pain of expulsion and worse due to the uncouth actions of their retainer. A sum of 10,000 groat may be donated to repair the damages incurred, and re-open our hospitality.

Quote from: ” City Whisper by Lord Egbert Velstra”
House Velstra cares not a whit for your sordid tavern. Now - more importantly - Lady Anastasia Orza has accepted my proposal!

All members of the Ward's commonwealth are encouraged to start acquiring wedding gifts. My servants will be laboring day and night to see a date for the wedding penned. And now, I shall allow my wife-to-be to speak.

Quote from: ” City Whisper by Lady Anastasia Orza”
The blood and violence between Velstra and Orza has been long. It's true I long hated this man, my Eggy....but for reasons beyond my understanding I now see his charm, his wit and us unrivaled Velstran lineage.

I do not care what out two houses have to say, we shall be wed. We will have what we want. If you are wise you will be happy for us and we can know power unlike any house before us. This is a happy day for Velstra and Orza.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Velstra Retainer and Infamous/Famous Merchant Barnabas Fentleberry”
Let it be known, that on this most jubilant day that Bishop Egbert sent the blackjack thug know as Brick to rob me of my ring, a ring he could not afford for his most gracious lady, so now wears a stolen ring from my wares. Lord Norbert i beseech you and ask for Justice on this day.

Following Fentleberry's whisper... it was widely seen and reported that Lady Anastasia Orza took quite offence to the message how the ring was gathered...

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Reporter Deidre Valance”
This is Dee Valance with a lightning fast update! Barnabas Fentleberry was bludgeoned by Lady Anastasia Orza within Magus Naoli's shops for insulting the lady's engagement ring! He is now faced with two choices: apology or death! Time will tell which one the man takes!

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Velstra Retainer and Infamous/Famous Merchant Barnabas Fentleberry”
I have been threatened to say this by the Lady Orza, that my last message was a simple mistake and my last sending was a grave error.

-- And so... the Merchant Barnabas' 'Wedding gift' costs him his life --

Quote from: ” City Whisper by Reporter Deidre Valance”
Bloodshed in the Doorkeepers! [Sounds of battle behind her] Lady Orza has slain Mr. Fentleberry! Two Glitt are now laying into her!

We are bringing all of the latest news directly to you as we speak! Lady Orza has bested the Glitt archer and is now moving into the other man - Retainer Warley, an old friend of Mr. Fentleberry, who says 'Enough', but draws his rapier when she refuses to relent!

The other Glitt is now down! Lady Orza stands victorious over the bodies of those who sought to stop her! Mr. Fentleberry's broken and murdered corpse is right at my feet as we speak! Poor Mr. Fentleberry, taken from the ward far too soon. When asked if he had more to say...!

His last words were: 'Not really'

A large entourage now stands in the Doorkeepers, drawn here from my whispers probably! Lord Egbert has an announcement to make, so we'll yield the floor to him! Lord Egbert, please go ahead.

Quote from: ”Lord Egbert Velstra”
Subjects of the Ward! What happened today is a tragedy. Alas, it could have been prevented. The merchant, Fentleberry, grew frenzied in the aftermath of his accostment by some hoodlum of a Blackjack -

In his pernicious anger, he named me a traitor among other things. He levied a thousandfold insults, against me and my wife-to-be both. As such, he was summarily executed. But take heart, good people. You might not be able to purchase the man's merchandise anymore -

But there shall be a FEAST in the vale of my namesake soon. His many baubles and trinkets shall be redistributed to the commonwealth. I, Egbert Velstra, do so decree!

This shall occur in an orderly fashion, with your betters getting the first pick. Make your way to the Vale. Good day!

There yet remains to be seen how the two houses will react completely to this arrangement... especially considering House Velstra was just besieging House Orza...


