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on: April 07, 2019, 10:53:58 AM
*These posters start appearing in places around Ticker*

Do you have a friend you donít trust?

Do you think your lover is cheating on you?

Is there a burning secret you just have to know?

I know your all such naughty boys and girls, so consider hiring The Mouse to whisper all those sweet secrets in your ears. Your friends will marvel at your information network! Your enemies will never quite know what to expect from you. All this for a simple payment in groat. Send me after a person, or group of people, and Iíll offer this information,  for these prices:

100 Groats: Name, affiliation, friends, and talents.

500 Groats: Friends, enemies, secrets, shh!

1000 Groats: Major secrets, conspiracies, people theyíve killed.

While I ask you leave your letters at the ponds, I wonít turn down a customers from anywhere in the 99th.