Author Topic: Bones of Fury: Astrid Diremane  (Read 396 times)

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on: February 01, 2019, 04:22:35 AM
"Thunder and Flame! For a time, I will be offering a morsel of my power for those with the aptitude, coin and likeness to wield it. Many call these wands. I call them bones, for that is what they are made of."

Bone of Electric Jolts (Electric Jolt): 100 groats
Bone of Thundering Boom (Horizikaul's Boom): 700 groats
Bone of Summoning (Summon 1): 700 groats
Bone of the Shield Wall (Shield): 1600 groats
Bone of Inferno (Combust): 1600 groats
Bone of Night's Shroud (Invisibility): 1200 groats
Bone of Destruction (Fireball): 3200 groats

Seek me or leave a note at the Open Door if you wish to barter."