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on: February 05, 2019, 05:12:38 AM
[Posted up in several locations, these fliers are very neatly written]

"There will be a fashion contest in five four three two one days time.

Participants are to design clothing with the intent that the lovely Miss Nelia will be wearing them regularly, keeping in mind her shoulder-slung black cloak over it. All outfits will be handed over to the host, still Nelia, the day of the contest.

Each outfit will be modeled and shown off to the spectators. A panel of judges will then deliberate on which three are the highest quality. The final three masterpieces will be put to vote of public opinion, and the spectators will make the final call.

The winner will receive a  bundle of potion goods of value in excess to the base price of the outfit. The current estimated value being near one thousand groat. A large sum of coin, currently 2000 groat and growing. Should any donations be given for rewards the finalists will choose between the bundle and all other prizes in descending order of their placement.

-One entry per designer allowed
-Regular clothing only
-Designers and spectators may volunteer to model
-Judges will be chosen the day of the contest to prevent bias
-Any person who makes a donation for prizes will be allowed an order to be made at cost from Nelia's crafted wares, or another comparable favor.

Remember! The more sales Nelia sees, the bigger the potion reward will end up being. Speak with her for any and all questions.
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