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on: January 27, 2019, 04:10:31 AM
[An absurd number of these flyers are found littering Ticker Square and Kings commons.]

Firebloom Flasks, Philters, & Phials!

Step right up! Witness the fantastical power of Finn Firebloom. His astoundingly alliterative alchemy will turn the puny into the powerful, mule-faced maids into pretty princesses, and so much more! All with the power of Tickersman ingenuity. Leave word at the Open Door and all your dreams will come true!

Flasks: 40 groats

Protection from Rat Bites
Sick of walking around in armor because rats chew all your good shirts? No more!

Potion of Protective Perspiration
You can’t be lit on fire when you’re covered in a thick layer of mucus, right?

Quaff of Close-mindedness
One sip and all those dangerous and weird ideas will go in one ear and out the other! Guaranteed!

Philters: 85 groats

Finn’s Philter of Phantasmic Form
Using Finn’s secret recipe you can turn into a ghost, and haunt your enemies while they beg for mercy. Most of the time you’ll even come back to life.

Bat-Eared Brew
You can’t be ambushed from invisibility when you can hear exactly where someone is! Warning: ears may become bat-like in appearance. This is permanent in only 50% of subjects.

Chameleon Quaff
Turns your skin the color of your environment. Whether gray, granite, slate, or sepia you’re sure to blend right into the Rings.