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on: June 30, 2021, 06:52:20 AM
[ :: Year 1 :: ]

Betrayal and true colours bleed through old tattered uniforms of Orza Regalia, as new colours are lifted into the sky upon the setting of the Promise. The Wizard who slew the Lady, Morvoren Adair, finds her conscience, but finds it far too late to battle the crippling weight of the depression it brings. As well, Lord Egbert Velstra is stolen a bride, as Lady Anastasia Orza is beset and slain by her once close allies... A series of Whispers regale and lament the situation as appropriate:

-- A spire of malevolent energy rises upwards from the Inquisitor Tower in Ring 97, soaring high into the sky - blighting the entire City of Ring's skyline. --

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Aatish Aldebrand”
Long have I walked a dark path, the tendrils of shadow and mischief surrounding me and my actions. Long have I endured the wicked and disgusting acts of those who think themselves noble, think themselves beyond our reach.....

Today I seek absolution for my sins and begin to correct my path as I reflect upon the deeds done within the night, within the shadow, within the veil of these Orzan colors....
The return of the true Lord is near and the corrupt of the Triune and that broken, twisted church that ruined our way of life.....know that your time draws ever more near to a swift end by the flames of Purity. Now, the Inquisitor shall speak.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by Inquisitor Malik Adalya”
A gift I said. Egbert, tonight I have given you the perfect gift. I believe you shall be delighted when you learn of it. My true sovereign would only allow that I find the most suitable gift for a man of your own crimes.

Long live Ser Lyon Moonspear. [His voice bellows - relief and exhaustion in one.] May we walk forever the path of redemption, as we purge ourselves of the wickedness of the Orzan family.

Quote from: ”City Whisper by the Man known as Yic”
I bring ill news. Lady Anastasia Orza's remains adorn the courthouse in ring ninety seven...

-- Meanwhile, a lone woman meanders into the Velstra Vale ... --

Quote from: ”City Whisper by the Wizard Morvoren Adair”
Ser Nicholas Velstra, I will submit myself to you for you to carry out what you see fit for the murder of your wife. I have been so blind...

Quote from: ”City Whisper
[the voice gives no name] There is.... There is to be a hanging in the Steadings. The murderer of Ser Nicholas Velstra's wife faces justice.

As so it is that this hanging takes place as Ser Nicholas Velstra speaks boldly to the broken woman... Once the Wizard who Killed Lady Velstra. Now Morvoren Adair, ashamed and mislead. A recounting is witnessed by many:

The Wizard Morvoren Adair:
[The noose begins to tighten around their neck as they are slowly raised]

Ser Nicholas Velstra:

And what of you, wretch? Will you abandon your wicked house in your last moments? Behold her! Behold the wretch as she hangs!

-- The Wizard Morvoren Adair is dropped with a sudden, loud snap of the rope --

Ser Nicholas Velstra:

This is what my wife experienced... when she fell from her tower. 

-- Morvoren finally suffocates to death ... --

-- A slow, agonizing death. --

Ser Nicholas Velstra:

It is done. This woman came to me, begging for repentance. She has now repented. Hear me well, people of the City of Rings ... Murderers shall find no quarter from a true knight of the realm. Redjack. Clean up the body.

-- With a loud gasp of breath, the wizard Morvoren - the woman who is said to have helped lay flat all of Ring 94 finally dies. --

-- Her death is marked by scribes of the Peerage as long and suffering. A slow and agonizing suffocation ... her crime, the murder of a Lady of the Peerage --

Shortly after...

-- A scream and unearthly howl from the catacombs! --

Quote from: ”City Whisper”
There is a ghost in the catacombs!  The ghost of a wizard! She slew a Glitt retainer they charged in after screams were heard!

Quote from: ”Redjack Ranulph McDimmock”
Sh-shit, I didn't... I didn't make it back in time..! Some half pint beat m'arse while I was headin' to a burial site for the poor wizard girl, and ran off with her corpse...! Son of a bitch!!


-- Within the 97th Ring, against the battering storm, a new banner whips in the rain. --

-- Atop the former Courthouse waves a white standard. A crescent moon, pierced through with a silver spear. --

--Through the night among torrential rains, armed men in argent and azure can be spied slipping in and out of their new fortress. --
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